Three Fabulous Soup Recipes for the New Year

Fabulous, hearty gluten-free stew for the New Year
Gluten-Free Goddess detox soup recipe- so good!
Mulligatawny soup recipe to start the New Year light!

Bring on winter comfort with these three hearty- and fabulous- soup recipes.

Happy New Year, Dear Reader!

Welcome to a brand new decade. The unwritten slate of 2020 awaits our choices, as clean and cold as a January dawn.

What will you do with this gift of time? This fresh start? Where to begin?

I suggest soup.

And stew.

Slow cooker comfort in a bowl.

Kind to your body. Nourishing to your spirit. A soother of cravings.



For omnivores, this Cranberry Pot Roast Stew is sure to stick to your ribs. Not to mention, tantalize your taste buds. This is a stew destined for football games and Sunday marathons of Downton Abbey (or True Detective, if that's your particular philosophical persuasion).

For those among us looking to the New Year as a fresh start (notice I do not say the dreaded word diet), my favorite, gorgeous, green detox soup might just be the ticket. Light and fresh tasting, but so incredibly flavorful you won't miss the meat or the butter or the cream. Seriously. Try it. Karina's Green Detox Soup Recipe with Coconut Milk.

The third soup choice (they like to say third time's the charm) is a postmodern twist on a classic. Mulligatawny, gluten-free style. So good. Dare I say, slurp worthy. A popular choice here on Gluten-Free Goddess. Find my Mulligatawny Soup Recipe with Jasmine Rice here.

So that's it for now. Pull out the Crock Pot and grab your spoons. Start the New Year off with a gift to your body. And your soul.