The Best Cheesy Uncheese Sauce

Best creamy cheesy vegan uncheese sauce with no dairy
A dairy-free cheesy sauce you will love.

 Saucy Vegan Goodness

I've been playing around with this vegan cheesy sauce recipe for ages- trying to get it just right. And guess what? I think I got it.

Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit. Promise.

In fact, you might even thank me. Especially if you're cooking for a groovy dairy-free girlfriend. Or a hunky casein allergic BF. A cute as a button autistic angel. And let's not ignore the teeming hoards of the lactose intolerant. One just might show up for dinner one day. Hungry. You never know.

And how about those vegans? They're sprouting up everywhere, for goddess sake. What will you do? What will you feed them- besides chopped salad? Carrot sticks?


After all, you'd planned on making Mac and Cheese. You were even contemplating Turkey Tetrazzini. Imagining Alfredo. Craving a sauce so creamy it would woo your lover into dreamy surrender. Then casein got in the way.

Well you know what, Babycakes? Have I got a sauce for you.

It's not exactly like a traditional butter laden heavy cream three-cheese heart attack on a spoon- I'd be lying if I told you it was- but if you let go of old notions (be very Zen) and approach this sauce with an open mind and love in your heart (that would be: love for the smart, sassy, handsome, cute, wonderful, sweet and irresistible non-dairy object of desire sharing your life) you'll lick your fork and spoon with pleasant surprise.

I kid you not.

Not to mention, you'll score some serious points.

The Best Cheesy Uncheese Sauce Recipe- Fit for a Goddess

Recipe originally posted December 2007.

I had mastered a basic white sauce years ago (I mean, it's not rocket science) and sometimes I used a vegan soy-based cheese and a non-dairy milk to make it, but after my additional food allergies surfaced, I found it nearly impossible to find any casein-free vegan cheese locally that was not based on soy or nuts. Thus- my dip into nutritional yeast-land. I encountered nutritional yeast through Sea, and Susan, but for some vague reason I resisted trying it. Until I could simply resist no more. I surrendered. I bought some nutritional yeast and began experimenting.

Aren't you glad I gave in?

Here's what I do:


4 tablespoons light olive oil
5 tablespoons sweet rice flour
2 1/2 cups unsweetened plain soy, hemp, nut, or coconut milk
2 rounded tablespoons good tasting nutritional yeast*
1/2 teaspoon sea salt, or more, to taste
A good dash or two of Garlic Powder, to taste
A good dash or two of Minced Onion, to taste
1/2 teaspoon gluten-free Dijon or honey mustard, or to taste
1 tablespoon golden balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, or lemon juice- to taste
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon paprika (for orange) or turmeric (for yellow) color- may omit
1/4 cup white wine - may omit for alcohol-free

Note: I now add a rounded tablespoon of almond butter or sesame tahini to the sauce mixture as well.


In a saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat, and stir in the rice flour (I like to use a whisk to do this). Cook and stir the flour for about 30 seconds- it will make thick paste- and continue stirring to cook the raw flour taste out of it.

Slowly add in the hemp milk, whisking to blend the flour paste and hemp milk.

Bring the mixture to a bubble (it will thicken as it heats) then reduce the heat to low. Add the nutritional yeast, sea salt, garlic and onion powder, mustard, vinegar, nutmeg, paprika or turmeric, wine (and sesame tahini, if using), and whisk to blend.

Continue heating and stirring the sauce over gentle heat for about five to ten minutes. Taste test. Does it need a hint more salt? Wine?

Stir and gently heat through.

Remove from heat and use on pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables or casserole fillings.

Makes about three cups sauce.

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Karina's Notes:

For FODMAPs friendly, make sure you are not sensitive to nutritional yeast- if so- omit. Also omit onion, wine, mustard. Use the non-dairy milk you tolerate best.
Originally I used rice milk in this recipe, then hemp milk; but lately I have switched to soy milk. The thicker and creamier milks add richness.
I also like using light coconut milk for curry infused dishes.

I added the salt and vinegar to my basic sauce recipe because- to me- it helps replicate the salty-sharp flavor found in Parmesan.

A dab of mustard really livens up a white or cheese sauce. If you're sensitive to mustard, leave it out and don't worry- it will still taste good.
I now add a tablespoon or two of toasted tahini paste (sesame butter) for added creaminess and depth. Allergic to sesame? Use almond butter or cashew butter.
Wine is totally optional. It adds a very grown-up flavor to this sauce, but if you need to be alcohol-free, this recipe works without it.
And if *nutritional yeast is not your thang- don't sweat it. This sauce is fabulous without it. I've made it both ways- and both rock.

xox Karina


Alexander said...

Righteous! I made a chicken and rice casserole with this sauce that had J (and her mom) swooning. Dyn-o-mite!

Karina said...

Sweet! Excellent. xoxo

Karina said...

Actually, I'd like to add:

When Alex was visiting, we made this sauce for a baked rice, spinach and smoked salmon casserole with roasted green chiles. Yum.

I also made this sauce with Steve for a tuna tetrazzini topped with crunchy breadcrumbs (see my Turkey Tetrazzini recipe for the basics). I used Tinkyada white rice spaghetti for it- it was fabuloso.

This sauce also tastes wonderful on sliced cooked potatoes- tossed and baked as a kind of scalloped potato casserole. I sprinkled the top with paprika. Very retro.

Next on our cheesy To Try list is: making a vegan mac and cheese, and spooning it on a roasted veggie smothered baked potato (basic recipe in my vegan and veg recipe chapter).



Cindy said...

I love you and that cheese sauce. This is an answer to my undairy prayers. I've just started into nutritional yeast recently, thinking I'd make my own "cheese," but this looks so much better and is nutless! (Is that to say it doesn't have gutzpah since its nutless? :))

I think your tuna tetrazzini sounds great too- I'll try it out. And thank you thank you thank you for this recipe. I don't read cookbooks (lazy) and my cheese experimenting is limited to spooning on the nutritional yeast for now :)

I hope you're healing up well, it looks like you're on a roll!

Jessica said...

Alex and I want to make a pizza with chicken and broccoli etc.(sans cheese obviously) and dip the pizza into this sauce! Man, with this amazing cheese sauce and the new vegan chocolate chips I'm going to be catching up on all of those unfulfilled cravings!

Rose said...

You are so right about the vegan cunundrum - I have been through this with my daughter. This looks delicious and I'm looking forward to adding it to the list of foods I can fix that she and I can both eat.

aTxVegn said...

I'm not crazy for cheese, but every now and then we vegans need a great cheese sauce. I can't wait to try this one!

Veronica said...

I'm not a cook so this may seem like a silly question... but can I leave out the nutritional yeast bit and still have it taste fabuloso?


Rebecca said...

Looks delicious. Any ideas how to keep brewer's yeast (vinegar and wine) out of it?

Mary Frances said...

I love nutritional yeast! My favorite use right now is to add it to the flour that I use to bread my pan-fried tofu. It somehow makes it taste like my Grandmother's fried chicken bits. I can't wait to give this sauce a try =)

Serena said...

I just found your blog and wanted to shout THANK YOU!! My son is this great kid who has autism as one of his challenges. We have been trying unsuccessfully to be gluten free for several years. After so many searches for ideas, your blog has given me some great ideas that I am actually excited about. Thanks again for all the time you put into this thing to encourage others struggling in their own journey.

SusanV said...

This looks delicious! Now I'm thinking that I should try a little vinegar in my un-cheeze sauce. Great idea!

PS--Welcome to the wonderful world of nutritional yeast!

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

I got my first hit of nutritional yeast eating Tings. They rock. And it tastes like cheese.

I can imagine that this sauce is good.


And now I am thinking about experimenting... :)

Katie said...

My mom cannot have alot of yeast (or dairy at all, but she is okay with nuts). Is there something that you could substitute that would work similarily? Thanks.

Karina said...

Thanks, Cindy- It's a versatile sauce. I bet you could have fun with it! :)

Jessica- Steve and I talked about using it on white pizza, too! With crab or shrimp and maybe sliced potatoes. ;)

Hi Rose! Excellent- hope she likes it (you, too!).

Hola atxvegn! It's a nice creamy sauce- you can add less yeast for a milder taste, too- though, I use only two tablespoons of yeast (some vegan recipes use much more- and I tried using more but found the taste too yeasty). Let me know what you think. ;)

Hi Veronica! The nutritional yeast adds a cheesy flavor, for sure. You could make a plain white sauce without it- it would be pretty bland. You could add vegan cheese to it, if there's a vegan cheese you can do. Or try adding a touch of tarragon for a French tasting white sauce. Or dill (if you like dill).

Hi Veronica- I would use lemon juice for the vinegar and simply leave out the wine. You may want to adjust seasonings then, adding more spice or herbs. You could also replace the wine with your favorite broth. Broth adds a nice flavor.

Thanks, Mary Frances! :)

Hi Serena! Rock on- I have dozens of GF/CF recipes suitable for the autism spectrum- and I'm going to make a link for them this week. I'm GF/CF myself. :)

Heya Susan! You started it! ;) I kept tasting the sauce and saying, What does it need? It misses that *bite* that sharp cheese has. And I thought of vinegar.

Hi Ho SM! Tings? Hmmm... Maybe I need to look for those- are they soy free?

Hello Katie! Sure. Leave out the yeast and vinegar and wine- and stir in either almond butter or cashew butter. Taste test for seasoning adjutments. Nut butters are fab in sauces.


Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Ingredients for Tings:

corn meal, rice and/or sunflower oil, nutritional yeast and salt

Does the potential of sunflower kill them for you?


Kiara said...

I hope your recovery is going well! Quick question about a quick bread...have you ever tried to make popovers? I've tried twice using Pamela's but they don't pop! Just curious if you've tried to make them in the past. Thanks so much for your yummy recipes. I love trying them out!


Amber said...

Great recipe! I made it a little creamier by adding some DariFree powder (

Galaxy Nutritionals has a new Rice Vegan 'cheese' that is also gluten-, dairy- and soy-free. Problem is, no stores can special order it because the warehouses haven't even stocked it yet.

I found it in slices, one time, at Whole Foods when they had some sort of stocking mix-up - it was the Pepper Jack flavor and was really good.

I'm *dying* to try the other flavors. I wish Galaxy offered direct online ordering!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this sauce! I thought casseroles were a thing of the past, but you have given me hope.
By the way, so happy to see you're feeling better and in the kitchen again! Lucky us!

Ms. Glaze said...

Even though I have no food allergies and I live in France (the land of cream and butter) I always enjoy your recipes and your joie de vivre. I'll have to give this one a shot and see if any of my French friends can tell the difference! ;-)

JBess said...

This recipe is tasty! I made a rice pasta mac and cheese casserole for my allergic toddler and not only did he love it, but my oh so skeptical hubby gave it a thumbs up, too! It was actually creamy! I couldn't believe it! I used to just sprinkle nutritional yeast over my son's rice pasta; no wonder he didn't like it! How boring! Thank you so much for the recipe. It's a keeper.

BTW I also covered the casserole with homemade breadcrumbs. After reading about your waffle breadcrumbs I was inspired to make breadcrumbs of my own from some GF rice bread we had in the fridge. Yummy and easy.

I love your website! You have inspired me to cook and be more creative. Thank you so much.

Amber said...

I found a place that actually sells it online! Galaxy Cheddar "cheese" slices, GFCF and Soy-free!, check under "cheese alternatives".

GFCF Mommy said...

Thanks again for this, Karina. I'll have to try it for my "cute as a button autistic angel"!!
I hope you are recovering well. The holidays have kind of gotten in the way of my blogging lately.


granolachic said...

Hey! I just found your site and lucky for me this is the first thing i tried (though i believe everything will be amazing!)...

we skipped all the spices, and i added pureed butternut squash and chili powder, paprika, and guessed it...CHEESE DIP!!

my son is ASD (4 1/2 yo) and giving up cheese dip has been so very hard!! THANK YOU (cheese dip is a staple of the good ole south)!!

and your buckwheat cookies are amazing, too!! many of your allergies are shared with my dear son so i am excitedly awaiting your tasty creations!

Orla Hegarty said...

My daughter thanks you especially for this do I ;)

I used this sauce in a gf/df/tomato free lasagna yesterday.....YUM!

You have been such an inspiration....thanks again!


Ellen said...

Ooh, Karina, this looks fab. I can't wait to try it! Thanks for posting it.

Karina said...

Hi SM! Thanks so much for getting back to me- yeah, the sunflower kills it for me- but other Dear Readers might be interested- so I'm glad you mentioned it! ;)

Hi Kiara! I haven't made popovers since going gluten-free- but I can tell you they rely on the eggs to rise and puff. Try adding more eggs or egg whites.

Hey Amber- Thanks! Vance's Dari Free would also add sweetness to it (for the benefit of other Readers) and a slight vanilla flavor.

Since I've discovered hemp milk- I think it's richer and creamier- I like it the best. Living Harvest has the best taste (to me) so far.

The vegan cheeses I saw locally had pea protein powder in them- I can't seem to handle pea protein. :(

Hi Anon- Not a thing of the past- comfort food is alive and well, even while living gluten and casein free!

Bon Jour Ms Glaze! The land of cream and butter indeed. They might stone you! ;)

JBess- Aw, thanks! I'm happy it was a hit.

Hola Katherine! Nice to see you! Thanks. Yes, hope your angel likes it. ;)

Granolachic- Uncheese dip! How Yay is that?

Orla- Your lasagna looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link.

Hi Ellen! I hope you subscribed to the comments because I've made notes about hemp milk- I used it again last night for this sauce, and it was FABULOUS.

Thanks again Everyone! xoxo


gfcfmom said...

I have a son Alex too! And a GFCF family. Thanks for all these delicious recipes. It makes me want to start cooking (but it's 11:30 pm and am too tired.) I was wondering if you had any information on nutritional yeast. I have been avoiding it since yeast was on the most allergic list of my daughters ALCAT test and I was told by the environmental allergist that people who have gluten intolerance sometimes react to yeast too. But, I would love to get more information about nutritional yeast as maybe there are different types and the processed kind in bread might make my kids sick but the nutritional kind might work.

Karina said...

Hi GFCF Mom! Alex is a great name. :)

As for the nutritional yeast question... My best advice is to talk with your doctor. I'm not well versed in the differences of various food yeasts, and/or how these differences relate to food allergies. It is possible to be allergic to one kind and not another.

I would speak to a medical professional.

There are also different kinds of yeast issues- one is a food or mold allergy issue, and one is a sugar/carb systemic yeast issue. Again, without knowing which issue is on the table here, I cannot advise.

Be well- and let us know how you make out!


jenjen123 said...

I would love to try this however, my little one has issues with rice...could I sub the rice flour with tapioca flour? Or is there any other sub that would work well? Thanks!

Karina said...

JenJen123- Do use any other type of flour (not starch)? Sorghum would work.

Tapioca, potato starch, arrowroot or cornstarch will also thicken it, but it's best to do it:

Add 2 tablespoons starch to three tablespoons cool liquid first and make a slurry.

Skip making the roux and just heat the liquid with seasonings; when it's warm stir in the slurry; heat through, stirring, till thickened, about ten minutes. Whisk well.

The one danger of using a starch rather than a flour to thicken a sauce is it can become gummy, even gluey.

Hope this helps!


Karina said...

PS:: To JenJen123-

I'm thinking that I might add a tiny pinch of xanthan gum if you use a slurry to thicken it; xanthan might help the texture stay more silky smooth.


Lauren said...

I'm all about organic cheddar but this sauce is ridiculously good! What a fabulous way to incorporate nutritional yeast into your diet. I used palm oil shortening, lite coconut milk (slightly less), and no flour. Came out thick and creamy. The white wine added such nice flavor. This will definitely be a regular on my menu for some variety. Thanks again, Karina!

Amy said...

I'm sitting her on a thanksgiving afternoon (we are having our dinner tomorrow) fretting about our first gf/cf thanksgiving... I found your site a week or so. Well, now my little autistic angel will still get her mac and cheese for thanksgiving. I have been in a rut now for a month or so with what to fix. Thanks so much for doing this site.... it has saved my life, literally. My husband threatened to hang me up! lol!
Thanks again! Happy Thanksgiving!

Karina Allrich said...

Hi Lauren- Yes- I'm so glad you think so. Thanks for stopping back to let me know!

Amy- How sweet of you to take the time to stop back and share this with me. I'm so glad. Yay. It means a great deal to me. (And say *Hi* to your dear husband for me. ;)


Kboigirl said...

A winner! Most requested recipe in the house. I used hemp milk instead of rice milk for the first time and it was fantastic. Also used sweet rice flour and acheived a very creamy result. I tried white wine vinegar for the acid, but it wasn't quite tangy enough so I added lemon juice. Very yummy! Thanks!

Gluti Girl said...

Karina, this stuff is wonderful! I am so excited about this sauce. I have been gluten free for two years now as well as my daughter, but we eat dairy. My son who is 22 just found out he can not have wheat or casein. He is having a really hard time wrapping his brain around it. He lives very close, but not at home. So I made this sauce tonight. I think he's going to love it and I can think of so many uses for it. Thank you, thank you!

Now if I could just find a good cheese for pizza!

Karina Allrich said...

Kboigirl- Love it. Thanks for stopping back to let me know. I bet lemon juice is tasty in this; I'm allergic, so cannot add it in- but I can *imagine* the tang it brings. Thanks.

Gluti Girl- I'm with you on the pizza cheese. I'm going to work on something. Stay tuned.


Petite Kitchen said...

Karina, this recipe looks absolutely lovely. As soon as I can get my hands on some nutritional yeast, I am so trying this!

Anonymous said...


Wow! - That was my family's response to this perfectly satisfying comfort food. We always loved our white sauce in the past, and now we'll keep enjoying it sans gluten and dairy. Just the fix to that certain craving.

Thank you so much!!


MrsL said...

Oh. Wow. I served up 2/3 of this recipe (with one cup squirreled away for the morrow) with some luscious roasted red peppers, brown rice and (apologies to my vegan friends--but I REALLY needed to sell this to my carnivorous family and this was a way in) some "natural" sausages. If I could have soy, I'd have thrown in some morningstar sausages, but alas,no.
The response was a double take at the bowl. Would there be enough for seconds? How about for lunches tomorrow, hmmm. Had I considered that?!
So, I must thank you for one of the most universally satisfying recipes since we found out that little guy--3 monthes old now-- is allergic to 'most everything. This was a tough sell to a 14 year old, 12 year and less adventurous almost 40 year old.
Kudos. Keep it up. You have made life a bit sweeter.

samantha said...

I used left over sauce in my lasanga to replace riccota/cottage cheese and it was delish!

So glad I have found your site!

Anonymous said...

I do have a question... if you can't have yeast, what's a good alternative for that particular key ingredient?

(Me? No: dairy, eggs, gluten, yeast, garlic, etc. etc.)

Karina Allrich said...

I use a nutritional yeast that does not feed candida (if candida is the issue). Look for brands that label the yeast "candida albicans free". I use KAL brand in a can.

If a nutritional yeast "allergy" is the problem, I'm not sure what you could sub. It adds so much nutrition and cheesy flavor.

If there is a vegan "cheese" you like, you could add some of that (though they are worthless, nutrition-wise).

Or you could keep it a simple white sauce and taste test to boost flavor with spices, herbs.


spa party said...

The title intrigued me a lot but after reading the recipe now I see what you meant.

Genevieve said...

I am so excited to try this recipe. I was wondering what brand of nutritional yeast you use. I bought brewer's yeast, but after reading on the internet, there is a difference. Thanks for your help!

Karina Allrich said...

I use KAL or NOW brand nutritional yeast- it comes in a large can.


Anonymous said...

I am giving you a BIG cyber hug for this! In addition to have Celiac I am also alergic to dairy and eggs. Because of the estrogen effects of soy my body does not respond well when consuming it. This requires a whole new way of cooking. I have to admit it has been fustrating and very overwhelming. My attempts at making nut cheese has not been sucessful. My creations were no where near anything cheesey like in flavor. Now thanks to you and and some awesome quinoa pasta my little brain is thinking of all sorts of wonderful dishes I can eat! Thank You for sharing your recipe.

Christy said...

I just made this sauce with quinoa elbow macaroni and I have to say, while I'm pretty sure if I'd tried this right after I was diagnosed I'd have been disappointed, the longer I've gone without "real" pasta and cheese, the more my horizons have opened up to accept other flavors and textures. I'm a life-long mac & cheese addict, so this particular need has been loudly begging to be filled with something gluten-soy-dairy & egg-free. Definitely seeing loads of possibilities for this sauce now and it's even gotten a thumbs-up from the allergy-free 9 year old boy :) (Haven't tried it on the anti-mac&cheese 38 year old man, yet...eek.)

Thanks, Karina!

Holly said...

I made this tonight and invented a casserole using the Gluten Free Homemaker's site casserole cheat sheet. It was really good. I can't really say it tasted like cheese....but sort of and it was good in it's own right. My 3 year old is gluten free and I recently discovered that my 3 month old baby has problems with dairy (me eating it and then nursing him). It has been quite an adventure finding new ways to cook things that everyone will enjoy.

Urfa said...

This is the first uncheese sauce that I like. I think it's the tahini and wine. It's wonderful. I had cheesy potatoes for breakfast this morning. So good on a cold June morning in Seattle.

Stella said...

I tasted as I was adding things - you are truly THE goddess. This is amazing and requires EACH ingredient to make it work. If you MUST leave anything out - find an appropriate substitute! I used a full tablespoon of garlic and onion powder and a good pinch of my home grown hot pepper powder. Also quite a bit more salt even thought I usually use very little.
That said - oh my Karina - Thank you for introducing me to nutritional yeast, and bringing the taste of cheese back into my life!

Andrea B. said...

You may want to check out the books written by Dr. Russell Blaylock and by Debby Anglesey and Google "free glutamic acid" and "MSG" before you decide if you want to eat nutritional yeast.

kathy43 said...

Back to the store I go... something didn't work. hmmm. It could be the Hemp, I had original not unsweetened, or what is good tasting nutritional yeast? Was the wine old?
Oh, how I wish I had experience. Your picture inspires me to try again, the sauce was lumpy and bitter, hmmmm. Thankful for your sight, I know it is something on this end, just inexperience with products. Feedback welcomed. Thanks for all you do!

Karina Allrich said...

Hi Kathy- I'm finding these days that I prefer almond milk in this recipe (will note the change). Some hemp milks are not as tasty as others. Hemp Dream isn't bad. That said- I do like almond or light coconut milk better these days.

As for the lumps- it requires a little liquid at a time, whisking constantly to creat a paste; add more liquid slowly as you whisk and keep whisking to prevent lumps.

To balance the flavors better (sounds like maybe vinegar was too strong) keep the vinegar till last, perhaps-- and taste test the vinegar- if it's old it will be too sour. You can sub lemon juice for the vinegar if you prefer. And yes, wine can turn sour, too- taste test it first before you add it.

Some nutritional yeasts taste "stronger" than others. Experiment. If you're not used to the distinct taste, use less at first until you acquire a taste for it. Thicken with almond butter instead, if you like. Add sea salt to taste.

Good luck- it is worth trying again! xox Karina

kathy43 said...

Thank you for the feedback, I see I need reading glasses with all the spelling mistakes.
I tried the yeast, and yes! That was so strong, I ordered the Red Star, bought new wine, unsweetend and when the Yeast arrives, I will try again. This time, slowly..... no lumps. Today, the sandwhich bread, just opened my new machine. Thank you!

Karina Allrich said...

Just to be clear- you are using nutritional yeast- not baker's yeast? I wasn't aware that Red Star made nutritional yeast.

Good luck with your bread! xox Karina

Michelle said...

I was wondering if this could be frozen. I'm thinking about doubling or tripling the recipe and keeping it on hand at all times. Any thoughts?

Karina Allrich said...

Michelle, I'm not sure at all about freezing this. I'd worry it would crystallize and separate when thawed. You can double the recipe and use the extra within a week if you keep it covered in a container and chilled. Karina

Michelle said...

Thanks for the fast answer Karina!

kathy43 said...

This uncheese sauce is not cooperating with me.
i purchased new wine, new Yeast, made sure my products were fresh, and still, it doesn't look smooth like the picture. THe sauce is less bitter, so that is a big plus, but it looks more like gravy still. I am wondering, how long do you stir when you are bringing it to bubble and it thickens.I might just need to move on, and come back another season. Thanks again, we made bread this morning, and my boys are loving the recipes. So thank you for all your efforts!

Karina Allrich said...

You stir the paste only 30 seconds. You then whisk and stir as you add your liquid. if it is thick, like gravy, you need to add more liquid until you achieve the consistency you prefer. With any sauce- if it's too thick, add more liquid and whisk constantly to make it smooth. Is the heat too high, perhaps?

I make this sauce once a week- it's smooth and creamy.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I made Fettucini Alfredo for my GFCF 2 year old who was missing out on all the cheesy pleasures of being a kid! She ate every bite. I added Daiya vegan mozzarella style shreds (dairy, lactose and casein free.) This cheese is great because it melts and stretches like real cheese. I also added a dash of Guar gum for texture. "Prego" and many thanks!

neeshkabeesh said...

I've been using your recipes for about a year and have held off this one...till today. The kids LOVED it! I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to have mac n cheese again :) BTW the kids (ages 2,4,6) go nuts for your rye bread! You're the BEST!!!

Kim said...

Karina, you are a genius! I love that you share your brilliance with us. As someone who is GF and DF, this sounds like a fabulous replacement! Thank you, thank you, thank you. XO I enjoy your blog so much. You are amazing and have helped me really embrace and enjoy my unusual diet.

Karina Allrich said...

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me. xox Karina

hismusicnme said...

I'm new to your site, but am excited with all the possibilities I see.

Well, I tried out your cheese sauce tonight, and was admittedly surprised when I actually tasted the cheese flavor. Not as strong as I would dream for, but definitely there =). I have to also admit that my first response was that it tasted kind of sweet and possibly even lemony(?)... but I didn't add any sweetener or use any lemons. I did make some substitutions (because of my food allergies), so it was likely something I did. Any thoughts to help this out?.... Oh, and by the way, nothing stopped me from slathering it all over my entire head of steamed broccoli and devouring it anyway =}

Here's what I sub'd:
Sorghum flour
Plain Almond milk
White wine vinegar
......ohhhh and I just checked my Almond milk....Cane sugar is the second ingredient, even coming before the Almonds! Never mind - I think I found the culprit!
- What about that "lemony" flavor tho'?

Any help on that one would be appreciated :)

Karina Allrich said...

Sweetened milk is not recommended for this sauce. Perhaps it is the sweetened almond flavor with the white wine vinegar that gives you that "lemony" taste? Sorghum flour is also slightly sweet- but I don't imagine that's the culprit. Karina

Anonymous said...

I just made this. I have been struggling to find a good vegan recipe, and this is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for posting, and I am sure the vegans at the potluck I am about to bring this to thank you as well :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and this recipe (July 2011). In the comments you note preferring almond milk or light coconut milk. Not sure how recent that comment was made, and since this post is from 2007, I was wondering if you've updated this recipe, or you have a new "go-to" uncheese recipe? I've tried a few with cashews and nutritional yeast flakes, but so far have not had success. Thanks for your help!

Tracy said...

I am curious if there is something I can replace the white wine with. I am allergic to wine! This recipe will work in every other way and I am so craving something like this. I have had a very difficult time finding things I can eat.

Tracy said...

Well I take that back, I am highly allergic to yeast so I guess this won't work!

Karina Allrich said...

Hi Tracy- I actually make this differently now- without yeast or wine. Maybe I'll write it up it as a post and talk about it. I just use a dash of lemon juice or rice vinegar. Taste test. Karina

Stacie said...

This recipe is amazing!! It was quite an adventure to make because we had managed to misplace our cork screw and had to find an alternative way to get into the bottle of white wine. Rest assured, a few hard bangs on the wall did the trick(although being sprayed with wine was a new experience!)

I didn't have as much nutritional yeast as the recipe called for so added in a bit more garlic and some veggies. This was amazing over rice pasta, and the first meal I have actually enjoyed since finding out I had a gluten, dairy sensitivity.

Thank you so much! I will be making this again and again!

mellowcello said...

Hi Karina,
For the cheesy sauce: do you think it would work without vinegar, lemon juice AND wine (sensitive bladder issues mean I can't have any of the above, unfortunately).

Karina Allrich said...

Hi Mellow- Yes, you can. I've made it without. It becomes more of a creamy white sauce. I would not add the yeast, then, because the yeast needs the acidity to make it taste like "cheese". If you want it cheesy, I'd add a handful of vegan cheese and stir to melt; Daiya is very mild- can you do that?

Gigi said...

Hi Karina,
I've tried so many lactose/casein-free, gluten-free, egg yoke free dishes that end up being round filed, I'd given up hope ever enjoying anything with 'cheese' again.

After reading these reviews, I'm venturing out of my box to whip up a batch. Anticipating with fingers crossed, this might be the best thing since, well...sliced bread.

Heidi said...

I am thinking of substituting coconut or almond flour for the rice flour?? thoughts or ideas? I am really excited to find your site!!! THANK YOU!!!

Karina Allrich said...

Thanks, Everyone- for your kind comments.

As for flour subs- coconut flour would make it too grainy, I suspect. I have tried almond flour- it makes a more grainy style sauce, with a Parmesan-like texture. Not my favorite. But it will work (if you don't mind it not being smooth).

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