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@How I Got Here

After a decade of subtle symptoms that waxed and waned seemingly by whim, an acute phase in my early forties produced classic IBS misery. By December 2001, I discovered I carried one of the two classic genes linked to developing celiac disease. Faced with symptoms + genetic luck I gave up wheat and gluten on the spot, and embraced the gluten-free diet. Whole. Heartedly. After years of symptoms- why not?

Guess what.

Within two days I removed the Pepto Bismol bottle from my purse.

An answer.

At last.


Pantry clearing and sponge tossing ensued.

It took a good year+ of living 100% gluten-free and wheat-free to heal the gut damage wrought by my evil nemesis. And, I'm sorry to say, some ill effects from decades of exposure still linger (FODMAPs remain evil nemesis #2 causing symptoms alarmingly akin to ingesting gluten; wheat, as it turns out, is a FODMAP). But each day gluten-free (bloat-free) is a gift.

Living gluten-free has also inspired me to get even more creative in the kitchen.

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  • Start here- and learn about gluten

Forget the tried and true of the past and risk new flavors with alternative gluten-free flours.

Get intrigued by the quirky magic of baking without wheat and gluten.

Deliciousness is in your future. I promise.


Living Without Our Daily Bread

If you could eat gluten, would you?

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