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Gluten-Free Goddess eBook

My new ebook- best loved recipes

My blog anniversary is just around the corner. Yep. Number six. And I am trying to wrap my little gluten-free brain around it. Six years. Six. That is a long time in blog years. (Maybe blog years are kinda like dog years? Every twelve months of blogging seems equal to seven human years. What I think I'm trying to say is that GFG feels... more grown up somehow. She's no longer a lurching toddler- or as Johnny Depp likes to phrase it, "tiny drunk"). The bumble-puppy years are over.

We're respectable now. (But hopefully not too serious.)

I  began blogging and sharing my recipes in late fall of 2005. There are over 400 original gluten-free recipes now on Gluten-Free Goddess. This astonishes me!

Looking over my recipe index this past summer I began to imagine the beginnings of a cookbook- a collection of recipe favorites from Gluten-Free Goddess. (In full transparency there have been cookbook offers, and some tempting projects pitched to me this year. But none seemed like the perfect fit. In fact, most felt like a tight shoe that pinched and chafed and left me preferring to go barefoot, taking my own meandering solo path, focusing on blogging, my first love.)

But then you know what happened. I got an iPad. And soon discovered the convenience and pleasure of bringing my entire blog into the kitchen with me. And that led to ebooks...

So I began working on creating an ebook cookbook- a complement to the dynamic blog format. And what I found was a program at Blurb that allowed me to create a bright and beautiful presentation of my work- in ebook form. With Apple's clean design, and that cool page-turning experience.

To celebrate six years blogging gluten-free I have selected forty-five of my best-loved favorites- the GFG recipes my family turns to, week after week.

And many- if not all forty-five recipes- happen to be reader favorites as well.

best-loved recipes


ebook | 114 pages | $4.99

Download or see an ebook preview here at Blurb.

Note: This new ebook is in Apple epub format- with all its full color, page turning goodness. Compatible with iPads, iPhones, iPods. 

Now available @ iTunes

The Gluten-Free Goddess eBook: Best-Loved Recipes


Pinch My Salt said…
It looks beautiful, Karina! It also makes me want to do something similar. I don't yet have an iPad or I'd be downloading it right this second. Soon, I hope!
Kalyn said…
Wow, what a great project. I am so excited for you!
Rach said…
Simply beautiful.
gorgeous, what an amazing collection!
Congratulations -- beautiful through and through! said…
Congratulations! I also love having my iPad in the kitchen. It's the perfect recipe reader.

- Erica
Amber said…
Congratulations Karina! I love this eco-friendly option of purchasing a cookbook. Can't wait to order my e-copy.

Be Well,
attagirl said…
I don't have an iPad or an iPhone. Can I still download the cookbook and print out the recipes on my computer?

Karina Allrich said…
Thanks, Everyone, for your kind words. I am very excited to have this available! For now the epub file eBook is readable only on Apple devices. After the new year, it will be released in other formats. Blurb is working toward this multiple reader option. Thank you, again- and have a beautiful week! xox Karina
gina said…
Sally JPA said…
That looks SO gorgeous. I love it already. :D
How awesome, dear! Love the cover and everything else looks top notch as always! :-)

Tea Beyond said…
Congrats!! Beautiful work!!!

thanks for sharing!!
Tea Beyond said…
Congrats!!! Beautiful work!!
Thanks for sharing!!
It's gorgeous! Congratulations!! I love cooking digitally.. laptop, ipad or sometimes even my little smart phone. :D
Jennifer Brown said…
STUNNING! ThoughI don't have an Ipad or an Iphone. :( Would there be any way I could ask someone with an Ipad to print out the ebook for me & I could use it as my own makeshift cookbook???
Jennifer Brown said…
Oh I do have an Apple laptop! Could I download it on there & print it out?
claudine said…
A perfect culmination of your skills - this looks absolutely gorgeous Karina! Your artistic eye and well-tuned taste buds have created a masterpiece. An excellent present for the Holiday Wish List!! Grazie :)
Farmgirl Susan said…
It's gorgeous, Karina! Congratulations! The preview is wonderful. The feel of the book is quietly beautiful, and your photos, as always, are stunning. The cover is perfect.

I know your fabulous food is the star, but I could stare at the cups/flowers shots above all day. I LOVE the combination of colors. xoxo :)
Donna said…
Thank you Karina for a beautiful and artistic cookbook that so many people need and will benefit by. I am looking forward to a version to download to my computer next year. You have been very helpful to me in trying to learn and instruct others in my cooking classes for better health. I will share this announcement on my FB page so that others can purchase your book also. Your recipes far exceed any others I have looked at. Thank you for all the research and time and I am sure a labor of love that you have shared with so many.
Coleen Patrick said…
Looks beautiful!! Can't wait for the kindle format!
Looking forward to the Kindle edition. Congratualtions Karina.
Congratulations to you, Karina - what a beautiful book!
Annie Pazoo said…
Just ordered it :-) Congrats, Karina. I'm so happy!
Laura Friendly said…
Just lovely Karina. Your photography is always so breathtaking. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
Jeanette said…
Congratulations Karina - looks fabulous! So glad you decided to put this collection of favorites together.
Zuzu Petals said…
Wonderful!!! Looking forward to the Kindle edition!
thefitcookie27 said…
The ebook looks great! Congratualtions on 6 blog-years! That's awesome : )
Unknown said…
also looking forward to the kiddle edition as well. what a wonderful project and so beautiful! i'm so excited about the possibility of supporting your work... this blog and your hard work has gotten me through some tough spots. thanks for all you do!
Sherri said…
Congratulations on your amazing 6 years of blogging and inspiration ~ and awesome idea of your first new e-book ~ hooray and congratulations! :)
when i first saw my blog on an iPad i wanted to kiss myself.
Congratulations Karina!
What a wonderful gift idea. The pictures are phenomenal, particularly the way you have laid everything out. Congratulations! I love that you stuck with what felt right and did the solo thing. Sometimes we just have to fly.
The book looks amazing. I will be going to the app store for this one. It's great to see a quality, detailed gf ebook. Congrats
I was so excited about this cookbook, but I don't have a way to download it. SO hoping it will be available in an easy-to-use PDF format soon!!! :)
Elise said…
Wow, that's gorgeous Karina! Brilliant idea and execution. Lovely.

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