10 Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

Vegetarian Christmas Recipes for the Holidays that are gluten free to boot
Here are a hand-picked few of my favorite gluten-free vegetarian recipes.

Winter Solstice has blessed us with a turning point. Daylight now grows longer inch by inch. Or is that minute by wintry minute? In spirit, I suspect, it is both. Christmas is almost here, and the season celebrating rebirth, light, and sliding into credit card debt is in full swing. Carolers are caroling. Gift wrappers are gift wrapping. Egg noggers are nogging. The shiny New Year crouches right around the corner.

And recipes are flooding my in-box for... ham. Roast beef. Rack of lamb. Wait a duck fat glistening minute, here.

Where are the vegetarian Christmas recipes?

I can't be the only person not forking a slab of meat on Christmas day. I can't be the single solitary soul who doesn't treasure bacon fat like it's a princess tiara. I'm not alone in my imaginings of a fresh and lively meatless Christmas dinner--- am I?

Okay. Okay. I get it. I honestly do. I realize I'm in the minority here. That to most folks celebrating the winter holidays in all their myriad and nuanced diversity, meat is the centerpiece of celebration. I acknowledge that. I even accept that. Just because I've been a vegetarian 78% of my life doesn't mean I bury my head in the sand of denial. I cope. I deal.

I go with the flow.

But just so you know? The UN thinks vegetarianism is not only a cool idea, it may be necessary to save the planet. So here's ten of my favorite vegetarian and vegan recipes for Christmas. With love.

Vegan Christmas recipes
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10 Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

Easy, beautiful entrees for a vegetarian Christmas include elegant vegan soups, creative quinoa salads and homespun casseroles. For starters-- here's a couple of tasty gluten-free appetizers and vegan snacks to get the peace party rollin'.


Almond salad is raw and vegan and delicious
Almondy vegan salad anyone?

This raw almond spread some might call a not-tuna salad. But if the term not-tuna offends you to the core as it did one reader (perhaps due to its deep sea swimming reference to canned Charlie himself), tell your vegan guests it's a light and fresh nutty pate. The gluten-free crackers speak for themselves. There won't be a crumb left.

Gluten free hazelnut crackers and cream cheese spread
Vegan cream cheese with chopped fresh herbs.

I can't tell you how many times I've made this vegan cream cheese spread since learning I could indulge in soy again. Choose a brand that uses non-GMO soybeans for their cream cheese, such as Vegan Gourmet. The crackers are made with hazelnut flour (if you cannot find hazelnut flour, try almond flour).

Make soup.

Vegan dairy free potato soup recipe
Creamy potato leek soup is elegant and dreamy.

How about a bowl of snowy white soup to warm you on a Christmas day? We cook our vegan dairy-free potato leek soup in our trusty old Crock Pot. It doesn't get any easier. And it frees you to do more important things. Like lure a certain someone to the mistletoe. You can also find more vegetarian soup recipes here.

Vegetarian mulligatawny soup is gluten free and dairy free
One of favorite soups- worthy of Christmas.

Serve an orange crush of gorgeous flavors when you ladle out this complex, spicy vegan soup. Mulligatawny is especially hearty when you add a scoop of hot cooked jasmine rice to the bowl. Top it all off with chopped red onion, fresh cilantro, a dab of vegan sour cream or crisp shredded apple. Pair this with a loaf of my grainy Pueblo Bread and you have a satisfying meal.

Find even more soup recipe ideas in my Soups and Stews index.

...to go with soup? Bread.

Gluten free rustic bread loaf
Rustic, gluten-free Pueblo Bread is perfect with soup.

Gluten free cornbread recipe
Gluten-free skillet cornbread.

Cornbread is a versatile gluten-free bread. You can bake it in an iron skillet or divide it into muffins. You can spike it with green chiles or jalapenos. Or sweeten it up with cinnamon and vanilla. You can add sweet potato puree for a moist and deeply golden treat. The choice is yours. So get creative. Find more bread and quick bread recipes here.


Quinoa salad with refreshing lime and mint
Light and lovely quinoa salad with lime and mint.

When all is said and done, I don't believe any soul would turn down a well made quinoa dish- vegetarian or not. Quinoa is a complete vegan protein, and can handle any flavors you toss at it. Go light and refreshing- an attractive idea after all the holiday indulgences, no?- with this lime and fresh mint salad, or get snazzy with this Red Quinoa and Butternut number studded with festive cranberries. Find out how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker, worry-free, and cruise more quinoa recipes here.

Roasted Potatoes

Vegan roasted potatoes recipe that is gluten free
Roasted potatoes with personality.

Christmas means roasted potatoes for many. But what if you're shunning the gravy inducing roast? How about this vegan toss-together combo of potatoes, onion, garlic, tomatoes, olives and raisins--- with some hot pepper flakes thrown in to kick it up Sicilian style? One of my spur of the moment inspirations that we love.

Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage

Vegetarian stuffed cabbage
Quinoa stuffed cabbage with sweet potato, Baby.

I know stuffed cabbage is old school. Like. Really old school. But there's a reason some folks don't celebrate Christmas without it. I can't think of that reason at the moment, but I'm sure it's a good one. Maybe it's because stuffed cabbage is a delicious make-ahead comfort food well suited for a dark and snowy night. No beef or rice filling here. I've put a twist on this classic recipe using quinoa and roasted sweet potato instead. Vegan deliciousness.

Green Chile Enchilada Bake

Gluten free enchilada casserole
Roasted green chile sauce makes this easy casserole amazingly good.

For our last recipe idea I'm offering this super easy layered enchilada casserole. It's too good not to share, and often overlooked because of it's humble, wallflower nature. You can make it ahead of time and free up your day to go play with your new presents. Or take the dog for a romp in the snow. I use soy cream cheese in the filling. It makes for a delightfully light and fluffy center that cools the spicy fire of the roasted chile peppers (you can make it mild as well).

For Christmas sweets and happy endings see my Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes and my Desserts Index.

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Wishing you and your family
a warm + bright holiday!



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