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Five Ways To Chill

1. Creamy dark chocolate sorbet. It's dairy-free and vegan. Rich but not filling. Cool and dark as midnight jazz. A respite from the shimmer of summer heat. Spoon it into chilled glasses. Turn off the lights. Light a candle. Music: Melody Gardot

2. Quinoa salad with lime and fresh mint. Cook quinoa in a rice cooker and keep the kitchen cool. Toss with just squeezed lime juice, good olive oil and garden ripe tomatoes. Spike it with whatever your heart desires- scallions, red onion. Kick off your flip-flops. Music: Crowded House's new album Intriguer

3. Eat your greens. But don't leave 'em naked. Dress 'em up a little. And don't reach for bottled stuff. Grab a fork and whisk up one of these three groovy salad dressings. The taste? Alive. Music: Sheryl Crow's new album 

4. Basil Mint Parsley Pesto. Yes, you can dip a gluten-free baguette slice in olive oil. Or you can spoon sun-dried tomato paste on a pizza crust. Or schmear a gluten-free cracker with peanut butter. But why not go green? Fresh herbs wake up heat weary taste buds. Go pesto. Music: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Mojo

5. Strawberry Hemp Milk Smoothie Think pink. And frothy. Silky smooth. Refreshing. You can't beat a simple strawberry smoothie on a sultry day. Make it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Indulge. Go lightly. Go berries. Music: She + Him


~M said…
Great music suggestions. :)
Ohhh YUM! I have never tried Hemp Milk in a smoothie before, but it just looks delicious! Thanks for sharing these!
. . . your recipes always inspire . . . can't wait to make the quinoa dish! hope this finds your belly letting go of all the No and opening up into the gorgeous Yes of summer and freedom from pain . . .
Anne said…
Wow, I want to put all 5 together immediately, just in reverse order. Can't wait for that sorbet!

They all look so YUMMY!
Meagan said…
Pesto is so good. I had some pistachio pesto at Whole Foods once it it was the best I'd ever eaten.
Jennifer said…
Delightful suggestions of course!!
Kalyn said…
We are absolutely melting here in Utah. Great suggestions.
Bridgett said…
I have to ask, because I love them...where did you get your spoons?

Thanks for all the fabulous recipes!
My pick is the sorbet,it's mid winter here in Australia, but I will make it anyway!
You had me at the chocolate sorbet! The weather here in Rhode Island has been ghastly and the thought of turning on the stove... well, I just can't face it most days. These cool dishes look fantastic.
Kathy said…
Karina, these are awesome. drool. Beautiful photos as always.

I really hope you will submit this and your future recipes to my new "vegan finds" site:

The sorbet was AMAZING!!!! I used dark chocolate cocoa powder and dark chocolate chunks so it was a good way!!

Thank you!!!
My Pink Door said…
You are so inspiring! The food, the photos, the music - a sensory pleasure. Thank you.
Lisa said…
I love that you paired the chocolate sorbet with Melody Gardot! She has such an amazing voice!

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