Five Ways To Chill

1. Creamy dark chocolate sorbet. It's dairy-free and vegan. Rich but not filling. Cool and dark as midnight jazz. A respite from the shimmer of summer heat. Spoon it into chilled glasses. Turn off the lights. Light a candle. Music: Melody Gardot

2. Quinoa salad with lime and fresh mint. Cook quinoa in a rice cooker and keep the kitchen cool. Toss with just squeezed lime juice, good olive oil and garden ripe tomatoes. Spike it with whatever your heart desires- scallions, red onion. Kick off your flip-flops. Music: Crowded House's new album Intriguer

3. Eat your greens. But don't leave 'em naked. Dress 'em up a little. And don't reach for bottled stuff. Grab a fork and whisk up one of these three groovy salad dressings. The taste? Alive. Music: Sheryl Crow's new album 

4. Basil Mint Parsley Pesto. Yes, you can dip a gluten-free baguette slice in olive oil. Or you can spoon sun-dried tomato paste on a pizza crust. Or schmear a gluten-free cracker with peanut butter. But why not go green? Fresh herbs wake up heat weary taste buds. Go pesto. Music: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Mojo

5. Strawberry Hemp Milk Smoothie Think pink. And frothy. Silky smooth. Refreshing. You can't beat a simple strawberry smoothie on a sultry day. Make it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Indulge. Go lightly. Go berries. Music: She + Him