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Foto Fun : iPhone Photography

Shot with an iPhone in Santa Monica, February 5, 2010.
Processed with Hipstamatic.
©2010 Karina Allrich. All rights reserved.


Beautiful! The rain in Southern California is so photogenic!
Sean said…
Those iphone photos look pretty good.
Trish said…
Those, my friend, are incredible photos. Wow....
Rach said…
Wow! Love the one with the palm trees. =]
It's so green there. It's so snowy and brown here. I did see a snowdrop yesterday. Yea. Good photos from the iPhone.~~Dee
Cassiani said…
ah- last time i was in Santa Monica it looked just like that! february 2005. very rainy and chilly. oh, i wish we could be in california right now. i'll take california cold and rain anyday.
Kalyn said…
Very fun! You can really capture a scene, no matter what camera you're using.
You seem to be having a lot of rain these days.
Paz said…
Lovely, lovely photos!

carikaufm said…
Karina, you take better pictures with your iphone than I do with my SLR...I am envious of your eye for composition...These are awesome!
Lori said…
Oh dang! I can't even do that with my good camera! Very nice photos indeed. Bravo (hands are clapping).
Karen said…
Great images! Which app is this?
Karina Allrich said…
Thanks so much, everyone! I'm having such a blast with my IPhone photography; I'm going to start a photography blog, just for fun.

The iPhones App you see utilized here is Hipstamatic.


Savana said…

All the pictures are beautiful and no doubt very beautiful, it seems very professional.

I must say, carry on with this.