Rain in Santa Monica

rain series .2

rain series .18

rain series .15

rain series .13

rain series .12

©2010 Karina Allrich. All rights reserved.

A series of photographs for Wordless Wednesday
The view from my apartment in Santa Monica.


Sean said...

Hey hey hey -- I saw words in there, missy. Words, and beautifully serene and atmospheric photos. XO

Grandma said...

The many faces of rain. I love that first shot - it looks as if the outside is showered with diamonds.

LKP said...

thank you for your perspective.
you've been on my mind since hearing about all the storms that have hit california.
couldn't remember where in cali you are.
glad you are safe.

Dawn said...

Ah very pretty. Sometimes I love rain. Especially cold rain on the days I will be visiting my toasty warm yoga studio!

Lauren said...

Wow. They're simply stunning.

Trish said...

Great the idea of wordless wednesday....

Anonymous said...

Really nice photo.