A Bevy of Gluten-Free: Fruit and Vegetables

Photograph of fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market in Santa Monica
Jewels at the farmers' market -- naturally gluten-free.

Walking the Santa Monica Farmers' Market beneath dove gray December skies I fell in love with the quiet beauty of seasonal fruits and vegetables protected under netting. There is something so poetic, so archetypal about it. So shy and evocative. Seductive and beckoning. So downright bridal. So understated gorgeous. So rather than waxing all Emily Dickinson on ya and conjuring words for the experience I thought I might use my camera instead.

And let my pictures do the talking.



  1. I love your pictures. I'm so ready to get back on the healthy eating track after all the holiday food. Your pictures are inspiring!

  2. Anonymous12:22

    Beautiful pics. My sister keeps telling me I've got to get to the farmer's market with her. I'll have to take her advice and hit it up. There no farmer's market up here in the socal high desert!

  3. Hi Karina,
    These photos are lovely. Nothing quite so beautiful as fresh food, veiled and being unveiled. I tried your pumpkin pie recipe for Christmas and it was a hit with gluten-free and gluten eating guests alike. Only a shred made it til morning, and that was gone in a heartbeat... Thanks for making gluten-free cooking for a treasured family member and friends so satisfying for us all! And for your wonderfully open heart...Happy New Year in advance...

  4. Beautiful pictures. The Meyer lemons are making me salivate. Thanks for sharing - always!

  5. Created a wonderful treat for my Mom. She is 83 and is gluten intolerant and a host of other food allergies. Very simple....Dipped a banana in Mom friendly chocolate chips (gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc) from Enjoy Life, then rolled it in flax meal. That's it! Wonderful, delicious, so simple and good for her!

  6. I want fresh fruits and vegetables. I want a winter farmers market.

    Gorgeous photographs.

  7. These are beautiful pictures. What a great way to capture the season's best goodies.

  8. Yummy! We just recently have started to have winter farmers markets - the unfortunate part is that for every farmer selling produce, there are 15 booths of crafts and prepared foods and such. Not that they don't have every right to be there - I just want to see a bounty of produce! :)

  9. Anonymous20:58

    Beatiful, Karina! And I recall that the SM farmer's market really is a beautiful, magical place.

    -Boston reader

  10. Great pictures. You've inspired me to take photos at my local Farmers Market at the St. Lawrence Farmers Market here in Toronto on Saturdays.

  11. Thank you for the pictures. I also live in Toronto. We have a slow food movement and a buy local movement. There is enough organic produce to keep me satisfied that I'm eating well. But we rely on imported vegetables and fruits for colorful options such as strawberries.
    avocados, salad greens, apples, and peppers. Most of these are from
    the US West Coast. We could eat locally with our winter vegetables but with much less variety. Hydroponics are not profitable for local growers.
    In the Summer and Fall there are farmers markets and many kinds of locally grown produce, but we cook and eat better because of CA produce.

  12. "Serious Eye Candy" indeed! Such a treat for the eyes, Karina. Love the netting factor. Real food is so beautiful. :-) Thanks for sharing these with us!

    Happy New Year!