Easy Agave and Lime Salmon Recipe

 Easy agave salmon with lime
Easy gluten-free salmon with agave and lime.

Don't feel like cooking? Keep some wild caught salmon on hand and you almost won't have to. Got limes and agave? Smile. Salmon recipes don't get any easier than this. This is almost not cooking- which makes it a perfect recipe for a lazy summer supper.

We served our salmon with grilled veggie kebabs- another one of my easy summer staples. I grill my vegetable skewers on our handy Grilleration Forman grill because we don't have an outdoor grill. Hard to believe, I know. How can we live without a proper grill? And in New Mexico, for goddess sake! It's tricky, truth be told. If you saw our little casita you would understand. There's really no proper spot for a grill- or room to store it for the winter, now that you mention it. Yes, we have winters here in northern New Mexico (weeks of zero degree mornings). And only two closets.

Two. Very. Small. Closets.

Some days I feel like we are camping in the middle of a great big sand box.

Easy Agave and Lime Salmon Recipe

We bake this recipe in foil packets- an easy way to keep your meal gluten-free- especially when sharing an outdoor grill.


4 serving sized pieces of wild caught salmon
1 red onion, sliced
4 scallions, sliced
4 cloves of garlic, chopped

For the sauce:

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup raw organic agave nectar
Fresh lime juice from two large limes
A tiny, secret pinch of cinnamon- don't tell


Preheat the oven to 350ºF.

Tear off eight pieces of foil; two for each piece of salmon. Place one serving of salmon on one piece of foil. Season with a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Combine the olive oil, agave, lime juice and touch of cinnamon in a glass measuring cup. Pour the sauce all over the salmon pieces.

Sprinkle the salmon with onions, scallions and garlic. Place the remaining pieces of foil on each serving and fold the edges to create a packet.

Bake in a preheated oven for roughly 20 minutes, till it flakes easily- but is not dried out.

Leave the closet organization for another day. Pour yourself a glass of Elise's refreshing Limeade with a Touch of Mint. Read another chapter in the new Augusten Burroughs' Wolf At The Table.

See? Wasn't that easy?

Serves 4.

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Kalyn said...

My kind of recipe! Yum.

Sophie said...

What a delicious combination for a healthy meal. Beautiful photo -- I never knew salmon could be so pretty :).

milhan said...

Mmmmmm....I have limes coming in my produce box this week, I have the agave, all I need now is the salmon!

We have a little camping-sized gas grill that we use on a table top outside. It uses those little canisters of propane..the grates wash up in the sink, and we can store the whole thing in the basement. Honestly, I really want a big grill, but this one does the trick.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I've been using agave on salmon for several months -- with a touch of soy sauce, it's such a great combination. Lime or lemon -- or orange -- also help to balance the richness of the salmon. Yum!

Katie said...

Salmon? Lime? With agave? You are a freakin mouth is watering :)

I LOVE this blog!!! said...

Ok, you're about to see that I don't know a lot about cooking and recipes. Does anyone know if I could substitute raw honey for the agave or would that just be too bizzare? I have everything else including the salmon and am thinking this would be a good recipe to try tomorrow.

As always, thank you for this blog Karina. I love to read what you have to say about your life... and the recipes!

Alexa said...

I'm getting wild salmon in my monthly fish delivery tomorrow. I can't wait to try this colorful recipe! It looks so light and summery.

Paula said...

Oh lordy, two small closets! Two!! Gee whiz, I thought my home storage was lacking; perhaps we have the same builder? In any case, this salmon looks terrific! Great recipe!

Hilary Winfield said...

This recipe looks perfect for summer! And I am going to look into that grill - perfect for the rainy Northwest winters.

Natalie said...

This looks great Karina. We LOVE salmon at our house. For some reason fish always impresses the husband.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

You're making me wish I'd bought that wild sockeye salmon I looked at today at the store! Might have to get some tomorrow to make this this weekend. . . .

~M said...

I made this recipe tonight and it's so wonderful. I love recipes where there are simple ingredients but the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts - like this! This will definitely become one of our regular salmon recipes, thanks!

milhan said...

I wanted to tell you that I finally made this last night - YUM! The smell was amazing, and the taste was 100x better.

I served it with warm purple potato salad, and steamed green beans with butter and fresh thyme...

Karina said...

Kalyn- I knew you'd like it. ;)

Sophie- Thank you! It is healthy- and so tasty.

Milhan- Good tip on the camping grill! I love it.

Lydia- Ummm- your combos sound lovely. Wish I could eat soy sauce.

Katie- I just stirred together what I had and = voila. ;)

Anon- Raw honey might work- but I would tend to go with maple syrup instead; or a melted peach/lime/apricot/lemon jam. That's just me.

Alexa- It is light- and so easy. Almost *not cooking*. ;)

Paula- Thanks! Ha! For some reason, all the NM houses we looked at lacked closet space. Go figure.

Hilary- It is a handy little grill; we use it all year long. And I love the changeable inserts; just made waffles on it.

Natalie- Well it does seem special, I think- when you serve salmon. ;) xox

Sally- Ah- sockeye is so good!

~M- I told Steve what you wrote- and he said- that is *so* true for so many of your recipes. Simple. And greater than the sum of their *parts*. Thank you! xox

Milhan- Oh yes! Sounds lovely! Thank you for stopping back to tell me you liked the recipe.

I really appreciate your kindness!



cris said...

made this tonight on the grill and it was mar-vel-ous. even my husband liked it, and he's not too into salmon. thanks!

Clara said...

I made this and it was YUM-O! I halved the recipe for my 1 LARGE piece of salmon, but still had a bit of marinade left over after my it went into the dish, so I threw in a couple of chicken thighs as well - they turned out tasty, too!

Thank you for sharing this recipe!

Aparna said...

What a amazing food.
Its looks very delicious.

Dusty said...

Karina, I just found this recipe on your favorites and made it last night for myself. It was SO delicious I can't wait to make it for company.

~M said...

Hi Karina,

I was thinking of bringing this over to my in-laws to be grilled because this is a fabulous recipe. I love the idea of foil packets - protecting myself from gluten & keeping moisture in - but have never employed this technique. I was thinking of making the marinade at home, and putting it into a big ziploc along with the salmon fillets for easy transportation. After marinating, what would you put in the foil packet besides the salmon? Sauce? Onions/scallion? Also, do you know about how long it would take to grill a 6-8 oz piece of salmon and what type of heat to use? Yes, I'm a grill newbie :)

By the way, one tip I wanted to share is that it is so much easier to cut scallions with scissors than with a knife. :) I freeze the leftovers for future cooked applications like stir fries, eggs, quinoa, etc.

Good luck with your move! I really like Kreation Cafe in Santa Monica.

Karina Allrich said...

Thanks, Everyone- Glad you liked this recipe. :-)

Hi ~M- I'd bag the salmon, sauce/marinade, scallion etc, as you mentioned. Chill.

At the grill, make a foil packet and put it all in there. Seal tight. Grill on medium high till cooked through. Depending upon the heat of the grill, this might be ten to fifteen minutes, or up to twenty minutes. Covering the grill cooks it faster, too.

Thanks for the Kreation Cafe info! Can't wait.



~M said...

fyi, your directions worked great! Super moist salmon and happy veg kabobs!