Banana-Apricot Hemp Smoothie

Creamy banana apricot smoothie recipe that is dairy free and vegan
Frosty banana apricot smoothie with hemp milk.

It's been a week of bland soft foods. I've dubbed this week the No Pointy Foods Diet. Mashed potatoes. Creamy rice. Squash puree. No nuts, seeds, or chips. No crunch. No snap. No spices. Talk about not sexy. Suddenly, I'm the Goddess of Bland. Slurping tiny bites of baby food.

Lucky for me, bananas are doable. Especially if they're frozen and whipped into a frothy silky smoothie.

Frozen bananas are the closest thing to ice cream next to, well. Ice cream. When frozen, their soft and tender fruit turns into smooth and creamy vegan goodness. This makes the little lovelies perfect for dairy-free shakes and smoothies.

So when I'm ready to shake things up I grab a frozen banana. Some ice cold apricot nectar and vanilla hemp milk. Almost instant breakfast.

Banana magic happens.

Vegan banana smoothie with hemp milk
Creamy vegan banana hemp milk goodness.

Banana-Apricot Hemp Smoothie Recipe

This is one of those almost-not-a-recipe recipes, but I had to share it because I, for one, didn't grow up with frozen banana hemp shakes for breakfast. Maybe I'm not alone in this. Who knows?

The secret to the best, frostiest shakes and smoothies is to have all of your ingredients super cold- including the blender. If you forgot to ice it beforehand, one quick way to make this favorite power tool chill is to fill it with some ice and cold water and push blend for a minute; then discard- preferably into a waiting thirsty house plant or flower pot (waste not want not).


1 good size frozen banana, peeled and cut into pieces
1/2 cup (4 oz.) cold organic apricot juice
1/2 cup (4 oz.) cold vanilla hemp milk- my fave is Hemp Dream
1 teaspoon agave nectar, to taste


Place all of the above into a frosty cold single-serve blender and whip on high until smooth and frothy.

Pour. Sip. Experience pure dairy-free bliss.


Add a tablespoon of Nutribiotic vegan rice protein powder for a boost

Makes one creamy smoothie.

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