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A Trio of Tasty Turkey Recipes- Gluten-Free

Here are three delicious ways to use up leftover gluten-free turkey. One retro classic, Tetrazzini style, with brown rice noodles. One fabulous southwestern style enchilada recipe that has leftover turkey flirting with sweet potatoes. And last but always fabulous, our easy family favorite- turkey nachos with jalapenos and blue corn chips.

Gluten-Free Turkey Tetrazzini Recipe- Gluten and Dairy Free
Gluten-free turkey tetrazzini- a retro classic, updated.

Karina's Jazzed Up Gluten-Free Turkey Tetrazzini Recipe

Recipe posted November 2007.

Here's my unconventional dairy-free version of a retro sixties classic. Gluten-free spaghetti makes fabulous tetrazzini.


For the filling:

A dash of olive oil, as needed
1 medium sweet onion, diced
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 medium carrots, cut into julienne strips (thin sticks)
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms (I used baby Bella)
12 oz. gluten-free linguini or spaghetti cooked to al dente (still firm), rinsed, drained
3 cups hand-torn cooked free-range organic turkey pieces
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Sea salt and ground pepper, to taste

For the sauce:

4 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons sweet rice flour
2 cups creamy, unsweetened non-dairy milk (or milk)
1 1/2 cups gluten-free chicken broth
1/4 cup dry sherry or white wine (may omit)
1 teaspoon tarragon or parsley
Sea salt and ground pepper or paprika, to taste

Option- If you are a fan of nutritional yeast, add 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast to the sauce.

For the crumb topping:

2 cups Crunchy Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs (tossed in olive oil or melted vegan margarine)
1 teaspoon French herbs- or parsley


Preheat oven to 350ºF. Lightly grease or spray a 10x13-inch baking dish or deep casserole.

Heat a dash of olive oil in a large skillet and lightly saute the onion, garlic, carrots, celery, and mushrooms till tender; set aside.

Arrange the cooked spaghetti in the baking dish.

Toss the turkey pieces in a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and season with a little sea salt and pepper.

Add the skillet veggies to the noodles in the baking dish.

Make your sauce:

In a saucepan, heat the olive oil and add the flour; stir to make a paste; briefly stir over heat for about three minutes- to cook out the "flour" flavor. Slowly add a cup of the rice milk and continue stirring until it starts to thicken; add the second cup of rice milk, heat and stir till thickened. I like to use a whisk at this point.

If you are using the nutritional yeast, you can add it in and whisk to combine. Add the broth. Continue to heat gently for another five to seven minutes, stirring often. Add the sherry, tarragon and a dash of sea salt and pepper, to taste. In fact- taste test. If it needs a flavor boost, add a pinch more salt, a dash of herbs or sherry. You can also add a dash of nutmeg or mustard if you like.

Pour the sauce over the veggies and noodles and use a fork to shimmy the goodies so that the sauce seeps in and around- this keeps everything moist and happy.

Top with the Crunchy Golden GF Bread Crumbs. (I like to place a few of the mushroom slices on the top, too- I think it looks pretty.)

Bake in the center of a preheated oven for 40 to 45 minutes, until piping hot and bubbling.

To be totally retro, serve with green beans sprinkled with slivered almonds.

Serves 4 to 6.

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turkey enchiladas - a great way to use leftover turkey
These turkey enchiladas are tasty and gluten-free.

Karina's Holiday Turkey Enchiladas - Gluten-Free

Posted November 2007.

You will love these super easy enchiladas featuring torn pieces of tender free-range chicken, lime juice, chunks of sweet pineapple, and spicy salsa. Espeically after Thanksgiving, when all the traditional Pilgrim-inspired foods have shared their hand-holding moment in the fast fading sun.


3 cups of your favorite salsa- spicy or mild
4-5 cups of cooked free-range organic turkey, hand torn or shredded
Juice from one fresh lime
2-4 tablespoons sour cream- light or regular or vegan for dairy-free
Sea salt and ground pepper
Pinch of cumin
Light olive oil, as needed
12 corn tortillas
1 cup diced pineapple
2 4-oz. cans chopped green chiles, drained
2 cups shredded Jalapeño Jack cheese- or vegan Jack for non-dairy
Hot red pepper flakes, to taste


Preheat oven to 350ºF.

Pour about a half cup of salsa into the bottom a large lightly oiled 10x13" baking dish- or use two smaller pans, for six enchiladas each.

Place the torn turkey pieces into a bowl and squeeze lime juice all over the cooked turkey; add enough sour cream to moisten; stir; season with sea salt and pepper, and cumin; toss well to coat.

Heat a dash of olive oil in a skillet, and heat one corn tortilla until softened, turning it over once to coat with oil. Place the tortilla into the sauced baking dish; fill with 1/12 of the turkey pieces, and roll up seam side down, placing it at the far end of the dish. Repeat for the remaining tortillas, adding more oil, if needed.

Pour the remaining salsa over the rolled tortillas. Top with the diced pineapple, then the green chiles. Sprinkle with cheese and red pepper flakes.

Bake in a 350 degree F. oven until the enchiladas are bubbling and heated through, about 30 minutes.

Check out my tasty homemade green chile sauce recipe here.

Serves 6

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Leftover Turkey Recipe Ideas - Nachos!
Gluten-free nachos, Baby.

Super Easy Gluten-Free Turkey Nachos

Posted November 2007.

Here's a non-conventional way to use up cruelty-free turkey leftovers Santa Fe style. Use a combo of organic blue and yellow corn chips and scatter on lots of sliced pickled jalapeños. It's an unbeatable combination.


3 heaping cups organic blue corn tortilla chips
3 heaping cups organic yellow corn tortilla chips
Extra virgin olive oil
2 cups hand torn cooked free-range organic turkey pieces
4 oz. Cheddar or Jack cheese, shredded- use vegan cheese for dairy-free
A big handful of organic sweet grape tomatoes, halved
3-4 tablespoons chopped pickled jalapenos- or use chopped mild green chiles
A sprinkle of good chili powder or chipotle powder, to taste
Chopped fresh cilantro, if desired


Preheat the oven to 425ºF. Line a large roasting pan with foil or parchment paper.

Layer the blue and yellow corn tortilla chips in the bottom of the lined pan; drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and hand toss to coat evenly.

Scatter the turkey pieces on top of the corn chips. Sprinkle with half of the shredded cheese. Layer the tomatoes, jalapeños, and the remaining shredded cheese. Believe it or not, drizzle a little more olive oil all over the the nachos. Add a dusting of spices, to taste, and chopped cilantro, if desired.

Bake in a hot oven for about seven to ten minutes, or so, until the cheese has melted and the nachos are happy and sizzling. You can even be post-holiday decadent and serve these nachos right from the roasting pan. Okay, I admit it. We're casual here.

We eat nachos right out of the pan- with our fingers.

Serves 4.

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xox Karina


Kalyn said…
Yummy. Don't tell anyone, but I already found your turkey enchiladas and am including them in a post for Blogher (not posted yet) about top ten ideas for turkey leftovers!
Mary Frances said…
I'm liking the nutritional yeast in the sauce for the Turkey Tetrazzini =) I've been trying to recreate my grandmother's tetrazzini recipe but haven't quite been able to get enough oopmh into the sauce. The nutritional yeast should do it.

No turkey for us this Thanksgiving, just yummy tofu and your enchiladas. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary Frances
Kristen said…
looks good! we're going a non-traditional route this year, too, as we're heading up north to a remote cabin and i've had to plan ahead! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
La Tea Dah said…
Nice post, Karina. The turkey was pardoned at our house --- as has always been our custom. I even wrote about turkey-pardoning on my blog a day or two ago --- so was pleased to see that you wrote about it as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Unfortunately, free range doesn't even actually mean free range. My (extended) family wouldn't pardon a turkey, but I did convince my mother to buy a local, pastured (truly free range), organic turkey this year. It's important for me to know the turkey had a decent life before it became sustenance for my family.
matt said…
Two words: TURKEY TETRAZZINI! Yes yes yes please!

I'm SO going to make that.
Sally Parrott Ashbrook said…
Well, we made your turkey tetrazzini (with turkey that was, at least, organic) last night. We did make a few changes (who doesn't, when making a recipe their own?): I can have sheep cheese, so we added a bit of pecorino instead of nutritional yeast. We added a bit more salt. We doubled the carrots but omitted the celery. And we reduced the amount of turkey (purposefully) and the amount of noodles (accidentally); we threw in a few handfuls of raw broccoli and cauliflower florets.

Karina, it was awesome. It took me back to my childhood. I usually eat leftovers a bit begrudgingly, even when they taste good, but I chose to eat the tetrazzini leftovers tonight before we left for a restaurant with friends instead of having dinner at the restaurant. It was so wonderful, so homey; it was everything I miss when I feel sad about my food restrictions. I know that recipe is going to be a staple for us.

The only interesting thing was . . . we both kinda felt like the inclusion of turkey is overrated. Something of a contrasting texture is necessary, but turkey? Not necessarily. White beans next time, maybe? I'm not sure. But we loved the recipe overall, so thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anonymous said…
I made your turkey tetrazzini last night. I ended up frying two fresh chicken breasts with the lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. I followed everything else as you said, using Tinkyada linguine as that's what was on hand.

I must say... yum. I needed to add more meat (had I managed the four cups it would have been perfect).

The only real alterations I made was to add more salt and pepper than it called for, plus a few additional spices that my palate is used to.

Thank you for such a lovely recipe!! I'll be taking the last of the leftovers with me to class today.
Anonymous said…
Hi Karina,

Thanks so much for all the great recipes. My family and I have enjoyed everyone we've tried. My girls are also dairy free (cow's milk) but I've never tried nutritional yeast. Instead I've found two great sheep's milk cheeses that work well to replace most cow's milk cheeses. Pecorino Romano and Manchego cheeses have been a blessing. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and trying even more of your great recipes for a gluten and dairy free holiday.
The Tucker's said…
Trying the Turkey Tetrazzini tonight! my 7 month old has an allergy to Dairy so I cannot have it until she is done breastfeeding. Hoping this tastes yummy!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for being brave and posting about your holiday difficulties. It's a rough time of year for many of us. Crazy family stuff just seems to intensify this time of year. I always appreciate your thoughtful posts. And the recipes look awesome, too. Blessings, Shannon
Anonymous said…
YUMMO NACHOS! I added a half onion and 1/2 red bell pep, 1/2 yellow bell pep to the meat while cooking. Add olives to the top before cooking, and a sliced avocado after it comes out of the over-wholesome GF goodness! Happy cooking!

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