You're the hemp in my...

Just so you know? It's two in the afternoon.

And I spent the day- so far- in bed. Snuggled beneath a Pendleton blanket, cruising the information highway on Steve's laptop. Nibbling pieces of smoked salmon. Approving Spicy Comments. Paying bills. Ordering lavender pillows stuffed with rice or buckwheat [not to eat, Darling, to heat- in the microwave- till toasty and warm and soothing; therapy for this sleep-deprived blogger's crooked neck and quirky tummy still not right from her sojourn into public dining in Los Angeles].

In light of a certain individual's recent ranting (and her pondering whether to throw in the towel and head for the nearest smoke shop- conveniently located next to Saints and Sinners) this post will be a simple thank you to Certain Readers- you know who you are- for the suggestion of hemp.

Hemp, as in milk.

Hemp, as in, You're the hemp in my mate... (that's MAH-tay for those of you not familiar with Viggo's preferred caffeine source).

How does it taste? asks a certain curious husband, pouring creamy moo-cow Half and Half into his steaming mug of organic roasted fair trade cafe (as in caa-FAY con LAY-chay).

The bastard.

Um. Not bad, your gluten-free goddess murmurs, smacking her chapped lips in a decidedly unladylike and childish manner.

Though it's kinda, sorta, um, grassy. That's it. Grassy.

Like cud? he offers.

Exactly! she snorts and nods and wiggles off to bed again, climbing under the covers with art books, a spoon, and white rice toast.

Life is good.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad you found hemp milk that will work for you! I can only imagine how "grassy" it tastes ;) Enjoy!!

SusanV said...

I've never tried hemp milk, but I'm glad it's working for you!

Do tell--where are you ordering the lavender pillows from? I could use that U-shaped one myself.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Glad your commenters found something for you!

Throw something out in the universe and look what comes back.

Awesome. :)

Jess said...

Glad hemp milk is an acceptable substitute. I have been putting it in the mix of the milks that I use and enjoying it's different taste.

Anonymous said...

Can you add flavoring to mask the grassiness like vanilla or cinnamon extract (I can't remember if cinnamon is OK)?

Abbi said...

we like hemp milk too.

SusanV said...

Hey Karina, thanks for the tip about the neck pillow. I just ordered one!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I figured out how to leave a comment. I'm a mat-eh drinker in the mornings, I drink it plain. I call it my smokey bacon breakfast drink...I can only imagine how it tastes with a little grass in it.


Cindy said...

Great! Hemp worked for you- That opens up new doors and gives some room to breathe, I hope. Manitoba Harvest has lots of great hemp recipes on their site if you get adventurous again soon and want to experiment. I've never had bad hemp anything- that's using the hemp protein, hemp seeds, or "milk"

The title of your post alone made me smile :)

Gluti Girl said...

I know in the last post, several people were commenting on taking probiotics and you mentioned the dairy was a problem for you. My gastro recommended one called VSL #3. Here is a link to there site

Here is what they say about how they make their probiotic.

Can I take VSL#3® if I have an intolerance to dairy products?

Some dairy ingredients are used in the culture medium but are removed during fermentation and concentration. There might be trace amounts at very low levels and, for this reason, VSL#3® is not defined as a dairy-free product but as a non-dairy product. Evidence suggests that probiotics may be useful in the treatment of patients with lactose maldigestion and lactase deficiency. Recent studies have demonstrated that lactose is better digested from yogurt than from milk by lactase-deficient individuals and yogurt ingestion by these patients is paralleled by reduced symptoms. Many patients confirmed that their intolerance was greatly reduced with the use of VSL#3®. If you are lactose intolerant, you may wish to start with a very low intake of VSL#3® to see how you respond before increasing the amount.

I don't know if it would help or if you could take it. But it might be worth looking into. I know it's got to be hard with such a long list of allergies. Glad your spirits seem better today!

Alisa said...

I am curious which brand of hemp milk you are using (yes there are actually two). I trialed both Hemp Bliss and Living Harvest's Hempmilk, and found them to be really different. I preferred the organic and more natural nature of the Hemp Bliss, but it was definitely more "grassy" than the other!

On the prior post, I buy millet in the bulk food section, but I saw it on Amazon too - since you are already shopping there : )

Tamara said...

So I'm brand new to your blog. I absolutely love it. I'm addicted and I've linked you to my blog. (Hope you don't mind!) Your ideas make eating sound like fun again! Thanks for all your hard work and keep them coming!

SusanV said...

I am absolutely crazy about your new header. I wish I could get you to design one for me because I never like mine. Yours is so well put-together--it's perfect!

La Tea Dah said...

I love hemp milk --- and am glad you found it too!

AND, I hope you recover from your broken hip and find speedy recovery in your days ahead! I'm sorry for the serious distraction. Get well soon!


Rachel Schell said...

sounds like an amazing day.

Mariam said...

Ha ha! this made me laugh at numerous places - yes it does sound like a wonderful day> I'm curious - what has the hemp been suggested for? Is it something to do with a "quirky" stomach - because mine's a mystery i've been delving through for 25 odd years.... or just as a substitute for dairy. Would love to know its uses.

Karina Allrich said...

Hemp milk is a vegan alternative to dairy. It's thicker and creamier than rice milk, and has no other allergenic ingredients (such as soy or nuts, for instance). It's also high in Omega fats- which is a plus.

All in all, another choice for those of us allergic to dairy proteins (or living vegan).