Gluten-Free Goddess in Newsweek? Rock on.

We just returned from our weekly Saturday jaunt into Santa Fe- to shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or Wild Oats, depending on our mood and our menu plans. Today's mini road trip was a tad more exciting than our usual gluten-free shopping extravaganza, however, because today we stopped by Borders and picked up a copy of the September 17th Newsweek magazine- the one featuring an excellent article on celiac disease, titled Waiter, Please Hold the Wheat by Anne Underwood.

Steve turned to page 62- to see if the buzz we'd heard was true (as I was busy fumbling in my over-stuffed shoulder bag trying to locate my reading glasses with no success). How cool is that? he said, pointing to the resource box and reading aloud, Browse more than 200 creative recipes and cooking tips from an experienced gluten-free chef.

Whoa, said I (ever the eloquent wordsmith). Pretty darn cool. Gluten-Free Goddess blog makes good.

Big congrats go to the chic and hard working Kelly Courson of CeliacChicks, the totally fab Heidi Collins, Alice Bast, and Vanessa Maltin of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, and Shauna James Ahern, author and blogger at Gluten Free Girl- all featured in the article, which by the way, Dear Reader is one of the better mainstream pieces on celiac disease this gluten-free goddess has read. And I'm not prejudiced. Really.

Pick one up and see for yourself.


Sheri said...

Congrats for the mention! It's a great article.

Kalyn said...

I got the magazine, and I will say it was a thrill seeing your blog name there! Way to go!

Kleja said...

Congratulations Karina and all the GF bloggers who put so much time and passion in to their cooking so we can benefit. You totally deserve the praise!!!

ps. I made 2 batched of your blueberry muffins this morning for our brunch and they are all gone - what a hit!

jill and wes said...

Congrats, that is so cool.
I love your blog. I have been following it for over a year. It's actually the first blog of any type that I discovered. I was so excited when I found it after being gluten free for two years. You have such great pictures and recipes. I really identify with your sensitive gut issues and your vegetarian experience.
I was vegetarian for 17 years but after I realized I was gluten intolerant and went on a gluten free diet all of a sudden all these other foods started to bother me also- like soy and chocolate gives me migraines and dairy makes me stuffy (ok dairy was a lifelong thing)
I started to feel the need to add some fish and meat back to my diet but I agonized over that decision for so long. I identified so much with being vegetarian. I did end up adding meat and fish about a year ago and I do feel so much better(But my conscience still bothers me sometimes) I really loved your meatloaf post and the comment about the Dalia Lama. Your post about your struggles made me feel less alone
I just wanted to say thanks for all your posts.
I finally got motivated enough to start my own gluten free blog (with my husband)
sorry this got so long.
Thank you again and congrats I have to get newsweek!

Lucy said...

Pretty darn cool indeed! How exciting is that ... and its a really good article too.

Alanna said...

Congratulations, Karina ~ truly!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh Congratulations!! You totally deserve it!!

GFCF Mommy said...

Congratulations! Very, very cool! You and all the others mentioned really deserve the recognition! I read the online article, now I need to see the print version. By the way, it's been a "goddess week" here. I made your purple potato quiche the other night and we all loved it. Last night I made the rice and chili casserole and the hubby loved that even more!


SusanV said...

Wonderful! I'm going to look for a copy today!

Melissa said...

Good for you! "Rock on" indeed! Nice that the mainstream media is taking notice. Contratulations!

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

I jumped online as soon as I had heard and read it!

That rocks, and you completely deserve it. When I find out someone just got diagnosed, I send them to your site. It is truly awesome!


Alisa said...

Congratulations Katrina! That is so cool.

MB said...

Great article, and I was so glad to see your blog mentioned, Karina! I just wish they had mentioned the "silent celiacs" like me. I know there are many people out there like me who are gluten intolerant, but have no stomach problems, so they and their doctors think gluten can't possibly be the problem. I didn't believe my doctor when he wanted to test for it- he was pretty smug when my antibodies were 3x normal!

Dylan said...

I just got the paper a few days ago!!! you are famous (well you were already, so your now supper famous!!!) A lot of new thing have been happening for me (to many to write in a comment) so stop by my blog (if you have time) and take a look!

your fellow blogger,