8 Random Factoids

Will Patton as Henry on the set of The Canyon movie
Will Patton on set by Mark Williams © 2007

Some time ago- in the early days of blogging- I participated in a meme or two. If it struck my fancy. And I've been asked- perhaps a dozen times- to join in the Eight Random Facts About Me meme. I declined. The timing wasn't quite right. I brushed the invites aside. But when Isaiah of Gluten-Free Bay e-mailed me, Tag - you're it! I knew it was time to give in, kick off my flip flops and jump in feet first. So here we go.

Eight Random Factoids::

1. Will Patton and I bonded over a fedora. And an off-the-cuff dialogue edit on the set of Steve's movie The Canyon. (He is lovely, by the way.)

2. I curse like Rene Russo in Get Shorty. See thing 3.

3. My Irish gangster grandfather once hid his bookmaking book in my crib. I was in it at the time. He was hiding it from the police who were searching the house. The female officer assigned to keep an eye on my mother and me evidently bought my whole wide-eyed innocence act. After all, you don't expect a toddler to be holding.

4. While Kelly at Celiac Chicks once got on stage at a Chris Isaak concert, I barely escaped fisticuffs at one of Chris Isaak's gigs (see Factoid #2). Steve bought us front row seats for my 50th birthday. The view was serious eye candy. Unfortunately, the drunken buffoon behind me decided to scream Freebird! and Stairway to Heaven! while Chris was performing his acoustic set. When the lout responded to my request to Please! Shut the f*ck up! with Go f*ck yourself! and then poured beer on my jean jacket, things almost got ugly. Almost.

5. Leonard Cohen asked me to dinner and my ridiculous response was, Oh. I'm not dressed for it! (Note to self: When Leonard Cohen asks you to dinner, you say, Yes.)

I can quote The Big Lebowski verbatim.

7. When Warren Zevon died I cried for a week.

8. I get sad every winter (from SAD). I am starting to believe I should live in Southern California. (See thing 6.)


If any of you Dear Readers who blog want to join in and post your own 8 Random Facts- don't be shy. We don't stand on ceremony here at Casa Allrich. Kick off your shoes and confess your own juicy tidbits. 

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  1. Lord, with all your connections, I should be watching you on the silver screen! ;)

  2. awesome!!!
    got to look at the rules...

    And thanks for the comment about my chocolates. its just one of my many talents...just kidding :)

    Talk to ya soon

  3. Karina:

    Re: Leonard Cohen - You've got to be kidding me! No freakin' way! Hilarious.

    Frances McDormand is one of my favorite actresses, and Kathy Bates is up there, too. So I think we'd have a good time at eachothers' Famous People Parties.

  4. Karina, I think we could be sisters separated at birth! I am going to write my 8 things blog post today.

    Karen, the FabGrandma

  5. Hola Garrett! Not me, Babycakes. I'm much more of a behind-the-scenes kinda gal. ;)

    Hi Dylan, I'm glad you'll join in!

    Isaiah Bubela, Yeah, freakin' way.


    Fab Grandma - Cool! I've added you to the list in the post. Thanks for joining in!



  6. One thing.... I dont think i know 8 people...
    I will try to cope.
    My 8 facts are coming up soon!

  7. hey karinalicious,

    thanks for the inclusion ... i see you're going after the boys for this one :o , LOL.

    well, now, what to write?! after a listing like that, mine will surely pale in comparison. getting into fights at concerts and turning down a date with my own city's *ex* homeboy..... sheesh.

    will think about what to write and email you the details of the posting.

  8. Why did your grandfather hide his bookmaking book? What was he hiding exactly? I know, I just a nosy girl.

  9. Hey Bureka Boy - Yup. Always. ;)

    I am looking forward to your factoids!

    Hi Samantha -

    Well, bookmaking (as opposed to bookkeeping) is, um, illegal. ;)

  10. Psst! Hey! Come over to my house, the Book of Yum... I did a recent post I think you'll find interesting... *hugs*


  11. Love 'em and yup, I did it too. Nice to know that someone else cusses as much as I do!!!


  12. Thanks for the meme Karina! Yours was fun to read, love the cursing in the kitchen bit :P

    As per Sea's lead, we've made something you may find interesting as well :)

  13. So I finally finished the meme after only being able to find 2 people I knew and that have not already been tagged.
    I basically spilt all my deepest secrets in my facts (not realy but they are funny!)
    here is the link:


    talk to you later,
    your fellow blogger, Dylan

    P.S. I finally got a picture of myself that I liked, check it out!