A Simple Bowl of Rice

brown rice and veggie lunch
Simple rice bliss.

A simple bowl of brown rice and veggies. Not even a recipe. Just bliss.

Inside this humble gluten-free goddess is an on-again off-again vegan/vegetarian. For almost forty years I politely declined meat- though I did eat eggs and cheese, and during my pregnancies, I ate fish. During the prickly years of peri-menopause I added small amounts of chicken or turkey into my weekly menu.

Celiac is an interesting twist in all this life-long veggie love. It has deepened my gratitude for simple joys, like sitting outside in the warm spring sun, holding a bowl of short grain brown rice topped with roasted vegetables. On a day like this I cannot help but feel so damn lucky.

So today, as the warm sun lingers longer than it did yesterday on our small casita tucked into the junipered hill by the mesa, I thought I might celebrate a simple bowl. 

A bowl of chewy, earthy gluten-free goodness, satisfying and fabulous.

A Simple Bowl of Rice

Leftovers make this hot lunch super fast and easy. So plan ahead and cook a little extra rice for dinner.


3/4 cup cooked short grain brown rice, per person
1 cup of assorted stir-fried fresh veggies, per person
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt


Heat a splash of extra virgin olive in a skillet and add the cooked brown rice and veggies. Season with sea salt. Stir with a wooden spoon until heated through and sizzling.

Spoon into your favorite bowl and sit outside, if you can, breathing in the spring. Or find a spot by a window, and sit in the sun.

Hold your bowl. Smile. Eat!