Gluten-Free Bloggers List

Do you blog gluten-free? Let's create a resource together.

Leave your blog address, title, and a two-sentence description of your blog in the Readers Comments below.

This Gluten-Free Bloggers list was created for personal blogs, not commercial venues using a blog as a way to promote their product or service. So keep it real.




  1. Brilliant, Karina, brilliant.

  2. Fabulous idea!! My blog is pretty much gluten and casein free now for my almost 3 year old son. I blog recipes based on a child's perspective.
    Christan = )

  3. I'm still new to food blogging (AND gluten-free cooking), but my blog's here:

    I'm a BIG supporter of local, organic food and lots of my stuff is inspired by my veggie delivery box. I'm also half Chinese and do quite a lot of oriental cooking along with more traditional English stuff :)

  4. Hi Karina

    You've got my blog already, but hey I think this is a great idea!
    My journies through Gluten-Free and across the globe! I'll use your GF button, thanks for developing it ... it was sort of one of my projects, but you got there first!

    Dianne :)

  5. Oh - oh! Pick me, pick me! What a great idea! 99.99% gluten free unless The Man makes me create something specifically for him, which I rarely blog about anyway. Lots of food and a few anecdotes about my...go figure...cats.

    "It's Just Not Dinner Without Cat Hair"

  6. Another gluten-free blogger checking in. My blog is called 'Gracious Hospitality' and is not soley 'cooking' oriented, but I do share recipes that are gluten free and vegan. Very occasionally I'll share a non-gluten-free recipe if I make something special for my kids (who are not celiac). Thanks for doing this --- here's my link:


  7. I blog about my family, living with Celiac on a gluten-free diet, and any random bit of current events that captures my attention. One thing you'll never find is one crumb of gluten!

    BTW, I loved the GF image, Karina!


  8. I blog about my family and our daily life and dealing with our sons multiple food allergies of wheat, rye, barley, egg, milk, and peanut. I have recipes for everyone but do kid friendly gluten free cooking, recipes, and craft projects.

  9. Great idea! I love checking out new blogs. Please visit my blog at:

    My motto: Don't just settle into living a boring gluten-free life.
    Let's talk gluten-free fun... food, restaurants, recipes, and more

  10. I blog about my life, the things I make, the people I love and stuff that happens to me. A big part of that is being Gluten Free. I believe that no one who eats Gluten Free should feel deprived so I love to share good recipes when I find them.
    my blog is:

    Thank you Karina for creating this community, it's exactly what we need!

  11. Thanks, Goddess!

    Nutty Meatfruit is GF and virtually free of sugar and grain to support natural Candida and Ulcerative Colitis treatment. Visitors are encouraged to email me directly with questions or for support :)

  12. Gluten-Free By The Bay

    Delicious original gluten-free recipes, cooking tips, product reviews, celiac disease information and restaurant reviews.

  13. Thanks Karina!

    Gluten Free Guide

    My tips, tricks and adventures in living and cooking gluten free.

  14. Anonymous16:04 -- A teen and her familie's experiences living gluten-free.

    Thanks! Rochelle and Emily

  15. You've got me, babe. But feel free (pretty please!) to add me to any resource list you put together.

    Wherein I discuss living, learning, cooking, and eating in the gluten-free way.

  16. Gaile10:08

    I blog gluten free since january of 2006, and post recipes now and again of things I've created in my kitchen! Please add me to your list :-)

  17. Gaile11:04

    Looks like I should add my blog link - duh.

    food, cooking and recipes, rants about leftie political issues, lots of knitting and sewing, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

  18. We blog and eat gluten-free!

    Love your blog (and recipes!)!


    I have recently stared blogging partly to celibrate I have a kitchen after a year of cooking on a camping stove. I have been gluten free for several years.

  20. Babycakes,
    What a wonderful idea!
    Please add the GF Momma
    I am a naturopathic physician married to an acupuncturist and mom of twins, we are all gluten free and loving it!

    Whole foods are our thing!

  21. Cool idea! I'm at..

    My gluten free blog is called "The Book of Yum" and features 100% gluten free recipes, often with an international and/or vegetarian flavor. I also review Gluten free cookbooks, recipes, GF bakeries and GF products. The emphasis is on fresh, flavorful food- healthful and delicious eating! Oh, and I'm a big time foodie. ;)

  22. Great idea - I love it...

    "Sorry, I can't eat that" is my blog and you can find it at:

    I'm a fairly recently diagnosed Celiac (August 2006) and I like to write about restaurants, recipes, stores, and all experiences related to a gluten free life!

  23. Hi there! I'm a gluten free blogger too....

    This is a GREAT list!!! THANKS for doing this!!!

  24. Hi Karina - This was a great idea! I blog gluten free and chronicle my ups and downs cooking for my non-gf family. Three of the toughest food critics around...Keeps me cooking! :-)

    Sheltie Girl

  25. I worship at the feet of the Gluten Free Goddess and inspired by her great recipes and reviews just started:

    It's a vegetarian, gluten-free cooking blog. I'm not much of a baker, so more savory selections featured. Hope to have some restaurant and travel tips up this week from our trip to New York City. All hail the Gluten-Free Big Apple!

    We have been eating gluten-free for one year since my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease and I am proud to say that our family has gotten some wheat-free meat back on his bones and he is feeling so much better.

    I would love to join this gluten-free bloggers network and will paste your cupcake on my site pronto!


    I'm a gluten-free bookbabie and would love to be added to your list as a link and link you back in turn on my blog!

  27. Great idea!

    Gluten-Free/Casein-Free Mama

    Recipes, info, advice--and the adventures of a Flamenco Mom, her guitar-playing husband, and two spirited kids.

  28. I would love to be included in the link, or even have the image on my blog.

    Iblog gluten-free, along with other happenings in our busy life of two girls, a partner, and food sensitivities.

    Check out my blog:

  29. link didn't work. I am a man so I know I did it right, it must be the software ;-)

    The Gluten Free Post


  30. happy to be part of such a great GF community--thx goddess.

    my blog is "Please Don't Pass the Nuts" - i'm tree-nut allergic, and free of gluten, sugar, soy and dairy. i do product, restaurant, and hotel reviews too!

  31. Superboy

    Adventures of a gluten-free hero (as told by his mom)

    Thanks for this resource!

  32. This is the gluten-free part of my blog:
    "Smiffy's Place: Life Without Gluten"

    I have also set up an aggregator of gluten-free blogs, etc., for my wife (I am the gluten-eating gluten-free cook cook of the house).
    "Gluten Free Feeds"

    Currently having a few problems with badly-formatted feeds from Blogger, but working on it.

    Keep up the good work!

  33. Ok, I can't figure out how to get the cute cupcake! :)

    I have a site that I use as my cookbook and weekly menu planner. I am linking to you quite a bit ;)

    Anyway it's

  34. I have a small gluten free links list on my page-are you making a links list too?

    I'll keep coming by-I'm looking for gluten free/dairy free recipes.

    Regards, Chrisd

  35. my blog is in the process of becoming more about GF food instead of only about knitting. I love to cook and often adapt things to be GF so I can enjoy them - like perogies.

  36. hi Karina.. here are the details for my blog

    "A blog of Gluten Free travel, products, dining, recipes and adventures from around the world."

    thanks! can you email me the code for the cupcake :-) thx

  37. HI,

    great blog!

    Im a newbie to gluten free living (I have a lactose intollerence and cant eat peanuts either)

    my blog is at its a bit of everything but i guess everything now is gluten free!

  38. Hey gluten free bloggers!

    I blog recipes at I enjoy rediscovering pre-celiac comfort foods. I also comment about motherhood and the frustrations of being a celiac.

    Gluten Free Mommy

  39. I've recently been inspired to step into this century and join the world of blogging. I definitely blog gluten-free. In fact, I blog almost *everything-free*!

    Recipes plus Breatharian lifestyle stuff.

  40. Me too! I am so excited to find ya'll! I just started my own gluten free product review site:

    I was diagnosed a year ago with celiac and wasted so much money on GF products that tasted horrible (since I am not a talented cook.) So, my site provides pictures and reviews of GF food products to help other GF people decide what to try (or not).

  41. janet17:31

    Bill and I loved the Chicken Tropicale recipe. He tried to sneak in some Habenaro, but that is where I draw the line! It was a treat to our taste buds. The only thing we did different was add some green onion, just because we love onion. I asked to join the google GF blog so I can contribute recipes too. Thanks again!

  42. I regularly post gluten-free recipes and related CD information at my blog:

    Gluten-Free Blog

    The Gluten Free Blog – delicious Gluten-Free Recipes and other GF topics for the Celiac and Wheat-Free population!
    My goal: help you achieve satisfaction in your GF diet, health, and life!

    I also have a service that aggregates all the gluten-free news/blog-postings on the web.
    It is here:

    Gluten-Free News and Blog Aggregator


  43. Thanks for the gluten-free button!

    About my blog: My family is allergic to everything from cow's milk and wheat to dust and pollen. I'm currently in the process of getting tested for having Celiac Sprue, so I need all the support I can get!


  44. Count me in please! Would love to be listed.

    Recipes, stories, experiences - all gluten free and with love!


  45. My blog is new but I would love to be added. I am coeliac so I am gluten free completely. I would love to add the button too - thank you!

  46. Ooh me too! I blog gluten free about raising my coeliac daughter (yes, we're British, so coeliac, not celiac).

    What a fab idea!

  47. Creative and helpful idea!
    I blog to keep in touch with friends and family...I would be honored to be a part of this blog community. I am gluten-intolerant, lactose intolerant, peanut-free, and almost vegetarian; except for organic eggs, fish, and goat milk and cheese.


  48. I blog gluten free food recipes. Please add me !


    I've just started but I've discovered my experimentation side and am enjoying trying new recipes.
    I believe that I and my two sons are gluten intolerant but I haven't gotten a diagnosis.


    I've just started but I've discovered my experimentation side and am enjoying trying new recipes.
    I believe that I and my two sons are gluten intolerant but I haven't gotten a diagnosis.

  51. My sister-in-law Melanie (celiac) and I (Liz- married to celiac) just started a GF blog!

    We post easy family-friendly recipes, products we love, and GF tips we have learned. If it isn't easy and yummy, we won't post it.

    check us out at kill.the.gluten

  52. Hello,

    I blog about GF in my local region which is the city of Melbourne in Australia.


  53. I am the FabGrandma. I live fulltime in a travel trailer with my husband. I am gluten free, but that is not all that I am. I write about our day to day life on the road, and places I have found to eat as we travel around.

  54. Diane21:08

    At 62 years I finally decided to do what my father and two daughters have always done - live gluten-free. The change in cooking is fascinating.

  55. I'm a gluten-free blogger, too! Nice to see so many out here. I'm the mom to two boys with food allergies, the youngest with allergies (not celiac) to gluten-containing grains. I'm writing about life with the boys (and at the table), at
    Oh yes, and there are recipes...

  56. Sign me up please!
    Gluten Free-k
    I'm a newly diagnosed Coeliac with Crohn's Disease too. I blog about living gluten free, my (and others') reactions to Coeliacs, food, recipes and places to eat out in the UK.

  57. oooh, I am so happy to have finally noticed this! Here's my link:
    Rachel's Recipe Box: The Gluten Free Family

    I'm adding the link now

  58. I have a technology blog but it is always free of wheat, rye, and barley. The occasional article about Celiac will slip in once in awhile though.

  59. My blog is 100% gluten free. My brother and father have celiac disease, so i am always making up new recipes for them! I have always thought cooking and baking is an art, all you need is some good fresh ingredients and some common sense and cooking and baking gluten free can be just as fun and easy as with gluten!
    please add me to your list, and check out my blog!

    Dylan's Gluten Freedom


  60. "Gluten Free Life"
    I blog GF because it's my life. I'm just getting started with my blog, and I'm trying to blog about new GF finding and experiences.

  61. I blog-gluten free. I'm a huge baker, but I have cooking recipes too.

  62. Yea, hooray! I am so incredibly happy to have found you all!

    Come and see me:

    I am a gluten-free/allergy-free cooker baker and a Public Health educator. Make friends with me, please!?

  63. No Thanks, I'm Allergic!

    I was diagnosed with celiac in November 2006 and have been GF ever since. I also live alone, am cheap and lazy, and cook really simple quick things, mostly. Thanks for seeing up this great resource!



    I post very simple gluten free recipes.

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  66. (sorry, trying again)

    Here's my brand-new blog, entirely GF!

  67. My blog is about how my daughter and I live gluten free in a world full of gluten. I write about cooking and traveling gluten free.

  68. i just started my gluten-free blog. i am gluten-free by design, but this blog thing is new... and FUN! i LOVE your site!!!

    and i would love to be added?!?

    thanks :)

  69. I'm in - I blog occasional recipes, plus blurbs about interesting gf products and restaurants.

    Stumbling Over Chaos

  70. I just recently got diagnosed with celiac and my blog posts recipes the issues of dealing with going gluten free. Having found this out through an TCM doctor and being overlooked by regular medicine

  71. I would love to be added to your "gluten free bloggers" Just got mine going, so still learning all the ins and outs. I look at your blog nearly everyday!

  72. I hope I am not too late to post! I am a total blog newbie, but not a gluten-free newbie! Karina's gf approach changed my life.

    Please add my new site, just started

    I hope to share the adventures of gluten-free, casein-free living with my son who happens to have autism and is the joy of my life.

  73. Hi Karina! Thanks for letting me link to your blog.

    My blog is below:

    The Green Bracelet Project
    Life is about living a happy life. I just have to do it gluten-free.

  74. Hey Karina,
    I have been eating gluten-free for 5 years. Your blog rocks and I enjoy all of the good information. My blog is:
    I am about to leave for taiwan to live for a year and I am a bit nervous about trying to eat gluten-free over there!!! My blog will tell of all my experiences.
    I want to be added to the gluten-free bloggers.


  75. Karina,

    I would like to put your I blog gluten free logo at my blog. Can you email me the code? Thanks! I hope you're feeling better.

  76. As full-time RV travelers, we've got GF info from all over the US & Canada: Fresh bread (Madwoman in Minneapolis), pizza (Picazzo in Phoenix area), incredible sandwiches (Lilit in Bethesda MD), and more.

    Good luck with managing all your allergies -- you've got lots of us rooting for you, and the great things you'll publish in the future.
    Gluten-Free Travel, by Graf!

  77. You're great as usual - I can't wait to check these out! I'd be so humbled to be added:

    I started here to track my nutrients after diagnosis for free - and ended up sharing celiac/gf awareness.


    I forgot that part

    Gluten Free in Georgia (and Florida)
    Adventures in Gluten Freedom


    Gluten Free in Georgia (and Florida)
    Adventures in Gluten Freedom

    Ginger Carter Miller -- I'm new at this. Is it OK if I list your blog on mine?

  80. I've just been diagnosed with celiac and believe my son may have it, too. I would like to be connected with others living this lifestyle so that I can learn how to live gluten-free!

    At Home with Kris

  81. this is great!
    While my blog is newly developed, I'm working on it!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  82. Your gluten free blog is an inspiration- I admire your creativity and ability to make food into art- Thanks for such a great resource!

    I have my own gluten free and mostly dairy free blog which focuses on low carb options alongside more traditional GF recipes:

    Hope you can check it out

  83. Gluten-free, vegetarian in Japan. No dairy. Mostly comfort food, vegetarian and vegan fare, curries - including low-fat. Now on a sourdough gluten-free bread-baking adventure, but tomorrow who knows?

  84. Run Granola Run...A compulsive baker and competitive runner... turned gluten free, and vegan (when possible).

    love reading your journeys.


  85. Okay, sorry to have to post again, but my fiancee thought it was better to rename the bog without realizing that is messed up our links :)

    I blog gluten free, dairy free, low glycemic index, and low carb. I give Vegan options in most if not all of my recipes, and I just plain love to cook! My address is

    I hope you like some of my recipes, please post a comment or suggest recipes! Keep in touch fellow gluten free bloggies,


  86. Hi! Sorry to come in so late!

    I blog about living gluten free on a budget!

  87. Karina,
    I'm jumping on the GF blog bandwagon a little late, but I'll get the hang of it (eventually). I'm posting GF/DF recipes, nutrition tips, exercise, yoga, etc. Thanks, I appreciate being included. Please add me to your list.
    (McLean) :-)

  88. angela19:02

    Our family is all gluten and dairy free all the time! Please add us to the fun!


  89. Thanks for your great blog. Please add me too!

    My blog has recipes, restaurant reviews and general tips about living gluten and dairy free.


  90. Geri15:29
    I just started blogging with the emphasis on pasta (gluten free). I am gluten intolerant and of Italian descent, and I have so many pasta memories and pasta recipes to share with the world. I am devoted to making gluten free pasta dishes as delicious as the original ones I was raised with. Thanks, Karina. You are number one under my gluten free blogging links!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  91. I have a blog that is a GF and Celiac resource for Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  92. Late as usual! I am a celiac who blogs about gluten-free cooking and life in general. My site is Love your site, Karina! ~Li

  93. GFCF Recipes

    All gluten/casein/soy-free recipes and most also are free of rice, beans, chocolate and other common problem foods. There's something here for even the most restrictive diets along with good health info.

  94. Thanks for setting this up Karina:

    Experiences with the gluten free/casein free diet and autism, from a gfcf daddy.

  95. If you're still collecting links, please consider mine:

    What I Eat

    I'm a celiac and a caffeine addict. I love reading cookbooks and I'm slowly but surely adding to my repertoire of successful dishes.

  96. I found out in May that I'm allergic to wheat (rye and barley and spelt as well), dairy, eggs, yeast, sugar cane, sesame, kidney beans, lima beans, almonds, blueberries and crab.

    there aren't a lot of resources for allergics like there are for gluten-freers. so I'd like to link from the gluten-free circle to help other allergics find my blog. :-)

    except for rice gluten, I'm blogging gluten free.

  97. I realized I forgot the address:

  98. Hi! I'm Carrie! The majority of my recipes are gluten-free! Please add me to the list! Thank you so much!

    Just a little about me.. I'm a southern girl in eastern NC where gluten free stuff doesn't come easy other than gitty cornbread and grits! ;-P I'm learning slowly how to cook in this new way and I like using everyday ingredients .


  99. Please add me! I have celiac adn type 1 diabetes and do GF food reviews on my blog (as well as other stuff). Thanks!

    Blog title: Life in One Day


  100. I'm new to blogging and relatively new to gluten-free, but LOVE to cook! So I'm having fun with my new blog. (It is still a work in progess, for which I appologize)


  101. Aimee Fletcher19:45

    Hi I cook 100% Gluten free and 95% Grain free. I blog about food and and Celiac, as well as motherhood and horses...

    Planning on starting a grain free recipe oasis...Thank you!

  102. I just started a GFCF blog for my autistic son.
    Watching The Powerlines: Adventures in raising an autistic son.

    "A 20-something's tips and tricks to live young, fun, and gluten-free". I've been gluten-free for six years, and while I love to cook it's hard at my age to find the time and resources! I want to be a resource for other young adults learning how to stay gluten-free while everything else in their life starts changing.

  104. Thanks for doing this. Check out our website at> we are all here to help one another!

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  106. Hi Karina!

    I just started my blog after being gfcf for over six years! After being diagnosed at 18, I write for other young adults trying to stay gf. I would love to be added!

    Thank you!!

  107. I blog nearly-all gluten-free, I am the partner of a coeliac and do my best to keep up :)

    Site will contain my recipes and trials and links to others great recipes.

  108. hi there, just starting my blog, but it's aimed at sharing mostly gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free recipes!

  109. I blog gluten-free (and allergen-free--from several allergens--as well) . . . and about taking care of myself, losing weight, and living life with zest. :D

  110. Hello...

    I am a gal with Celiac Disease and multiple food allergies; and blogging about using one's relationship with food/health/wellness as a spiritual path to awakening.

  111. Hi Karina, I'm just kicking off my gluten-free blog. I love to get inspiration for GF food from international cuisines.

    Jeff S


    Hi, bakingbarb here. I just started going gluten free about a month ago and feel so healthy now. Hence my blog is becoming gluten free.

  113. I love the sense of community I feel when I read your and others blogs. Please add my blog...



  114. It is nice to have this list, and I love the GF button !

    My blog is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and free of some other assorted allergens too. Our family has gone gluten free for my 2 year son who has intolerances to way too many foods.


    Gluten free recipes, shopping and restaurant reviews for gluten free cooking in the UK. I love food, and its hard loving it so much when it doesnt love you back :)



    I've recently been diagnosed with many food allergies, so this blog is a diary of my successes, failure, attempts, and recipes that are gluten, wheat, oat, corn, egg, soy, milk, peanut, and walnut free!

  117. My Blog is glutenfree too.

    It's basically 'bout my life as a culinary students who has to find a way to make it through school without gluten.

    Thanks, Daniela

  118. Some soaking in alcohol of hedgerow plunderings, retro recipes, a little daring baking, musings and ramblings on health, homeopathy and maybe a little smackerel of something chocolatey that inevitably drops, gluten free, crumbly and delicious in between the sticky keys of my well loved keyboard.

    It's not about what you're missing, not one bit! This gluten free life is pretty darned fabulous and I'd love to share it with you.

    Come and join my story book recipe challenge and make it 100% gluten free - I dare you!

  119. Anonymous10:53

    Awesome Idea!! This is GREAT!!
    May I please be added as well? we are a health and wellness community and I am GF, so most of my blogging and recipes are GF. Since it is a community, we do have some nonGF there as well, hope that is ok :-)

    thanks ~ fishie

  120. Hi - I'm the non-GF half of our marriage. Our house is 100% GF for cross contamination. I've had lots of trouble finding solid updated information on cosmetics and other personal care items, so I decided to create a resource. May I please be added?

    Gluten Free Cosmetic Counter

  121. Wonderful idea and wonderful blog. I blog gluten-free as I found gluten the source to my crashed adrenals. Please add me!

  122. GF LOVE!
    I'm JUST getting started but here's my blog:
    ...posts to come...

  123. A blog of all things gf - whatever I need to share.

  124. Hello! I am on the specific carbohydrate diet, which is completely grain and starch free. :)

  125. Hi!
    I'm an italian girl who loves to cook.
    I have a gluten-free blog with an italian and an english version of my recipes.
    Please add me!!!

  126. Ops, i forgot my blog's link:


  127. This is fabulous - I love finding like-minded bloggers! I've switched my food and wine blog to gluten free after being recently diagosed. Thank goodness wine is still gluten free!

    Culinary Obsession,

  128. I am new to the blogging world and my blog is exclusively gluten free. I am a young professional who loves to cook. My target audience is the young, fabulous and gluten free!

    Breaking Up With Bread

  129. I recently started blogging gluten-free, as well as no dairy, egg, soy and a few others. I blog from the perspective of keeping calories low but delicious as I have hypothyroidism and gastroparesis. My blog is

  130. Hello! I am a new gluten-free blogger...would love to meet some others out there. Blogging from the Washington D.C. area about my experiences gluten free as well the rest of my life !

    you can find my blog at :

  131. I'm an herbalist and nutritionist and deal quite a lot with food allergies in my practice, including gluten, dairy, soy and more. I am a gluten free dairy free girl myself and I'm always experimenting with wonderful ways to create new and delicious allergen free recipies, and often talk about herbal therapuetics in dealing with health and food allergies.

    see it all at Gaia's Gifts

  132. 15 years Gluten free, CFS & more cured, must blog more about it in 2008!

  133. Karina,
    Your blog has been such a help to me in the two-and-half months we've been doing GFCF for my ASD son. He loves your chocolate chip bars with coconut. Thank you, thank you!! I've started my own blog on many various topics, one of them being the GFCF diet and reviews of the recipes I try. I will be adding your graphic and link to my blog tonight. You're generosity is a blessing!

  134. Crazy Orange Turtle's Gluten Free Kitchen

    I've always been a cook and a baker, now that I cannot eat wheat I'm adapting my recipes, and finding new ones. I'm posting them all on this blog!

  135. Tori01:32

    Hey -- can you add me to your list? I just started my blog yesterday! I'm at I'm doing the gluten free casein free diet for my 3 year old son (and the rest of the family)...I'm NOT a cook but am quickly becoming one!!! Thanks Karina!

  136. Thanks for starting this!


  137. Rylan's mom08:08

    I am looking for an in home chef for yeast free/GFCF diet for my 3 year old.
    Please help!! Conyers Ga

  138. Great Mastications: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Legume Free and Tomato Free living. I have been cooking/baking for over 30 years, on the web for over 20 and GF for a year.

    Thanks've been an inspiration to me in so many ways. Namaste to you and yours.


    I blog gluten free, caesine free, egg, corn, and soy free. I'm also trying to go vegan and many of my posts are also vegan. I'm a college student trying to get into the swing of things with my food allergies away from home.

    Gluten Free in DC!

  141. My blog is not just about being gluten free but trying to be "Allergen Free."

    It is about the struggles of a mom giving up gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, seafood, and fish for to prevent her next child from being allergic to anything.

    Fast Foodie

    I blog about being a gluten-free, vegan (and now as of today, soy free) ultrarunner. I talk about training, cooking and eating!

  143. My son has multiple food and environmental allergies which cause bad behavior reactions. He is wheat, corn, dairy free and eats the Feingold ( I blog at about our life mostly and talk, from time to time, about our diet.

  144. i'm brand shiny new at this whole blogging bit, but here's my link:

    gluten-free chicago

    i'm trying to put together a resource for fellow chicago-ites on where to feast GF. restaurant ratings, info, good finds, personal experiences etc. and, as with all blogs, there's some of my own craziness and storytelling mixed in as well.

  145. Please add me! My blog is not all about gluten-free cooking, but all recipes I post are.

    My blog is:


  146. My blog is about my whole life as a homeschooling mother of four, including the very pervasive gluten-free part of our lives. All the recipes I post are gluten-free, and for nearly the last year, they are casein/dairy-free, too. I've been g.f. for more than five years.

  147. Great idea, thank you!

    My name is Lyra, and my blog is the Gluten-Free Hippie. I make vegan and gluten free foods of all kinds! I'm also an herbal/nutrition student, so my foods (for the most part ;) are very nutritious with little to no junk or fillers. Absolutely no artificial anything.


  148. Please add me!

    My blog is

    I created my blog to post recipes that are gluten-free, caesin-free, egg-free, corn sugar-free.... I have many delayed reaction food allergies in addition to food allergies. I also have migraine and I avoid migraine trigger foods as well. People often ask me "What can you eat? You poor thing!"

    The answer is I eat very well. Check out my site and see.

    Thanks Karina. You are my inspiration.

    Karen, herself

  149. I just started my own Gluten Free blog

    All That Glitters is not Gluten

    I'm posting recipes, health info, and my experiences as a gluten free jewelry designer in New York.

  150. WOW, I just scrolled through a lot of comments! We are definitely not alone in this! (Big gluten free hugs to everyone!) I would like to be added to your list. >y blog title is YummyAllergenFree and the address is
    I am the mother of 3 girls with multiple food allergies. My blog is still fairly new, but so far it is mostly a list of "allergen free" (most contain soy) original recipes. On a side note, my 12 yr old can't wait to order one of your shirts! Thanks, Charmaine.

  151. Yum. I mostly blog about the arts and the crafts: sewing, knitting, and cooking. (punctuated with yoga, politics, and the 4-legged friendlies). We keep it gluten-free in our household, too, with a peace-loving view of the world.
    elise deringer wendte

  152. I've been seeing these buttons all over the blogs I search and (forgive my slowness) have just discovered they belong to you! Oh, I so do want to join!

    Asparagus Thin

    "Once upon a time there was this vegetarian who, to live again, had to become gluten free. Join this nutty aspiriing nutritionist's journey as she cooks for, not only her self, but for the love of her life and her family."

    Thanks again Karina! Can't wait to try more of your recipes! <3

  153. linda18:53

    hi karina,
    great blog! very informative and i love love love the photos!

    i just started a blog in january, so yes, i am new...our nine year old son is anaphylactic (yes, deathly allergic) to wheat and barley.

    i spend my nights and days searching for clues, ideas or solutions for this terrible allergy!

    the blog shares recipies, stories, photos and tips about raising a gluten free child in a mostly gluten filled world!

    thank you for creating a great site!

    mom of gluten free guy,
    aka, linda


    I'm no Nigella, so writing about the good restaurants and places I go more than recipes.

  155. Deliciously Gluten Free

    I write reviews of just about everything I do with an eye towards the gluten free life. GF products, dinning out, recipes, shopping.

  156. Such a great idea, Karina.

    I'm Liz and my blog is:

    My blog is gluten-free and dairy-free with some photos of my dog thrown in for fun.

  157. This is great! We just started a blog- it is gluten-free, dairy-free, and onion and garlic free as well, based out of Seattle.

    We would love to be added!


  158. i would love to be added i just started my blog over the weekend

  159. Hi everyone,
    I am finally adding my own to this looong list! I blog gf and allergen-free (for the sake of my children).

  160. A year ago, I wouldn't have understood why a blog like yours is so important. Now, I know it only too well. Two of my three (almost four) children are now on gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, artificial-everything-free diets due to stomach issues and possible autism spectrum in the oldest. The diet has worked miracles! So my blog is older than my gluten-free experience, meaning that old recipes are BAD. :) But I have been posting recipes in the last three or four months that are beyond safe for sensitive kids. Perhaps they will help other moms like me. I don't primarily blog about cooking, but I still doing something GFCF once a week.

    I blog at Afterthoughts:

    Thanks for the cute button!

  161. Karina,

    Thanks for being such an inspiration, and coming up with this lovely idea and beautiful button. I have been pseudo-GF blogging for a while, but finally decided to up and move - starting a completely GF Blog.

    amber :)


    As a professional baker and pastry chef, you can imagine my surprise when diagnosed as a celiac! This blog illustrates my thoughts and creations as they happen! Bon Appetit!

  163. Karina,

    Your site was the first GF site I discovered. What a Godsend! I've been blogging for a few months specifically geared towards moms and kids that are GF. You can find my blog at

    Thanks for this! Now I need to figure out how to get that button on my page!

    Christy from Gluten Free Momsense

  164. This is fabulous!

    I was just diagnosed a month ago. What a new challenge and exciting journey this has become. I feel sooo much better already!

    My blog is not gluten-related, though.


    I have been following the Gluten Free Goddess for a few years, finally trying to make a blog for our area. Gluten Free Life in North Idaho and Eastern Washington area.
    Thanks Karina for the great site!


  166. Thanks for this list Karina! Here's my link:

    My blog is about eating gluten free for not too much money. I regularly post pictures on my dinners. Thanks again!

  167. Gluten Free in the Shaolin

    Musings on life from the outer, outer borough

  168. Gluten-free Gastronaut

    Just your standard gluten free blog, based out of Atlanta.


    I write a blog about Tacoma, Washington. I also have to eat gluten free. People seem to like the food reviews, despite the different diet. Places I specifically recommend for gluten issues are here:
    in the Wheat-free Tacoma section.

  170. Hi Karina,

    I'm new to the neighborhood, but would love to join in the fun!

    I'll be sharing recipes with fresh ingredients from my garden.

  171. snowyisglutenfree15:20

    I'm new to this....and just creating a Gluten Free Blog. Snowy is Gluten Free. I love this idea.

  172. We are treating autism, celiac, and gluten-intolerance in our house! Check out my recipes! Cheers, Kelly

  173. fabulous.

    i am the playful cook, and i blog gluten & dairy free. i hardly ever measure anything which will drive some people nuts, but i think it's kinda fun. ;o)

  174. Oops, I forgot to post a comment when I took the cupcake. Anyways... my blog is

    I am a teen who is just trying to figure everything, including celiac, out. I blog about the things I love, fashion, cooking, GF food, my family & friends, and whatever else I feel like...

  175. HI!
    It's called ZEN MOM

    Thanks so much! Glad we can all support each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My son is starting gluten free for the 3rd time and IT WILL STICK this time. It HAS to!!!!!!!!!

  176. Shallyssa10:23

    Le Blog Canadien Sans Gluten
    Un des rares blog en français sur la maladie coeliaque avec des produits disponible au Canada!!

  177. I love this! Thank you!

    "A vegan family of four, complete with two toddlers, embark on a gluten free journey to health."

  178. Cheryl18:40

    I've loved Karina's posts for years! My blog is gluten free goodness My recipes are gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, and usually sugar free, and healthy, too. I love to garden, and in the summer, many of my creations are partly what I grow.

  179. Great idea Karina!

    Lisboa Sem Gluten

    The blog lists several places where people can buy gluten free products in Lisbon. We really should have Amazon :)

  180. Great idea!

    We are the Polish parents of a gorgeous GF 3 yrs old boy, living in Dublin, Ireland.
    GF life, recipies and more:

  181. Hey, I'm loving your blog. What a wonderful resource for my family. We are new to the GF lifestyle and although it's not always easy with a mountain of great recipes it's getting easier...and yummier! Thanks so much

  182. Hi Karina, I love your site!
    Please add me to your list of gf bloggers.

    This is my blog, sharing gf recipes and experiences of life as a coeliac in Ireland.

    Many thanks.

  183. I'm so excited to be a part of this gluten-free blogging community. Add me please!

    I blog about my cooking adventures as a newly minted celiac with recipes and pictures of what I've recently experimented with. Thanks again!


    recently diagnosed celiac learning my way around the kitchen... and all that jazz.

  185. My blog is at Small Town Blessings. My 4-yr-old son has autism and we've put him on the GFCF diet for digestion reasons... and I'm learning a LOT! I also blog about marriage, mommyhood, and homemaking.


    I'm a brand new blogger for my 4-year old GF son. I'm always on searching for others like me. Thanks and great idea.

  187. Suzanne23:52

    Thanks Karina! I am new to gluten free and blogging. I LOVE your site, it is such a lifesaver, It seems I've been making at least one of your recipes a week.

  188. I took the cupcake! Thank you. :)

  189. It’s Not Just About Mothering, Gluten Free Cooking and Socially Conscious Living.


    My blog is called "This Chick's Paradise" and is primarily devoted to gluten free and dairy free living. I post recipes and product reviews.


    My blog is Gluten Hates Me but i'm surviving

    I am new to the whole Celiac world and am hoping to help others as we all struggle together.

  192. I just added this lovely button to my side bar. I've been gluten-free for a few months and I'm slowly getting back into the groove of cooking and also enjoying not having a belly ache every day! I blog about life in general, including my gluten-free experiences. I also ramble a lot about parenting and my toddler...

  193. Create Radiance20:15

    thanks SO MUCH for sharing!!
    after 10 years of bulimia, severe depression, epilepsy, diabetes, I found it is GLUTEN!!!!! 2 days gluten free and i feel liberated!! so happy about the journey that lies ahead (i have been intuiting celiac for a long time being macrobiotic for a few years). the 1 food i was hanging onto was SHOYU soy sauce!!
    finally feel like i am going to make it!
    my blog:
    which will be totally gluten free, is:
    thanks again and i look forward to connecting through this network!!

  194. Add me too! I have been gluten and dairy free for about 4 years now, and feeling much better!

    aka "Momma Pajama"

  195. I love your blog, and your recipes have inspired me! (Plus my dh finally thinks GF cooking is better than "normal food"!

    My blogs are


  196. Waller McInnes12:22

    thanks for your beautiful site!
    jsut diagnosed and i can think clearly for the first time in so many years. i ahve been through about every health condition there is--and now i see clearly my road to recovery!
    what a blessing!
    i blog gluten free at:


    homesteading meets gluten-free

  198. Thanks for an awesome blog! I linked you up!!!!!


    Elana's Pantry

    a gluten free food blog featuring wholesome, organic recipes and more

  200. I'd like to add my blog. I've been reading your blog for awhile and love all of your recipes. And welcome to the Southwest!

    Living Gluten Free in Arizona...eating in, eating out and eating right.