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Gluten-Free Bloggers List

Do you blog gluten-free? Let's create a resource together.

Leave your blog address, title, and a two-sentence description of your blog in the Readers Comments below.

This Gluten-Free Bloggers list was created for personal blogs, not commercial venues using a blog as a way to promote their product or service. So keep it real.




crystalsciarini said…
Oh my it is going to take forever to check out all the blogs, jackpot!

My Easy Gluten Free Recipe blog is available here
I have recently discovered that I am gluten intolerant - and am blogging all about it! I have 2 blogs: is my weight loss blog is most personal blog - both are gluten free! :)

Stephanie said…

Sustainable Cooking for One

...featuring (incidentally gluten-free, mostly vegetarian) recipes, thoughts on the food system, guides to making sustainable choices, and the occasional bit of gardening trivia. With a nutrition background, I focus on delicious nutrient dense foods, and offer occasional food profiles to help guide you to healthy choices.
Bliss said…
I have been doing the Gluten and Wheat free for 3 weeks, so i am new to blogging my reviews etc, i think your blog is BRILLIANT!

Bliss from UK x
hannahehayes said…
I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease after a 12 year struggle. My blog was originally started to chronicle my weight loss journey, but has also turned into my daily struggle with learning to be gluten-free after so much time.

Vanessa said…
Hi Karina - Love this idea!

I've been gluten free about a year, and will use my blog site to provide product reviews, healthy recipes and restaurant/eatery reviews for the greater Los Angeles area. GlutenFreeChickadee

Here's to being healthy and gluten free!!
I write about my crazy life as a caffeine-fueled, slightly crunchy, Type-A mom of 2 boys with autism, sensory issues, and multiple food allergies.

Caffeinated Autism Mom
Love your site! Have recommended it on my blog as well:

Thank you so much for sharing! You have become my go-to for recipes!

GF in NC -
MandyAmanda said…
Hi Karina! My blog is about my transition from city life to farm life and I include my gluten free adventures as well. I've been eating primarily gluten free for about a year because of gluten sensitivities. Primarily my intention is to find the tastiest gluten free baked goods out there since that is my true passion when it comes to food. Sweets!

Bullfrogs and Bulldogs
My blog is:
Vanessa said…
Hi Karina,

I'm a newbie and my goal is to share my recipes, product reviews and experiences of the gluten free lifestyle so those that have just begun know they are not alone and have support! also on twitter @freechickadee Facebook coming soon!
Emma said…
I have just found your website and found it extremley useful and interesting! I have recently started a gluten free blog. I have coeliac's and my blog is more of an indication that hope is not lost and coeliac's can lead a normal eating life as everyone else. I am trying to show this through successes of gluten free cooking I have done, and also tips from the unsuccessful.

I would like to add my blog if possible!

I am also on twitter: emag86
Gluten Free Food Storage

Gluten-Free recipes using shelf stable foods with a few fresh ingredients thrown in on occasion. Learn how to store food and rotate it today!
Ester said…
Hi Karina,
I blog about my families journey recovering from eczema, candida and other health issues through the power of healthy foods, specifically gluten free, sugar free and high pro-biotic foods.
I educate and empower Mothers to make good choices when feeding their children, starting from the womb.

I've recently started blogging about my gluten free experience!
-Angelina Bowen
A Blog about life after retirement and gluten-free cooking.

I blog about cooking gluten free with a little clean humor thrown in sometimes.
Quiver Full said… - Raising nine allergy kids gluten free. Join me in my cooking escapes! Recipes, Cookbook and Products Reviews and more!
Laureen said…
What a great resource. I've only been GF for 4 months and just started my own GF blog this past month. Happy and proud to add mine to a list of so many great bloggers!

Gluten-Free Philosophy: A student's guide to cooking and buying gluten-free products! Straight from Austin, TX. Enjoy :)
Erica Kindler said…
Here's one for a hot day:

Gluten Free Snacks - Watermelon Salad with Mint and Lime Recipe

8 Cups Watermelon (cut into bite sized pieces)
1/4 Lime Juice
1/2 Cup Mint (cut julienne)
Kosher Salt


1. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients. Serve chilled on a hot summer day!
Teri said…
Absolutely love your recipes!! Everything on my blog is gluten-free and simple to make.
Ester Perez said…
Hi Karina,
My blog is dedicated to Moms that are pregnat, nursing and have children. I have gluten free and sugar free recipes. I use nutrient dense ingredients such as sprouted brown rice flour for my baked goods. I also give tips on how get your kids to eat new foods.
Janice said…
Hi Karina! My blog is about creating recipes that are both gluten-free and easy to prepare. I also include health and fitness advice.

A Healthful Gluten-Free Life
Laura said…

Thanks for all you do!
M said…
Hey everyone! Here is another website that has gluten free recipes and stories of a girl struggling with IBS and gluten sensitivity.
Becky said…
Great idea Karina!Thanks for great blog posts. -Becky (
Erin Louise said…
Love this! My blog is El - The G-free Chickadee at I recently starting blogging to help motivate myself and hopefully inspire others to see gluten free as a positive thing. I am evaluating Restaurants, food, shopping, recipes, etc.
Mandy said…
I'm adding my blog:
Thanks so much!
Kate said…
Please add my blog!
Housewife Code

Self-admitted domestically challenged newlywed + full time career woman maximizing the beauty and fulfillment in homemaking! (and beginner Gluten Free Goddess due to inflammation)
GlutenFreeJenny said…

Hello! I'm Gluten Free Jenny & I'm passionate about Gluten Free Baking! I love sharing recipes & tips, cooking for my family & friends, experimenting in the kitchen and reading gluten free food blogs! I'm spreading the "Gluten Free Word" on my new blog. :) Thank you and I LOVE your site...your writing is as beautiful as your pictures!
citysister said…
I just opened my gluten free blog called GlutenFreeGB. It is about Gluten Free Living in the Greater Boston Area. I got celiac in 2010 and I am excited to help others adjust to the gluten free lifestyle.

Love your blog - it is super helpful..I will definitely direct viewers to your recipes!
alicebakes said…

Im a GF fashion student with a sweet tooth and a shih tzu.

ani said…
My blog is called GF Sweet Tooth at

I blog mostly about gluten-free baked goods (mainly desserts) - my recipes as well as others.
DeeRez said…
This blog is reviews and giveaways for gluten free products, and also tips:)
Morri said…
Your blog has been an inspiration for me since I've started pursuing a more healthful (and delicious) food lifestyle, and I'd love to be put on the list.

The title of my blog is "Meals with Morri", located at

As for my two-sentence description:

“Delicious. Nutritious. Gluten free.” It’s the Meals with Morri motto for a reason.
sundtliv said…
Dear Karina,

Thank you for an amazing blog! I would very much like to add my new blog:

All my recipes are 100% gluten and lactose free.
Janelle said…
Hi Carina, thanks for this opportunity to link with your blog! I have enjoyed reading yours for years.

My blog is called Gluten Freely Frugal. I started it in May. It is at:

I post about all sorts of frugal GF recipes, coupons, deals, and how to live the gluten free life on a budget!
My diet has taken quite an interesting path landing me now in the gluten free world. At my blog I try to break down recipes into easy to follow steps with pictures.. and of course they're gluten free!

Check it out:
The Gal said…

I Hunt down Gluten Free Makeup for Gluten Free Gals. Don't take the risk of getting "glutened" by your cosmetics!
IrishEyez said…
I have been sick for years and no one was able to properly diagnose me until last week when I got diagnosed as having a Gluten allergy. I finally feel alive again and I'm using my blog to educate others through my transition with Gluten Free Eating.

Kelly said…

On a mission to begin a Celiac Community and Gluten Free Co-op in Sewickley, PA.
Orchid said…
When my 3 yr old was diagnosed I started a blog to follow our journey to help other parents and families. I try to share the information that we learned the hard way so they might not have to. I do product reviews and restaurant reviews and anything else I can fit in. I am collecting links, blogs, and recipes along with other bookmarks.
Danielle said…
Blogging Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, among other things :)
Gluten Free Detroit Metro is not only a gluten-free blog but a site to connect businesses, information, and people.
veronica said…
ciao sono veronica dal blog peccati di dolcezze
ho iniziato da settembre a dedicarmi ad un'altro tipo di cucina ,quella per allergici ed intolleranti ,essendo io una di queste
il mio link
forkandbeans said…
Finding healthy and creative answers to the question, "What's to eat?!" for the gluten and dairy intolerant.
Colleen said…
This is an awesome idea! I took the blue button and linked it back here.
I'm relatively new to the world of blogging and a little less new at the world of gluten-free.

Please feel free to visit my blog at:

The Gluten-Free Sheep

It's got product reviews, restaurant reviews, and recipes. I'm from the Philadelphia area so most of the featured pieces are from around there.

Thanks so much for the ability to share here!
Beautiful blog and so happy to have found you! Keep up the amazing gluten-free work. xo
Forgot to add my blog link. Sorry. Please delete my previous post. thank you :)
Eliana's Natural Frugal Living

I do post many gluten-free recipes as well as blog about natural frugal living. Includes recipes, natural cleaners, home and garden, book reviews, bath and body, natural health, travel and places, photography, pets, spiritual health and deals and freebies.
Hey! I have recently started my own gluten-free blog.

HAve a loook and tell me what you think!

Momx4 said…
Hello, I have a gluten free blog as well. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share our blogs! :D

My blog is about simple gluten free recipes, I have a 10 year old son who is gluten free and has been for seven years. Thanks again for letting me share!
Annie said…
Annie's Supperclub

The blog of Chef Annie, who runs the only 100% gluten free underground restaurant in the UK
guilimace said…
Hi from Beirut!

I am still new in the blogosphere and still fresh in gluten free world too :)

Trying to find our way...

Thanks for the lovely pin
Nikki said…
I've been feeling my way along with gluten free baking/cooking since neither my husband or I can tolerate wheat.

I'm starting to share the experience on my blog:
Fragola said…
I like your blog very much. I have a norwegian blog about food without gluten, milk and sugar.
Anonymous said…
My blog is

I blog about books, art, culture and living gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free. This blog is still in it's beginning phases but as I feel better I intend to really make it a joy to read.
Karina, this is marvellous. I'd love to be added to the community.

gluten-free, soy-free, ecosmart living in the Canadian Prairies.

Oh...MG said…
Four years ago I couldn't cook worth beans. I learned to cook a little after the birth of my firstborn. But really learned when we went gluten free and dairy free for the sake of my youngest who showed signs of food sensitivity. Over the course of our "special diet" we determined additional intolerance to nuts, soy, sorghum (type of grain often used in gluten-free baking), and too much brown rice/white rice.

I created this blog as a way for me to keep track of recipes I liked, recipes that flopped, and general tips I picked up from other more experienced cooks for allergen free cooking and baking.

The blog is located at

It is a work in process. :)
Susi said…
I blog about life, music and the struggles of living with coeliac disease.
Sinead is me.
Kat said…
I started my blog just this weekend when we discovered my hubby was diagnosis ed gluten intolerant, so now it is a gluten free blog.
I recently found out I am gluten and lactose intolerant. The GF/CF blogging community saved me from starving/going mad. I am trying to return the favor with my own blog now. It's a work in progress and heavily favors desserts. Check it out at: for all you GF & CF folks!
glutenfreenz said…
I am gluten and egg intolerant and was diagnosed about a year ago. At the time, I couldn't find many resources for New Zealand, so after complaining about it for a few months, began blogging. You can find me at:

Being Gluten Free in NZ

I am beginning to talk about life in general, but include restaurant reviews, recipes, tips, where to buy and so on.

Thanks Karina, your blog is a great addition to my resource list!
Rachael said…
Hi Karina,
Thanks for doing this. I haven't been blogging much lately, but your post made me want to join back in the fun! My blog is "Going GF" at

I actually have a crafting site
but I occasionally will post a dairy free, gluten free, and egg free recipe I created (as I am allergic to all 3). I created an amazing apple cake recipe I'd like to share with you all. It is really good!

shimmerme said…
Wow. What an insanely long list.

@create radiance- you replaced it with tamari, right?

Vegan, glutenfree, wholefoods, naturally sweetened.
The Robinator said…
The Robinator's Mostly Gluten-Free Foodventures is my blog where I post photos, recipes, and nutritional values of stuff my husband and I create on our own, cook from other people's recipes, or enjoy at restaurants. As of 9/12/11, we are living a 98% gluten-free life . . . . it's helped Hubby's tummy and makes me feel great, too! Here are links to my blog itself, as well as my Facebook blog page:
Michelle said…
I've been blogging about my experiences having Celiac and having a child with Celiac. My blog is

I could use some ideas of increasing readership!! thanks!!!!!
Mycroft said…
I have recently started a gluten free and vegetarian blog. I have recipes, reviews and gluten free news on it.
Mycroft said…
I have started a gluten free and vegetarian blog. I post recipes, reviews and gluten free/vegetarian news.
rubyophelia said…
Such a fantastic idea!

My blog is:

I've started my gluten free challenge up this weekend where i'll be taking challenging recipes and making them gluten free. Enjoy!

I've linked you :)
Mara said…
Hi Karina
I have a new blog documenting the trials and tribulations of bringing my whole family into a wheat-free/gluten-free life. Having a husband and daughter with different food allergies, sensitivities, dietary needs, and one bread-addicted teen, it has been difficult, but not impossible. Feeling better than we used to & embracing even the smallest successes.
Nicki'sGFfamily said…
Thank you for doing this Karina! It is hard to be a new blogger, feeling lost in the world of cyberspace.

My blog is:
It's about living a gluten free, tree nut free, peanut free life. I share recipes, and moments in our life, hoping to help others on limited diets. So they stay strong.

Thank you for all your insperation!!!
Nicki mom of four GF kids
Robin said…
Diagnosed only 7 months ago, my 3 year old blog is now gluten-free! Thanks for the resource and for all of your inspiration!
All Things Heart and Home
Amy Ruth said…

My blog is all about gluten free FLOUR! Healthy flour choices for yummy gluten free breads, muffins and cakes.
Thanks Karina!
Sparrow Grace said…
My blog is a teenagers view on life and food while being gluten free and vegetarian, and I would love to be added to the gluten free blogger world.
Thank you!
Joli said…
I love your blog, recipes and beautiful words. Thank you for this. I just started my own GF and mostly Vegetarian blog at:
Joanne Skerry said…
Hi karina,

I blog gluten free and my address is:

I was diagnosed as being a coeliac in October 2011. This is a diary of my first year learning to be gluten-free.

Best wishes,

Erica said…
This Flourishing Life

A blog where I desire to glorify God through my ramblings about Jesus, organics, recipes, living gluten-free, cloth diapering, mommy stuff, health issues, reviews, and giveaways.
Carla Spacher said…
My blog, Gluten Free Recipe Box may found at Beside my own recipes and articles, I have a few monthly guest contributors including: Dr. Vikki Petersen, author of "The Gluten Effect"; Joy Bauers, the nutritionist for NBC's The Today Show; and Carol Fenster, gluten-free expert and author.
Yay!! I just started my Gluten-free blog!! I can't wait to share with everyone and to read and learn from others!! Happy Gluten-free eating ya'll :]
Kim R said…
I am a dairy and gluten free blogger. I do recipe sharing, GFCF retailer updates and restaurant and product reviews for my local GFCF followers. I facilitate a GFCF support group of about 60 people in the East Bay area of San Francisco.
Pocak Panna said…

Palelo, gluten-free, diary-free, sugar-free, sometimes vegan, sometimes raw blog.

Thank you Karina! :)
Pocak Panna said…

Palelo, gluten-free, diary-free, sugar-free, sometimes vegan, sometimes raw blog.

Thank you Karina! :)
What a great idea Karina!
First off, i'm new to the blogging world and of course, admire your blogging work. My blog is a simple, mom and traveler perspective who bakes gluten free, and I try to use creative, alternative ways to make things. (I'm also an artist). I bake for my kids :-)
Lavendaar said…
I just started a blog earlier this week! My hubby was diagnosed with Celiac just last week. And we are starting remove Gluten from our diet! I'd be happy to have more input from other people who are with us on this journey! I'm at

Shannon said…
A gluten-free blog from the perspective of a gluten-free newbie.
Jenn M said…
What a great resource.

Been blogging for awhile and now blogging gluten free. (and a little about canning, health, family etc)
Fran said…
Wow what a great place to find other GF bloggers!

I've recently started a GF blog about living GF in the UK. I post recipes, product reviews, restaurant reviews and chatter about my life : )
Just added the button to my blog. My blog is:

I'm On My Way ~ my journey as a Christ follower, wife, mamma, & fibromyalgia fighter
hi! i was diagnosed with celiac disease about 5 years ago. i am also a runner (half marathoner)
my blog is:
Amber said…
I am new to the gluten-free scene. Join me and my family as we transition to a gluten-free diet in an attempt to cure my daughter's immune deficiency.
Sharley said…
Hello! My blog contains information about gluten free cooking, baking and flour information.
I am currently working to become a registered dietitian and have centered my blog around nutritious recipes and health,while maintaining a GF diet.
I would love your comments! Enjoy!
Antoinette said…
Between the lines

I blog about anything gluten free related, love life art musik and fashion.
housewife said…
What a great resource! I am a Celiac with Hypothyroidism and have a gluten free blog and dessert catering in the west valley of Arizona.
Mollie Frances said…
I bake gluten free, grain free and sugar free recipes that work with SCD and GAPS guidelines. I'm happy to join the growing number of gluten free blogs!
Mollie Frances said…
I bake gluten free,grain free and sugar free recipes that fit within the SCD and GAPS diets guidelines. I'm happy to join the growing number of gluten free blogs out there!
Alisha said…
Brand New to the Gluten Free Community..

Going G-Free

A journal from day one of young and old learning and living without gluten.

Sarah said…
I've admired these badges on other blogs, so I'm excited to finally know where to get one! Thanks for your great recipes and for this collection of other GF bloggers.

A Beaten Copper Lamp of Deplorable Design is my blog about my spirituality, my journey through grad school, and my current photography or cooking adventures. You can read my posts about being GF here:
What a great idea Karina. Everyone has such great recipes and ideas - I will for sure be checking out all of these blogs.

I live, blog and promote a GF life.

This is a wonderful idea. I was looking to see if there was a specific way you preferred people to link to your blog, but I wasn't expecting something like this. Thank you so much!

Cajun, Creole, and Gulf Coast cooking, Gluten Free

Blogging about gluten free recipes, restaurants, and anything else I find interesting!

Posted your link to my blogroll, and the cupcake as well! Great idea!
Erin Slocum said…
I blog gluten free. We're also lactose and soy free here. Love to bake and cook so am sharing recipes as well as daily laughs due to my 8 kids. I also post giveaways/freebies/coupons.
Gluten Free Mom said…
I'd like to add my blog too.

I've tried almost everything that is prepared packaged gluten free. He are my favourites
glutenfreeinga said…

My gluten-free adventures down in Atlanta, GA
Kandi said…
My blog is about my adventures of a stay at home mom with a daughter who is gluten intolerant. Recipes, crafts, and misc ramblings.
I'm definitely late here, but just found this page. I've just started a blog on being poor and gluten free on a budget - also many allergen free recipes and reviews
Shades of Gray said…
Shades of Gray
Simple wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free kid meals!
Julie Adams said…
I blog gluten free!!! :)

South Alabama Gluten Free
Erin said…
Hi Karina! My blog is I love finding and making simple GF recipes and finding great products too!

Hi, My name is Michele Reynolds.
I've been that gluten free girl since 2004. Now I'm sharing my gluten free adventures.
Gabi said…
Hi I am Gabi and my blog is
I am sharing my ideas on cooking and baking without gluten. I started when I met my fiancee who is on a diet for six years already.
Jessica said…
I'd like to add my blog! I live in Brookline MA and I've been gluten free since 2009. Now I am writing about dinning and living gluten free in Boston, along with recipes and products I find!
What a great idea! I had fallen off the gluten free wagon and have been paying for it dearly. I'm definitely looking for a community of like-minded people. :) My blog is pretty new but here it is
I blog Gluten Free and Dairy Free and I use no refined sugar. I buy and eat local and enjoy supporting my neighbors. Many times my recipes are free of other common allergens as well. You can also find Vegan and Paleo recipes on my blog. I love to create and I work my hardest to help others find a way around an item they can’t or don’t want to have. Thank you for your blog and I am honored to put your badge on my site.
This is an awesome resource! I developed a gluten intolerance about 6 months ago and have been blogging about my Misadventures in Gluten Free Baking ever since!

Our Life in Four Bags (
My children and I love your recipes!! So wonderful to even have southern dishes that are gluten free! Difficult to live in the south and not able to eat bread!!
Hi, here's my blog:

Cooking Gluten-Free with Anna

The blog centers on a sense of adventure and joy in the kitchen, and my recipes have a Swedish twist and flavor.

I blog Gluten-Free at
I am a full time homeschool Mommy who has been Gluten-Free for a full year now. I have 3 children who have to eat Gluten-Free as well. My hubby and my youngest just go along for the Gluten-Free ride. :) I LOVE trying new recipes and modifying old ones to be Gluten-Free. Being happy and healthy is SO worth every moment of effort and all the flops along the way.
Wendy Hayden said…
I blog at I blog about living gluten free with my husband and three sons on our 8 1/2 acres organic hobby farm.
FODMAP free said…
Hi all! I have a FODMAP and gluten free blog where I attempt to share the knowledge and easy fun ways to a simply tasty life!

Thanks! xxx
What a great idea! The Gluten Free Blogger is a number of things, a pinch of recipes, a sprinkling of product reviews, a cupful of gf friendly resturants, a dusting of expert guest posts, a teaspoon of thyroid surgery experience and a whole lot of gluten free information - the perfect recipe for a gluten free blog!
sunshinemama said…
I blog about my gluten free journey just beginning for myself, but have been 7 years for my son. Recipes, faith, special events and just coping in general with it and living fully.
Marie Watkins said…
My blog is at and is about my journey on the wheat-free path. I've been wheat and GF for about 6 months and am blogging for friends and family who are asking about how I'm eating and what I'm eating. I'm trying to take the mystery out of it.
Ruth said…
My blog is relatively new. It is a health coaching blog, specializing in cancer patient, but also general health. I recommend gluten-free and meat free and have been cooking gluten free for myself for 8 years now. Here's the link:
Hope to see you there, Ruth.
Thanks Karina!
Love your blog and all the GF advice you have to share. Just started my blog

Sharing recipes, and my experience being diagnosed with Celiac.
much love!
Balvinder Ubi said…
Hi, this is such a great idea to bring together all gluten free bloggers. I followed many recipes from your blog when I became gluten free in 2008.
I started my own GF blog at some 10 months back.
Amanda Duffy said…
I've just started my blog this year and it has all gluten-free food. It's things that we really eat in real life everyday. I am the only one in my family who eat gluten free - but I'm not making special dishes for myself. So whatever I make has to be good enough for my husband and two year old too!
veggienook said…
I just started my blog! I am a vegan and gluten-intolerant and really enjoy utilizing as many different grains and psuedograins as possible to achieve a varied diet!


My name is Bethany, and I’m a 24 year old living with multiple severe food allergies. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease/gluten intolerance in February 2009, and recently diagnosed with a life threatening soy allergy (anaphylaxis), I have decided to dedicate a website to everything sans soy, gluten, peanuts, legumes, and yeast. Gluten free since February 2009, Soy free, Legume free, Peanut free, Yeast free since July 2011.
gfwkimberly said…

My name is Kimberly and I enjoy your blog very much. I have refractory celiac disease and the gluten free lifestyle wasn't very easy to adopt. I want to help make it easier for others and I have been inspired. I have a new blog and web site. It is and Please come and visit me and let me know what you think.

I blog about my life as a Celiac on a gluten free & casein free diet. I also blog about my fitness journey, and my life as a mom & wife. I would love if you would stop by my blog :)
Kimberly said…
I would love to add my blog -

Recipes and resources for Gluten Free and Gluten Free Goodies that I come across. All about sharing information.

Thanks, Karina for all that you do!

A Kid Friendly, low sugar, often dairy free, resource for recipes... also ramble about adhd, spd, and being a stay at home mom for our Navy Family!
Alysa said…
I'm a dietitian, personal trainer, cook, crafter, wife and mom...and a new celiac! I blog about living gluten-free including recipes, cooking with kids, and fitness tips too.
mysleepykitchen said…
My Sleepy Kitchen is a blog about a wheat lover’s adventures in gluten free cooking as a tool to overcome Chronic Fatigue. The idea of life without wheat was once my worst nightmare, but with a little research and the help of my husband, our library of trusty cookbooks and my new best friends (rice & gluten free oats), I have come to realize that gluten isn’t necessary to make amazing food!
@NYCGrubber said…

I live & work in NYC and share my experiences both dining out locally and whereever I travel. I talk about both restaurant reviews and GF options.

I also try to review commerical goods whenever possible. I also provide a list of NYC GF restaurant menus

-NYC Grubber
Hello, I am now blogging some gluten free recipes, only I am eating GF in my family. Most recipes I have adapted to be GF and my family is non the wiser. I seem to have a gluten intolerance and being GF has helped me tremendously! Enjoy!
I'm new to the blog scene but I've started blogging about going gluten, rice, and dairy free to share my experience for 30 days!!
I would love to be a part of the bloggers list. You were one of the first places I found with great recipes for eating gluten- free.

My blog is about frugal tips, delicious recipes, and practical frugality for the sensitive shopper!


Thank you!
Aubrey said…
I blog about my life with Celiac and going through it while being pregnant!
Gluten-free Foody is the name of my blog!

I also write gluten-free articles at

My blog and articles are about gluten-free restaurants, products, traveling, events and recipes.
Tammy said…

I've just started a blog about eating the Paleo way for vegetarians. That means gluten free, sugar free, mainly grain free and no meat either.
This is a great idea! I'm a huge fan of your blog!

A Gluten-Free/Mostly-Vegan food blog. Documenting healing and coping with Ulcerative Colitis through Diet. Daily recipes that are gluten and dairy free, organic, and promote a "Happy Tummy!"
iamjtheblog said…
What a wonderful idea and resource list!

My site is

I'm just a 30 year old chick hoping to empower myself as well as others all while trying to adjust to life and being gluten free!

Thank you so much for this awesome list!
Jenni said…
Hi! My name is Jenni and I blog gluten free over at I'm all about balanced living, and I'm working towards a healthier, more active lifestyle - a spoonful at a time!
Megan said…
I know this post is 7 years old but I just started a blog about healthy living and eating gluten-free!
The Om Nom Mama said…
I'm a gluten-free, (sometimes) veg, (sometimes) dairy-free cook and I've just started my own gluten-free (+low carb/dairy free/veg sometimes) blog of recipes. Complete with fancy-schmancy pictures even. You can find it here:

Thanks Karina!
Kristy Sayer said…

Southern In-Law
Southern In-Law is about life, love, food, healthy eating, gluten free eating, weddings and just about everything in between.
I'm from Sydney, Australia and my Fiance is from Louisiana, USA - we're currently 10, 000 miles apart but soon that's all going to change.
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