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Gluten-Free Bloggers List

Do you blog gluten-free? Let's create a resource together.

Leave your blog address, title, and a two-sentence description of your blog in the Readers Comments below.

This Gluten-Free Bloggers list was created for personal blogs, not commercial venues using a blog as a way to promote their product or service. So keep it real.




Fit B said…
Fit Bee

I always blog gluten free! I am seeking a healthy way to be gluten free and lose weight on weight watchers!!!
WheatBeGone said…
Hi All,

This is fantastic! After this past year of feeling particularly ill, taking all sorts of tests and seeing all different specialists I am ecstatic to be newly diagnosed with a wheat intolerance.

I was beginning to feel depressed after thinking about all of my favorite things I can no longer eat. Of course I'm going to follow a wheat-free diet anyways for the sake of my health.

I'm finding most wheat-free products are also gluten-free and I've been struggling to find great tasting products on the market since I'm not so much of a cook! I thought it would help others like me know what products out there are the best and where to find them. So I decided to write about all of my triumphs and tribulations in a blog:
"Adventures & Misadventures of a Wheat-Free Diet"

and now I'm so happy because I'm that there are so many others out there sharing the same diet goals as me- I don't feel so alone anymore!
judee said…
What a great idea. I love your blog .
I started my blog about 4 months ago. It is gluten free and( 90% casein free) vegetarian healthy recipes.
psylocke said…
I blog from a suburb of Vancouver Canada, all about my attempts to find decent gluten free products, restaurants, and recipes
Betsy said…
I never shared my email when I took your cupcake! :)

I blog at
Love your blog and appreciate all the work you put into creating recipes Karina!

My sister and I blog about gluten free living in the Vancouver Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley. We blog at

I craft original GF recipes, but also unravel and refashion "old favorites", focusing on nutritious and tasty treats that do not call for hard to find or expensive ingredients - all while keeping it simple! You will also find some recipes that are dairy-and egg-free as well.
Shelly said…
Great Idea!

My blog is

This is a brand new blog about living healthy, gluten free from a nutritionist's perspective. I take you through my struggles, new finds, and modified recipes.
my blog was organic but in the last few month my hubby was diagnosed with celiac, also our son, hubbys gramma, sister and cousin also all have it, so now my blog has been turned into celiac cooking from scratch
What a great venue and community!
I recently became inspired to blog about local GF restaurants and options in my city (Austin and surrounding Central Texas) and feature quick, healthy, easy meals, gf product reviews, restaurant reviews etc. I also write about alternative remedies, health philosophies, healthy living etc.
My blog is called Vividly & Gluten-Free
Brooke said…
Thanks for this! My blog is about newlywed life, including gluten-free baking (we even had gluten-free cupcakes at our wedding). Hope you enjoy!
Julia said…
Hi! we are Julia & Julieta and we just started a gluten free video blog:
Sunny said…
And Love it Too!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Living. Easy recipe's to keep your life deliciously healthy!
Me said…
Thank you for this. Such a wonderful way to go find information for the newly gluten-free (which I am). I decided to blog for myself to keep myself honest, make sure I do this right and as a bit of therapy when it gets tough. (Lifelong junkfood junkie...this takes some getting used to!)

So great to find this community of people with such helpful information!
Emm said…
Hi Karina,
I have a gluten-free, mostly dairy-free and vegetarian food blog. I am a chef and mother of two beautiful kids from Raglan, New Zealand.
Arohanui xx
Susi said…
Hi there, good idea. Can I add mine? I blog about my life since 2008, and was diagnosed with coeliac disease not even 2 months ago, so now it's a lot about learning to live gluten free as well. My blog is at I can't wait to explore all your blogs!!
Becky said…

A Lifestyle blog about my challenges in become a gluten-free domestic goddess in the big city... with style. [I hope]

This is a GREAT idea!!! I am going to check out ALL of your blogs!
Rachelle said…
Blinded By the Bite is a website/blog to discuss all things food! How to live a gluten-free/wheat free life style & eating sustainably, locally which is healthier for you & our environment.
G.F.Veg said…
my blog is about being gluten free and vegetarian, too (with some dairy free and vegan recipes, too!)
Kimba1111 said…
Hi Karina,

What a coincidence! I'm just now embarking on a new blog devoted to everything Gluten-Free (ie. recipes, latest GF medical and scientific news, celiac, candidiasis, leaky gut syndrome etc.). I will be sharing my own struggles with candidiasis and leaky gut syndrome. I only recently becoming aware I am sensitive to all Gluten. I thought I only needed to give up wheat flour and sugar to manage my yeast and gut problems, especially since I don't have celiac disease. However, after removing all other GF flours (like oats, spelt and rye), I realized how much better I felt completely gluten-free. I theorize there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions)of people who don't know they are sensitive to gluten. And many who don't even know they have celiac disease. So stop on by my blog at! And I'll be sure to stop back here at as well! Thanks, Kim Bowling is my new blog please come follow my journey in using my crock pot and making GF meals for my family.
This is a wonderful site with so much info! I'd love it if you added my blog -- The Traveling Celiac. My mother and I travel frequently, and we blog where we ate as we go.
New to the blogging world...
Glutenfreetc said…
My blog shares my adventures in eating gluten free in the Twin Cities and beyond – one photo and one restaurant at a time.
Isabelle said…
My blog recently became gluten-free after my celiac diagnosis. It's at :

Thanks for this Karina!
Jaxy said…
I am a 20something living in Auckland, New Zealand with Celiacs. I blog about Fitness, Yoga, Gluten free cooking, Veganism, Vegetarianism, and my crazy life living on a rock in the middle of the ocean. I would love to add this to my blog. Here is my blog address I would love for you to check it out (its new, but blooming fast)

Jacqueline x
We would love to share our blog with others and are happy to have found this great resources for so many other gluten free blogs and websites.
Valerie Rath said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim S said… - about UK gluten-free living on the cheap
such a pretty little button

i'm over at The Gluten-Free Bohemian blogging away :P
Valerie Rath said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taylor said…
Hi Karina,

Thanks again. My blog is called No Grain, No Pain ( and is aimed at the 18-30 age range of Celiac sufferers and gluten intolerant people. It'll feature product news, health news, interviews, and anecdotes.
Hi Karina,

my blog is:

I share stories of life, love and laughter as a g-free mom. I share the gluten free recipes that I create or try along the way and have a page that focuses on easy gluten free kids lunchboxes.
Jen said…
I just started my gluten-free lifestyle about 2 months ago. I've been a "healthy food/lifestyle" blogger for about 1.5 I'm going all gluten free!
Thea said…
I've had your blog in my favorites for ages and finally decided to start my own. It's still a baby blog, but here it is:
Rosebud said…
Hi Karina,

I LOVE your blog!! It inspired me to start my own at:

It is gluten-free, but not vegan/vegetarian.

Kami said…
Thanks for this great resource!
Kami's Kitchen

My blog includes gluten-free and allergen free recipes, tips for living allergen free and all sorts of fun!
Leah Banicki said…
Gluten free since 10-8-10. Blogging my experience from day to now. I'm a writer, mother and survivor. Sharing all the best sites I have found along the way.

Leah Banicki
mommaladybug said…
I've added your button to my blog: Friendship without Bread
I blog about the social, emotional, and practical aspects of Gluten Free living. It will also contain product and resturauant reviews.
S said…
I blog gluten free. I am a college student that is always on the run and I have made it work for me. Check it out!
Pocak Panna said…

I have a hungarian blog, but I post my entires posts and recipes in English too in pdf in the begging of the post.
I blog gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free (most of the times lectin-free too), because I'm on paleo diet. You are all welcome!
Gluten, wheat, soy, corn, diary, cane sugar, potato, tomato, orange, grapefruit, shellfish & peanut FREE recipes!

My recipes & journey living with auto-immune psoriatic arthritis
Rachelle said…

My blog features everyday recipes for a busy family!
Callie Rew said…
I am a 15 year old who is bloggin about my love for good tastin gluten free foods!

Callie Rew said…
I am a 15 year old gluten free girl. My blog is about my adventures in the Gluten Free world.
Joanie said…
My blog is about my life, which include gluten-free, dairy-free living. Love the new button and getting to know other gluten-free bloggers!
Joanie said…
Realized I forgot to list my blog address:

My life and gluten-free living in the Seattle area...
Gluten Free said…
Hi! I'm joining the fun! Thank you!!!
jsrodriguez said…
Thanks for this great idea! My name is Jennica and I recently started blogging about various recipes and tips including: gluten free, vegan, sugar free, food for athletes, optimal digestion and more!
Please visit me here:
Eat Chifully
Jenn said…
I am new to the blog-ing world however I have been gluten free for over 10 years now and have a wealth of knowledge that I need to share. Both my sons ages 2 and 3 eat gluten free and my husband who has no problems with gluten enjoys my cooking. With so many products on the market these days my blog provides a guide to the best of the best for a healthy and fit life! Where did you live in NM? I lived there for 8 years.
Jest said…
Hi there! I've just started blogging and I'm Gluten, Dairy, Sugar And processed food free.
I'm writing my journey as I change my life and my kitchen habits.

I'm learning to make everything i can from scratch... cooking is love!
Jest said…
whoops almost forgot!
bitt said…
Adding this to my blog. My blog started out as a blog documenting my health issues and my eating on a raw diet. I still eat raw foods but also include vegan and gluten-free foods as well.
Michelle said…
My blog is about how I'm adapting to a gluten free life style and sharing my findings with other newbies.
Laurel said…

Gluten-Free since July but a food blogger for almost 3 years! Still learning how to cook for myself :)
Bella Sirena said…
Hi Karina,
I've been reading your blog for a while now-Love it! I blog about natural health methods, but a big part of it is gluten-free (was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance a year ago). The Siren's Cove - Thanks!
Emily said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said…
I would love to add my blog to your site. I have been following your blog for a while now. Thanks for all the great info!
Gluten Free: Good or Bad?

I am a 22 year young college kid living on a budget in a tiny town with no health food stores. I have to get creative sometimes.

My blog is just getting up and running, but I intend for it to be mostly a revue blog, with some of my mom's recipes sprinkled here and there.
Hi! What a great service! I'm just setting up my blog, Gluten-Free Buenos Aires, in Spanish and in English for locals here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Your icon is so cute. Thanks so much!

A resource for celiacs and people with gluten and wheat sensitivities in Buenos Aires
Valerie Rath said…
I would like to post my blog. My blog has recently moved so I'm just posting my new blog address. Please check out my blog:
thegfdigest said…
I would like to post my new blog address. This isn't a new blog but I have recently moved my blog. My new blog address is:
Lillian said…
This is an awesome idea! I blog gluten-free, largely plant-based recipes while also discussing health and fitness. I'm an avowed carnivore, but my objective/goal is to cut back on my consumption of animal products while eating a lot more fruits and veggies.


I've been reading your blog forever, Karina, and I would be proud to wear the "I blog Gluten Free" Cupcake crest! :)

My blog is The Palate Peacemaker at

A blog that is a collection of my recipes - all free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and cane sugar. :)
sleepinghorse said…
The name of my blog is "Coeliac diagnosis – Gluten Free OMG!" "Learning to love gluten free."
I was diagnosed recently with Coeliac disease and I am struggling so much with the taste of gluten free food that I decided to write a blog about my first 365 days learning to be gluten free. Hopefully by then, I will have learnt to love it. I live in New Zealand.
Jose said…
Hi, Nice idea this Blog. We are Gluten-Free for 3 weeks now and I just started a Blog about it. It's in Dutch because I'm from Holland and just looking for other nice Gluten-Free Blogs.
My Blog:
tinapglutenfree said…
Hi Karina,

My blog is

This blog is my journey through the gluten-free vegetarian adventure with as much grace and humor as I can muster.

Thanks! Tina.
VeggieAmanda said…
I would like to add my blog. My blog is: The title of my blog is Newman Improved. I am a vegan and recently learned that I have Celiacs. My blog is a a journey of a gluten free vegan.
Daveys Mommy said…

I just started a blog about being a Gluten Free Jersey Girl. It's my review of local resources for gluten free restaurants, product reviews and m
Great resource, Karina! Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

I blog about GF/DF food - cooking, eating, experimenting - and living actively and adventurously.
Tonya said…
thanks for the button, i'll add to my blog right away. i'm just starting to do some gluten free reviews....
SSB said…
I blog gluten free, and am mostly (99%) GF. Getting better all the time... all the blogs with recipes help. But I just have a slight intolerance. I have some GI issues when I work out so I try to stay away from gluten. But being GF has helped me reach my goals in triathlon so I'm all for it!
Baffled said…
I've been cooking for over 40 years now. I'm self trained and gone through various phases such as vegetarian and gourmet. Then this spring I became chronically ill and had to drastically change the way I cook. I discovered that other chronic chicks in the blogsphere also ate GF and also needed food that was very fast and very easy to prepare so I put together a new blog, Fast Foodie. While it isn't fancy (I don't have the energy), it does contain tips, tricks and recipes to make cooking fast, healthy, GF, good tasting food.

"I might be sick but my tastebuds still work!"
Lisa Clauset said…
Great idea!

I've been blogging gluten free for only 3 months, but I have a great selection of recipes focused on Southwestern cooking and using a great flour blend from "the Gluten Free Bistro". Check out my blog here

uhhuhyeahwrite said…
Uh-huh, yeah, write is my personal blog for those wanting to follow my adventures. But, because I have a gluten-intolerance many of my posts are about my struggles and triumphs as a non-gluten eater, cook, and baker!

This is a marvelously helpful idea!
shinywhiny said…
My blog is Cant do Candida. I have candida related complex and I cant have any dairy, wheat, yeast, corn, sugar, gluten or fruit so my recipes are all free of these items.
flora said…
In Flora's Kitchen

A serious home cook, living in the Pacific Northwest, on a mission to create delicious, gluten-free meals for my family.
T.R. said…
I love your blog, and would like to add mine as well.

No One Likes Crumbley Cookies

A Gluten-Free blog containing delicious recipes that anyone can make...even a complete computer nerd...
Rachel said…
I'm excited to finally be a contributor to this GF online community after being a long-time reader. My new blog,, will feature GF and Vegan recipes loosely inspired by traditional eastern European cuisine, as well as some of my own inventions and time&money-saving tips to stay headache free in the kitchen. Thanks!
Taryn said…
I blog about life as a mum. I am also a Coeliac and have a few recipes on my blog which I regularly update
Lee Bernstein said…
Any gluten-free knitters here . . . or anyone who wants to learn to knit? I have a blog that's all about how knitting can help people deal with food issues.

Knit one, purl two . . . chew

Happy New Year,
Natte said…
I've just added your button to my food blog site! I blog anti-candida & gluten free, & have only recently started doing this, so it's quite young. My blog is called ' Crazy, Coco & Nuts' (inspired by my love of coconut, & my boyfriend calling my kitchen adventures both 'crazy & inspirational'!)

I have plans to study both nutrition & naturopathy in the future, to further develop my understanding of food intolerances & to help others like myself overcome & explore with food.
Emily said…

Gluten-free newlyweds...just recently married and have adopted the gluten-free lifestyle in the capital city of Springfield, IL. Adapting to the lifestyle, searching for options, and telling the world about our experience!
fastfoodfocus said…
Thanks for the button!

Just started a new blog for the new year. It's a combo blog (not just food stuff) but any food stuff will be clean, real and GF!
hmhill_kymom said…
My blog is

I blog gluten free as well as soy, peanut and tree nut free.
Z's Cup of Tea said…
Z's Cup of Tea

Gluten-free recipes with a focus on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crystal said…
Hi Karina,
Your blog is great! I just started blogging gluten-free! Here is my blog:

Have a great day!
I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I started a blog to help me stay accountable to a Gluten Free diet and to help others with Celiac Disease.
Francesca said…
Ciao!!! Anche io ho un blog gluten free :)

Focuses on having a child with celiac. Useful information, helpful tips and of course recipes. I prefer recipes that are family friendly and that kids love! Some are good and healthy and some are just plain good and deserve moderation.
I blog gluten-free (and many other allergens-free) at We also touch on other family & health issues like eczema, gas, money-saving tips and homemade stuff. It's new and still in the works! Hope you peek in. :)
~ Katrina
Amanda Stuckey said…
Oooo add me too please! I'm a college student who's fairly the vast majority of my recipes are gluten free.
Karina, Thanks for sharing! Your blog has helped me through and has been one of my inspirations. i have just gotten started last night and I am so glad to keep the information rolling along. It is very needed!
MusicFoodLife said…
It's great to have all of these links as a resource!

Blogging gluten free about getting healthy through food and harmony.
CassidyS said…
I love your blog and would love to have mine added to your list.

Cooking Gluten Free

Simple gluten free casein free recipes, along with some sugar free, vegan, and soon to be corn free recipes.
Toutitelulu said…
I’m going gluten free for two month now and I starded at the same time talking about on my blog. On it you can find my story, some help with differents diseases I have (celiac, Cushing Syndroma, Carney complexe, Addison disease since I’m cured of Cushing syndroma), recipes gluten free and caseine free, gluten free tipes (the few I now for the moment), reviews on some gluten free product I tested, arcticles about natur and environment...
And other staff I like !
This blog is in french but I love English and I read a lot of English blog (so your’s). In France, celiac disease isn’t really well known... So I figure out I can talk with people of other country.

Here's my little blog
I hope my blog will help some people to live a better life !
Emily said…
Hi Karina!

I love your site! I just saw the link to "I blog GF" through Celiac Teen and am excited about it! I just started a blog in the last few months called (Mainly) Gluten Free in NYC ( about GF cooking and trying to maintain it in NYC, despite a deep love for baking and cake decorating. I have recipes, restaurant reviews and more. Hope you like it!
Eve said…
Hi Karina,

Thank you for creating this list!

Blog URL:
Blog Title: Gluten Free Asian Food
Description: I am an Asian American and ever since my husband's Celiac Disease diagnosis, I've been cooking gluten free Asian food that we can both enjoy. My blog is a way to record and share my experience in adapting to a gluten free diet.

Thanks for creating this list. I've been gluten-free about a year. I help others go gluten-free and also provide nutritional therapy support.

I blog at Real Food Whole Health ( and post tons of gluten-free recipes. Some can be made dairy, egg or nut free as well and many are low-carb. ALL are REAL FOOD!!! No fake stuff here :)

Easy, fresh, local, organic, seasonal, and fantastic!
Gabrielle Brost said…
New blog I just started on gluten-free baking and cooking! Also, g-free baking and cooking without gums and using the best natural ingredients!
The Gluten Free Beat is dedicated to people with Celiac Disease/living a GF life - and showcases restaurants and products that are accommodating to a GF lifestyle., glutenfreebeat on twitter, and glutenfree on facebook.
glutenfreetable said…
I'd love to add my blog. Thank you.

Recipes, new products and restaurants around Boston. Living gluten free doesn't have to keep you from having fun!

I added your blog to my blog role as well!
Cindy said…
Dearest Karina,
I am amazed at the number of gluten-free bloggers spreading their good news! I started a blog at:

My perfect 5-year-old niece began having epileptic seizures 5 months ago, and her bloodwork just tested positive for celiac disease. We'll know after her endoscopy next week whether a "simple fix" of a gluten free diet will cure her seizures. Exciting! I created my blog to help my sister with specific gluten free meal plans and products.

May I please provide a link to your "How to go Gluten Free" page on my page with the same name?

Thank you for your wisdom, optimism, and for your inspiring blog.
icanhavethat said…
My blog is: and its focus is on the positives of the gluten-free lifestyle.
Babs said…
What a BEAUTIFUL resource!
I've been gluten free for 2 years now and started an info blog for all my friends who say " do you do this gluten free...or what about that" It's also a way for me to keep everything in one place!
Product Reviews, Recipes, Restaurants and Rants

Brandi said…
This is such a wonderful resource, thank you! I went gluten- and sugar-free to fight Candida and get healthier. It's a lot about me learning as I go, including some thoughts but mostly recipes at this point.

Dough or Donut, There is No Pie

Thanks again!
Janel said…
Susan said…

It's a blog I started devoted to baking (desserts mainly) gluten/dairy/soy/refined-sugar free.
BlairSprouse said…
Hi Karina!
Bounty from our family table ( my gluten free, casein free blog. In addition to having 3 GFCF (celiac), my family is made up of 2 diabetics, 2 vegetarians, and 3 carnivores. I try to appease the masses at our house~ :0)
Thanks for a great site that I refer to on a daily basis.
Jazmine Rose said…
Gracefully Gluten(less)

I'm a fifteen year old girl who loves food, cooking, dancing, and living happily! My blog is all about my journey throughout those without gluten:)
I decided to go gluten free because my hubby and family has celiac..its been a challenge..but they more I learn the better the food tastes!!!
Adrienne said…

I would like to add my blog to your blogroll.

I am at

Making Health Simple and Affordable for You.
I am aiming to cut through all of the info out there to make healthy decisions and a healthy lifestyle easy and affordable for busy people like us?

Thanks, Karina!
drclaudiapillow said…

A blog devoted to uncovering the “healthy” truth about food, nutrition, and medical research.

I have been an advocate for the gluten-free lifestyle for many years now: through my work as an author, lecturer, culinary instructor, on the board of the Gluten Intolerance Group, and fund-raising.

Thanks Claudia Pillow, PhD
birdyleaps said…
My blog is 100% gluten free and follows my 30-something, celiac-disease-having, am-i-nuts-thinking, trail-running self as I leap into culinary school and make all my dreams come true!

Thank you for all of your inspiration and love, Karina!
K Lemon said…
I am new to gluten-free, sugar free life. My blog is about what recipes I have found, or made that helped me enjoy this new journey. My goal is for it to be a resource that leads people to helpful sites and recipes that will help them with their food issues or desire to find healthy recipes.

Thanks for the help!
Hello! My best friend and I have started a Gluten-Free blog and we thought we'd let all of you know about it. We post recipes that are Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, or Natural Sugar Only...and sometimes recipes that are all of the above! We strive to make food both tasty and "safe" (because who wants to be laid up sick when there are so many wonderful things to do in the world?). Please drop by and comment!
Alicia said…
Love this! I am newly gluten and allergen free and have started blogging my culinary adventures at:
Janet NZ said…
This is a great idea Karina - thank you. My blog is I decided not to try to convert my old favorite recipes to be gluten-free. Instead I am looking at my recipe collection with new eyes - finding new favorites.
Mary said…
Karina, I have added your badge with link to my blog. What a wonderful idea!
My daughter was diagnosed with food allergies and Celiac in Nov 2009 and is my inspiration for my blog. I discuss anything and everything that is related to these health issues, have a recipe page, our Logo store, and much more under tabs.
Please feel free to visit anytime at:

wonderful! will add it to my blog! I'm in
Lizzy M. said…
After being diagnosed with gastroparesis and going gluten free I thought my food options had all but disappeared. Not so! My website is my journey through tasty gluten free, and mostly vegetarian, recipes! I would love to be added. Thanks!
Jessica said…
Please add me! :)

Confessions of a Gluten Free Mom!!
Laura said…

'Gluten Free in the 713'

My blog is dedicated to living gluten free in Houston, Texas. I review restaurants and products, and share new recipes.
Anna Lisa said…
Wonderful idea Karina. Is this valid also for italian gluten free blogs?
Mine is the following
I will be happy to link your blog as soon as you let me know whether is fine for you. By the way... where is the list of the gluten free blogs?? Maybe I didn't get the point? :-X
Andrea McCarthy said…
Hi Karina!

I would like to add my blog too. My tagline is "Making Gluten Free Fun". I keep things upbeat and positive. This is a lifestyle I will have for the rest of my life so why not make it fun?

Thanks so much for doing this!
Anonymous said…
Hi I'm Jaye. I love your site, it is such an inspiration!

My site is called A Gluten and Dairy Free J.T.

I am a culinary student, living in Louisiana dealing with Celiac's disease and a dairy allergy.

Thanks for all that you do!
Nicole said…
I just launched Special Diet Creations (, a blog devoted to gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free recipes, product reviews and news.

My blog is about "Life having a spouse with Celiac disease & how life changed in & out of the kitchen"


The Gluten-Free Italian

My blog is about life with a spouse with Celiac & how life has changed in & out of the kitchen - particularly being Italian and passionate about food.

Thank you for creating this resource.
Eugenijus said…
My gluten free blog is called "The Book of Yum" and features 100% gluten free recipes, often with an international and/or vegetarian flavor.

Read more:
Merileigh Hemp said…
This is such a great idea! I just started a blog but will be adding more quickly! I'm trying to put together recipes that are quick and easy to do and post about products I've tried.
Janelle said…
A Gluten Free Me

I just got started, but in this blog I will share all the things I have learned about being gluten-free that make my life easier, which will hopefully help others as well!
Trilby said…
Hi Karina,

Great blog and also a wonderful idea to unite gluten-free bloggers!

I just started a blog called "... and the dish ran away with the spoon" with recipes that are gluten, rice and soy-free as well as dairy and egg-free to support people like me with multiple food sensitivities that rule out many of the gluten-free products and recipes available.

Trilby : )
Junior GF Chefs said…
Our blog is 100% gluten-free, as well as dairy-free, sugar-free, and mostly grain-free.

Junior Gluten-Free Chefs

"We are three kids that love to help our mom cook! We all have allergies. :-( But we like to show that we can still eat awesome meals! We want other kids to know cooking with limitations can still be fun!"
"It's A Posh POSH Gluten Free Life For Me!" is inspired by the elderly gent in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who get's kidnapped in his outhouse and hoisted over seas by an evil king--essentially, he kept a positive attitude and viewed it as a chance to live the "posh posh traveling life". Being gluten sensitive is no reason to be bummed. View it as a chance to explore new things and new ways!
Cara said…
Cara @ Practically Gluten Free

Follow my gluten free cooking progress on a small budget, in a smaller kitchen!
DeeRez said…
I blog on gluten free products and local restaurant reviews near Milwaukee. I was diagnosed with celiac 4 years ago, and love sharing information.
Erin Jackson said…
Fantastic Idea!

My recipes are gluten free as well as random ramblings about my life.

In the beginning had a really hard time finding recipes that tasted like "normal food" that were gluten free. I want to share what I have learned and by doing so, hopefully will help a few people along the way!
We blog gluten free, with an emphasis on local, seasonal food. (And we adore you and all you have done for the GF community!)

In the beginning had a really hard time finding recipes that tasted like "normal food" that were gluten free. With a lot of trial and error and a lot of help from friends and family I started to figure out how to eat what I wanted gluten free. I want to share what I have learned and by doing so, hopefully will help a few people along the way!
Gluten-Free said…
Lisa's Gluten-Free Advice and Healthy Living
Eating healthy and gluten-free.
Tips, recipes and resources.
Reviews and giveaways.
imp.toast said…

I'm fairly new to food blogging, but I've been a Celiac for about 6 years, so I've started a rather snarky little blog called 'gluten can SUCK IT'. It largely focuses on my love of meat and boozy baking, but it also has some bits from my past experimentation with gluten-free veganism and the Paleo diet, as well as lots of possible substitutions. Come give it a look-see :)
DW said…
I blog gluten-free at I love this forum and am so happy to have found other gluten-free bloggers!
Katie said…
Hi all,

Just created a GF blog today!
Dinah jo said…
My blog is Christ and the Celiac. I offer mostly recipes with spiritual up lifting insights on how to deal with Celiac. I have 25 food allergies, including dairy, yeast, and nuts, just to name a few.
Kelly said…

I have a gluten free blog at
I focus on Japanese home cooking (always gluten free), gluten free/vegan baking, and I occasionally post about my journey as a runner, mother and just life in general.

I love your recipes too so I think it is great that you have this blogger listing.
Gluten Free and You
My goal is to maintain my blog with gluten free recipes that have worked for my family as well as current headlines regarding celiac disease and living gluten free. I really enjoy taking recipes that I find and tweaking them to be gluten free.
Thank you Karina for considering adding my blog to the growing list of wonderful gluten free blogs!
freeeats said…
Greetings Karina,
I blog gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and corn-free at

I am a professionally trained pastry chef who had to learn to "eat free" when I was diagnosed with celiac disease and dairy/soy allergy 3 years ago. I also happen to cook for my 4 year old son who has multiple food allergies which include, wheat, corn, soy, tomato, strawberry, citrus, peanut and walnut.

My blog will focus on breads and desserts with some savory recipes. My favorite challenge is developing gluten-free recipes that closely resemble or improve on the gluten equivalent!
Laura Griffin said…
Thanks for the badge!

After 14 yrs of living gluten free, I started a blog about it. My site is called 'Can We Eat That?' and is for kids, adults and families living with gluten intolerance and celiac disease. It's a comprehensive guide to a happy and healthy GF life.

Please take a look!
Faydra Jones said…
You have such a great site, Karina. I have a passion for fresh local, organic food & supporting the people who produce it. I love studying & eating food that our ancestors ate, long before western, industrial food businesses existed.
Jamie said…
Hi Karina,
I love your site!

I have been wheat intolerant for the past few years, I have a degree in nutritional science and decided to start blogging gluten-free too!

I hope you will add my blog-

Karien said…
Hi, my blog is in dutch, so for all you dutchies out there: come and have a look. My blog is not specifically about gluten, or lack of it I suppose, but as I eat glutenfree my recipes are too!
Mary said…
Karina, my site is at

I try to cover everything and anything gluten and allergy free :)
Thanks for this post Karina! This is a wonderful source of gluten/allergy free blogs for everyone to see!
Also having a great child's Celiac book give-away until April 8th. Please take the time to stop by and participate. Even if you don't have a young child with Celiac in your life, it would be a great item to donate to your local school, library, or Church. After all, isn't our total success based on educating the non-Celiac public?
HH6 said…
My blog is a little of my own research on gluten free articles and lots of GF foods.
The Dusty Baker said…
The Dusty Baker,

I focus on gluten-free, dairy-and-sugar alternative, vegan-optional baked goods that anyone with a bit of devil-may-care attitude can play with, provided they don't mind their kitchen getting a bit dusty.
Annie said…
Hi Karina!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 21 years ago. Your blog inspired me to create my own blog a few months ago and am LOVING the experience.

My blog "A Gluten-Less Foodie" is thrify, home cooked GF meals. Enjoy!
Bree said…
Formerly Brendygirl at,
my new blog is:
Bloggin about the trials, tribulations, and revelations about living gluten free, mixed in with living Marine Corps style (on the move), topped with fitness, freedom, fulfillment, family, friends, and fun!
Nanci said…
Hi Karina,

Thank you for providing this link. I am blogging gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and some vegan recipes that families can enjoy together. I love your blog. It has been a real inspiration.
Katie said…
I'm newly GF but I've already been blogging it! Cooking 601
Bethy-Doll said…
I'm Beth. My blog is Stormy Weather, at:
I am not just a recipe blogger, but celiac disease and food, and enjoyment of food, are large parts of my life. The most basic description I can give is: Stormy Weather
Reflecting, fiction, "Real Talk!" life as I know it, recipes, and more
Nicole said…
A blog devoted to gluten-, grain- and soy-free recipes, with a smattering of product reviews, event coverage and other gluten-free news thrown in for good measure.
Maura said…
Way late to the party :)

Maura - I've been diagnosed as celiac for just over a year and want to focus especially on tips and tricks I've learned.

I am a mom of 2 who bakes Gluten Free and Dairy Free!
blogderecetas said…
Blog de Recetas

a gluten-free and refined-sugar-free food blog with healthy recipes in English and Spanish
Caneel said…
Hi there, I just added the badge to my blog!

Mama Me Gluten Free

I'm a journalist, wife and mother to two spirited daughters, and love to cook & bake. All four of us are gluten-free.
I'm Stephanie over at Lunges and Lunch! I'm in the process of doing an elimination diet with a nautropath in order to figure out some food allergies, but gluten is a definite culprit.

So I'm playing around in the kitchen with gluten-free vegan recipes that don't use any sugar. Whew... it ain't easy!
Tessa said…
I have a gluten, dairy, corn, and mostly soy free blog, along w/ organizing and domestic tips!
Kristina said…

My blog lists restaurants that are gluten aware in the cities I travel to. I also post original recipes and other related issues. My hope is that this blog helps those traveling on a gluten-free diet!
Sarah said… in the Kitchen...a gluten free cook, writer, photographer and illustrator exploring the world one recipe at a time!
Consuela said…

Gluten Free Living L.A.

Started blogging in January about my journey going GF. My blog is a place to share information and learn how to "Eat and Live Well".
Ann said…
Hi Karina-

Your blog has been a fantastic resource for me and inspired me to create my own vegan gluten free blog. My message is: "It's not agbout the ingredients missing but those you've especially invited to stay for dinner."

Thank you!!!

Rita said…
The Gluten Free Edge

Gretchen (Mom) and Rita (Daughter) blog about gluten-free recipes, resources, research and related health issues. Gretchen volunteers at a local food pantry and Rita is a health coach studying acupuncture.

We've been blogging for 2 1/2 years but just now have our own domain. I have always loved your site and have it linked on our blogroll and now we have the icon.

Gretchen (Mom)
Meg said…
Evening Karina,

I'm a gluten free blogger in Boston! I'm living the gluten free dream ;)

Susi said…
Hi there, I linked up here before but have a new url. I blog about life in general including how to cope with coeliac disease. My blog is at
My gluten free blog, The Sated Coeliac is at and features news, reviews and recipes for good, gluten free, family food.
jwalkley said…
Thank you! It is so nice to be able to share recipes and learn from each other. Our son is autistic and gluten intolerant. My husband has elevated liver enzymes and eating GF helps his lab results.
B said…
Thank you for this - great idea!
Denver, great food, fashion and feeling good.
Lori said…
Thanks for all you do!

Allergy Eat'n blog
For the multiple food allergy afflicted.

recipes,gluten free, food finds, product reviews
glutenfreelyn said…
Hi...Love your blog and would like to add mine. Picked up a cupcake to add yours to mine.

A gluten free food blog and site featuring GF recipes, stories, lifestyle and more as it evolves. We're 3 generations of celiacs.
Your blog has been a great help with my gluten free diet. Thanks!

Gluten Free Dairy Free in Canada.
Amy said…
My daughter (7) was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She has type 1 Diabetes too. We're trying to figure out this celiac lifestyle and using the blog as a form of therapy and learning. Hopefully others will find useful information on the site if they're starting out too.
My blog has gluten free recipes and reviews, preparedness from a gluten free & REAL food perspective, homeschooling and life in general.

~Mrs. R
glutenfreewpb said…

Gluten Free West Palm Beach

A newbie journey of going gluten free and to provide resources for the Palm Beach area
Nic said…
I love this !!
One crazy celiac girls adventure in everything!Let craft , connect and of course eat gf!
Just found this button, having seen it on loads of blogs - I've added the link!

I'm GF because of coeliac disese and blog from England.
Sara Bell said…
I blog gluten free! My husband and I are about to embark on the incredibly journey of living in a 20-ft. Winnebago and traveling the US in it... and enjoying delicious new GF treats along the way!
Alisa said…
Love your blog! I post (healthy) recipes: gluten-free and vegan....though it's good to indulge once in a while - I try to keep my posts strictly diet-firendly - still tasty of course.
Hope said…
I just started a gluten free blog. I hope to provide information, recipes, and product sources to people on this journey.
Pamela said…
My blog is based on my 25 years as a gluten free child, adult and now a mother of four year old gluten free twin girls. Lots of recipes, tips, gardening stories, product review and more.

I love your website and I will send a link back for sure.

HI Karina,
I am happy to take your cupcake! My blog is Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking,
I blog gluten-free but also free of dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, sugar, gums and baking powder/soda. I had to develop these recipes for my own multiple food sensitivities. Long story short, I was very sick for a long time, now I'm healthier than ever.
I blog about anything really. Gluten or the lack of it has been mentioned on occasion. :)
WhatsForDinner said…
I blog gluten-free
Gluten Free Girl in a Pasta World

Recipes, Life, Humor, Products I have tried.

Grabbed your button! :)
Omshanti said…
Hi My blog is ZEN MOM

Focuses on having a child on a GFCF diet.
Being a Zen mom!
Lauren said…
I'd love to add my blog, Simply Gluten-Free.

My goal is to help others who have just started out on a GF diet or those who just want helpful tips. It took me a while to get used to the diet, so I intend on offering any advice I can.

Find me at
I blog over at, covering the intersections of Christianity and food (communion, potlucks, etc.). Thanks for your site - it's a great resource for all ov us!
Anonymous said…

I blog about gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, raw food, and clean recipes, reviews of gluten free (and other health food) products, natural health and beauty ideas, interesting articles, books, and thoughts on different types of exercise and ways to keep yourself and family healthy and active.
Still quite novice with the blog but here it is :

I like to blog about everything and anything related to Celiac Disease and the GF diet.

Thanks Karina!
Your site is truly wonderful!

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