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Gluten-Free Bloggers List

Do you blog gluten-free? Let's create a resource together.

Leave your blog address, title, and a two-sentence description of your blog in the Readers Comments below.

This Gluten-Free Bloggers list was created for personal blogs, not commercial venues using a blog as a way to promote their product or service. So keep it real.




Ariana said…
Hi there! My blog is gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free primarily along with noted other allergen frees. I blog about my recipes (and alternations) , recipe reviews, and reviews of food products. Please add me and chieck out my site
Karen said…
I blog at Fickle Feast about good food that's free of gluten, dairy and eggs. Come check out my recipes for both sweets and savories at
Debbie said…
I post product reviews, recipes, and restaurant reviews for Northern California. Happy to be part of a resource center.
NemuriNeko said…
Haven't been off gluten for that long, so my gluten-free blog has just started, but the address is

Thanks for your blog, it's a great help to all us un-inspired for cooking coeliacs!
Gluten-free Colleen

Very new to blogging, 7 years gluten-free, busy mom of 3, and travel a bunch. I plan on sharing my gluten-free/travel journeys. I LOVE your site by the way :)
Culinarytaste said…
Just starting a gluten free blog of my own. Been diagnosed as Celiac since September 2008 so not too long. Found out I was pregnant in April so things have been interesting. Talk about cravings! Anyway, no Dunkaroos for me :) but I am still enjoying food and modifying old favourites and plan to post up lots of recipes very soon!

My blog's here at
Jeanne said…
Karina, You are a true inspiration! Our blog is to help our local support group and travelers coming through North Idaho and Eastern Washington.
We list local shopping and dining suggestions as well as group info. Thanks! Jeanne
I am very new to blogging and have been gluten free for 1 year and 8 months. I just started a blog at

Great blog by the way.
mrsmckracken said…
Off the Wheaten Path
Living and eating well without gluten

Basically I just talk about my favorite easy recipes and tips for using gf products, which we all know are tricky.

Thanks, Karina!
Marissa said…
Pumpkin & Pomegranate

A blog dedicated to a continued healthy and delicious lifestyle. My blog is grain free and free of refined sugars, which led to my 150 lb fat loss.
Megs said…
I don't just blog gluten free, but also dairy, sugar, corn, garlic, and tomato free!
My blog documents my journey through my digestive disorders being Crohn's Disease and IBS!
Megs said…
I don't just blog gluten free, but also dairy, sugar, corn, garlic, and tomato free!
My blog documents my journey through my digestive disorders being Crohn's Disease and IBS!
Megs said…
I don't just blog gluten free, but also dairy, sugar, corn, garlic, and tomato free!
My blog documents my journey through my digestive disorders being Crohn's Disease and IBS!
Megs said…
I don't just blog gluten free, but also dairy, sugar, corn, garlic, and tomato free!
My blog documents my journey through my digestive disorders being Crohn's Disease and IBS!
Megs said…
I don't just blog gluten free, but also dairy, sugar, corn, garlic, and tomato free!
My blog documents my journey through my digestive disorders being Crohn's Disease and IBS!
ideastack said…
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Chandice said…
I linked your blog to mine as well as posted the cupcake badge. I look forward to having you explore my gluten-free blog...thank you!
Chandice said…
Chandice Karina,
I linked your blog to mine as well as posted the cupcake badge. I look forward to having you explore my gluten-free blog...thank you!

Read more:

Recent blog:=- Mexican Pulled Pork
Guest said…
I am a SAHM trying to lose wieght and I share my food choices and training experiences. I am always trying new gluten-free recipes and always looking for more.

Recent blog:=- Breaking News
Guest said… Gluten Free Twitter real time live search feed


Recent undefined:=-
Guest said… Celiac and Coeliac Twitter real time live search feed

Natalie said…
What a brilliant idea! My blog is GF cooking, along with a few of my other creative interests.
Guest said…
Brilliant. My blog is On it I do GF recipes a few tips along with a few other posts of my other creative interests.
Guest said…
They are giving the delicious and good recipe for everyone to taste it. It makes everyone to get away from the gluten-free easily. They provide the good tips for cooking easily. Thanks for sharing the nice experience in this post.
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Tina Turbin said…
Hi Karina, This is the greatest idea! Any way to help us unite and flow to one another is up my alley. My site is loaded with yummy tested recipes as well as helpful resources and information, research and my own articles about GF intolerance and allergies as well as celiac disease, which we need to know and share with others. I hope you all enjoy and I am adding the badge to my site. Tina Turbin
jmp said…
I blog about eating and cooking gluten-free on a budget, with a busy work schedule, while trying to be somewhat of a foodie. I also blog about food-related traveling.
Guest said…
Cooking gluten free, casein free, soy free, and nut free for kids (ie. picky kids with sensory aversions).
Cooking gluten free, casein free, soy free, and nut free for kids (ie. picky kids with sensory aversions).
Anonymous said…
I recently started blogging about my experince with gluten free and now I found your page, I am very excited that there are other people out there that go through the same things we do! Check out my blog thanks!!
Andrea said…
Recipes and reviews for wheat-free, meat-free eating.
Gluten free recipes on "Anyone For Seconds?"

Great site you have btw :)
La Gaia Celiaca said…
Italian gluten-free blog. From Florence.
My challenge? Make a good GF Ribollita. As good as the one I was used to make till I was diagnosticated...
(which means the happy coeliac)
Robin said…
Hi - Thanks for the inspiration and the beautiful site.
Marina said…
Great idea!

Gluten Free In Canada....A Blog dedicated to creating awareness of Celiac Disease - I want to create a place where Canadians can go and share their stories, their successes as we move through this world Gluten Free

Just starting out blogging....both my husband and I are Celiacs.
Grace said…
Hey Karina, great idea!

My blog is called gluten-free university-- I'm a college student living in a dorm without a kitchen and my blog is a photo journal blog about how I eat a healthy GF diet despite many challenges!
SAHMomof4 said…
WOW! I had no Idea that so many people were out there. i just started a blog as my family tires this new way of eating; gluten, dairy, soy, all natural! I am totally excited to look into all these sites above. I don't think I will ever finish.

My blog is

I hope to get some people to comment and join in my community effort.
Kate said…
I blog about many things (my family, travel, baking, etc.) and am recently gluten free (awaiting Celiac test results and gluten free is helping tremendously!) Older posts have non-gluten free recipes - the recipes from here on out are gluten free.
elislunch said…

lunch box ideas for a gluten free kindergartner.
Kyria said…
Thank you for this! My blog is It's simply a blog about my family, but there are gf posts from time to time since 3 out of 4 family members are gf.

I blog GF and frugal stuff in the context of the Homefront. I've converted many MoF recipes to GF, but I do more modern stuff too.

Thanks for organizing this!
Cindy Sue said…
Hello there, I have started a blog for Gluten Free that also contains information about Fibromyalgia and the effects that glutens have.
Gluten Free: one day at a time
chelseawillis said…
My gluten free blog is a collection of recipes, articles, and everyday gluten free living. My goal is to make it very educational for other or new celiacs.
Gluten Free Gal
Chelsea said…
My blog is a collection of articles, and gluten free recipes. I also post a lot about my daily life and experiences while being gluten free.
Gluten Free Gal
fibrofood said…
Here's mine:

I have fibromyalgia and am trying to manage it through diet by avoiding gluten, soy, corn, dairy and processed foods. It's working pretty good :)
i love love love your blog! you do an amazing job! i am the mother of a severely allergic (to wheat) 11 year is my blog with thoughts, recipes and other misc stuff! thank you for your information!
fantasie said…
Hi, I am Stefania and I have a gluten free blog, written only in italian... is it a problem? However, if you want to add me in your list, my link is: . The name is "Cardamomo&co."
Tweet said…
Hi folks !

So, I'm Tweet (little name my husband call me) and I'm French.
I'm blogging gluten-free so as milk-free and in French.

In fact, it's been just some months I discovered I'm gluten and lactose intolerant. So, I decided to prove myself and others we can cook like everyone else some things tasty and adapt classic recipes. And you know what ? I'm having real fun here ;-)

I'd be pleased to see you sometimes in the comments and share our recipes !

Have a nice day everyone and, please, excuse my English since I'm not fluent !
Dough Maven said…
I host a gluten free and mostly allergy free website that focuses on raising gluten free and food allergic children. It has many recipes and helpful ideas. All the recipes are kosher as well.
glutenfreegypsy said…
Karina, thank you for your resources! I'm joining the score of hundreds of other gluten free bloggers..My blog is about my travels and experiences on the gluten free diet.
Lucia Polakova said…
I've just started a wheat-free, dairy-free blog at My goal is to create something new everyday and share the recipe and experience with everyone. I'm new to the gluten-free world but have been having a lot of fun create wheat-free, dairy-free versions of whatever the rest of my family is making.

Karen Joy said…
I'm a GFCF blogger, gluten-free for seven years, dairy-free for about three... I am also currently on a total elimination diet to help pinpoint my nursing daughter's multiple allergy issues, which is making GFCF look like a walk in an easy, peaceful park. :mrgreen: I also blog about homeschooling, parenting, Christianity, and whatever seems relevant at the time!! For the recipes, click the tab at the top of the blog that says "All the GFCF Recipes!"
Indu said… the foods of course GF. Im Indian so its with a definite asian flavour. I also live with a Vasculitis condition so its about food, love, anything thats good for the soul and a bit about making life fun with a chronic illness...

thanks karina. your blogs what got me going.
E said…

Lots of homegrown, homemade gluten-free deliciousness.
Suzanne M said…
New to this world of gluten-free, and very grateful for this web site. Had a big frustration last night after making an amazing Thai peanut-sauce with chicken and spinach dish for the family. Turns out that there is wheat protein in fish sauce. "What for?", I wonder. So the question-- have you found that you can eat out at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants as a GF eater? I get that most American restaurants have limited options...

And again-- thank you for being 'there'.

Vanessa said…
I am dedicated to posting a lot more often on my GF blog:

Thanks and I will link to yours!
E said…
Hi Karina,
Thanks for being a great resource to all of us gluten-free folks.
I hope you will check out my recipe blog - all gluten-free of course!
Kim and Megan said…
We have a new blog that is focused on welcoming EVERYONE to the table. All of the recipes are free of the top 8 allergens, gluten-free, and vegan!
We have linked to your great resource in our blog roll!

Megan & Kim
Jenn said…
I have just started a new blog to track my progress on the start of a gluten free life that will also contain recipies.
Debra Doherty said…
Thanks for providing these! I will work out how to link you so I can use it on my blog :)
Melody said…
Gluten Free OC

A gluten free blog featuring GF restaurant suggestions and great products for those living GF in Orange County, CA.
Yadira said…
Love your blog! I was just recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I have a blog with some of my favorite gluten foods that I have converted to be completely gluten free.

The link is :
Jacqueline said…
Been blogging erratically but trying to up my game.
We're gluten, dairy, egg, peanut free and light on soy, coconut, tree nuts and berries.
GF Social Media said…
My new blog is Gluten-Free Social Media Tips. It is awesome how many gluten-free blogs exist!
Charles Luce said…
Charles Luce here. I blog about My Celia as they search for true happiness and the perfect GF sourdough bread. I also write about mycelia as they produce wild fungi.
CeliacLady said…

Celiac Lady - a blog I just started when I started gathering information on first, recipes for my husband and son who have Celiac Disease in their family, and second, as I wrote a report on it in Nursing School. Now...I find after following the diet and having been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I can no longer eat anything with gluten. So I'm researching all I can...and sharing it as I go.
Shireen said…
SF Gluten Free
robyn said…
Great blog with a lot of excellent resources! I am encouraged to see so many passionate gluten free bloggers out there!

My sister and I recently started a gluten free lifestyle blog to help others living with celiac disease in Vancouver, B.C.
robyn said…
Great blog with excellent resources! I am encouraged to see so many passionate gluten free bloggers.

My sister and I are both celiac living in Vancouver, B.C. and we recently started a gluten free lifestyle blog to share
information and our experiences about living gluten free which is not always easy!
Amanda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ally said…
i blog gluten free! greetings from rome!! =)
Stacie said…
I love Karina's Kitchen! It's truly been an inspiration since the beginning of my gluten-free journey three years ago. Because I get so much from other's blogs, I decided to start one as well, posting gluten-free recipes that work around multiple food sensitivities.

Ardis said…
How exciting!! I was just recently diagnosed with Celiacs,and it is wonderful to see that so many people share this, and manage to eat such delicious looking food!
Hobocamp Crafts said…
Just starting the GF diet, again after suffering with Colitis. I run my own handmade business, called Hobocamp so I talk cooking, sewing, craftiness, being a new mama & other fun.
BT said…
Thanks for a great resource. I have celiac and moved across the country back home in order to have better access to foods so I thought I'd write about my adventures in re-creating my favourite foods.
Hey Gluten Freers

Just started a gf blog that focuses on seasonal recipes using alternative flours that are naturally gluten free...Oh and lots of desserts to follow!

Come and say hi!

The blog is called The Curious Baker
Running Sneaks said…
Awesome idea!
My blog is called Think It, Bake It. The address is
Description: The cooking experiences and philosophical thoughts of a gluten free/soy free college student with a sense of adventure. This blog also explores other dietary choices like veganism, vegetarianism, dairy-free, and raw food.
Katie said…
I've seen it quite often- such a cute logo!
Reading your blog for quite a while and still enjoying it.
Will ad link to my blogs.

My blog is about simple recipes, product reviews, travel tips, etc. (German language)
thelazygfchef said…
Easy, yummy gluten free recipes for the new gf cook, plus Canadian gf products and resources!
Carla said…

I stumbled here some time ago. We follow a gluten, dairy, soy, wheat, and corn free home. My blog is more spiritual than cooking gluten free, though am pondering on ideas ;-). I will add you to my blog.
Carla Rose
Anonymous said…

I have one child with celiac disease and one with multiple food allergies. I am also a recipe developer. My site focuses on the emotional ups and downs of raising kids with these issues, as well as provides gluten free, dairy free, often nut, sesame and egg free recipes that are always kosher.
Love your blog.

We blog gluten free over at

We're a family of 7 (at home) sharing recipes and ideas for gluten-free, vegan great food.
makingromaroma said…
My food blog is

It is dedicated to gluten-free, casein-free, soy/legume-free, and mostly egg-free recipes.

Thanks for this resource and the cute cupcake!!

Karina, keep up your hard work!

heart, Lara
emily ann said…
I just discovered your blog!
I just started my blog last week, I have been inspired to help the gf community develop a voice and share a fabulous gf life style.
Melissa said…
For tips and support for people using a four-day meal rotation to deal with food allergies and sensitivities.
Michelle said…
Hi, my name is Michelle from Gluten Free Gluttony :) I blog about being a celiac :) I have recipies, stories, websites and much more :)
I became aware of my food sensitivities about a year ago. I can't eat dairy, sugar, eggs, nuts and pineapple as well as gluten. I've been blogging about food and recipes for a few months. Check out my blog and let me know what you think!
Gluten-Free and Vegan life
Juanita said…

A South-African take on celiac disease with gluten-free recipes (see side bar on blog) and occasional recommendations for "safe" options when eating out.
Queen Bee said…

a gluten-free and allergen free food blog, featuring natural and organic recipes and more. Good Food for Food Sensitive Families.
nthmost said…
My Okonomiyaki Recipes Blog has a few gluten-free versions I developed myself on there, and I develop a new one every month!

Okonomiyaki is the japanese savory pancake (or sometimes known as "japanese pizza"). One pancake full of fillings is a meal in itself! Much beloved street food and pub food all over Japan.

Thanks for the gluten-free registry. The web gets better every time someone links up things that matter to them. You are making the web better!

Deirdre said…
As a bagel lover, I just started a blog describing my findings on what I can and cannot eat now that I have been diagnosed at age 27 as highly gluten intolerant.

Oceansky said…
Thanks Karina,
Great idea.
I love your blog.
I blog about Gluten-Free.
It is called
"Lisa's Gluten Free Advice and Healthy Living"
I right about my experiance on how I found out I am Gluten Intolerant as well as some helpful tips that I have learned over the past year.
I love your website. I was recently diagnosed with celiac's disease. I created a blog about my families adventures of going gluten free. It's
Tracie said…

I just started this gluten-free fitness blog today. I hope it will be a resource for people on their journey to better health with or without gluten.
nwaFoodie said…
Hello, thanks for this resource!

My blog is

I blog about Northwest Arkansas food explorations: restaurants, ingredients, special deals, recipes, family favs, etc. I live a gluten-free and dairy-free life so I throw in GF recipes and muse about living without gluten/wheat. Enjoy!
Rebecca said…
Finally added myself. :)
Hello! Please add my blog to this ever growing list.

I am a former chef, newly gluten free, and on a serious budget. My blog includeds a weekly GF dinner menu and shopping tips, as well as recipes.
caorganicfoodie said…

gf/cf recipes featuring local, seasonal and organic foods
Meg said…
Hi Karina,

My blog : Everyday life as a cook, student and personal trainer. Tips and healthy secrets I cook, or live by...
Lazy Cook said…
The Lazy Cook - for those who are time poor (or just can't be bothered!) and gluten free
Tiffany said…
I blog about feeding my 6-year-old who has celiac disease and type 1 diabetes -- and the rest of the family!
Hi Karina! I just started a Gluten-Free blog called Http://
and my blog is about great recipes, helpful gluten free info and about living life after going gluten free. Coming soon will be restaurant info in the New York area and more recipes. My name is Julie rosenthal
Nemesiis said…
I'm blogging to save my sis from the pain of endometriosis. Learn about the endo-diet with me. (gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free & red-meat free)

I'm linking back to this AWESOME resource that you have created =) Thank you!

Gluten Free Vegan Connecticut

classy, sassy, recipes, product and restaurant reviews. Victory in the Kitchen!
gfcelebration said…
Love your beautiful site, and your spirit of sharing. We blog gluten free at Our blog celebrates recipes, food, fun, life in general, and gluten free living.
I was recenlty diagnosed with with celiacs disease and I want to blog about my life now that its gluten free.
Lisa said…
Amateur With An Apron

I was diagnosed with Celiac less than a year ago. As a result, I decided I needed to learn how to not only cook, but cook without gluten, cow's dairy, or soy - so many food allergies! I'm loving this new adventure and starting to heal. Thank you so much for your blog!
Kj said…
Thanks for your generosity. My own attempt at blogging gluten free is more about the story of catering for a similarly complex diet gluten and nut free and vegetarian.... and sometimes kosher when family visit.
Geanna said…
I am a vegan who recently went gluten-free, and I blog about my struggles with that restrictive diet at I never knew it would be so challenging, but it feels so much better to not have gluten in my life than I ever would have imagined. Thanks for your idea to have a net of gluten-free sites!
firebear said…
Greetings and Salutations
I am Fire-Eyes. I write Home Spun Magic. This place is all about one simple fact. Where Gluten Free means; If I Wouldn't Eat It You Don't Have to.
Live Laugh and Enjoy!
Ms. Ann said…
I just found out I had to be gluten-free about 4 months ago. I used to be a chef (in my college days) and knew that I could do this! So I blog about recipes and books--because I'm a librarian now. I'm new to this, but it's been fun!

And Karina, your site has been a great help :) Thanks!
Karen McCurdy said…
Will be linking.

All about living with Celiac, Gluten Free Recipes, and my desire to become a published author.
laurahill87 said…
Here is my new blog.. Pass the Bread, Hold the Gluten. I am very new to the blogging world but love reading gluten free blogs. I have been gluten free 10 years and decided I would use my experience to help those newly diagnosed. I am no expert but would love to help anyone I can start the gluten free diet.
Amy said…
I blog gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free on a tight budget in San Francisco. Any suggestions for this newbie blogger are much appreciated! Thanks and I look forward to looking at all of your blogs :)
Hi Karina,

Congratulations on your site. It's beautiful to look at and very inspiring.

I am a new blogger, with a website It is dedicated to helping parents and kids with an interest in all things gluten free and includes child friendly recipes, a blog, tips and advice etc.
celiacfacts said…
It's great to be part of the I Blog Gluten Free network. Karina, thanks for helping to grow this community. The first step towards a cure is to become mainstream!

My site is and I've been blogging there for about four months, also posting to Twitter and an email newsletter.

If anyone one else would like to do a link exchange with me, please email me at
firebear said…
Wow ...This is so great....
I am going to spend an entire day just visiting everyone.
Thanks for letting me come over and play!
My name is Fire-Eyes
Mt Blog is Home Spun Magic ...Where gluten free means....If I wouldn't eat it you shouldn't have too!
Live Laugh and Enjoy!
Charissa said…
Love your blog thanks for doing this. I just started my blog and everyone has been so helpful. Thanks
Krista said…
New to GF, not new to blogging. :o)

Thanks for the great resource!
Meg said…
I know this is an old thread - I've come to it before to find new GF sites. I just started my blog yesterday, though, and thought I'd post it. It's devoted to artisan baking and traditional recipes; please have a look!

"Gluten-Free Boulangerie"
Selina said…
I just started my gluten-free blog,, in December and I'm really amazed at all of the wonderful resources I've found online to help me and my family eat healhty, gluten-free foods. Thanks for an awesome blog!
Beka said…
Whole Country Edge

Gluten free recipes, crafting, holistic health and fitness. Raising my family healthy and chemically free!
Sarah ~ Celiac in the City
"A girl. Gluten free. Loves food. Will Travel."

Follow my gf adventures in Milwaukee and beyond.
Keri said…
What a wonderful idea. I am new to the blogging community and also in my infancy stage of becoming gluten, casein, and soy free.

The Makings of a Family: Living with PCOS and Food Intolerances (gluten, casein, soy, and possibly yeast and egg)

- Keri
Kara said…
Thank you for this. I love the network it has created. I blog gluten and dairy free with some non-gluten recipes mixed in. It's about my journey through life.
Annie Phenix said…

My blog is a gluten, corn and dairy-free look at my journey (and my Grandmother Mimi) from being bed-ridden and depressed to returning to my vibrant self after dropping the foods I have digestive issues with. I also discuss thyroid and adrenal issues.
I just started a new blog that reviews all of the recipes around the net:

I just started it so not much there yet, but keep checking back!
Sheryl said…
I blog about baking, cooking and dining gluten free, including recipes, ideas, product reviews and tips for dining GF.
I just started blogging on a gluten free extension. I'm new to blogging and new to gluten free blogging. But my gluten free dedicated site is It basically includes details of my journey as I discover new foods that are good alternatives for anyone who cannot handle gluten or wheat so far, but later might include recipes.
nutmeg86 said…
Hi! I love your blog, it has become my go-to for gluten-free recipes. I write about cooking, baking, and living gluten-free (as well as egg and dairy free). I am newly diagnosed and still learning how to stay healthy!

The Gluten-Free Ginger

Thanks for your blog and for organizing the gluten-free community.

I have a 5-year-old with celiac and share recipes, tips and experiences for gluten-free families on my blog at:

I also feature many gluten-free versions of traditional Jewish recipes.

Julia said…
Hi Karina, I love your blog! I have recently discovered I can't eat gluten and decided to blog about it. Here's the link to my blog!
I'm adding the button as well!

As the mother of a child on the autism spectrum, I write about the gluten-free/casein-free diet and occasionally review gf products from a child's perspective.
Sorry I forgot to include my site: Three Channels

Lindsay said…
Celiac Eats

A gluten, dairy and soy free blog on restaurant reviews, product reviews and general gluten free information.
KD said…
My blog is gluten-free recipes and reflections about life and cooking adventures with my kids. Our whole family is GF, my husband voluntarily. I travel a lot for my job, nationally and internationally, so there will also be restaurant recommendations by cities, as well as advice for GF families who travel.

I'll definitely use the button and post a link. What a great way for all of us to help each other. Thanks!
Mary said…
My blog focuses on seasonal vegan recipes (with a little knitting thrown in). I have been gluten-free since October 2009, and all my recipes since then have been as well. I'm based in Maine, and write about local events and products often.

Kandace Martin said…
Wow! Niiice and Gluten Free!
"Gluten Free in the Gem City"

My gluten free experience in Dayton,Oh. Links to my favorite GF blogs and resources.
Kelly said…
Hi Karina!

I just started my blog a couple of months ago and I'm loving it! Taking a quick hiatus to finish my thesis and graduate and can't wait to get back to it. My blog is everything gluten-free friendly...easy recipes, product reviews, time-savers, etc...along with some humor and real life.
Heather said…
This is so good!!

My blog is kind of new, I was blogging before but it didnt have focus. So now I am blogging about recipes I try and love, also restaurants i try and love.. and tips that have helped me through my first year of being gluten-free.
This has been one of the best resources I've found since going fully gluten free 3 1/2 years ago. I have just started a blog about my journey at

Thanks for compiling this list!
Nick & Amanda said…
Woohoo! Lots of gluten free blogs! I love your blog :) I am just starting mine,
Andrea said…
I just added the button! I have a personal blog, but I do talk about food, because I love food, and it's all gluten free of course. :)
Meg said…
Hey there! What an excellent idea! I just started a blog about eating Gluten and Dairy free due to food allergies. Not an easy task but it's proving to be interesting! The address is
SweetDeSignRelief is a GLUTEN-FREE “one-stop shop” for everything that is current - design, crafts, pop culture. Hopefully, my reach will be far - not only will readers be dazzled by the visual aspects, but they also will go away from it having learned something new. said…
Please visit:

With your help, we can create a valuable online resources to allow us to live gluten and wheat free.
I blog about gluten-free recipies, adventures with my son, random things that capture my attention, thrify tips, household organization, projects I'm working on, my new career as a stay-at-home mom...pretty much whatever crosses my mind. Come on over and check it out.
Ellen said…
My blog is "So Now What? My new, gluten-free, celiac life" You can find it at

I write about getting started, dealing with travel, college age kids, cravings and all the other things that perplex me now.

Thank you for offering us that lovely button, and for hosting this site.
GFDINER - Kathy said…
My blog is about living gluten free in Northern Colorado with small dogs.
M i s s said…
Hi there! I'm Steph, aka Miss from Mediterranean Miss
my blog's website is (.com works too - both mine! :3)

I'm dedicated to the pursuit of living the lifestyle of my Mediterranean heritage - diet included! Although I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac, I'm enjoying baking and cooking and food blogging more than ever <3 GF cooking is delicious, healthy, and, if you work at it, you can create pasta meals that will have nona's across the country raving ^~
e.m.b. said…
I blog at Mysteries Internal - Writing and photo-capturing the Food I Eat is a project, a labor, a devotion; showing, that I desire to Stay. It is my journey to Health -- Hoped Health, through Celiac Disease and all manner of complications therein...

Thanks for reading!
rseuler said…
Hi Karina -
I have started my own gluten free and vegetarian blog here:
I added your I Blog Gluten Free image to my website. Thanks for doing this!
Julia said…
i am 12 years old and was diagnosed after a few very hard years with celiac disease. i am writing because i was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions, maybe just someone to commiserate with :) about this: when i go somewhere with a friend, even just their house, and nothing is planned about getting a yummy gluten-a-fied treat, and we run into people selling chocolate-chocolate cookies, or in the fridge is their grandmothers decadent angel cake, i am left envying what they are eating. and it's not like i'm going to bring my whole kitchen with me. thanks :) xoxo Julia
Karina Allrich said…
Julia- Since this is a list of gluten-free bloggers, I suggest you post your question on the latest post (blog home page) where more people will see it. Take care! ~ Karina
Taylor said…
Karina, you have been an inspiration. I have a gluten-free and dairy-free gourmet recipe blog which can be found at:

Thanks so much!
Meg said…
Hey Karina,

I love your blog!

I'm a gluten free blogger, too!

Happy eating,
LaNeY said…
My name is Elaine my blog address is I blog about my life, GF recipes, and GF news and anything else that I find interesting
Angela said…
Hi Karina,

I'm a newbie, and blog about my gluten free adventures in the kitchen and in Los Angeles. I've always loved food, and after 3 1/2 years of being gluten-free, I'm blogging about being more adventurous in the kitchen.

I love your blog, and all the GF resources I've found through you and your network on Twitter!

Thnx! Angela, aka Grungry Girl.

You can find me at
C said…
This so so great!

Whole Pup
I am a 30-something woman who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am undertaking a personal challenge to reinvent myself ~ body, mind, & spirit ~ & I invite you to watch and participate in my personal journey. So far, the key to reinvention is a healthy, happy diet of Real Foods and as many Green Leafies as possible!
(gluten-free and sugar-free)
A newly started gluten free blog at Share gluten free recipes, cooking tips and awesome gluten free flours!
saxifrage said…
Hello there. I love your blog!

I'm brand new to the blogosphere. I just started Sweet Sensitivity, where I ramble on about being a sweet tooth and having food sensitivities (wheat, dairy, chemical additives), as well as random food industry and weight loss issues...

Georgianna said…
Sign me up and follow me! A recently diagnosed celiac blogging to stay and help other "Stay Sane without Grain". Personal accounts of life with celiac disease(complete with a long term boyfriend who's manages a panera bread!) as well as reviews of GF books,articles, products, restaurants etc.
I blog GF at:
I blog mostly about GF product reviews, and I review Seattle area restaurants for GF friendliness.
Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, 10 years ago.
Tony said…
I have started a site with reviews of gluten free food, recipes, blogs, and more. Please feel free to stop by and chat!
LynnaeEtta said…
I've been blogging for about three years now at prone to wander ( About 60% of it is gluten-free (and mostly dairy-free) recipes, and the remaining 40% a journal of sorts of my travels, musings, and next steps. There's a tag for recipes on the right-hand side of the page for a quick reference.

I'm thinking about focusing even more in the coming months on gluten-free writing...but like the title says, I'm prone to wander, so who knows what's next! Your blog and recipes have been an invaluable resource over my five years of gluten-freedom - thanks, Karina!
comma girl said…
Yay, I finally got the button to work. I've been blogging for a few years on vegetarian, gluten-free ideas for eating in and eating out in the Phoenix, AZ area at Love your blog, Karina...
Fabulous blog! I'm making an almond, ricotta and lemon cake right now based on a few recipes and links found on this blog.
Hi GF Bloggers
Finding GF bloggers today was like finding a treasure :) A few weeks ago I created my Wheat Free Company (GF) blog and now I'm thrilled I can share it with you all. Read my blog for heartwarming, interesting stories and recipes.
Kara said…
I cook a lot of gluten free goodies for my three year old son!
Candice said…
I've been blogging for quite a few years but only over the last year have I had to go gluten-free. I'm also essentially vegan.
Kelley said…
Cutie Cake Cafe

I'm a gluten-free girl in Texas, and my speciality is cookies! I also enjoy experimenting with new baking ideas, and testing out (and improving) recipes from video games (yes, you heard that right) -- all gluten free!
Me said…

I blog gluten, dairy, and egg free. Mostly recipes and some musings on our gluten free life--living gluten free because dd has NCGS.
Petra said…
I blog gluten-free, corn-free, and chemical-free (among other things such as being married to a soldier, raising six children, and being a Christian). :)
Ness said…
Gluten Free...Who? ME?
What happens when a new wife, new homeowner, new college grad,disability advocate, and a first time big-girl jobber gets a diagnosis that isn't even as complicated as her life:)
Kristen Trelz said…
I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in May 2009. My blog is just me learning how to cook and try recipes that allow me to enjoy what I have in the past. :)
Leslie said…
I would LOVE to be added to your list:
"Adventures in a Gluten Free Kitchen @"

Recipes, Notes on Health and resources that are: Frugal, Gluten-Free, Kid-friendly, Sanity Saver!

Discovering delicious and inexpensive gluten free foods in uncommon places.
Nikki DaShiell said…

Gluten-free food your family and friends will love, not to mention the kids who can be hard to please. Just because meals may be lacking gluten doesn't mean they have to lack flavor. Gluten-free=Delicous
Northern Girl said…
What a great idea, Thanks Karina!

Gluten Free Canadian Gal

I blog my findings, tips/tricks, news and adventures in gluten free living to help others work through the ups and downs of this life style change. I add in money saving ideas, kids corner and other tid bits!

Join me on my front porch for a cup of tea and chat about living Gluten Free.
giespeas said…
Dear Karina,

Your site is amazing! Thank you for sharing all these amazing recipes. I have a vegan gluten fre food blog - - which I will be expanding soon.

All the best

Alicia said…
I love reading your blog.

I am a gluten free blogger from Brisbane and love finding new places to eat out gluten free and also love to cook and find and adapt recipes for decadant gluten free eating. Thanks for your great blog!

tasteofindigo said…
Taste of Indigo

My kitchen adventures while learning to cook and bake gluten and dairy free due to family allergies.
GFree_Miel said…
Hi, I blog about gluten free products and some recipes and just gluten free life in general.

Gluten Freebies
ChickiePea said…
Hi! My blog is
We are all about learning to eat for autoimmune health.

Ilus said…
We are a gluten-casein-sugar free mexican family and we recently started a blog. please, add me to the list!
translation of my blog´s name: three good reasons
Amanda said…
Nice resource!

Went GF Aug 1, 2008, started blogging in 2009. Currently writing a "Starting a GF Diet Guide" series.

In general, covering all sorts of areas: companies, manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants (big and little), who knows what they're doing and who doesn't educate staff. Also plan to add recipes in the (hopefully near) future, as well as reviews of GF products.

Gluten Free apparel available too. :-)

Some of my resources may only be applicable if you're in very southwestern VA/NE Tennessee, but I'm trying to include local to international as best as possible.
Jen said…
What a great idea! My blog is

It's a collection of everyday things that delight our hearts: Faith, Family, Adoption, Gluten-Free Cooking, Crafts. Brian=practical & ridiculously patient. Jen=dreamer and creative. We make it work. We love Jesus, are in the process of adopting a baby, and live gluten-free :)
Karina; Wonderful Idea! As are the "Goddess" of gluten free! Thank you!

Grace said…

Gracefully Gluten-Free

To provide friendship, encouragement, and advice that has been tried and proven to those suffering from Celiac Spru, gluten-sensitivities, or wheat allergies.
Misa said…
My kids have started a blog called :

My son is 13 and my daughter is 10. My son has celiac disease and is bored with his food. We love Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and his food philosophy. They came up with this challenge, cooking Jamie's way/recipes for 100 days (or 6 months), making them GF, and blogging about it.
Erin said…
My blog is called Bride-to-be and College Attendee: Living with Celiacs. I started writing this blog to help bridge the gap between having celiacs and the many difficulties one faces being a college student and a bride-to-be. My blog shares websites, books, magazines, recipes,products, and personal stories to help those in the same predicament live a gluten free life!
Kat said…
What a wonderful resource!

I'm just getting back to my blog: Seattle, Rain, And Decaf Coffee at

Cooking and Baking Gluten-Free is just one of the topics I write about, but central to my life.

Nina Ryan said…
Home Economics with Natalia

A gluten free, vegan, and (mostly!) budget friendly food blog.
the busy bee said…
Very, Very new to gluten and dairy free cooking, and bloggin my journey to good health

I blog about the gluten free places, shops, cafes, restaurants ect that I go to when I travel. I give reviews, addresses, hours ect to help other traveling celiacs find good food to eat!
Jackie said…
I love your blog and the sense of community that comes with it. I'm grateful to the opportunity to have a little corner in it. :-)

My blog initially began with my early adventures and attempts at GF cooking and baking, mostly relying on others' recipes and linking back to them, but it has since transformed over the past two years to a much more confident presentation of my own GF dishes. I dabble a lot in various cuisines and diets, but I try emphasize meals based on local and farm fresh ingredients when the season permits (I'm currently living in Minnesota) and overall accessible food that even non-GF folks could enjoy.
"Jackie's Kitchen"
I'm just starting mine!

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