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Gluten-Free Bloggers List

Do you blog gluten-free? Let's create a resource together.

Leave your blog address, title, and a two-sentence description of your blog in the Readers Comments below.

This Gluten-Free Bloggers list was created for personal blogs, not commercial venues using a blog as a way to promote their product or service. So keep it real.




Hey all! Look at us go...

"Resources for Gluten Free Living In and Around Baltimore"

icybooh said…
I love this network. Thank you for putting it together. I will be adding your banner to my new blog, which I'm certain will include many gluten-free posts over the coming year as I have celiac and cook gluten-free for myself and often times my young daughter. Thanks again!
Myglutenfreeboy said…
What a great idea.

My blog is about our live as a gluten free, food allergy family.
We all suffer from seasonal allergies. My youngest son is the one gluten free as he has a lot of GI issues on it.
Striving Chef said…
Your blog has brought so much sunshine into my gluten free days. You are an inspiration... with the most beautiful photos!

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in December 2007, and am teaching myself how to cook gluten free one day at a time. I try to add new recipes and ideas about gluten free snack foods and groceries three times a week, if I can.

Tasty... and Gluten Free!
Kim McGowan said… seasonal and local food that happens to be gluten free...

Would appreciate a link for a London perspective of being GF - will add yours of course!

happy blogging!

Kate Z said…
I blog gluten free and vegetarian. This isn't a cooking blog, but miscellaneous musings, photos, links to art exhibits in the Los Angeles area, etc. Rarely do I talk about food, but you never know ...

"Struck With An Axe"
M-Elle said…
Upon my diagnosis I was told that I could eat rice,anything and everything rice - I don't think so! With the help of the internet and GF bloggers I have found many different grains that are GF and delicious. I'm only just starting to experiment with my own recipes, but I love sharing my thoughts and ideas and, of course, my new finds. Cooking and UNCooking are my loves!
Clara said…
I blog Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Yeast, Walnut and Pork free!
Hi, I've just started blogging but would like to join in.

We're gluten free and casein free as I have coeliacs and my eldest child has autism. I'm still in the learning stages having just had the courage to abandon packet mixes, but am enjoying the adventure (and the improved health).

My blog is "Gluten's Arch Nemesis"

Angie said…
Thank you Karina, for the cupcake badge and your wonderful blog! Wow - I am new to blogging and the blogging world. Here is my site:

Recipes and guide to living gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. I am gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and yeast-free since 2005. My blog is 3 weeks old. I would greatly appreciate a link, and have added you to mine as well!
Katsby said…
I just started this blog, but I plan to continue with it. It's just a place for me to experiment with gluten free cupcake recipes/flavors/etc.

Simply Cupcakes
Katie said…
Hi! I'm Katie and I blog at Mamma of Many. I'm a VERY young mom to lots of kids. We've made the switch to gluten free living a few months ago and I blog "Gluten Free Friday" each week sharing things we learn along the way, great blogs I've found, new recipes and products we've tried and liked.
Celia C said…
Here's my new blog:

It's called Celiac Sprue: Diary of a Gluten Free Life

It used to be called "Lamenting Malasadas" because I do!

Some recipes, some emails from companies regarding their products. I'm especially struggling with cosmetics I've used all my life, so a bit on that.

Celia C
Emily said…
Hi Karina,

This is a wonderful idea!

I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac trying to figure out gluten free living while raising 2 kids and a husband!
Dana said…
HI Karina, thanks for providing such a cool resource!

i just moved back to my hometown of cleveland, ohio after spending four years in the gluten free friendly paradise of new york city. disappointed with the lack of information available, I'm trying to create a resource for cleveland celiacs with my blog.

so check it out, link back, and any advice or comments will always be appricated :)
Gwendolyn said…
Gluten-Free Gwen

This is my blog, I have celiac disease and PCOS and am trying to lose weight. I write about new foods and recipes I try and also about my daily adventures in this life.
H.Peter said…
I married a Celiac. Victoria opened a bakery in Canada. A great one to boot. I had to talk about it. How can I not?

See you all in Canada.
I have just started a blog about being Gluten Free in Raleigh, NC.

Please check out

to see my experiences with grocery stores, bars and restaurants in the Raleigh, NC area.

GF Raleigh
Sophie said…
I just found out I have a gluten intolerance, after years of wearing the "ibs" title. My blog started out very glutened (lol :) but now I'm gluten free (I just wrote my first gluten free post a few days ago) and I'm better than I was before :)!!! Look forward to baking and cooking up many gluten-free/low dairy treats that are healthy and tasty.
Erin said…
Me too. Finally. Thanks!

Adventures in ASD and gluten free, casein free living.
Jenny said…

Creative Cooking - Gluten Free Cooking, Baking and Living
I just started a blog with a focus on gluten-free and general homemaking information. A bit of other stuff is thrown in. I think this is a great idea.

The Gluten-Free Homemaker
Stephanie said…
I have 2 new blogs that are both GF:


So please add me :).

Hi from poohbear&pigletplod in New Zealand

This is mostly my online recipe book where I post the results of my experiments with Gluten Free coking. Sometimes there will be an update on my experience losing weight and gaining health with fast-5.
Anna said…
I've just recentely started my blog:

Since I went gluten-free half a year ago I've begun to enjoy cooking from scratch. I'm trying a lot of different things and will write about it on my blog!

Thanks Karina,

Gluten-Free Is Life

My blog is about living life gluten-free in a gluten-filled world. Both my son and I have to follow a gluten-free diet due to Celiac Disease.
trishtator said…
Karina, thanks for all your awesome information. My boyfriend is new to gluten free, and I have taken up gluten free cooking. In my blog I include favorite foods, restaurants (specific to Salt Lake City), recipes, and life.
Lauren Denneson said…
Wow! I didn't realize there were so many of us!! My blog's about gluten-free cooking with a healthy dose of information on nutrition, well-being, and thriving through whatever life throws at you.

Thanks! and best wishes!
Kim said…
Since Celiac Disease has come into our lives I have discovered that I love to cook (which turns out to be a necessity). Here is a glimpse into our lives, what we are discovering about gluten free (and dairy free) cooking and living green.
LCH said…

Shawn, who is recently diagnosed with gluten/caesin allergies, and Lorna, who can't have shellfish and nuts, blog about traveling, and learning to find ways to eat good food while doing it.
Crystal said…
Gluten-Free Hub

Thanks for your amazing recipes! I blog about original recipes and gf products I love, including the often confusing world of gf cosmetics.

Thanks again,
Nikki said…
I just added the cupcake link.
It talks about living gluten free on a budget.
Herbert said…
Nifty. I blog at Gluten free food and musings on food theory, history, and the Revolution.
Joi said…
I blog gluten free! Well, at least 90% of the time:
Just Saying No!

I'm currently healing from Candida Related Complex, and I have to stay away from yeast, sugar, high carbs and gluten! It's wild!
Gluten Free Gal said…
I am kind of new to blogging, I did some several months ago, but have promised to get better! I blog gluten free at:

And my title is Gluten Free Gal! :)

I am so glad that you are doing this, it's a great idea! :)
Another tasty idea from Karina.
Check out where I blog about being a lifestyle change coach who helps people like you move from the choices that are making you feel unhealthy and towards the allergy free, organic and eco-friendly choices that can make your feel great. You can find many resources in each area, gluten-free recipes and links to so much more. I believe it’s not just eating gluten-free but your whole lifestyle.
Leila said…
great idea. I also have a gluten free blog.

GF Steph said…
I love this! What a great idea! My blog is
Janet said…
This is such a GREAT idea! Like a webring from the old days. I am super recently diagnosed April 2008 and have been trying to adjust my life still.

I blog A LOT about dining out and adjusting for gluten free. Still working on recipes but they will appear... especially since I'm at high altitude and gluten-free high altitude baking is interesting to say the least!
Morgan said…
Hello! I love your blog and recently started my own (for college students) at
Karina I have so much appreciation and admiration from your blog. I'm a long time follower and new blogger myself.

Keep up the amazing blogging!

Amelia said…

I only really started my blog. I've been trying to be gluten free for about a year now, all while living on my college campus. I haven't any recipes yet, as I'm still exploring, but I write about my experiences here at school.
bunny said…
I was diagnosed this year with Celiac and then last week with pre-diabetes. I've been blogging for a while, but have started food-blogging on my site with my own recipes (lowish carb, GF). I put the first one up today!

Love your recipes!

I've loved your blog for a long time now!

Check out my new blog - Gluten Free LA.

A gluten free blog featuring naturally gluten-free recipes and restaurant/bakery reviews in the LA area. It's brand new, so keep checking back for more info and updates!

Saharawy said…

La Casa de Aughra (Aughra's Home)

Gluten-free Spanish blog. Recipes, notices, travels, hotels, associations and more. (Spain - Europe).
Jenny said…
I have just started a gluten free site it is
My daughter was diagnosed Aug.1, 2008. Just beginning our journey. Thanks for your wonderful site!
Erika said…
I'm a mother, teacher, celiac.
My blog is:
celine.mangel said…
Hi, please come and see my french blog:

It's a newly glutenfree recipes blog: cakes, breads, cupcakes...

I hope you'll add me to your friend list!

GlutenFree Girl!
Stacey said…
I started blogging about GF restaurant and product reviews for family and friends. I'm working on adding travel tips as well.

More Gluten Free Options
The Gluten-free 'Dish'

We eat gluten and casein-free.
Thanks for your example of delicious
gourmet gluten-free meals. Keep up the great work.
Nadine said…
Thanks for this great really helps us out with what took cook for our two autism spectrum boys..
I linked you up
caryn said…
Thanks Karina!
Great idea. We blog gluten and corn-free. We also write about nutritional information, parenting and educational issues, shopping guides, reviews of books and products, and Chicago-area events.
A.K. said…
I blog Gluten Free for Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond at Seek These Things: a blog discussing Celiac Disease, the Gluten Free Diet, Religion, Politics, Pets, Product Reviews, and the American Dream

I am a GF advocate with links to GF recipes on my site along with updated GF product info. I also dicuss social issues affecting Celiacs and their families.

Thank you for the cute button!
7thsage said…
I'm working on a gluten free cookbook, that I'll try to publish later. I'm focusing on simple recipes that we all miss, like appetizers that every restaurant has, or things we had when kids, the normal food, not the fancy chef stuff.

that being said, you can find me at
Celiac Queen said…
This is my first blog ever, but Karina you inspired me!!!
my site is

I talk about food, but I don't get into recipes much, if ever. I want to help raise awareness for Celiac, and support through the day to day life.

Love the button!
I blog for a small business, Triumph Dining, that makes products for people avoiding gluten. Our goal is basically to help people simplify their lives. It's so nice to meet others in the community... thanks, Karina, for this opportunity!

I have been living with Celiac's for about 20 years, and simply want to help those going through this transition, based on my many experiences. I post recipes, coupons, etc
VeggieGirl said…
Here's the description of my blog:

"The baking adventures, food, thoughts, and other tidbits of a young, high-raw, gluten-free vegan - welcome!"
Sybil Nassau said…
Check us out,http://, a south eastern Connecticut source of support for celiacs and gluten sensitive people. Karina, this latest link is a brilliant idea, we already have you as a link on our blog. Now help me create a gluten- free edition of the classic string bean casserole!
Sybil from Westbrook
Sarah said…
I am yet another gluten-free blogger here in the UK. It's a work in progress, is called "Sarah's Soul Food" and is found at

I'm hoping that it'll particularly be a resources for others in the UK as, unfortunately, we don't have the same availability of ingredients that you in the US do. Saying that, all readers from across the globe are very, very welcome.
Kirst said…
Great idea, great site!

My blog is two months old and looking at the celiac child, gluten free recipes etc, based on my nine year old son who was diagnosed with celiac disease this summer.
Genius! Thanks Karina.
Susie said…
Dear Karina,

Thank you for your website! My daughter was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and after much research, I've found that diet is the main course of action! We have always been a family that eats close to nature, i.e. organic, natural, home-cooked, etc., but since she has been in the Army for last 5+ years, and deployed to Iraq twice, she developed MS. So now, we are gluten free, dairy free, and legume free. We pretty much don't miss anything as I have adapted recipes to make our fave foods, but some items seem difficult to change over and that's where your website has come in!

So thank you, Karina! I appreciate your efforts and diligence in keeping it up!


Susie Faber
Bakersfield, CA
K. Horn said…
My blog is "Incredibly Edible"

As the name gives away, I'm a gluten intolerant food lover who is all about the surprisingly delcious foods you can eat while still being gluten-free (several are also Dairy free - as I'm also Lactose sensitive).
Steve said…

Steve's Cooking Journal

I've always liked to cook, and people seem to enjoy my food. I usually make things up off the top of my head and don't write down recipes, so this is for everyone that asks me how I make what I make. And, because I have celiac disease, everything on here is gluten free! Enjoy!
Ali said…
Wow, just scrolling down, I can't believe how many other GF bloggers there are! Fantastic! Just added the cupcake to our blog:

You can also visit us at

Husband, Tom, has been GF since 2004. Daughter, Grace was diagnosed in Feb. 2008 and hence the whole family is now GF. We wrote a cookbook a few years ago featuring over 200 gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes - The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook.

Happy Cooking! -Ali :)
beryl said…
Hello, you're blog is great! I'm a life-long celiac. You're one terrific mom to be such a champion.
My blog so far has had nothing about my gluten-free life, now maybe that will change a little. Thank you for providing this resource. Also, my son has Aspergers and he is ADHD. Thanks again. My blog is
Betsy said…
Anyone in Washington, DC?

Here's a blog for celiac foodies by celiac foodies:
Suzette said…
FINALLY, after years of being inspired by you, Karina, and so many other great GF bloggers ... I have started up my own blog.

The Naked Fork

The agonized musings of a foodie on the brink. Eating GF is not the only issue "on my plate," but one of many.

Karina, I'm proud to display your cupcake. :-)
ladybugsandbees said…

Organic ingredient and kid friendly recipes for the busy mom.
CDM said…
I am allergic to wheat. Several of my coworkers are GF, so I now am striving to bake GF for them. Under my profile are 3 links...

*What a Vegetarian eats-modifed recipes from my favorite chefs (vegetarian and wheat free-I am going back through them to make sure they are GF-be sure to check ingredient list)
*A Charmed Life-my random thoughts
*MyKeebys On vacation- a log of my travels
1ArtsyChick said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
I finally found the home of all these "I blog" gf cupcake buttons! :) Wow, I'm through maybe 20 links so far and found a few ones that really match my tastes! Thanks a tonne,
& can I be added to? :)
Strawberries Are Gluten Free
Michele said…
love the idea!
My blog is not 100% food blogging, its a combination of things. But it is lactose-free and gluten free, due to intolerances and endometriosis.

AJK said…
This is GREAT! I'll have to look through all those blogs! My blog is part Gluten/Allergy free cooking, Gardening/Growing own food and part Green Living.
Hello - what a fun idea! I would be honored to be on your blog roll!

Bowl of Soul Gal-
A Bowl of Soul warms your heart and reminds you to be thankful for the abundance in life - and it's gluten free! Enjoy my little life's journey and some tasty tid-bits along the way.
MarylandCeliac said…
Gluten free information, praise, and humor.
sweetraisin said…
Hi Karina

I blog gluten-free recipes and celebrating a gluten-free lifestyle. I also promote my own gluten-free flour blend, fish & chips mix, and cookbooks at

Thanks, SweetRaisin
Shirley said…
I just started my blog, GFE--Gluten Free Easily, at I believe in using real food to create satisfying meals. For the most part, I stay away from processed foods and specialty items. So, I am not just GF, I am GFE!
gfcanadian said…
I finally found where all the I blog gluten free cupcakes came from! I just started my blog in December 08, so it's very new. It's mostly focusing on being GF in Canada, as a young adult (just graduated university, working full time) and the challenges that come with that.
David H said…
Hi Karina,
I've just added the blog button and of course the return link to my blog.
Actually I'm in the process of copying all the info from my MSN Space (website) over to the new blog format.
Best Regards,
David H
Wendy said…
Hi! I have a pretty new blog, and I just recently made it public.
I use my blog to log my trials with recipes, products, restaurants, and any other gluten free experience. It also overflows into my interest in environmentalism. And my artwork.

Thanks for a place for all of us GF bloggers to congregate!
Anne said…
Thank you for the GF button, love your blog and recipes!
Carrie T said…
The Thrifty Oreganic

My aim is to demystify gluten-free food and share menu plans, recipes, and tips for encorporating the slow, traditional food lifestyle on a budget.

Thanks,and I will post a link to you and post your cupcake "sticker" too!

Rachel said…
Jenn said…
I've been GFCF for my kids now for a few months. I'm always looking for new recipes. My blog is for parents looking for coping and discipline strategies for their kids but I am trying to include some GFCF recipes when I can.
NaturallyGF207 said…
Was reading comments, & everyone sounds really darling! my blog was inspired by all y'all and started for my celiac sister...she wanted naturally gluten free recipes. and as i am more a microwaver than a cook, my blog is a recipe aggregate. i've only posted desserts so far, but i'm planning on expanding :)
Sarah said…
Hi Karina

my blog is

where I share recipes I use with my family in Skipton which are gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.

mb said…
My new GF Blog is

GF Road Warrior
. I've been gluten free for 3 years and travel most every week. I will be commenting on my experiences, frustrations, and who knows what else...
Mamaduso said…
I just started a gluten free diet and blog for my daughter. We are doing the elimination test first and my blog is to keep track of our journey. I will post recipes we like, and products we have tried and comment if they are good or yucky.

O.C.D. Princess said…
I have a new gluten free blog and I am based in Washington. I blog on gluten free living, recipes, and reviews of local and other GF products.

Gluten free O.C.D.
DD said…
Thanks for letting put up my link to We Dream of Toast Group on Vox:
Yay! I am a gluten-free blogger, as of last week. My little 2 1/2 year old just diagosed with CD.
I'm blogging Gluten free, Casein Free & limited soy. I'm blogging GF/CF in Canada & I love your site. Thanks for being such a great resource!
Emily said…
Hi there! I just started a blog called Celiac Underground, in which I want to focus mainly on cheap, easy and quick GF foods.

Jennie said…
My kids and I have been gluten-free for more than a year now with Celiac running in our family. My blog is not about our food journey - it is mostly about scrapbooking but you can easily get to know us through the pages. I would love to keep meeting new friends that are also going through the challenges of being gluten-free.

Thank you, Karina, for bringing so many together and for the (always!) awesome recipes :)
mommycrat said…
I blog about eating green on a budget, but because I'm gluten free, I usually post two versions of recipes for the gluten-y and the gluten free.
cinnamon said…
I post my recipes in a different versions: normal, gluten free and lactose free, may I add this picture anyway on my blog?
Gluten Free Encounters
A GF blog that reviews dining experiences. Please send your reviews to
I will do my best to contact the establishments for their response.

Thank you Karina for sharing your space with all of us. Your work and words are an inspiration!
Mamma Goof said…
Thanks for all your hard work! I love to browse the recipes and see all the fellow gluten free folk! I'm a new blogger but 3 of the 6 in our family have celiac disorder so I plan to blog about being a mamma and baking gluten free.
gfvegheads said…
Hi Karina & all -

Any gluten-free veg-heads out there?! I have started a blog for GF Vegetarians with an emphasis on ethnic cooking> When I'm not exploring recipes that use grains other than wheat, rye and barley, I'm trying to recreate the Greek goodies of my youth. Check it out!

Gluten-Free Veg-Heads Unite!
H.Peter said…
GF Patisserie is Calgary's only 100% gluten free bakery and here is the BLOG:

I linked you up already
Miss Aimee said…
I blog a gluten free(bc I am celiac)recipe every tuesday on my random little blog! come visit.
Rachel L said…
Thanks you for this: my blog is
its more about my life than eating GF, but being that I have Celiac Disease it is great to find this page as a resource!!!
Jenna said…
Hi Karina,

I am a blogging newbie as well. I was diagnosed with Celiac last year after suffering for 2 years.. Your site has literally saved me and brought my passion for food back to life! Thank you :) I have been GF and CF for just over a year. I am also mostly vegan (occasional fish).

I am blogging about my passion for good fresh food, my love for running, and finding a balance between the two. (I'm also training for my first half-marathon this year!)

Thank you for your beautiful site and delicious recipes!

richmomma said…
We cook gluten-free, kid-friendly meals, garden, live a frugal life, and try to eat in season.
Nancy Lapid said…
I'd like to add my site to your list:'s Celiac Disease, which provides helpful info to people with celiac disease (and their friends & family): symptoms and diagnosis, medical issues, how to be gluten free, news from the celiac community, and more -- all reviewed by's Medical Board.

Site address:

Nancy Lapid
Welcome to Gluten Free That's Me

This blog is dedicated to a gluten free life style.
Filled with helpful ways to experience great tasting food, with out feeling deprived.
recipes so good you want to eat them...
Erin said…
Oops, missed the description!
Ok, let's try that again...


I'm a 19-year-old GF, vegan blogger with a thirst for live, often cultured foods-bacterial or social! My blog is my recipe box and food journal, with as much advice and information as I can offer on making allergen-free living delicious.


By the way, you've got a great blog here, thanks for so much inspiration!
The SCD girl said…
Hi! My blog is gluten free, grain free, corn free, soy free, sugar free (I use honey sparingly). It covers the specific carbohydrate diet which is used for colitis, Crohn's, autism (my son has autism), and I am using it for my rheumatoid arthritis.

Thank you!
Helen H. David said…
I'm waiting on test results, but decided to go gluten-free no matter the results due to the physical things going on (peripheral neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis) just for the health benefits. It's a new blog as cooking gluten-free is new to me, but my blog is here: I love your blog, and will definintely be trying out some of your recipes!

Helen :)
JoAnn said…
My blog is about my (relatively new) gluten free lifestyle, gluten free menu plans and recipes, and miscellaneous commentary on my journey towards health.

P.S. I love your blog, Karina!
RissaRoo said…
Great idea! These Three Remain is weekly gluten free menus, recipes, photo recipes and gf resources. Plus a lot about faith, homeschooling, and raising 3 kids (one of whom is also gluten free)!
Laurie said…
Cabbagenets is an open letter to my family about what recipes I am using that are gluten free. Usually, the experiments are also soyfree, sometimes dairy free.

I also randomly talk about knitting.
DedEhkO said…
I'm just starting my own Blog...
I'm from Itajaí-SC Brazil...

And I'll post recipies and some of the life and options of my celiac life...

I'm getting a I blog gluten-free logo if you don't mind!!!

I loved the page
Tamara said…
Recipes and nutrition information from a celiac nutritionist and big fan of Karina.
Andree said…
Everyday, Gluten Free

Here I share what “Everyday” things I’ve figured out, searched for, realized through trial, error or oops! and all the things that we take for granted, with reason, when we don’t have to think about all the “what ifs” of special dietary needs. Just my take on raising a young Celiac child.

Andrée from Montréal, Qc
Kaitlyn said…
Hi Karina! I just satrted my own gluten free blog...
2 blogs for gluten-free cooking & baking for 2 people, 4 people or a crowd. Most recipes are vegetarian.
Valéria said…
Great blog!!!!
I started with the glutten-free idea for my cooking a few months ago. I am still working on it. I feel great. POLENTA for BREAKFAST, LUNCH or DINNER. Good in every one of them.
My blog:
Thanks for the GLUTTEN-FREE ideas!!!!
Margery Thomas said…
I am new to blogging, but as a certified clinical nutritionist, I have been studying and living gluten free for 32 years. Your site is fabulous and I don't want to do recipes on my site, so there will simply be a link to yours!!
Zach said…
Please check out my Blog called The Gluten Free City Guide at I am trying to organize people who blog about being GF in a particular city as well as celiac support group web sites. Please email me if you would like to be added. I've got over 160 cities already added.
Nejla Routsong said…
Our blog is We focus on health and wellness, and to me that means being gluten-free!

Hey Karina, added your link to my new GF & allergy blog: Gluten Free Kitchen Witch. :)

glutenfreegirl said…
Just found your blog! EXCELLENT! :)

I just created the blog for my local CSA group (2 years late I must admit!)

Thanks! :)
Nancy Lea said…
Daisy's Diary

Devoted to gardening, Gluten-free living and cooking and miscellany..not necessarily in that order.
Débora Pusebon said…
hello karina! i´m writing my blog (in portuguese) since i discovered friends with the same diet as me, with the intention to tell what i´m passing throug.
Vicki said…
I blog what I feed my newly diagnosed GF daughter.
brazen's crafts said…
does it need to be totally GF? mine is mostly :)
Katrina said…
This GF food bloggers list is brilliant!
My blog is devoted to eating gluten free while traveling across America. I explore quick and easy travel friendly meals, Celiac "safe" restaurant options, and little tips and tidbits I discover along the way.
Z said…
Gluten-Free From A to Z!

Daily reviews of gluten-free products, recipes, and restaurants to make it easier for you to live - and eat! - gluten-free!
Amanda on Maui said…
Gluten-Free Maui

Eating gluten-free on a rock in the sea

This is my blog on things that deal with food in my life here on Maui. I am gluten-free, and mostly dairy free. I'll post book reviews, food reviews, product reviews, restaurant reviews, recipes, and personal journey stuff related to food and nutrition. I also consider myself the gluten-free welcome wagon of Maui.
Sistertex said…
Celiacs are Spacial too. 100% Gluten Free in Minneapolis/St. Paul. (Even the Greyhounds)

Thanks Karina!
Sistertex said…
Been trying to add the 'I blog gluten free' badge (or button) to my blog for a while now and am getting pretty frustrated. Any change I could get the code and some instructions?
Thanks so much!
ceilithe said…
Thanks for collecting all these fun, brilliant, didactic gluten-free blogs on one page!! And thanks for giving us the "I blog gluten-free" buttons to use :)
My blog's at
Madison said…
Better late than never, here's my blog:
kristen said…
I am a Natural Gourmet Institute Graduate who has stumbled into gluten free cooking and baking. My blog is a light hearted source for recipes using the most natural ingredients.
Mercedes said…
I really enjoy your blog. Would love it if anyone is intereted in my blog:
Stephen said…
I'm a gluten free blogger dedicated to eating Gluten Free in Los Angeles!
Meredith said…
In college my friends gave me the nickname Betty Crocker because I was always baking. Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005, I've reinvented my name - Gluten Free Betty. I cook and bake so that I don't have to live without and I blog about the recipes that make my life taste good again!
Jeanine said…
What a wonderful idea!
I have been blogging for just over a year, but have now gone totally gluten-free with it. Gluten-free recipes for everyday living can be found at :)
Cinde said…
Please visit my GF Blog:

"Gluten Free Taste of Home"

I am bringing Gluten free comfort food recipes from my country kitchen to yours. I have learned so much from others in the GF blogging community, it's time for me to give now.

Grace said…

To provide friendship, encouragement, and advice that has been tried and proven to those suffering from Celiac Spru, gluten-sensitivities, or wheat allergies.
reynia said…

Just started a blog in the UK about gluten free, wheat free and dairy free food that is available in supermarkets.

A link would be much appreciated and I will put yours on:
Wow, this is a fabulous idea! You are such an inspiration to us...I just started blogging about my GFV life....L~
GFPhilly said…

Blogging about restaurants, products and events in the Delaware Valley
Simran said…
Awesome idea Karina! I have added the cupcake and a link in my blog list as well to your kitchen on my new blog -

I plan on adding recipes to the book reviews and articles that are already posted. Thanks!
Paula said…
I'm gluten free now, as I have fructose malabsorption. I'm thrilled to find so many people with ideas for recipes! My blog tends to follow my journey of being a retreat leader, but I include all sorts of things. Gluten free is part of my life now, so it will be on my blog :)
Kim said…
I love this idea Karina, and it's about time I get a button for my blog!

Affairs of Living -
Gluten-free, allergy-friendly, whole foods recipes. Features recipes free of most major allergens, some vegan and vegetarian recipes, and tips for healthy living and natural healing.

Hope to see you swing by the blog. :) Kim
Amanda said…
We're blogging Gluten Free at
betts4 said…
We blog gluten free at "A Drop in the Bucket"

I blog to share. I am a Celiac so a lot of what I share is about being gluten free. Reviews, Recipes, everyday things, my photography & more.
Cinde said…
Please visit my new blog: "Gluten Free Taste of Home."

"Gluten free vegetarian comfort food recipes from my country kitchen to yours."
Gluten free in wichita...
Bec said…

Livin' & Lovin' Gluten Free is a blog dedicated to GF resources found in Northern Illinois as well as blogs I've found extremely helpful in my transition to a gluten free lifestyle. Thanks Karina!
Sonia said…
Started collecting all my recipes and such in one place!

The Harp Lounge.
gustoso said…
Hi Karina - I've only just gone gluten free (among a list of other things) - but some of my previous posts have gluten. Would that still be ok?
Janelle said…
I started blogging so my girls would have access to my recipes. I am slowly getting them added, take a look if you like to cook!
Nepacena said…

I was recently diagnosed with a gluten and corn allergy. I love food, cooking and recipes and enjoy sharing resources and stories with other GF friends.
Mrs. Ed said…
All of my own recipes are Gluten Free and Bakers Yeast Free. Also lots of SCD recipes. When doing research for my son with autism I found so much stuff that also would help with many autoimmune issues for the rest of us. I am slowely getting the research online
L3MON said…
"Lemon Gohan"
a gluten-free blog about what we eat every day
(Japanese version)
David M Cain said…
Gluten and Lectin Free Blog!!
lifesdelights said…
I just started blogging, but it is gluten-free.

Life's Delights
I have moved my blog to a new platform so I can be more creative. The new url is

Hope everyone can still find me! Your cupcake button made the move with me. Hope your move to Santa Monica goes well.
Wendy said…
I want to thank you for such a wide range of recipes.

Please add me to your list.
Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog

My blog is brand new and I am just learning how to do what it takes to make it work.
I'm a licensed social worker with Celiac Disease and multiple food sensitivities. My blog, The Food Allergy Coach, provides tips, recipes, product reviews, and support so that people with food challenges can live a full life.
I blog about my random gluten free baking attempts and cake decorating.

Without Adornment
Danielle said…
Karina - Thanks for a great resource!

I'm just starting my own Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Meat-Free, Grain-Free, Sugar-Free blog called, not surprisingly, The No Food Diet, at:

jenskitchen said…
Leave your blog address, title, and a two-sentence description of your blog in the Readers Comments below.

Jen's Kitchen

I'm learning how to cook gluten-free, while learning how to cook in general. With my two young sous-chefs, I'm creating healthy, family-friendly, gluten-free food for us.
LucindaSarina said…

Thoughts, advice, and gluten-free recipes from a weight loss counselor who's working on taking the 'hate' out of a love/hate relationship with food
Colure said…
I just stumbled upon your blog, and it's fantastic! Such a great resource for someone, like myself, who has recently had to go GF :D

I'll be linking to your blog on my blogroll...

And although I'm new to gluten-free cooking and living, I will now be focusing on it greatly, in life and in my blogging here:

Sarah said…
I'm a Catholic Homeschooler who blogs gluten-free!
Amanda on Maui said…
I have now moved to:

Gluten-Free Maui

Eating gluten-free on a rock in the sea

This is my blog on things that deal with food in my life here on Maui. I am gluten-free, and mostly dairy free. I'll post book reviews, food reviews, product reviews, restaurant reviews, recipes, and personal journey stuff related to food and nutrition. I also consider myself the gluten-free welcome wagon of Maui.
GlutenFreeChels said…

A gluten free girl in college who loves to cook.
I posted the button eons ago but just figure out how to link it back to this post. Thanks for your patience :)
Jessie at Blog Schmog I blog about life as a self proclaimed terrible cook, mom of 4 kids, eating gluten free on a budget and always having too much fun on my "anti-blog"
mom2ivy said…
My blog focuses on allergy free products, recipes and reviews. It is not only gluten free, but does contain gluten free products.
I've been gluten-free for two years, but I'm just starting to get the real hang of it. Cooking has never been my speed, so when I had to start, let's just say it's been a slow process... a fairly bland one until lately! My blog is new and about my adventures and epiphanies along the way :) GGFGF:
bezajel said…
Hi! My blog, Good Eating in NZ, is at:

It's about gluten free vegetarian eating in New Zealand!
I'm just starting this blog. Be patient as I get the recipes up! I have a lot of them!
Casey said…
Hi! My blog is about my journeys as a 23 year old living in New York and trying to maintain a normal lifestyle despite my dietary restrictions. I add recipes, tips, restaurant guides and more daily in hopes to help other celiacs!
Laura said…
I'm so excited to be joining thi amazing group! I just recently began blogging about gluten-free baking... cakes and cupcakes specifically! I can't wait to put up my new badge.
Hello from Bainbridge Island, WA. I started Gluten Free Foodies, support group. We get together for monthly gatherings to chat, exchange ideas,recipes and to celebrate the foods that we can eat! check us out at
Sidnee said…
Hi! I'm not a blogger but I am trying to start a group on yahoo (similar to one that already exists in a different region) for Southern California people and anyone else that would like to obtain information. Below is the "mission."

A group based in Southern California that supports and provides information for people that live a gluten free lifestyle due to allergies or personal choice. The mission is to provide a concise, centralized list of restaurants by location, information on products, and links to valuable resources all maintained by its members.

If you are interested the group is on yahoo as Gluten Free Is the Way to Be. Please be aware that it is a work in progress and I would greatly appreciate help.
gies said…
I've only just started a blog so has three posts so far but counting. The url is

The blog is to document my vegan and gluten-free culinary experiments. With recipes,images and information.

Everything is gluten-free and vegan.

Thanks for creating this resource, its a brilliant idea, will be really helpful to me and lots of others I am sure.
Also, I added your site to my links, hope that is ok too, your recipes are lovely.
Lia said…
Gluten Free Blogger checking in!

My blog is

It has recipes, reviews and lots of pictures! Please read!
muffins said…
I have a homemade pizza blog and I'm including gluten free pizza base recipes. Once you have the GF base made, you should be able to use any of my topping recipes!
samandlukesmom said…
Hi! My blog is called "Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom" at

My blog is really just a hodge- podge collection of information on Celiac disease, the gluten-free lifestyle, product reviews, restaurant reviews, recipe makeovers, etc. I have had many friends from across the country ask me about the gluten-free lifestyle as their children, friends, etc. get diagnosed and prescribed the gluten free diet so instead of addressing them each individually, I have a central spot that people can go to for information!

Thanks Karina, I LOVE your website!

All the best,
Theresa said…
Hi, you can add my blog to the list!

I'm from New Zealand, have been gluten free for about seven months now and I'm trying to enjoy it, you know, you get the highs and lows.
I've been reading your blog for awhile now and really love it, thanks for writing!
Gluten Free said…
I recently decided to document my celiac journey via a blog on my site,

A New York Celiac continues his journey to gluten free fabulousness.

Hope you enjoy,
GF Mike
Gluten Free said…
Hi Karina,

My previous submission had an incorrect link, it should read:

Left out the html bit. Apologies.

GF Mike
flying hawk said…
Hi, this is such a good idea! I'm marzia, Italian, lover of Japanese cuisine and gluten-free cooker/bento lover + cats, sewing and knitting
Can Eat! said…
I blog Gluten Free! Check me out at: :)
Jas. said…
Just one Gluten Free Scallywag changing the way people think of Gluten Free cooking one (usually sweet) recipe at a time!

You're already on the links list dah-ling!
Keep Smiling :)

H. said…
great idea!

my blog is is a resource of all things gluten-free and generally healthy!
JES said…
My blog is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian. You can reach it here:

I focus on exotic foods and ingredients, with an occasional American dish reworked to fit the above needs.

Bex said…
I've recently discovered a long list of allergies have started Questing Cupcakes to document things along the way. Included are GF/CF, Corn Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free recipes among other things. :)
Bex said…
I'm such a spaz. the address for questing cupcakes is:
thedallasceliac said…
Great idea!
The Dallas Celiac
I am so excited!

I write about recipes that work for us and the biomedical things we are trying with our autistic and neuro-typical children.
Sarah said…
Great idea!

My blog is The Cookie Conundrum.
1) It is all about baking.
2) Everything is vegan and gluten-free!

You are on my side-bar. I would love to display a badge!

Thank you so much for this,
Michelle said…
It's so great to see so many GF blogs - thanks for doing this! I, too, would like to add mine to the list. I do GF restaurant reviews in the Denver area, and my site is: