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New Mexico snow.

Winter Near Taos

Life in New Mexico has been quite the adventure this past week, Dear Reader, with record-breaking snowfall measured in feet rather than the usual sparse and crystalline inch. Alex and his girlfriend arrived safely at Albuquerque International Sunport in the thick of it [one of the last flights in before flights were grounded left and right].

Driving south on icy highways through blizzard-like visibility to fetch them, we nearly ended up in a ditch south of Santa Fe. It was one of those out-of-body-holy-shit moments as we skidded and fishtailed in eery slow motion, high-beams bearing down on us alarmingly fast. 

How the truck missed us, I still don’t know.

With driving conditions impossible that first night we ended up staying over in Albuquerque, unprepared for an overnight [no toothbrush, change of clothes, or gluten-free snacks in sight]. The next morning, driving was still grim. Thanks to pal Joey’s expertise we were able to get two rooms in a brand new Hilton hotel in downtown Albuquerque to wait out the rest of the storm. On the way we popped in to an eerily vacant Wild Oats for a few gluten-free edibles.

Driving home three days later was easier, yet chilling, as we passed two dozen cars still stranded off-road in various ditches and snow banks. It took us six tries [at a running and gunning start] to climb the winding snow-packed road to our casita. Note to self – a Honda Fit does not perform in snow. Now I know why native New Mexicans all drive pick-up trucks.

The week with Alex was fun – albeit rather snow-bound. There were plenty of pinon fires in the kiva, books to read and movies to discuss. There was Scrabble, a convivial evening with Joey and Will [four-wheel drive vehicle owners] and lots to eat - enchiladas, quesadillas, chocolate chip bars, spicy glazed turkey meatloaf, penne with roasted peppers and [turkey] meatballs, blue corn chips and jalapeno-lime salsa, popcorn and root beer floats, and a fudgy new flourless chocolate cake - find the recipe here.

xox Karina


Robin said...

Hi Karina,

I visit your site often! Thank you for it!! A little about me. My children were all diagnosed with Celiacs about 2 months ago. I tested negative but have had the same symptoms as them that are now gone when eating a gf diet! My doctor said that I can still carry the cell or something that causes gluten intolerance. I don't know all I do know is that I feel better and am losing weight although I am pregnant!

Anyway, I am really at a loss. I am getting overwhelmed at the cost and the amount of things we can not eat. My husband is not celiac or gluten intolerant but has decided to go gf with us to make life easier on me. What kind of advice or helps or books would you suggest? I have tried many mixes from Bob's Red Mill, Gluten Free Pantry, and Pamela's. I have liked all I have tried so far. My kids are NOT picky at all and eat anything I give them. They love rice and beans and their veggies, especially salads. They also seem to have a problem with dairy, me too!

Really any kind of help or advice would be great. I am going to get the bread maker. I am going to beg my hubby when he comes home!!

Thank you very much!!

Karina said...

Hi Robin!

I would suggest going slow at first, and sticking to naturally gluten-free whole foods. Rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, chicken and fish are all naturally gluten-free when they are free from seasonings or flavorings that might contain gluten.

Peruse my posts about starting out - located on the left - under the heading, "If Ya Gotta Be Gluten Free...". There you will find concrete ideas and info.

As for books - I might suggest visiting Amazon and reading the reviews of various books. Anything by Dana Korn would be helpful for tips on raising a gluten free family.

The Internet is a fab resource, as well. Check out my links, also to the left.

There are lots of yummy recipes here - check out my categories to the left, under Labels.

Good luck!

Kalyn said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound. Must have been scary. I remember when my parents lived in Albuquerque, they would close the schools if there was an inch of snow, so this must have sent the natives into a tailspin.

BTW, congratulations on being a finalist for the Food Blog Awards. Well deserved!

Alanna said...

My oh my! What a story! Glad all's well. And warm.

Alexander said...

Hey! Don't forget the banana cornbread! Man, that was mighty excellent. Panini's too.

Jess says hello.

"Bear suits are funny, and bears as well." [Christopher Walken]

Kathy said...

What an experience you had! Sounds scary! I'm glad you made it safely back home.

P.S. I voted for your blog as best food blog. Hope you win!


gaile said...

Yay, so glad to see you back safe and sound. It sounds like a wonderful break!

GrewUpRural said...

That snowstorm makes the ones up here in New England seem like nothing.

Karina said...

Kalyn! Yes, it was literally tailspin time here. Yikes.

Thanks for the kudos. Right back atcha, Darling. Congrats on your finalist standing, too!

Thanks, Alanna!

Alexander! Heya. Right. That banana cornbread *was* pretty darn tasty. Hi back to Jessica! [Frankestein doesn't scare me. Marsupials do. ~CW]

Hey Kathy! Thanks! And muchas gracias! :-)

Hi Gaile! It was fun to have Alex and jess here. Wish we could have explored more.

GrewUp Rural~ yeah. This was a big one. And unusual [from what they tell me]. Crazy.

looney said...

Hi Karina-
Glad y'all made it home safe and sound. It sounds like it was a fabulous get-together and hopefully there will be recipes soon.
BTW, the photo of the chiles against the snow is beautiful. Love it! Looneyartchick

Country Mouse said...

Okay, the world really is turning upside down. We should be buried where I live and haven't seen a flake yet -- and its snowing in NM? I'll bet its pretty though, in a surreal sort of way.

I read your blogs every week, both for the gluten free delights and the extraordinary sights and reports of NM, the state of my soul. I hope to be out there some day, myself.

Katie said...

Happy new year!
Thank you so much for your blog. Your recipes are wholesome, lively and inspiring. Though I am a vegetarian by choice and not gluten intolerant I love your wide range of tastes and have become hooked on the twists and turns of your recipes. I loved the savory African Soup and the cumin and lime zest of the Spaghetti Squash. I had never "zested" before. I feel like you have helped me expand my foodie experience and now feel more confident with using spice.

Thanks and keep up your wonderful blog...


SusanV said...

I know it must have been a pain, but that snow sure makes a pretty picture!

Vanessa (of vanesscipes) said...

Hey Karina- an eerie moment indeed. seems so incongruent with that beautiful, peaceful photo you posted! i hope the rest of your week was more like the photo and that you had a chance to reflect.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on blogging about the other recipes? I'm especially interested in the spicy glazed turkey meatloaf and the meatballs?


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