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Roasted Red, Gold & Blue Potatoes

Roasted potato wedges make a tasty side dish.

Mornings have been bone-chilling frigid. The distant mountain peaks are snow capped, almost mystical against the deep-sea sky. The mesa behind us is still frosted white on the shadow side. Coyote tracks zigzag through the junipers. Yesterday, I watched a jackrabbit sprint across the western slope below our casita, his desert brown camouflage useless against the snow. I shivered and hustled to the kitchen to slice up potatoes.

Trader Joe's in Santa Fe had some of those trendy heirloom tri-colored potatoes this week, the sweetest little gems in purple-blue, red and gold. So, of course, Darling, we had to snag a bag to bring back home. We were both craving comfort food. 

Naturally gluten-free roasted potatoes.

Sea Salt Roasted Blue, Red and Gold Potatoes

Comfort food doesn't get any easier. This is fast food at its best.


A bag of tri-colored potatoes
Good extra virgin olive oil
Sea Salt


Slice and toss smallish blue, red and gold potatoes in some tasty extra virgin olive oil.

Pour them into a roasting pan and arrange the potatoes into a single layer.

Roast until they turn crispy and tender. We stirred them half way through baking time, to make sure each slice was happy and golden. It took, maybe, 30-45 minutes at 375ยบ F. [Remember, we're at high altitude - cooking time for you might vary.]

Season with sea salt.


How did the blue potatoes taste? Different (which did surprise us) and quite delicious. We both loved the more intense root taste. All three colors were sweet and almost buttery. Melt-in-your-mouth winter comfort.

And the best part? Naturally gluten-free.

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