Roasted Red, Gold & Blue Potatoes

Roasted potato wedges make a tasty side dish.

Mornings have been bone-chilling frigid. The distant mountain peaks are snow capped, almost mystical against the deep-sea sky. The mesa behind us is still frosted white on the shadow side. Coyote tracks zigzag through the junipers. Yesterday, I watched a jackrabbit sprint across the western slope below our casita, his desert brown camouflage useless against the snow. I shivered and hustled to the kitchen to slice up potatoes.

Trader Joe's in Santa Fe had some of those trendy heirloom tri-colored potatoes this week, the sweetest little gems in purple-blue, red and gold. So, of course, Darling, we had to snag a bag to bring back home. We were both craving comfort food. 

Naturally gluten-free roasted potatoes.

Sea Salt Roasted Blue, Red and Gold Potatoes

Comfort food doesn't get any easier. This is fast food at its best.


A bag of tri-colored potatoes
Good extra virgin olive oil
Sea Salt


Slice and toss smallish blue, red and gold potatoes in some tasty extra virgin olive oil.

Pour them into a roasting pan and arrange the potatoes into a single layer.

Roast until they turn crispy and tender. We stirred them half way through baking time, to make sure each slice was happy and golden. It took, maybe, 30-45 minutes at 375ยบ F. [Remember, we're at high altitude - cooking time for you might vary.]

Season with sea salt.


How did the blue potatoes taste? Different (which did surprise us) and quite delicious. We both loved the more intense root taste. All three colors were sweet and almost buttery. Melt-in-your-mouth winter comfort.

And the best part? Naturally gluten-free.

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ilva said...

Potatoes must be one of the best soul foods that there is, at least for my soul! this looks so good karina!

Catherine said...

I love these tricolor bags too. Good idea to roast them. I find the purple ones get muted with boiling.

Lynn Barry said...

The potatoes look beautiful. I have had blue potato chips when flying JET BLUE but never had them roasted. Look yummy!

I am going next to order my tee shirt from your cafe. I finally grabbed the debit card from hubby and can place my order.
Hot damn!

Debra said...


One of the things I absolutely admire about your blog are your food photos, they're mouthwatering. I've been trying to add food photos to my own website but they don't turn out as good as yours. Do you use special lighting? I don't want you to give away any secrets, but the flash on my digital camera is just not enough.

Lynn Barry said...

Order made...can' t wait to get my bad ass GF tee shirt...

sher said...

My eyes lit up as soon as I saw your pictures. What a treat to be served that! It's beautiful--and it's potatoes! 'Nuff said!

Karina said...

Thanks, Ilva! Yes - soul food, indeed.

Hi Catherine! Good to know - about the boiling thing. Thanks!

Hey Lynn! Blue potato chips - how cool is that? I love New Mexican blue corn chips, but I haven't tried blue potato chips. I just may have to make some...

Hi Debra ~ Actually, my trick is NOT to use a flash. It deadens the subject and flattens the surface.

I like to use ambient natural light. I place my food next to a light source - windows work well - or in the winter when days are short I use an artificial light source [the potatoes were shot on my kitchen counter next to the stove to capture the stove light]. I try to use side lighting rather than top lighting - it adds more depth.

Artificial light tints the photos either yellow [from incandescent bulbs] or green [flourescent], so you usually have to adjust the color balance in a photo/graphics program. I use Photo Shop to do this.

You can purchase color balanced professional photo lights, of course, and even set up a mini-studio [several bloggers do this, including Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen, Alanna from Veggie Venture and Susan at Fatfree Vegan]. There are posts throughout the food blogosphere on how to do this. Kalyn has a link on her blog to a complete mini-studio set-up. [Check out these bloggers in my blogroll links to the left.] Good luck and have fun!

Hey Again, Lynn! Cool. I'm stoked!

Mike Eberhart said...

I love those many varieties of potatoes. I actually own a cookbook called, simply "Potato", and it has so many wonderful dishes and opens with a chapter all about the many types. The pictures make them look as good as they taste. Nice job!

Janelle said...

I am in love with roasted veggies! These potats are a huge hit with the family: nice pic!

Brilynn said...

Those are amazing! I want some. I wouldn't have thought they'd actually have a different flavour, it makes me want them even more.

Angel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! THANK GOD THERE'S YOU! You make gf beautiful and fun. In a perfect world, you would be my friend and chef. I even want to buy a little painting?!!! How would I do that?

(I diagnosed my best friend after I was diagnosed -- we used to share "tired" stories! -- she loves you too! - we are both blood and biopsy positive)

I have been diagnosed a year and what would I do without you? I refer you to friends on my diet website: I'm Dotslady -- trying to spread the celiac/gluten sensitivity word to a world of undiagnosed depressed people (and all those other symptoms). It's hard work! They can't wrap their minds around the concept I think.

TAKE CARE wonderful gf goddess.



Karina said...

Hey, Mike - Thanks!

Janelle~ Me too. LOVE roasted veggies. And you can't get much simpler. So easy!

Hi BriLynn! They are different - in a subtle way. More earthy buttery flavor (at least when roasted).

Dear Angel~ Wow. I am honored. Thank you for your kind words. You made my day! Be well and be delicious.


Lisa said...

Hi Karina,

I want you to know how much I enjoy and am thoroughly nurtured by your site and everything you post on it. It has been such a tremendous help to me having recently been diagnosed as having a gluten intolerance. Your site is a warm and welcoming place to be compared to the clinics I find everywhere else on the net.
Being gluten free is much easier now but I still come back to you regularly.

Love love love it.

I wish you continued good health and happiness.


Mallugirl said...

Congrats on being nearly the best food blog. I had hope u would win. Love the tricolor potatoes.i hav enot yet tried blue potatoes so thats next on my agenda.

Anonymous said...

I made a version of this recipe for lunch today - using a peeled medium garnett sweet potato, lots of salt (I am craving salt for my cold), a bit of pepper, and EVOO. Since I only had a small amount to roast, I put them in the toaster oven on a homemade foil roasting pan. They turned out great - not too oily, sweet, light, healthy, and salty - almost candied without being heavy or sickeningly sweet. This way of making sweet potato is sure a winner! And cleanup, thanks to the disposal for the peels and my foil sheet, was done in a snap. Yay!

Karina said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you for your kind words! Come back often.

Hey Mallugirl - They are yummy! :-)

Hola, Anon! I love foil-packet cuisine. And these are potatoes are amazing. We made them again last night. Pure comfort food.


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