Quick & Easy Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Quick + Easy Garlic Shrimp Pizza

One of the first foods folks miss on a gluten free diet is pizza. And one of the hardest doughs to recreate without gluten is pizza dough. There is no true substitute for the elasticity that gluten imparts to a wheat based dough. You can use a blend of alternative flours to make a thick, batter-like dough, but the truth is it will never be stretchy and tossable, like a classic hand tossed pizza shell. Sticky, yeah. Yeasty? You can capture the yeast-bread flavor. But a malleable dough you can knead? And stretch on a pizza stone? 


One of my goals has been to create a gluten free pizza shell I can live with (even if I can't toss it). But in the meantime I found a decent- albeit small- individual frozen pizza shell by Kinnickkinnick that isn't half bad. Foodie snobbism aside for a minute, frozen pizza shells are awfully handy in a pinch- especially on those nights when you're too tired to cook (because you've been working or blogging or generally stirring up trouble).

The Kinnickkinnick crust is slightly sweet but it browns up nicely- especially if you brush it with olive oil and pre-bake it for a few minutes. I baked it for seven minutes before I added toppings; then baked it again until the cheese melted.

These shells can be topped with your favorite goodies and seasonings and baked in the time it takes Domino's to come knocking.

What we did: 

A pre-baked Kinnickkinnick crust (see above for pre-baking hint) is brushed with olive oil and topped with slices of garlic marinated mozzarella, yellow heirloom tomatoes, minced basil, and wild shrimp briefly stir-fried in chopped garlic and olive oil.

Bake the pizza until the cheese melts and the shell is golden brown around the edges.

That's it. There really is no recipe.

Use what you have on hand and improvise. Improvisation makes the best pizza, anyway.

We washed it down with glasses of crisp and peachy Johannesburg Riesling; and walked down the arroyo to watch the sunset.

Not bad.


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