Every day is a winding road...

The view toward Abiquiu.

The house deal fell apart due to a particularly sticky wicket of disclosure. A long neglected well contaminated with fecal bacteria started the oozing slide into disaster. Not to mention the fantastical estimate to fix the invisible enemy.

And then there was the former semi-owner cum neighbor [possessed by her own dark brew of ancient familial entitlement and alcohol infused paranoia] who wielded her pork-greased pans and patchy dogs and shotgun, and controlled the gates of the irrigation ditches with grim satisfaction and a smile the color of tobacco. Her warnings and stories of feuds with every neighbor were shouted along a sudden rising wind that lifted my jean jacket like wings under a sky that turned as dark as the shadow beneath a priest's mud spattered vestments. Maleleche, I thought as I listened to her words. 

No milagros and bean fields here.

So the search begins again. And I for one am glad. A month of dreaming in one direction has eclipsed other avenues. So I pay attention now as a big striped butterfly arcs above me in the middle of a traffic jam on six-laned Cerrillos. Orange against a bright cloudless sky. And I turn to my husband and ask, Did you see that? See what? he asks, dreaming his own dreams of where to navigate next. And I say only, The sign.

We're going to be all right, I murmur to the beat of a Coldplay song. And we turn at the light to go look at an apartment to rent in the Santa Fe hills.


  1. Anonymous17:43

    Damn, you like Coldplay.

    Which song does it for you?

    Best of luck for the horizon. All SHALL be well.

    ~ Mare

  2. I am sorry it didn't work out. But from the sounds of things, things can only get better from hereon in. I wish you luck.


  3. beatufilly worded. I am glad you found out with time to fly freely.

  4. It is better to pay attention to the signs before making a decision instead of trying to decipher them to figure out what went wrong.

  5. Oh, Karina! Your attitude is inspiring...I'll be hoping that the right house grabs both of you. Here's to clear signs and a happy stop on that winding path (and of course, good food along the way :)

  6. Hi Karina,

    Hold our for your dream!

  7. Hello Karri

    The failure to close on that property may be a blessing. Everything happens for a reason and something better may be just around the corner

    Hope you find something new and exciting real soon


  8. I'm sorry to hear about the deal falling apart. Everything happens for a reason though, right? Good luck house hunting.

  9. Oh, crap. You have such an inspiring attitude; I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you had originally hoped, but as you say, this will open up new avenues for you, and you will find one even better. Good luck!

  10. Yeah, what they all said! Here's to finding a house where fecal matter doesn't enter the picture.

  11. I'm so sorry it didn't work out--but that wasn't the house you're supposed to make your home. Your true home is out there waiting for you. I'm glad you are good with this. Your spirit is in a beautiful place right now.

  12. Sorry to hear it, but it will all work out, I just know. Just keep going with the adventure of it all. BTW, I featured your cookbook in a recipe on my blog for WCC, curried deviled eggs. Very yum.

  13. I'm SO glad you found out about the well disaster BEFORE you moved in.

    Good luck on the continued house search . . .

  14. Hi Karina, Having just celebrated the one year anniversary of the purchase of our house June 21st, and spending a year making it home, (it seems like a miracle now...) I can tell you that your creative juices are going to be welling up and spilling out in surprising, and wonderful new ways. Soon.

    I LOVE your meals! And your poetry and your observations about people and the roles we find ourselves in. We made the Santa Fe Huevos on Polenta for dinner tonight, and had Banana Cake for desert with a goat cheese, honey and orange marmelade frosting. Thank you so much for your posts about your life process and the gifts of your food. Jolene