Ten Things You Never Knew About Me

My new comfort food. No, I'm not kidding.

Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen tagged me for a meme - my first. Hmmm...where to start?

Ten Things You Never Knew About Me

1. My favorite comfort food is peanut butter schmeared on a slice of hot buttered rye toast. Since going gluten free, I've had to settle for peanut butter on a rice cake. I know, I know. I hear many readers thinking, Make gluten free toast. Duh! And I could do that. I even have, on occasion, baked a gluten free bread. But then there were all those sawdust doorstops and hockey pucks that only made me even sadder- and need comfort food even more. Letting go seemed the Zen thing to do.

It takes more than courage to bake gluten free. It takes a strong ego. Because it's not for the faint of heart. Especially if you are also dairy-free and egg-free. Oy.

Or maybe it's all about desire. Maybe if I truly wanted bread again I'd somehow make it happen. Maybe I lack fire. Maybe my passion for sourdough and rye toast was only a crush, not a life-long commitment; because I haven't been courting or chasing the elusive bread replacement. Not with enthusiasm, anyway.

Edit: Years pass. Times change. New flours become available. I now have my toast back. My new delicious gluten-free bread recipe. My ryeless rye bread recipe and my favorite multigrain gluten-free sandwich bread recipe.) Yayness.

2. I was an extra in All The President's Men. I only got to lock eyes with Mr. Redford for maybe three seconds. But as three seconds go? Not too shabby.

3. I don't often wear shoes. Unlike many women- who apparently have a deep and penetrating love of ridiculously expensive, impossible to run in ho-heels, I prefer to go barefoot. Although I do own several one pair of $2.99 jelly flip-flops. And Rocket Dogs. UGGS. Does that count? Okay. Scratch that, then.

4. I can quote The Big Lebowski verbatim. (See Thing #3.)

5. I once had Seymour Cassel believing I was French for an entire week (I don't speak French). 

6. At key moments in my life (some might call them defining moments) I have chosen love over money with no regrets. Even though I drive a used car with a transmission that is steadily declining in performance at an alarming rate. (See Thing #4.)

7. I have learned more from my two children- my fascinating, talented, wise, smart, funny, empathetic sons- than I ever taught them. Motherhood has been a remarkable process of discovery, improvisation and invention. I am in their debt. For life. Not to mention, in love.

8. I'm shy and introverted and I tend to live in my head. That's the reality of the isolated painting and writing life. And that's why I love cooking. Cooking is not only a way to reconnect and share the day with my husband and sons, but also a way to connect with friends-- and now, fellow bloggers and readers. 

Cooking grounds me and brings me back to earth.

9. I'm hot flashing as I write this.

10. In another life (you know, in one of those other ten dimensions the Buddha talks about?) I'm a surfer and live at the beach. (See Thing #4.) The Dude Abides.


  1. How fun learning about your small but exciting movie career. And after reading your list, we have more in common than you realize.

  2. Karina-where DO you live if you can go bare foot or with flipflops all the time? I stop using shoes in May (only when I drive and walk on hot asfalt/asphalt(?) in the city) and my neighbours think that I'm strange, very strange...
    I LOVE The Big Lebowski!
    And I'm surprised to hear that you are shy and introvert, I pictured you the other way round!

  3. Number 3, number 3, and NUMBER #3!!! Now I feel like the number of slipper wearers are gaining strength... and that when my husband scowls at my 'styleless' choice of footwear, I can say "Well other people wear them too!"

    Also #10. Hang ten!!!!

  4. Kalyn~

    I'm intrigued.


    At the moment, we live in Massachusetts and it's snowing as I write this. But I work at home so never wear shoes. Unless I go out. And then - and I hate to admit it [because you'll picture me as very earthy-crunchy and I'm not] I wear Birkenstock sandals with thick socks! How geeky is that!?


    Thanks for stopping by - I love your blog! Yes, flip-flop girls unite. Just say no to Manolo. Hang ten!


  5. I share your fav. comfort food. I love to top it with dried tart cherries, though. Mmmm.....

    And I am surprised to hear you say you are shy! I would not have guessed that about you at all!

  6. Hi Laura!

    Glad to see another peanut butter girl out there. ;-)

    Yes, very shy. I'm good at blogging because it's writing. I think introverts are often better at expressing themselves through writing than speaking -

    hey, that would be an interesting survey: how many introverts vs. extroverts are bloggers?


  7. [Raises hand] Another introvert blogger, here. I think they invented the term "social anxiety disorder" just to describe me.

    I also don't like shoes. :-)

    Karina, I've been meaning to say that it's obvious that you're an artist. Anyone who can take a photo of peanut butter on a rice cake and have it turn out that gorgeous is a true artist!

    Thanks for tagging me, I think. I'm afraid my shyness extends into my blogging, so I may not be able to complete the assignment, but I'll give it some thought.

  8. Oh Susan, please do! You and I have a *lot* in common. And you don't have to reveal too much - just enough to tease us.

    [Thanks for the compliment, too. Appreciate it!]