Our Family's Top Ten Gluten-Free Products

Our Family's Top Ten 

Gluten-Free Picks


These quickie reviews of our family's favorite gluten-free products are not sponsored by the manufacturers. I accepted no free samples, coupons, or other please-blog-about-us incentives. These picks are our personal, most often used favorites.

1. Pamela's Products Amazing Wheat Free & Gluten-free Bread Mix with sorghum and millet flour is the best tasting gluten-free bread mix by far. Seriously. We've made it with eggs and without eggs. Both ways are delicious. We've even made killer rustic baguettes with Pamela's (pictured above). My son Alex has made it into cinnamon swirl bread, and pizza crust, with great success.

2. Next up: Gluten-Free Pasta. One of our family's favorite gluten-free pastas is Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta. It's far less starchy than your average rice pasta, and higher in protein. The spaghetti style has the bite of a good Italian linguine- perfect for those of you who prefer your pasta al dente.

For those unable to do corn, Tinkyada Pasta is also excellent. The Tinkyada Large Shells are perfect for stuffed shells (see my Gluten-Free Italian Baked Stuffed Shells recipe here). And the Tinkyada Brown Rice Lasagna makes light, delicious lasagna (I use the noodles uncooked- find my lasagna recipes here).

3. Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix in bulk is the best all-around all-purpose baking and pancake mix. Why? It features buttermilk and almond meal. Beginners can use Pamela's mix as a one-to-one sub for wheat flour in gluten-free baking.

For those who need a dairy-free gluten-free baking mix try Namaste Gluten-Free Waffle and Pancake Mix. (In our house, we add chocolate chips to our pancakes- or blueberries.)

4. Highly regarded Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free milled flours and mixes has finally added a gluten-free polenta and cornmeal to their esteemed line of products. Lucky us! For those who love polenta and care about quality- we now have Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Corn Grits + Polenta. Look for the GF symbol on the package.

5. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes is a hot breakfast cereal rich in vegan protein and calcium. We enjoy it as a warm bowl of comfort drizzled with maple syrup. And we absolutely love using it in baking- especially in cookie, muffin, and cake recipes (especially nice when oats are called for). Browse GFG quinoa recipes here.

We also enjoy Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa grain as pilaf, tabbouleh, and a high protein alternative to rice (I cook it in my rice cooker- here's how).

6. Gluten-free flours blends taste different. Less sweet than wheat. One trick we like to do? Use the best vanilla extract- Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract. Rich, deep vanilla flavor. No icky, flabby fillers (like corn syrup).

7. A new gluten-free flour fave is Bob's Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour. It adds moisture, flavor, and a subtle sweetness to GF flour blends. Not to mention, protein and fiber. A little is all you need- add a tablespoon or two for added moisture and texture, or sub out a half cup flour in your usual flour blend with a half cup coconut flour.

8. Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil makes gluten-free baked goods rich and buttery. It's our new favorite vegan butter and shortening replacement in baking recipes. Great for cookies, cakes, biscuits, and scones.

9. Our favorite non-dairy milk to use in gluten-free and vegan ice cream is- hands down-- Native Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk. Creamy good. Also lovely in spicy curry sauces, as well as a staple in baking.

10. Organic Raw Blue Agave is a low glycemic natural vegan sweetener that is wonderful for subtle sweetening in sauces, beverages and baking.

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