Spring Veggie Dip - Gluten-Free and Vegan

Karina's gluten-free vegan veggie dip with carrot sticks.
Karina's gluten-free vegan veggie dip with carrot sticks.

Living rootless is a mixed gift bag. There are no neighbors who know my history, or my family. Or even my name (unless they happened to glance by accident at the removable punch-label on our mailbox that sports our shared surname, one half of the story). I have no garden to weed. No leaves to rake. No fence to paint. I walk the city block unnoticed (flirting with invisible) in frayed men's Levi's and a four-year old sweatshirt. I do not mind the anonymity. I find it kind. It suits me. Like my faded Converse One Stars.

Craving attention- for me- is like craving bacon ice cream or hot dog stuffed pizza crust or fried chicken in buckets. I simply do not. It's innate. I just don't have an appetite for it. I practiced it endured it in childhood when necessary (for survival). Growing up can be excruciating if dropped into the nest of an extroverted party giver. Performance anxiety will indeed tongue-tie an observant three year old who already understands on some unspoken secret level that the push toward the spotlight is not about her, it's all about the pusher.

So I've never been prone to elevate the art of competition or believe in the religion of winners and losers. Keeping score or handing out awards is as unpleasant to me as sniffing haggis. Competition (when viewed up close and personal) is mental illness. The vigilant urge to be Number 1 or the beeline drive toward fame is a symptom. You can cloak it in a "pursuit of excellence" all you want. It's all an illusion with no more meaning than a pink slime infused wiener-stuffed gob of dough baked with cheese. Time will prove that to you.

In more ways than one.

Sprouted tofu veggie dip with fresh herbs is gluten-free and vegan.
Sprouted tofu veggie dip with fresh herbs.

Who needs ammonia doused pink slime or buckets of greasy fried gluten when you can whip together this light and creamy vegan dip? Serve it with crisp carrot sticks or an array of fresh spring veggies.

Feel good.

Inside and out.

Creamy tofu vegan dip for spring veggies is non-dairy.
Creamy tofu vegan dip for spring veggies.

Spring Veggie Dip Recipe - Gluten-Free and Vegan

I used sprouted tofu in this vegan-lovin' dairy-free gluten-free veggie dip. Sprouting the soybeans makes them more digestible, apparently.


1 lb. soft or medium-soft organic tofu
1/2 cup Vegenaise
Juice of 1 fresh lemon
1 clove fresh garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives
2 teaspoons chopped fresh mint
1 teaspoon chopped fresh marjoram
Sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste


Drain the tofu (if water-packed) and press the excess water out with a paper towel.

Place the tofu in a food processor bowl and turn it off and on briefly to break it apart.

Add the Vegenaise, lemon juice and garlic, and process till smooth.

Scoop the mixture into a bowl and add the fresh chopped herbs. Season with sea salt and black pepper, to taste. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate for an hour or more to blend flavors.

Serve with fresh carrot sticks and raw spring veggies.

Serves six.

Recipe Source: glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com

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Carolyn M said...

A little competition is good for the soul. I think today's young woman (and I'm 52) is fearful of those things and they teach their kids (liberals do) that everyone should win and that's just not the truth in real life. Your recipe looks good. I was a teacher for 17 years and even though it was with emotionally disturbed kids we learned that there is a healthy outcome to some competition. Strike the balance!

Kalyn said...

These photos are stunning! And the recipe sounds fantastic too. I love the idea of a dip made with tofu!

Chompchomp said...

Tofu dip - what a great idea! We have recently been on a mega health kick and eating a lot of vegan food so great timing - thanks!

BealcA's Pad said...

Thanks, but for those of us that are not able to eat soy based products, it is hard to find things to substitute for the soy.

Donna said...

I love that you use soft tofu - I wouldn't have thought of it but it makes perfect sense. Soft tofu is also wonderful in smoothies in place of yoghurts. Thanks for this delicious idea!

Ellen (Gluten Free Diva) said...

This looks lovely. You just gave me the recipe I'll make for a potluck I'm attending this Saturday. Now, what to do with the leftover fresh herbs? Any ideas would be most welcome!!!

Val @ Tips on Healthy Living said...

It sounds like you are following your heart now and that's what's important. I've heard the same thing about sprouts -- that sprouting beans makes them easier to digest. Have you found that to be true?

warmspring said...

This is a first post for me but I identifies so much with your comments that I just had to reply. Love your recipes, and I too am a loner. Oh, I do have a small circle of friends and but I am happiest on my own and like you do not desire attention or competion. I see nothing wrong with this and I let the world go it's way and I'll go my way, thank you! Keep up the great blogs and recipes!

Karina Allrich said...

Regarding the comment: "A little competition is good for the soul"... This was the attitude of many a bullying authority figure in my young life. They failed to appreciate that some souls are born sensitive and do not bloom under pressure, or the command to perform against another. They failed to recognize that there is value, and deep fulfillment in exploring other venues to excellence- venues that do not rely on external status for validation, pursuing, instead, more soulful pursuits such as meaning, artistic expression, connection, interdependence and synchronicity. That's where the magic happens, you see. And magic doesn't give a whit about a gold star. ~ Karina

Karina Allrich said...

Val- I have not sprouted beans myself. I do seem to remember that bean sprouts were easier to digest than any cooked bean I tried, though. And thank you. ~ Karina

gluten free gift said...

Looks delicious... can't wait until our herbs are growing in the garden again!

Karina, it's like you live two lives - a quiet one in the physical world, but like it or not, you are certainly famous in the world of gluten-free blogging.

No pink slime, or weiner stuffed gob (where do you GET this stuff :)) - you bring us lots of goodness!

Anonymous said...

Katrina, I love your recipes, but even more I love you understanding of the world. Like you I could never fathom the meaning of competition. For most of my life I have had to pretend to understand and care about winning and losing when underneath it all I found that it just didn't matter to me. For sensitive people like us it is all about the process, the creativity and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. How it all measures up against the rest of the world is meaningless.

Robin said...

I found your second two paragraphs well written and interesting.

Lexie said...

Well said! xoLexie

Anonymous said...

Love your comments about the uselessness of competition. For a long time, I just felt like an outsider and a freak but as an adult I just see that this is a flaw in our culture. Achievement is a wonderful thing and sometimes we engage in a sort of competition against ourself--trying to improve or stretch or do better than before or go beyond our fears and limits. But to simply try to one-up, show-up or defeat the other guy is ultimately belittling and pointless for everyone. And it feels lousy to many of us. I hate that this is so deeply embedded in our schools not only in classes but even more strongly in social hierarchies and sports obsession. Many people seem to want to carry that BS into the adult world as well but then there are those of us who breathe a sigh of relief and get to take a different path. So glad you are doing this wonderful work, Karina!

Anonymous said...

I like the kind of person you are. To me, what you shared about yourself really highlights purity of motives. In not seeking recognition for what you do, you have a richer and much deeper impact in your quest to assist others. I appreciate your recipes and insights so much....by the way, I just baked up some orange cream cupcakes yesterday and even my picky-eater son said they were amazing. Today they are gone. :)

Anonymous said...

Karina, thank you for your insights...you have courage to share them as you do! I realize we all have different experiences and maybe those of us who grew up without a healthy sense of self are more prone to the dark side of competition. I am one of those. I had little idea of who I was and unwittingly tried to use competition to give me some definition. It seemed to work a bit...I achieved things and gained some confidence. But what was that confidence based on? Not on who I was but on my achievements. The root problem was that competing w/myself and others never allowed me to be completely happy with who and where I was at any given time. I have come to believe that my most important work in life is this: to want the life and person that I have and am today. Yes, all of it...the joy, the pain, the craziness both inside and out. And to also want your chocolate quinoa brownies :)

Charles Gee said...

Many years ago I decided that the path for me was not in the spotlight, but rather behind the scene where all the strings were located. At 70+ with a full life behind me I do my thing, my way - cooking, weaving and just hanging out suits me fine. The world hurtles on and I watch in bemusement as a simple spectator.

Anonymous said...

Karina, I Love Your Website. Your writing style draws me in as your way of viewing things is so interesting with a very pureness. I love your honesty and I too, like you ,try to go through life not being noticed. I try to adopt behavior similar to that of a Buddhist Sage. So glad that I found your website. I feel at peace and grounded as I check your site every few days to read your latest posts and view your yummy recipes. I am a fan and happy that you are tapping your creativity. Well-wisher from N.J.

suzanne said...

Looks great, and I love the photos! Presentation is awesome. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks!

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