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Gluten-Free Cherry Clafoutis

Gluten-Free Cherry Clafoutis
Gluten-free dessert is solved. A luscious cherry clafoutis, no sugar.

My cherry clafoutis has a little secret. Well. Two secrets. Wait. Actually, three. At least. It's a clafoutis bursting with secrets. But first, I must mention something.

Are you listening, darling?

Put down your iPhone for a moment, will you? You can text later. When you're not driving. Or brushing your teeth- hazardous especially if one attempts texting while scrubbing one's used-to-be-pearly-enough whites (before the advent of dental bleaching) with a vibrating rechargeable toothbrush. Vanilla mint toothpaste can spatter in shockingly wide and impressive arcs, inflicting remarkable damage upon various household goods and personal items including tidy, stacked baskets of freshly folded jeans and t-shirts still cozy-warm from the dryer in the basement, I am sorry to tell you.

But I digress. Back to dessert.

Gluten Free Clafoutis
Cherries- the ruby jewels of summer.

This elegant, company worthy gluten-free dessert is so easy to make you can do it while you mambo. Or hula hoop. Or in between practicing your Windmill and extended Puppy Pose. The hardest part is pitting the cherries. And that's not exactly hard. It ain't rocket science, after all. It just requires a patient heart. And some breathing. You know, so you don't fall over.

And alarm your beloved.

And knock three cups of oozing, juicy cherries (with attendant slippery pits) off the kitchen counter and on to the newly mopped, clean and shiny floor.

A colander of washed cherries awaits.

I use a paring knife- precise and delicate- to slice the cherries for pitting.

So pay attention while you pit, and you'll be golden. I halve my cherries (carefully, of course) and dig out the pit with my thumb. Not exactly high tech. I suppose you could get a cherry pitter. And keep it in the drawer with your apple peeler. And your hard boiled egg slicer.

We all have a drawer like that, don't we?

Cluttered with gizmos that are supposed to make our lives easier. Simpler. Freer.

And yet.

I wonder if such gadgetry really saves us anything, especially time.

In spite of all my modern conveniences (I am most humbly thankful for our built-in dishwasher- after living in New Mexico without one for three years) I always manage to fill my days end-to-end with things that need to get done. With tasks I can't ignore (though I try, valiantly). Like folding laundry. Excavating dust bunnies. Deleting email. Shopping for chocolate. Brushing my teeth. Adding another book to my bedside stack.

Though when I think of it, adding a book to my pile of must-reads does indeed feel expansive. More so than any gadget. Adding a new book is like adding on new psychic space.

Books make time even more elastic than it is.

Warren Zevon once paraphrased Kierkegaard (he could quote him in his sleep), saying we buy books with the belief that we are buying the time to read them.

It's true. I do feel that way. I believe, with every new book, I will find the time (and space) to read it. Even though I unsubscribed to magical thinking years ago, I admit, when it comes to books- and sexy wild topics surrounding the space-time continuum- my visual imagination conjures parallel universes and bi-locating self expressions faster than you can mimic John From Cincinnati parroting, I don't know, Butchie instead.

I think about this whole time question (another birthday looms, after all) as I stand at the kitchen window pitting cherries. I focus on slicing this petite stone fruit in half, one by one, exhale slowly, and fall in love just a little bit with the Merlot red staining of my fingers.

How many cooks making clafoutis have stood like this in some far off June, pitting cherries to the open window sounds of summer, their fingers crimson with sticky juice?

If for nothing else beyond this red sisterhood, alone, I am grateful today.

The clafoutis bakes.

Vanilla and coconut fill the apartment.

I grab a fork.

The mysteries of the space-time continuum will just have to wait.

Gluten Free Clafoutis recipe
Warm from the oven cherry clafoutis- with the scents of vanilla and coconut.

Gluten-Free Cherry Clafoutis Recipe

The secrets of my clafoutis? Not only is it gluten-free, Darling, this cherry clafoutis is dairy-free and refined sugar free. I used pure maple syrup to subtly sweeten the almond milk based custard. Coconut flour and brown rice flour are the gluten-free flours I chose to thicken it into its lovely pudding cake texture- light, yet rich. Beyond delightful.

Note: The recipe I used for inspiration is a Julia Child clafoutis recipe as posted by Amy Sherman at Cooking with Amy. I took some liberties with Julia's recipe ratio. Knowing the quirks of coconut flour, I added more egg. I also avoid sugar lately, so I experimented. I cut out the 2/3 cup sugar called for, and used 1/4 cup pure maple syrup to sweeten the custard. I used organic unsweetened almond milk as my non-dairy milk of choice. The result? You won't miss the gluten. Or the dairy. Promise.


1 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk or coconut milk
4 organic free-range eggs
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup sorghum flour
1 tablespoon bourbon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
3 cups fresh cherries, pitted


Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Using your favorite vegan butter, grease the bottom and sides of an 8x12-inch oval gratin baking dish. Set aside.

Using a blender or Vita-Mix, whip the almond milk, eggs, maple syrup, coconut flour, brown rice flour, vanilla extract, and sea salt till smooth and frothy.

Pour roughly half an inch of batter into the buttered gratin dish and bake it in the oven until it is lightly set- just a few minutes. Take the baking dish out of the oven and add the cherries in an even layer. Pour on the remaining batter.

Return the dish to the oven and bake for about 50 to 55 minutes, until slightly golden around the edges, and set in the center.

Serve warm. Heaven.


Dust with powdered sugar if you like (it really looks pretty), or serve with a spoonful of Greek yogurt, or vegan sour cream.

Cook time: 1 hour

Yield: Serves 6-8

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  1. drooling....can't wait to get my hands on some fresh local cherries here in Michigan! much love xoxo

  2. Anonymous20:32

    This sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing! First, I love that you quoted Warren Zevon... Second, can I use egg replacer in this and make it work?
    Thank you!!!

  3. Kerin20:38

    Ohhh it sounds like a little slice of heaven! Thankyou Soooooooo much, simple and verstile, I love it!

  4. oh my goodness this looks so good. and just in time for cherry season!

  5. Sounds yummy - can you sub out the brown rice flour to make grain free?

  6. Cherry clafoutis? Seriously. Amazing. I love cherries and custard, and have been praying I could find a version that I could eat. I just picked up some frozen cherries from Planet Organic, and bought some fresh ones too!
    Hmmm...I could easily substitute hemp milk for almond, pumpkin seed flour for the coconut, although I can't do eggs, which would be the only thing which would require experimentation...I can't do flax or chia,or soy. Any suggestions?

    ...For some reason the thought of using something like pumpkin seed butter or another seed butter to replace some of the eggs keeps on coming to mind...Hmm
    Thank you so much for the recipe, Karina! It should be interesting to play with.

  7. Looks delightful!

    @Isa - if you come up with an egg-free version that works, please share! I'm more allergic to eggs than anything else... Thanks!

  8. Rachel23:40

    I've been making gfcf clafoutis, usually with sliced banana (and occasionally chocolate chips), for breakfast for a few years now. Coconut milk, eggs, a dash of salt and coconut flour are a super simple way to make a quick breakfast.

    Not sure you could replace the eggs. That's really the basis for the dish. Kind of like trying to make an egg-free quiche. If you can do that then you'll probably be able to pull this off.

  9. Oh, how lovely ... all of it! What a great quote about books ... it's SO true! I've been using David Lebovitz's tip on pitting cherries using a large paper clip. It works beautifully. I express gratitude, but sigh (inside) when I'm given kitchen tools I'll never use. I am always purging that particular drawer (yes, I have one). Clafoutis is so much fun to say and eat! Add cherry to it--cherry clafoutis--and it's magical. :-)


  10. I made a lovely cherry clafouti at Christmas but left mine unpitted. Of course that was due to the 'tradditional' method of leaving them in, not by any means connected to the fact I couldn't find my cherry pitter!
    I agree with the book idea, but riddle me this, why do I make time for reading books when I feel so guilty about 'stealing' moments to read magazines?

  11. This recipe looks wonderful! I tried to make cherry clafoutis last summer using almond flour but it didn't turn out so special and I gave up. I will definitely make this!

  12. Great post, and I will get by without a cherry pitter, thank you. (Although I am definitely a kitchen gadget girl, I have my limits.) Now I am trying to remember if I wished you happy birthday or did it slip by in my vertigo-induced haze of the last week. If so, hope you know I love you and wish you a great day every day!

  13. Your version looks and sounds fantastic! I think I need to go hunt down some coconut flour...

  14. Wow ... this looks SO good.

  15. I'm going to HAVE to find some coconut flour!
    Happy birthday xxx

  16. At first glance, I wondered if this dessert contained pumpkin, but to my surprise, no! My husband would be in seventh heaven if I made this for him. He's a cherry-holic! Thanks for sharing, as usual!

  17. I just recently realized that Celiac disease was severely affecting my well being and like all newbies I'm reaching out to the well known Gluten Free Goddess. I just wanted to thank you for all of the great information and entertaining stories along the way. I can't wait to experiment with your recipes.

  18. Splendid, as always :) And I am there with you on the kitchen gadgets :) I do have some, but nowhere near as many as I could, you know?

    I am doing a little series on cooking in a tiny kitchen and which gadgets live in it.

  19. Oops, meant to include link as it is no longer on the first page of my blog:

  20. I love, love, love Cherry Clafoutis! In general, clafoutis is a wonderful dish but it's really special with cherries. The use of coconut flour is genius...I'll have to try that next time. I'm sure the texture is divine.

  21. Thank you for your wonderful receips! I have made your "Gluten-Free Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread" today and its one of the best gluten-free breads I have eaten. I have put the receipe (a bit modified) on my Polish blog (, hope you don't mind...

  22. I'm thinking this could work with peaches? I've got a ton of fresh (very ripe) peaches from my dad's farm... peach clafoutis for breakfast sounds so refreshing!

  23. Anonymous17:06

    I am so happy to read this and will make it very soon. I have always loved clafoutis and haven't tried one since going gluten-free. Maybe next you can tackle the buckle? There's a recipe I have made more times than I can count (I think from Epicurious) that's a nectarine and blueberry buckle and it's always a huge hit. Thank you!

  24. what a delightful dessert! i love cherries at this time of year! thanks for sharing!

  25. Yum. Here are some thoughts that this post had me thinking. I have enough time to pit as many cherries as I want. I have enough time to play around in my kitchen with Julia Child's recipes. I have enough time to enjoy my food. Thank you!

  26. Is there a sweetener that you'd recommend to replace the maple syrup? Brown rice syrup or agave perhaps? Just can't take the flavor of maple :(

  27. Would you be able to help me? I started on a gluten free diet for a few months to combat my eczema, the problem is I live in an isolated area where a lot of gluten free foods aren't available. I wish to make my own instead but suffer from Oral Allergy Syndrome. Basically I am allergic to fruits, salads, nuts , raw veggies and coconut. I'm at a loss on what I can eat and what recipes I can use..

    Thank you.

  28. Anonymous12:57

    Karina, though it is long overdue, I owe you many, many thanks. My son has autism and a great number of food sensitivities. I have had cookbooks...which he destroys when he's upset (knowing how much I value them). It doesn't matter anyway because your recipes online have been more valuable to me than the cookbooks I've tried to piece back together. You have helped us have delicious food and have provided valuable baking tips for a mother who enjoyed cooking but always hated baking in the past. You have made a difference in our lives. It's hard to believe how much a few recipes can help. But around here, any help is treasured in the most heartfelt manner. Thanks so much!

  29. Anonymous13:07

    Yummy Yum, is this good!! I was looking for something to do with the small amount of cherries that my somewhat new, tiny cherry tree produced this year. I did not quite have 3 cups of cherries (but almost) so I added about 1/2 cup fresh organic blueberries and 2 Large California organic strawberries chopped up, and boy-oh-boy was this something very addicting. That's it...I must restrain myself from keep going into the kitchen for just a little more. I've eaten more than a 1/4 of the dish already. It's Great!! Thanks Goddess for sharing this fabulous dish!! Also, it is very quick to make once you get done pittin' the cherries. Love, Love , Love!! Gratefully yours, Brenda K

  30. Anonymous00:25

    Karina, you are an absolute genius! Had some organic cherries in the fridge and made up a batch of almond milk in my Vita-Mix, followed your recipe exactly and it was the best GF cherry clafoutis I've ever had! (And my diabetic dad was thrilled.) I had almost given up on GF clafoutis after trying a recipe from a French person's (they should know!) GF blog that just didn't cut it with the cornstarch called for-I ended up with an unappealing thick and chewy layer at the bottom of the pan. While yours isn't exactly flan-like, its smooth texture and delicious flavor won me over. Hint: save time and don't bother pitting the cherries-the pits impart a mellow almond essence. Avoid biting into one by eating slowly and savoring every spoonful. Thank you for taking up the low sugar challenge-your recipes have become nothing short of brilliant!

  31. Anonymous12:08

    does anybody know if i can make the receipe with apples or pears??or lets say peaches..i am not sure if it applies on them and if it will work out.thanks

  32. Anonymous20:50

    I made this tonight but I needed to use egg replacer due to allergies. Not sure how a clafoutis is supposed to be but it never really set even after baking for longer than the extended time. Maybe this was due to the eggs? The texture wasn't great but the flavour was yummy. Thoughts?

  33. Clafoutis is an egg-based recipe- I do not recommend using egg replacer. If you want to experiment with egg-free, I'd try silkin tofu for four eggs.

  34. Hi Karina, what a gorgeous recipe! I used almond meal instead of coconut flour because I couldn't find that here in France, and I added some apricots because I didn't have enough cherries. The clafoutis turned out lovely, exactly what I was craving. I will be sending this recipe to all my gluten and lactose intolerant relatives (it runs in the family). Thank you again for sharing this!

  35. SongPhantom - I have very similar allergies: only a few raw fruits/vegetables, tree nuts (alaphylactic) including mild to coconut, and am avoiding gluten and dairy to try and reduce my ezcema.. I too am severely allergic to pollens, and had never heard of OAS before - thank you for mentioning it! Maybe we can share recipes. I too, live in a fairly remote area and need to drive 2 hours for supplies, or order online.

  36. Karina - what could I sub for the coconut flour? I can't use almond meal either.. thank you for your wonderful recipes! I just made your chocolate chip banana bread and am trying to not eat the whole thing right out of the oven - it is amazing!

  37. Om nom nom. I made this last summer with some wild black raspberries and I'm counting the days until they are ripe again!

  38. Earmarked this when I saw it! I don't have celiac or problems with gluten but am trying to cut down on wheat. So much I read indicates it can cause all kind of problems.

    I made this today using 1/2 coconut and 1/2 almond milk, a mixture of maple syrup and agave nectar (I purchase it premixed), and yellow plums on hand. Went on a bike ride and came home to only 1/4 of the clafouti left! The hubby devoured it. Your use of coconut flour is brilliant.

    Thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with everyone ;-)


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