Christopher Walken Shares Gluten-Free Tips

Christopher Walken's doppleganger stopped by Gluten-Free Goddess to share a few off-the-cuff tips on cooking gluten-free. In this impromptu video, Christopher reveals his passion for butter flavor, his preference for cooking grits, and his befuddlement with tapioca.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! I needed this today!
    "What is...I don't know what tapioca is."
    Love it!!!

  2. Okay, who is this? I must know!

  3. Good one! Loved it. He just couldn't get over the buttercream potatoes and the butter.
    Reminds me of a favorite quote: "I need more cow bell".

  4. Anonymous21:48

    Ha ha, love the Christoper Walken imitation! I would listen to anything he has to say! Really,
    just what is tapioca? And I agree, you've got butter......

  5. Commented on FB, but had to leave a comment here, too. So much fun! And, of course, I agree with Sue B. on "more cowbell." Just thinking of that SNL skit makes me laugh over and over! I so loved when Will Ferrell had another cow bell number with his then pregnant wife, Viveca, on Conan's NBC farewell show. No Walken on that one though.:-( Anyway, great job to "Walken"!


  6. Loving it and laughing on a bright Saturday morning. Thank you, lovely Karina!

  7. LOL! Just starting our gluten-free "test" here and we were wondering why buckwheat is gluten-free. Now we know. Thanks, Christoper!

  8. I love Christopher Walken and now his doppleganger, too!

  9. I LOVE the way he says, 'pear!'

  10. "Ya gotta have fats." :-D


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