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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Delicious gluten-free pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup and apricot jam
Pumpkin pancakes with apricot jam and pepitas.

I haven't made gluten-free pancakes in a long time. I am- typically- not a big breakfast person. A solo slice of golden gluten-free toast glistening with melting cashew butter and a big mug of hot coconut milk chai usually does it for me.

So what possessed me to change my routine? Why did I suddenly have a deep growling desire for pancakes?

In a word: pumpkin.

My favorite cucurbit.

I could wax ridiculously poetic about this humble gourd and what it brings to the grit littered landscape of gluten-free land. I could draw you a map of flavor that curves through a forest of cinnamon and nutmeg. I could don a teacher's cardigan and chart the impact of pumpkin's inherent cellular moisture on milled non-gluten grains. I could sport an orange baseball cap and pitch you a three act plot line where pumpkin is the hero rescuing the wan, deprived princess in the Kingdom of Celiac.

But instead? I'll just share the recipe.

A bite of gluten-free pumpkin pancake goodness
A forkful of pumpkin pancake deliciousness.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe with Apricot Jam and Maple Syrup, Sprinkled with Pepitas

Originally published November 2010 by Karina Allrich.

It's true. Pureed pumpkin adds a depth of flavor to anything gluten-free. And pancakes are no exception. My other gluten-free trick is the flour combo. Coconut flour and quinoa flour. Coconut flour adds fiber and subtle sweetness. Quinoa flour adds vegan protein and a hint of exotic flavor that snuggles in behind pumpkin like a match made in heaven.


1/2 cup sorghum flour
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup quinoa flour
1/4 cup potato starch or tapioca starch
1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/3 cup cooked pumpkin puree (canned pumpkin is fine)
2 tablespoons oil- grapeseed, organic canola, coconut
2 tablespoons raw agave nectar or honey
1 large free-range organic egg
1 cup light coconut milk or other non-dairy milk, more if needed


In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flours and dry ingredients. Add in the pumpkin, oil, agave, egg and non-dairy milk. Mix the batter until it is smooth and silky- and not too thick.

Heat up a griddle or large iron skillet and oil it lightly. When a drop of water pops and sputters on the griddle or iron skillet, it is ready to cook pancakes.

Drop about 1/4 cup of batter onto the hot griddle and quickly spread the batter into a circle using the back of a soup spoon. Don't make the pancakes too thick.

Cook the pancakes for two to three minutes till bubbles form; then flip the pancakes with a thin spatula and continue to cook until the underside is golden and the center is cooked through- roughly two more minutes.

If the pancake batter is too stiff to work with, add more coconut milk, a tablespoon at a time until you achieve a smooth pancake batter that you can smooth easily with the back of a spoon. However, if the center of the pancake is gummy, it may be that the batter is too wet. Adjust by adding a sprinkle of sorghum flour (not starch) into the batter.

To serve:

Your favorite buttery spread
Pure maple syrup (warmed is nice)
Apricot jam
Pepitas or toasted pumpkin seeds

The subtle pumpkin flavor of these pancakes is lovely with real maple syrup. It also cozies up to apricot jam. Total deliciousness. And the unexpected crunch of pepitas is fun.

Makes about 10 pancakes.

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GFG Recipe Notes:

Coconut flour absorbs liquid as the batter sits, so I found that I needed to add extra coconut milk to the batter bowl twice during cooking, to thin it a bit. I ended up using about 1 1/4 cups coconut milk. Your moisture mileage may vary.

This gluten-free pancake batter behaves a little differently than conventional batter. It doesn't pour as well. With this particular batter I used the back of a large soup spoon to help spread the batter on the griddle.

I used an egg in this batter and the pancakes turned out perfectly. Some readers have noted this recipe does not work with a flaxseed egg substitute (pancakes get gummy or fall apart). I suspect this is due to the coconut flour. If you try these as vegan, you'll need to play around with the recipe.

For substitutions, please see my guide to baking with substitutions here.



  1. I can't wait to try out this recipe on Sunday! Thank you so much!

  2. Holy amazingness! Those look delicious! I recently tried a gf pumpkin pancake recipe that was really good, but I would love to try out the quinoa flour for something different!

  3. Mayabee15:51

    Yay! A Karina pancake recipe!

  4. a map maker you might have inspired me to map out this recipe! looks delicious...

  5. I'm eating these right now! =) Delicious!

  6. Those pancakes look so beautiful, I could cry. I can't wait to try them!

  7. Never heard of pumpkin pancakes before! yums!

  8. Karina...these look delicious! I have just the right amount of pumpkin left over from a bread recipe too! Pancakes for dinner...maybe :)

    By the way, you are a lovely writer :).

    Thanks for sharing your tasty treat!


  9. these sound SO good, and I love the idea of pepitas!

    your photos are gorgeous, as always!

  10. Holy Pumpkin batwoman! These look amazing! I love pumpkin pancakes but have gone grain free and really have been thinking of them. I will be making these.

  11. Ah Karina, you've combined two of my favorite ingredients as only a Goddess could-coconut flour and pumpkin.
    It almost sounds as if these could be muffin top/crumpet esque type treats too...
    what a tasty experiment to try!
    Thank you as always, my dear.

  12. Love it! Look out of this world delicious!!! YUMMMM I want one now, ok maybe all of them ;)

  13. Gorgeous photos! You really captured the pancakes.

  14. must make this

  15. These sound heavenly! Thanks for the easy vegan substitute.

  16. mmm your pictures are much better than mine, but my recipe was easier than yours ( i cheated with gF bisquick!)i don't have the right flours yet to start from scratch. joanne

  17. i've never had gluten-free pancakes, but these look super yummy! i'm a huge fan of breakfast, and i love anything with pumpkin in it, so these pancakes definitley sound like something i would like!

  18. I love pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter on top!

  19. Robin23:39

    Hi Karina,
    Yummers! Thank you for this fantastic punkin' pancake recipe. I have to ask--will you share the recipe for the hot coconut milk chai that you mentioned? It sounds wonderful :) I tried to find the recipe on your site to no avail.
    Many thanks,

  20. I woke up dreaming of pumpkin ricotta pancakes this morning... I'm going to have to try these instead. I don't use quinoa much, but would give it a try the way you've laid it out. Lovely recipe!

  21. I found out about coconut flour absorbing liquid the hard way, I turned my back on my batter for just a minute and it had sucked all the moisture right up! Just as well it's deliciousness makes up for it's temperament!

  22. Why do you do this to me, Karina? I was just about to go to bed, and now I'm hungry again! I really wish tomorrow was Saturday so I could make pancakes.

  23. Wow Karina - your recipe is almost identical to mine. I left out the Xanthan, they were fabulous! Great minds think alike!

  24. My sons will love this! They have been begging me for pancakes. I can justify these on our crazy diet.:)

  25. Thank you for all the pumpkin pancake enthusiasm- and your kind words. I'll be making these often- best gluten-free pancakes I've made.

    For the dairy-free chai--- I make it from two teas- using a teabag of rooibos tea and Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea (though any gluten-free chai tea blend would do), and I add vanilla So Delicious Coconut Milk with a little stevia for sweetness. It's delicious hot or over ice.

    xox Karina

  26. Beautiful pancakes. I have to add coconut flour to my shopping list.

  27. These look divine. I especially like the little touch of jam atop the pancakes. Did you make this particular batch with eggs or egg sub? Just curious. Also, what do you recommend for cooking pancakes on?

  28. Ellen, the batch pictured used one organic free-range egg white. I cooked them in an iron skillet. I'd like to get a griddle, though, so I could cook more than 2-3 at a time. xox Karina

  29. Anonymous17:05

    I was sooo excited when I found this recipe. Well, I made them this morning without much success. I made them exactly as directed with the exception of rice milk istead of soy. I cooked them on a griddle at 350 degrees and the centers never cooked, even after 20 mins! Any suggestions? I spread them out as directed also.

  30. Hmmm. I used So Delicious Coconut Milk. Rice milk should also work. Sounds like too much liquid, perhaps. Did you use an egg white or flaxseed sub? I do think flaxseed can make the center a bit gummy. Hard to say what happened without being there. Karina

  31. Mercy, these look amazing! Will have to add them to the roster this weekend. :)

  32. These look beautiful, Karina! My granddaughter is on a celiac diet, so I need to learn more about gluten-free cooking. I'll definitely start with this recipe! Merci a bunch♥

  33. This recipe looks fantastic. I will look forward making this sometime this weekend.

  34. Mmmm! These sound good! I have been on a pancake kick- they are so easy to make and can easily become a breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner! I love freezing my leftovers and toasting them for quick breakfast! I love flavors in my pancakes- I make huge pear pancakes and tiny, "silver-dollar" blueberry ones too. I am now excited to try pumpkin too! Thanks for the recipe!

  35. This recipe looked so good so I made them this morning. They turned out terribly. They never fully cooked even after ten minutes on the griddle so I could hardly flip them without them falling apart. I followed the directions exactly except I used rice milk and a flaxseed substitute for the eggs.

  36. I regularly make GF pumpkin pancakes with Bob's Red Mill GF pancake mix, canned pumpkin and cinnamon. My kids love them topped with chocolate chips. I'll try your recipe next time. The addition of the coconut flour and coconut milk sounds delicious!

  37. Karina, I swallowed my frustration and made the recipe again, this time with an egg instead of the flaxseed substitute. It worked like a dream this time. Guess that egg makes a huge difference!

  38. Thanks again everyone for your feedback.

    I used an egg in this batter and the pancakes turned out perfectly. Apparently- as I see in your comments this recipe does not work with a flaxseed egg substitute as is (pancakes get gummy or fall apart). I suspect this is due to the coconut flour.

    If you try these as vegan, you'll need to play around with the recipe.

    xox Karina

  39. just made this recipe , very good. Yes the batter is much thicker than regular pancake mix.

  40. This is inspiring. I share your love of pumpkin - really versatile and helpful with restricted diets. I'm not vegan, but I need to try a version without egg, coconut, and soy because our son has FPIES allergies to all three. I will work in some milk, however. There are tapioca/potato egg substitutes as well, but I think you are right that by substituting the coconut flour with something else, flax seed may still be a good egg replacer. I'll post my experience on my blog and followup with you here if I have any success. It's like science when you get into dealing with flours, though. Tough stuff.

  41. My daughters have been on a casein-free, soy-free, egg-free diet for a little while now, and the doctor just recommended removing all gluten as well. The doctor's office recommended your blog, and this pumpkin pancake recipe was the first thing I saw. I bought all the flours yesterday and made the pancakes this morning. They were outstanding! Everyone loved them, even my husband who doesn't really like pumpkin. I used honey instead of brown rice syrup because I forgot to pick that up yesterday, and I also used Ener-G egg replacement. Simply delicious!

  42. Heather L16:38

    I made this vegan and as predicted, I had to tweak it a bit. I made it mostly as written, but with millet instead of coconut flour and with egg replacer for one egg. For some reason, it tasted rather bland, so I more or less doubled the pumpkin and spices and added more sweetener. I just messed around with the batter in terms of the thickness of the batter until it looked right. Topped with apple butter and maple syrup, it was so good! Thanks for the recipe!!

  43. The photo is beautiful! The pancakes sound delicious.

  44. Mette01:32

    Could I ask you kindly to post your recipe for hot coconut milk chai? Sounds nice

  45. Perhaps it is me, but I had two problems:

    One, they never cooked through the center, even after the outsides were burned. 325 on an electric griddle.

    Two, I cannot overcome the "metallic" taste in these. I am not experienced baking GF, so I'm not sure if it's my old-ish xanthan gum or the quinoa flour, which is fresh.

    The only way I'm eating them (because I don't want them to go to waste) is by spooning a strong orange marmalade over it to mask the taste.

    Not sure what the deal is, but I followed the directions exactly, not making ANY substitutes and I'm sorely disappointed. :-(

  46. Wondering if there is a substitute for the quinoa flour? Can I use almond meal?

  47. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and your feedback. Glad some have enjoyed the recipe (it works best with an egg). If the middle was not cooking, there is too much moisture in the batter. Thoughts... Humidity affects flours. Coconut flour absorbs liquid. This batter is not a thin pancake batter. I used the coconut milk in a carton- not canned. You could try using less pumpkin. What else? If you don't care for the taste of quinoa flour, try another GF flour. Gluten-free cooking and baking is tricky- no doubt. Intuition is important in making adjustments to how your batter or dough is behaving. It can change from day to day. Experience is your best teacher.

  48. Yum! These look great! I like my pumpkin pancakes with blueberries in them (fresh or frozen).

  49. Karina, I love your photos and food! It all is fabulous!

  50. Oh- the chai. I make a very simple chai with one rooibos tea bag and one Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice teabag. Then I add So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk and sweeten (if needed) with stevia. It's fabulous hot or iced.

    Easy! xox


  51. So yummy sounding. I started adding 1/2 cup of pureed pumpkin and 1 1/2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice to my normal Pamela's pancake recipe and IT IS DIVINE if you are wanting a quick pumpkin pancake recipe =)

  52. OH MY GOODNESS, These were amazing. I can't wait to make them for Thanksgiving breakfast to my non-gluten free family members. Sometimes I try to make 2 kinds,1 for me (gluten-free) and 1 for the rest but this will be a hit for all. What a blessing!! Thanks Karina....

  53. Made these today for my husband and I to celebrate Thanksgiving brunch. They were delish! I didn't have any trouble with the coconut milk absorbing too quick, but I made sure it was the very last ingredient that I mixed in. I did everything exactly in the order of the recipe and I started to mix the wet ingredients first then added the milk in last when it became too hard to stir. The batter worked great. I used a whisk till it was thin and there were no clumps.

    In my case it yielded 4 thin regular/large size pancakes (the size you'd get if you ordered them at a diner.)

    (The only other variables: I used the brown rice syrup. I made my pumpkin purée from scratch following the recipe on the pumpkin sticker: cut out stem, scrape out insides, discard. Cut into sections, and steam in saucepan with a couple of inches of water at the bottom until soft. Scoop the pulp from skin. Put pulp into blender and blend until smooth.)

    Also, I always put my pancakes on a plate in the oven on the "warm" setting while I make the others, so they don't get cold. That might help heat through any doughy sections that didn't get cooked in the skillet.

    Also it's important to have your heat up high enough, so they cook consistently, but after the first pancake I turn it down to medium so they don't burn and smoke. I also add an additional tsp of oil to the pan before each pancake.

    Hope that might help! Thanks again for posting this. We'll definitely be making this recipe again.

  54. Anonymous16:03

    Love everything you make and have had tons of success but not with this one. I think we should have left the batter thicker than we did. Can't wait to try this again.....the photo is making me crazy it looks soooooo good!

    Mark (having trouble posting)

  55. These are delicious!! I just cooked a batch (with a few tweaks) and they turned out amazing. I used buckwheat flour instead of the sorghum flour, quinoa flakes instead of the quinoa flour and skipped the coconut flour altogether. The tapioca definitely gave the cakes some lightness. I used unsweetened almond milk instead of the coconut milk as well. The result I think was a bit heavier than yours, but still scrumptious.

    I love your photos they make the whole recipe come to life. Thanks for your continued innovation in the kitchen! Your recipes are so inspiring.

  56. I made these this morning for a treat on my day off from work. What a delight. I did not want to plate to end. I will be passing it onto my glutenous family who try very hard to cater to my needs. Thank you, as always, for the delicious inspiration.

    The amendment I made was simply to use my favorite flour mix: Rice, Potato, Tapioca, Maize, Buckwheat. Coconut flour, and other exotic flour, is not readily available in my supermarket here in the UK. Otherwise, I followed the recipe fairly closely, adding only about a tablespoon of extra soy milk - I like thick, fluffy pancakes. A good helping of fresh maple syrup, a dash of linseeds, sun pouring through the windows, and a most autumnal start to my Friday.


  57. Hi there! I was looking for a pancake recipe and decided to give these a try. I was nervous because I can't use eggs at the moment, but we trudged on anyway. I too had a hard time getting the pancakes to cook through. For me, this is because of my problem of chronically making thick pancakes. Once I added some coconut milk and began spreading them thinner they cooked like a champ. Also, mine stuck FIERCELY too the pan. This was my biggest battle. I used a bit more canola spray than usual and this seemed to resolve the issue. I needed more space in the pan for these pancakes to get them nice and flat and have ample room for flipping.