Vegan Almond Salad Recipe

Almond salad makes a lovely replacement for tuna salad in a vegan diet
Not Starkist Salad. Eat groovy. Save a tuna.

The older I get the more I crave simple. You know what I'm talking about. Home cooking. Childhood classics- like tuna salad. Instead of getting all worldly and sophisticated and dabbling with truffle oil, with each new gray hair my taste is hula hooping into kid-friendly food faster than Marisa Tomei can waggle. Well, maybe not that fast. She is pretty nimble. But you get my drift. I'm whipping up peanut butter and banana sandwiches, not oysters Rockefeller. Actually, I wouldn't know an oyster Rockefeller if it bit me in the tuchas. Filet Mignon (would you believe I've never had it?) doesn't even tempt me, Darling. And Chicken Cordon Bleu vs Chicken Kiev? 

Okay. It is here where I confess  that I'm no Betty Crocker and I've never attempted either recipe. Most likely because I was never what you'd call a big meat eater. I went vegetarian at age thirteen. If I've dabbled at all in the culinary arts it's been because of Anna Thomas and not Julia Child. The first cookbook I ever bought was The Vegetarian Epicure. That was 1972- the first time I ever made soup from scratch, thanks to Anna.

So when I discovered this inventive, almond based vegan tuna salad recipe over at Happy Healthy Life, I knew I had to give it a whirl. Because I'm digging raw food lately. And the idea of a protein salad a la tuna fish caught my fancy. It's fun for an appetizer- fab with crackers or tucked into lettuce cups. Or go ahead and make a classic "tuna" salad on rye with your favorite gluten-free rye bread (here's mine).

First, you need to soak your almonds. Plan ahead. Do it overnight for best texture.

Recipe for not tuna salad- a vegan salad starts with soaked almonds- here is what the almonds look like soaking
Soaking almonds to make them sprout.

You'll need:

1 rounded cup raw organic almonds
Sea salt
Fresh water


Place the almonds in a glass or ceramic bowl and sprinkle them with a little sea salt. Pour in just enough fresh cold water to cover the almonds (some will float). Cover with a clean tea towel and allow them to soak overnight- at least eight to ten hours. Note- if it's very hot where you are, place them in the fridge to keep them cool and extend the soaking time to at least 12 hours. They should be soft when ready and you'll see tiny sprouts starting to bud at the tips.

Soaked sprouted almonds, ready for salad-making.

This vegan tuna style salad is made with soaked and shredded raw almonds
This tasty salad makes a great appetizer spread for crackers.

Vegan "No-Tuna" Salad Recipe

I made my faux tuna salad using my own raw cashew cream sauce as a mayo, but if you prefer, you can use your favorite vegan mayo.


Soaked almonds, as above
2 tablespoons coconut milk, or pickle juice
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Cashew Cream or vegan mayo, as needed
Pinch of sea salt and ground pepper, to taste
1/2 cup diced celery
Fresh minced herbs: dill, parsley
Dab of raw organic agave, to taste


Dump the soaked almonds into a food processor bowl; cover and pulse until shredded. Add the liquids and pulse again.

Add the cream or mayo, to your liking. Pulse again. You want it flaky.

Taste test for texture. Add more liquid if it needs moisture to obtain the right consistency.

Season to your liking with fresh minced herbs and and a dab of raw agave.

Use in sandwiches, roll-ups, lettuce cups. Serve as an appetizer spread for crackers.

Serves 3-4.


If you like the taste of raw red onion, add a teaspoon or two of minced Bermuda onion.

If you like curry, add curry to the mixture. Add chopped golden raisins for a spicy-sweet Indian twist.

More vegan "no-tuna" recipe inspiration:

Tu-Nut Sandwich at Happy Healthy Life inspired my raw vegan recipe.
Raw Vegan "Tuna" Salad at Choosing Raw with soaked sunflower seeds.
Mock Tuna Salad by Yeah, That "Vegan" Shit uses chick peas.



Kalyn said...

Hey, I had The Vegetarian Epicure in college. Might even still have it, not sure!

This looks like a brilliant recipe and the photos are stunning.

doug said...

Looks delicious! Glad I have lots if almonds around. My mom has been a vegetarian her whole life so that's all I ever knew growing up.

The InTolerant Chef said...

Looks intriguing. I must admit to being a carnivore. Chefs are finally starting to see vegan as a legitamite food choice and stop putting chicken stock in their meals for 'fun'-yes, more common than you might think!

julie said...

Everything about this looks great ... except the name! Anything vegan with a "meat" or "dairy" name is bound to disappoint. I like my food for what it is, not for what it isn't. Would I like some savory nut salad? Sure! Would I like some "faux tuna in quotation marks"? Umm ... no thanks.

s. said...

I began eating raw food in February of last year due to my food sensitivities and haven't looked back! I do eat some cooked vegan food in the cold months, but in the spring and summer, it's all about the raw food! This recipe sounds awesome; I just got a big pile of almonds the other day, and now I know what to do with them!

I'm so glad you are dabbling in raw food! I've never felt better in my life!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I still have my original copy of The Vegetarian Epicure, too! Was and still is one of my favorite cookbooks. I think I have volume two as well.

Mary said...

Julie---a rose by any other name........

the veggie paparazzo said...

Yum! Now I have to go start making dinner. The photos made me hungry! :)

precious831 said...

It looks lovely! I can't wait to try! Thank you!

stimulusx said...

i make mine with chickpeas, too, and mayo and relish! anddddd torn up nori sheets. it adds a delightfully "of the sea" type flavor. mmm.

Cookin' Canuck said...

What an inventive way to enjoy tuna salad! I never would have thought to add almonds.

Michaele said...

I just made this and oh, how yummy! Thanks for being so creative in the kitchen.

fughawzi said...

Hi Karina,

What would you suggest as a replacement for almonds? They're the only nuts I can't have.

Karina Allrich said...

Thanks, everyone- glad you like this idea. It was quite tasty. And I have Kathy to thank over at Happy Healthy Life for the inspiration. xox

As for an almond sub- can you do legumes? Cashews might work. less soaking time- I'd suggest four hours. You may have to adjust seasonings. I bet it would be delicious.


Morgan-- said...

This looks sooooo delicious! Great recipe!!!

Tasty Eats At Home said...

I love this! I've been meaning to try a version using sunflower seeds. Almonds sounds even better. I bet it's deliciously creamy and cool.

Aubree said...

Oh yum, I can't wait to try this! Ahh, the power of almonds :)

~Aubree Cherie

Aubree said...

Hi Karina! I wanted to let you know that I added this recipe to my favorite recipes from last week post. Thanks!

~Aubree Cherie

Melissa said...

This is so delicious! I just made it and I can't stop eating it! I added some red onion and pickled banana peppers. Yum Yum Yum!

Lori said...

Gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to try this recipe. Looks delicious (and simple to make!)

Ashley Stone said...

yum this looks delicious! can't wait to make it!

Anonymous said...

I make almond milk every few days in my trusty thermomix, and this recipe looks like a perfect way to use the almond meal that remains after I strain the milk. Yum! Thanks for the inspiration.

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