Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins with Almond Flour

Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins with Almond Flour
Tender almond flour muffins bursting with fresh blueberries.

Almond Flour Magic

From the blueberry recipe archives, I am sharing a favorite gluten-free muffin recipe (and a health update on my Gut Instinct post). I know, I know.

Another muffin recipe?

While many seasoned food bloggers are waxing poetic about grilling burgers and slabs of watermelon on their backyard grill, the truth is, Babycakes, I'm just not into it. I'm in such a different head space that it almost seems comical to me, reading headlines in my Inbox about the "Ultimate Burger", or how July Fourth wouldn't be a real celebration without a hunk of charred All-American meat or a Philly cheese dog. 

Um. What? 

Our founding fathers might disagree. In fact, wasn't Benjamin Franklin a vegetarian?

Don't worry. I'm not gearing up for an anti-meat rant or anything. That would be downright unpatriotic of me. Though, come to think of it, Thomas Edison was pretty patriotic, wasn't he? He invented the light bulb. An American light bulb. And I like what Tom said, "Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." 

A powerful thought. 

So hang with me for a minute. I've been thinking about America lately, and her addictions. To oil. Fast food. Meat. I've read Michael Pollan. And found Fast Food Nation informative. I was disturbed by Food Inc. And inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I'm a thinking human. 

I like to ponder stuff. 

So after living most of my life as a vegetarian (sometimes flexitarian), when I was told, post hip-surgery, to eat animal protein in order to mend my fractured hip, I complied with my surgeon's advice. I went the organic, free-range, wild caught, sustainable route. And my hip healed. And three years later, I walk without a limp.

But here's the thing. My monkey gut hasn't been happy. Some of it's nerves, I know. Triggered by said hip incident and general, all purpose economic worry. Better known as STRESS. The Devil. Pure evil to your happy little cells.

Life'll kill ya. As Warren Zevon said.

So when I recently went for six days nil by mouth to calm my digestion and heal my sad and wounded duodenum, I tried to look on the bright side. Hey. I had an IV- I was detoxing by default- no caffeine, no alcohol, no red meat, no refined flour. No nothing.

Darling, it was like a trip to the spa.

But without a masseuse and Carlos Nakai.

Doctor's orders upon leaving shot a shiver down my spine. Four weeks of non-pointy food. Blandville all the way. No wine. No spices. No coffee. No tea. He paused and looked at me over the rim of his glasses and reiterated, Not even de-caf! 

Forever? I asked.

He shrugged a Well, yeah, as to a slow witted child.

I blinked and nodded my best upbeat gluten-free goddess nod. I went home. And I did it. Banana smoothies and mashed potatoes defined my life.

I was the Queen of Puree.

Five weeks later I underwent something I have feared for years. The dreaded endoscopy. I have issues with people stuffing tubes down my throat, okay? Not to mention, cameras. I demanded good drugs. It went off without a hitch.

Sitting up in recovery, I yelled out to the anesthesiologist passing by the curtain, I love you! 

I get that a lot, she said.

The good news? No villi damage (go gluten-free diet!).

My doc was happy. We even discussed trying an anti-inflammatory diet. It turns out he's gluten-free by choice. And receptive to the idea that our diet can influence our health (what a concept, right?).

Recipe for gluten-free blueberry muffins made with almond flour
Warm from the oven blueberry muffin and a cool glass of rice milk.

So here I am. Back in the kitchen. Cooking and baking vegan. I'm experimenting with almond flour again (one more positive outcome from all this is the encouragement from my doc to reintroduce foods I have been avoiding since my food allergy blood test; my doc agrees with celiac expert Dr. Peter Green that food allergy blood tests are inaccurate, and basically unreliable, showing mainly what you've been eating a lot of recently; so I am trying new foods one at a time. Back in my diet so far are avocados, almonds, cashews, and GF curry). *See more info below; and read up on the food allergy testing controversy here.

My delicious vegan and gluten-free meal at Julian's Planet Raw restaurant in Santa Monica
Fabulous Thai curry zucchini noodles and "meatball" at Planet Raw.

I'm also trying on a new twist. I'm learning about raw food-- inspired and energized after a fabulous meal at Planet Raw in Santa Monica, shared with fellow blogger Lori White of Stuff 2 Eat. I felt so good-- so well fed-- after enjoying this gorgeous plate of food. I felt light and inspired. Without pain. This was a revelation after years of believing I could only digest well cooked foods. I would never have believed I could eat a plate of raw food and feel so incredible.

So you can expect some raw recipes in the near future. First up is learning how to make some luscious cashew cream. I'm checking out Chef Juliano's cookbook, RAW.

In the meantime- I hope you enjoy these tender almond flour muffins studded with fresh blueberries.

These are light and delicious.

Tender almond meal gives this muffin a delicate nutty scent.

Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffin Recipe with Almond Flour

Originally published July 2010.

I used Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour in this new muffin recipe. Finely ground almonds create a delicate, soft gluten-free flour that is light and subtly sweet.


Preheat the oven to 375ºF. Line a 12-muffin tin with paper liners.


Whisk together:

1 1/3 cups almond meal
1 cup sorghum flour or certified GF oat flour
1/2 cup tapioca starch or potato starch (not potato flour)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
2 teaspoons Bourbon vanilla extract

Beat in:

1 1/3 cups organic light brown sugar
2 tablespoons light olive oil
1 tablespoon Ener-G Egg Replacer whisked with 1/4 cup warm water till frothy
1/2 cup warm water, more as needed, up to 3/4 cup
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Beat the batter until it is smooth, like a slightly thickened cake batter. I found this batter a bit thinner than I'm used to (I haven't baked with almond flour in several years).

Add in:

1 pint fresh blueberries, washed and patted dry

Stir gently and briefly.

Baking instructions:

Plop the blueberry muffin batter into the twelve lined cups. You'll probably have some xtra- for a baker's dozen. We made tiny mini-muffins with our extra better. Too cute.

Bake in the center of a preheated oven for 23 to 25 minutes, until golden and firm to the touch. A wooden pick inserted into the center should emerge clean.

Cool the muffin pan on a wire rack for five minutes. Gently pop the muffins out to continue cooling on the rack (don't cool them in the hot pan- they'll get soggy).

If by some chance, Babycakes, your muffins are soggy or slightly underdone-- due to unforeseen oven temperature variations-- place them back into the warm oven directly on the center rack for five minutes or so.

These are simply divine warm from the oven. 
Enjoy every bite.

Wrap and freeze cooled muffins for future breakfast treats.

Makes a baker's dozen.

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Karina's notes:

If you prefer using eggs in your gluten-free baking, I recommend using two to three organic free-range eggs in this recipe.

*As always, follow your own doctor's medical advice regarding food allergies. Consult with her/him before even contemplating a food challenge- and obviously do not attempt a food challenge without medical advice and supervision.

Almond blueberry muffins on a plate
Gluten-free blueberry muffins. Um. Yes.

xox Karina


  1. Holy happy avocados, melon, almonds, cashews, curry! :)

  2. I have almond meal/flour, but I don't have the other items. I haven't yet begun to keep lots of kinds of flour and adds around. I do have Pamela's baking mix. Any idea how much of that I would use to replace the sorghum, tapioca, etc.? I have lots of yummy blueberries and would love to try this!

  3. Thanks, Rach!

    MJ- I think Pamela's baking mix would work. Replace the remaining flour with the mix. Skip the xanthan gum and sea salt. Cut back on the baking powder by 1/2 teaspoon. This should work. Good luck! Karina

  4. can't wait to read more on raw---right there with you. I think going gluten free is just the beginning of the journey. I know I couldnt imagine living without even more than gluten and dairy in the beginning. Now I feel more empowered to be able to fuel myself differently and perhaps better than average! Journey on!

  5. I'm glad to hear about the foods back on the 'ok' list and that you are doing well. I'm fairly new to your blog but I've really enjoyed reading it and trying a few new things. I love experimenting with new foods and have enjoyed adding different grains to my diet, and more veggies via raw foods. I'm looking forward to what raw recipes you come up with. I already love cashew cream. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Welcome back Karina! And enjoy your re-entry into eating non-pointy foods! I have been experimenting with raw foods for awhile, though I rarely blog about them. When I prepare and eat raw meals, the flavors almost always explode in my mouth. They're really an amazing treat for your tastebuds. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you come up with. And yes, cashew cream is a dream, a total dream!

  7. I am glad to hear you are getting better. What a story. I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out. I understand about loving your anesthesiologist. I felt the same way about mine after my epidural after 27 hours of labor.

    Even though it is almost the fourth of July, I agree. It is always time for muffins. And I am also all about the almond flour. It's great. Why in the world do people use wheat flour when there are so many other great tasting ones out there. Good luck with your health. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  8. Have you looked into alternative therapies? I had major food allergies (and H. Pylori, undiagnosed for who knows how long) and did a treatment called alternative allergy therapeutics. It changed my life. I had a big list of foods I couldn't eat and still struggled with symptoms. I can now eat anything (still iffy on the gluten, but I don't react violently). It got rid of all my other allergies (seasonal, environmental, etc.) and is some of the best money I've ever spent. NAET is similar, if you've heard of that. It is worth checking out. Best of luck to you!

  9. Hi Karina! So happy you have some answers, and are on the mend. My sister was recently diagnosed with the same thing! Glad raw and vegan seems to be working. Thankyou for sharing and all of your insights,..they are sooo helpful! Sorry you had to go through all of that nastiness! And p.s....I love how you write...I just do not have that gift...but a gift it is...and you own it! Oh yes you do!

  10. Raw Foods are delicious! my favorite is a raw falafel with living hummus from a local vegetarian restaurant called TastyHarmony.

    Also, I loooooove your blueberry creations, I have made several and the addition of almond flour to this one makes me giddy! Couple of questions though... I like to use agave nectar for sweetener b/c it spikes my blood sugar less (type1 diabetes) and I noticed you've said to reduce liquid and sweetener volume when doing this. Should I reduce the water? Also, I'm planning on using eggs so I should still whip up about 1/4 cup of those?

    Thanks so much and I'm so glad to hear you're allowed some foods again! I'm just coming out of an elimination diet myself and after 8 months gluten/dairy/soy free I'm back in the market for soy! It was a glorious day when i was able to eat tofu and tempe again! Dairy and gluten (non celiac) still bother me, but they don't kill me or leave me wrecked for more than a day, day and a half. Which is good. Hope things go well for you, Avocados are soo good!

  11. Karina,

    So excited to try these muffins! They will be a change from my coconut flour recipe I normally use. Just got a huge batch of blueberries in my organic box yesterday. :-)
    Thank you for your down-to-earth and intriguing posts.
    I'll be watching for some raw recipes! Yum!


  12. Raw cookies are amazing on the tummy and they fill your house with baking smells for an entire day! I have similar tummy issues and have had much success with the raw diet. Renee Loux Underkoffler's book are amazing, in particular her brownie recipe. I find raw food to be exceedingly vibrant! Best of luck! These muffins are on my to do list :)

  13. I'm looking forward to your raw food exploration and posts! Haven't gone down that road yet so I'll live vicariously through you for awhile 'til I get the motivation to try some myself.

    You can't post enough muffin recipes for me...and using my favorite flours-sorghum and almond. Delicious.

  14. The muffins are beautiful, and yaay for avocados, melon, almonds, cashews, and curry. And hooray for your wonderful spirit during this experience too. Sending good food vibes every day.

  15. I for one am delighted to see a muffin recipe. I just got a big batch of cherries; think I may sub those in for the blueberries. Looks divine.

    I love Nakai - listen to him on my ipod on the subway. Helps keep me sane.

    I am also surprised at how terrific I feel when I, on occasion, eat raw. I hope you feel better soon!

  16. Dear Karina, I am so so glad that the endoscopy went off well. I too have been on journey towards health and based on the results of some tests this week, may need to have an endoscopy later this summer. Digestion is really an amazing thing, isn't it? I am so glad your doctor is supportive and helpful too. Since working with my food intolerances through several challenges, I too have found raw foods to be helpful and a good complement to cooked foods, which is a big change after years of too much raw equaling tummy upsets. And thank you for the lovely muffin recipe.

  17. Karina - SO glad you're feeling at least somewhat better (enough to post more great muffin recipes!) VERY VERY excited to read your raw posts. And once again THANK YOU for the time, energy, wit and especially heart that you put into this blog - I've been reading it for a few years now (although I rarely comment,) and it continues to be a source of inspiration & blessing. Love ya!

  18. I am also excited to see raw food recipes here! Thanks for keeping us posted on your health as well; not only do we like to send you distant well-wishes, but many of us suffer similar fates. I just got additional allergy tests with a long list of strong allergies to everything I was eating, only to find that cutting them out of my diet didn't help. I'm ready to start eating almonds again too! Love your recipes and looking forward to anti-inflammatory and raw foods! Take care.

  19. I can feel the smell of blueberries, vanilla, almonds...They are so nice!

  20. Glad to hear you're positively positive. There really isn't any other option, you can only be miserable for so long before it just gets to you.
    I'm having a endoscopy in a month and recieved a package from the hospital this week confirming my COLONOSCOPY. Hmmm.... that isn't the same is it? I rang the hospital immediately and they figured out it was a mistake. Better now than when I was on the table, It gives a whole new meaning to 'Open Wide' ha ha

  21. Glad you're starting to feel better. And excited to see some raw recipes too! You'll love cashew cream - while I'm not raw or vegan, I'm learning to appreciate it a lot, and cashew cream is a luscious dream. These muffins look amazing too. I think I might whip up a batch if blueberries end up in my CSA share tomorrow.

  22. this is such wonderful news, and i completely believe in raw foodsim. you will feel like a new woman and heal beautifully, not to mention being well fed! I have never read that raw "cook"book but now it's on my list to borrow from the library. good luck in your new adventures!

  23. p.s. i am grateful by terses englehart is another uncookbook that my raw friend swears by. xo

  24. Hi Karina,
    You are my personal hero. lol (: I was gfree for a while after showing all signs of celiac and so using your guidance to go off gluten and onto delicious living. I was sailing free for a while. Then a series of bumps in the road led me astray, and now it is midnight, I am itching like mad and feel I could bite someone's head off my blood sugar is so whacked out and brain is covered up with a few inches of fog. I did also eat a few pieces of wheat bread for the past month or so. Hmm. Wonder what's up1

    I am SO HAPPY you are feeling well! Your gut issues were making me scared, sweet woman! I love it you are back up cooking and hopefully eating real food again.

    Thanks for inspiring the most YUM and gorgeous food out there. You rock, Karina! Thanks for leading the G-free bandwagon.

    You are in my heart,

  25. Wow, so grateful for your wildly successful food explorations and sharp wit.I rely on your blog for recipes when guests are arriving. I can count on the recipes working without an experimental run. I have not tried the Red Mill flour, but have successfully ground my own high quality raw alomonds in a coffee grinder. Slow process, unfortunately.

  26. These look great - super tasty! I hope you are feeling better soon. I had been thinking about you after the post about you being sick.

    Cheers to avocados and melons!

  27. GLad you're feeling better! I'm curious about the anti-inflammatory diet you mention - can you share?

  28. K,
    This is wonderful. I am so happy for you and will look forward to following the changes and new adventures.
    I'm so thankful you wrote about how you feel on Protonix. I have been on it for several months. It took away all the ulcer pain (I have 2) but I have had 2 serious headaches. For someone who has never experienced headaches, it was agony. I'll be conferring with my Dr for a change. My gut is always alerting me to my emotional state, too.
    So happy you are better and able to eat those yummy things.
    Hugs & love,

  29. wonderful muffins! I made them yesterday despite the heat, and I'm in love!

  30. Yum! I definitely want to make these. I've yet to come up with a really good muffin recipe since going gluten free. I like the idea of a combo of almond and sorghum flour.

  31. Those muffins look absolutely amazing. I'm so glad you're on the way to recovery! It's really scary what some drugs can do to you though, right? And some doctors think they're the only ones who know what they're talking about when they tell you to take something. I always do research before taking any sort of drug. And I try to keep everything homeopathic.

  32. Dear Karina,
    I have been away from regular internet browsing since the beginning of April (I quit my full-time job and went back to school to become a massage therapist)- only checking-in here today for the first time in a very long time.

    I am so sorry to hear of your ordeal and I hope you are on the mend.

    The ladies of Veganomicon fame have a great cashew butter recipe you might want to check out in your quest for cashew cream - it could be a vehicle for inspiration.

    I mean it sincerely when I say, "Be Well."
    All the best to you.

  33. blueberry, almond flour? those two sound really good together. ;-)


  34. First, looks like we've both been on the blueberry and almond flour route of late (as you know since you commented on my latest pie, and thanks again for your recent comments)!

    I didn't know Ben was vegetarian. I wonder if that's why he wanted the turkey to be our national bird ... a way of protecting one type of animal at least. ;-)

    My all-time favorite quote of Edison's is: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." I use it a lot in my presentations. Sometimes, I wonder how far away that future really is though.

    BUT, that said, WOW, Karina, I have been away far too long. I had no idea that you have been going through so much. Somehow I missed any related tweets on your illness, too. I'm so sorry I wasn't around to send a virtual hug earlier, but I'm sending tons to you right now ... strong, healing hugs! There are times when medicine and more is definitely needed. It sounds like you have an amazing gastroenterologist ... thank goodness! I am truly so sorry for all you have been through. You are a very intuitive person and I have faith that you will figure out what your body needs and slowly heal.

    I'm grateful to you for sharing the food allergy testing info again. So many folks get this huge long list of no-no's and think those foods are off the table for life. In some cases they are (the anaphylactic cases you caution on), but many times test results are unreliable and they are not. I've been reintroducing some foods of late and doing well. :-)

    Smooches and hugs to you, and again, healing, lots and lots of healing!


  35. Its really hard to believe that when I was a kid (longer ago than I am going to admit publicly) doctors didn't see any connection between the food we eat and health. Glad to see some docs coming around, but where do you find them? I go to an internal medicine guy who claims to have a 1/2 western, 1/2 eastern philosophy toward health, but everytime something goes wrong, I get a prescription.

  36. A wonderful raw resource is Gina at Choosing Raw:
    She's got great recipes for high-raw, semi-raw, as well as cooked meals. Check her out!

  37. Karina,
    I found your blog 3 1/2 years ago after I had been diagnosed with celiac. Your heart warming tales and gust for life encouraged me in my new journey. I have made many of your delicious recipes!
    Today I have started my own business as a personal chef and cooking instructor to help and educate people with food allergies.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Yay! This is just the recipe I was looking for to use up some cranberries I've got lingering in the freezer. Thanks for posting this!

    I also really enjoyed reading about your discoveries around healing your gut. I have been vegan and gluten-free and sugar-free for 3 years now, and I love that my life is no longer defined by how my gut feels. It usually just feels fine.

    The only thing I wanted to say, if any advice is welcome, is to be careful with raw foods. I was raw for 6 months and ran into some serious trouble with it. I also live in Chicago, though, so as the temperatures dropped and I was still eating like I was living in Hawai'i, things got off-balance for me.

    I fully believe that each person has to discover the right diet for his/her own unique body. For me, I find that a good variety of lightly cooked vegetables, soups, beans, some grains, and some raw food that is naturally raw (guacamole, salads, fruit that is in season) works well for me.

    Raw can be amazing and delicious, but raw can also do some very peculiar food combinations that may be difficult to digest.

    I look forward to reading more about your journey towards a healthy gut. :) Good luck and happy healing!

  39. Theese look amazingly tasty! I would love to try making them but xanthan gum is really difficult to find in my country... I tried googling for substitutes (guar gum amon others) online but none of them are available where I live either...

    I'm wondering if I can just skip the xanthan gum completely. What do you think?

  40. These look tremendous. I've really been loving almond flour lately myself!

    Best healing wishes!

    -- FabFrugalFood

  41. That recipe is divine :] A real must have for any GF girl

  42. I love your baking recipes but can't do the sugar--I have to use stevia. I know that adding liquid stevia without another dry ingredient to add can throw off the recipe--any suggestions?


  43. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. This recipe has quickly become a favorite around here. xox

    As for subbing the sugar with liquid stevia. Sugar adds not only structure but volume. I wouldn't even guess at how you'd replace it with a little stevia (stevia might also be bitter?). I'm not sure it would work in this recipe.


  44. Anonymous22:31

    I'm looking for a banana bread recipe made with almond flour. I thought of replacing the sugar in this recipe with bananas (1 cup banana, 1/3 cup honey or brown sugar), but perhaps the structure is too important since the recipe contains SO much heavy almond flour. Shall I try? If not, would you suggest subbing some of the flour (as much as 1/3) in a basic banana bread recipe with almond flour?

  45. Anon- Funny you should ask. I had the same thought--- and made a scrumptious banana bread style bundt cake this week- posting it soon! Karina

  46. Your GF blueberry muffins look awesome. Almond flour is so great for flavor and texture too.

  47. Anonymous10:12

    Hi, I've been gf by choice for a couple of months during the summer. I have Ibs and suffer terribly from constipation, when I tried going gf all if my ibs symptoms disapoeared, I felt brilliant. Unfortunately due to a lack of time and effort I slowly fell back into my pls ways. Im so glad I found your site, gf shopping in a UK supermarket is not a good experience! I just hope I can find the ingredients for your lovely recipes. Thanks for the inspiration, Claire, England xx

  48. Anonymous07:14

    Oh I have found my new favorite blog! We have been gluten free for over a year now and loving the disappearance of all arthritis symptoms both me and my husband were beginning to manifest. Looking forward to trying your recipes. I am always up for a new adventure in the kitchen!
    Sorry to hear of your digestive issues. Have you tried raw cabbage juice? This has been a known ulcer CURE for years and years. Do a search on "raw cabbage juice and ulcers" and check out all the information, there is a LOT of it! I personally gave a friend of my son a two week regimen of raw cabbage juice after he was diagnosed with severe ulcers and was prescribed expensive meds. After two weeks he was healed and showed no more symptoms. Amazing! Raw foods are so healing!

  49. These look so wonderful! I am going to try them tomorrow.

    Leona :)

  50. Anonymous22:47

    This recipe is amazing, but I have changed it and really like the outcome. Now it also works for those who have difficulties with cane sugar.

    I use white rice flour instead of brown rice flour, palm sugar instead of cane sugar (you can use the full 1 1/3 cups, but it's REALLY sweet so I have cut it back to 3/4 cup at times and it still works), 3 tbsp applesauce in stead of egg, and I leave out the xanthan gum.

    This recipe is amazing and can be altered in many ways-thank you for sharing it with us!

  51. Hi Karina,

    All my GF hubby requested for his birthday were blueberry muffins, and these were fantastic!! Thank you so much. Your recipes are always a hit at our house.

  52. Great recipe and very forgiving too! I made these Wednesday night for breakfast the next day. Left out the vanilla and lemon and used two full eggs instead of just whites and they still tasted amazing! Next time I'd bake 5 minutes less though as they were a bit crispier than I like. Love your blog.

  53. This sounds really good! I have to bring treats to my class next week (it's an acting class and it's the 'punishment' if your phone goes off during class). My professor is gluten-free (and I think dairy-free), one classmate is vegan, and one's lactose-intolerant, so this recipe is really, really helpful in making sure no one gets left out! I really like to use oats in a lot of things though, and was wondering if I made an almond oatmeal strawberry muffin, what you think that might look like (my girlfriend hates blueberries). Thanks so much!

  54. Anonymous19:08

    Thank you so much!

    I just made these muffins and followed the recipe very closely (using the egg white option and half-ing the sugar) and these came out beautifully! A beautiful textured outside with a fluffy inside... A perfect way to celebrate blueberries at their peak.

  55. These look delish! I have a friend who eats gluten free, I'm going to make these as a gift for her! Thanks for sharing :)

  56. These came out great! Do you think I could swap the berries for chocolate chips?

  57. These turned out with wonderful taste and texture. The family gobbled them up! I am going for another round, but I am wondering if I need to do anything differently if using frozen berries? Thank you!


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