56 Things To Remember

 What She Said

On the eve of my last birthday I wrote a post- Fifty-five Things I've Learned in 55 Years. Well, Babycakes. June is here again. There's another candle on the gluten-free cake. And fifty-six things I want to talk about. Or more accurately, remember. To remind myself. Because at my age? Remembering is an art not a science. So write this down. It's important.

You know what they say.

Here today, gone mañana.

56 Things To Remember:

1. Make a To Do List. That way, when you find it in the bottom of your purse next month, you'll have something to read while you're standing in line buying tube socks. Which by the way, was never on your list.

2. What's done is done.

3. Breathe. I'm serious. Take a deep breath now. You don't want to get schpilkis.

4. You are not what you eat. And you are not what you don't eat, either.

5. Some people are velvet hammers. They slipcover their will with flattery and soft persuasion. And some people are just hammers.

6. You'll feel better after taking a walk.

7. Momentum is not a reason to get married.

8. It's not the thought that counts. Whoever said that was one cheap bastard.

9. There is no self. So whose schpilkis is this? (See thing 3.)

10. Opinions are only sometimes interesting.

11. The truth is out there. But sometimes the truth hurts.

12. It's really not about you.

13. Give up soda. You'll lose six pounds in a year.

14. There are certain people who bring out the best in you. Just being around them raises your game, makes you a better version of yourself. Stick close to them.

15. Diet is a four letter word.

16. Estrogen is a mind altering drug. Ovaries should come with a warning label.

17. You probably need to drink more water. Right?

18. Introversion is not a pathology. We simply value content. And the time and space to think about it.

19. Toss out dried herbs and spices after a year. If you've had 'em that long, Darling, they're a pale imitation of their original selves.

20. Control deflates love.

21. Possible side effects include stomach pain, headache, flatulence, sudden drops in IQ, and the proclivity to insert one's foot in one's mouth.

22. If your gluten-free bread collapses, you've used too much liquid. Or not baked it long enough.

23. Crow's feet are sexy.

24. Eat more dark chocolate. I said so.

25. Posing for pics, don't face front forward. Turn your shoulders and hips to one side. Unless you've just eaten a big bowl of guacamole.

26. Use the slow cooker year round- not just in winter. In summer it helps keep the kitchen cool.

27. The most potent sexual organ is your heart.

28. Baking bread makes a house feel like a home.

29. Don't believe the hype.

30. Just be yourself. You'll save us all time.

31. Moisturize your ear lobes. When you're sixty, you'll thank me.

32. Limit your exposure to haters. Hate is contagious.

33. Buy yourself flowers. You're allowed.

34. Leave room for improvisation.

35. Changing your mind demonstrates you use your brain.

36. Be a person not a brand.

37. Let go of those who whittle you down, little by little, to fit you into their smaller experience of the world.

38. If you haven't worn something in a year, donate it.

39. With each new blog post, painting, photograph, song, book, movie or poem, you'll run the risk of losing half your audience. See thing #12.

40. Some days it's hard to be a human being.

41. Simmer cinnamon sticks, orange peel and cloves to clear the air.

42. Trying to fit in rarely works out. You can try it on for size, but the chafing will leave a mark.

43. Yesterday's solution is today's problem.

44. Don't bother matching accessories. No one cares.

45. Putting a box of baking soda in the fridge does nothing but take up space.

46. Don't ask. Just don't.

47. We all have our quirks and foibles.

48. Every vice has its virtue.

49. If you're attracted to a Bad Boy it's likely a sign you're too dutiful and diligent in your life.

50. Toast and tea can save you.

51. Ridicule is easy. Creating is hard.

52. Air fresheners don't freshen the air. They make your house smell like the air freshener aisle at Ralph's.

53. Know thyself. So someone else can see you.

54. Taste the edible flowers, scattered in the salad days.

55. Be here now. Unless you're planning on bi-locating.

56. In the end? It's the blink of an eye.

56 Things To Remember is ©2010-2014 Karina Allrich All rights reserved.


  1. I'm putting this up on my refrigerator. So many truths. Isn't it nice to be old enough to have learned so much? Many many wishes for a wonderful birthday. xoxo

  2. I love these - I have last year's bookmarked too, and I may just have to start making my own - last weekend was 44!

  3. Wow, that was amazing! You're awesome!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Love the list. Happy birthday too.

    Item #44 really tripped me up and I almost didn't make it back to read the rest of the list!

  5. Every single one of the 56 is a gem. As are you!

  6. Happy Birthday Karina! Thank you for sharing the life lessons and all the wisdom :)

  7. Love you and your ideas and that you take time to think about them.
    Fellow introvert,

  8. Happy Birthday. I love this tradition and also your learned wisdom. Keep it going...

  9. Thanks for this, K. Have a fab birthday!


  10. It IS all good! Happy Bday, Karina. Thanks for all you do and all you share,

  11. Happy Birthday Karina - Here's to you!


  12. Today - the 17th - is MY birthday and this new post from you appeared in my mailbox...what a gift!...how very, very fortunate I am that you have posted this wonderful list to share.

    Happy Birthday, GFG!!

  13. Beautifully stated and Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday! Funny list! My favorite: 15!

  15. 1)HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope it is well and truly magical.
    2)This list is amazing and very helpful. I’ve been looking for some rules for life recently and these, all of them, will make great additions to my current list. I’m 17 and my life is changing faster than I can keep up and some of this advice has already helped ease my worry about a few things on my mind. Thank you.
    Again, thank you and have a great birthday.

    Bella Marie

  16. Happy Birthday! Excellent list.

  17. Felicitations, exaltations and congratulations!!

    xxx Miss Jane

  18. I loved your list. Have a fantastic birthday!

  19. I love you, and I love your list! Wishing you some fantastic days to come as you start the next year.

  20. Karina I hope you have a beautiful birthday and a wonderful year. xo, Andrea

  21. We seem to share a birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one filled with family, friends and laughter.

  22. Karina,
    I just started to read your blog and I love it. This post is the best, its funny and so very truthful. Thanks

  23. Happy birthday Karina - may your year be something truly wondrous. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things with us. :)

  24. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and a fantastic year!

  25. This is genius! Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Karina! :)

  26. Thank you Karina! I so appreciate these lists! They are so thoughtful and full of truth!

  27. Deep and rich wisdom here, but what less would we expect from a goddess? I think my favorite is #30.

  28. Happy Birthday Karina!! Love the list! You are awesome. # 49 gave me pause. After 2 bad boy marriages (both which went bad) I think its time (at 59) to get bad all by myself!

  29. Happy Birthday!

    Your list s fabulous! Here you are giving more away on your birthday. Hope you get to be the recipient of goodness on your birthday!vYou touch so many people. Thank you.

  30. How wise you are....
    and so funny!

  31. What a great post! Loved it!

  32. This is my birthday as well....thanks for a great (and so true) post!!

  33. Happy Birthday GFG! I love your writing.

  34. I love it! Have a great year!!!

  35. That was brilliant. So often we long for the days of our youth, but when you look at the wisdom we've gained, I think we're on the better side!

    Have a fabulous birthday!

  36. Happy Birthday! Your birthday lists of wisdom are inspiring! I need to make my own lists...good thing my birthday is a few months away. This may take me a while!

  37. A very happy birthday to you, and thank you for sharing so much of yourself (and your kitchen!) with all of us.

  38. Wow, we share a bday with many people.... Or, since you're just a touch older, I share with you. It's always nice, at least for me to have it fall on Father's Day, like this year.

    Happy Birthday and thank's for the wisdom.

    56 years young! Beautious more for you to come.

  39. Dearest Karina, 56 is just the beginning of many fine happy, beautiful years and amazing adventures. We rattle and creak at times perhaps, but Babycakes, we sizzle... We dazzle 'em.

  40. Inspiring and wonderful! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your GF cake!

  41. These are great! Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday :-)

  42. Happy Birthday! Thankyou for sharing your journry with us, and all your invaluble tips and recipes.

  43. Hope you had a fantastic birthday! Stumbled across your post by chance looking for gluten-free recipes - LOVE that photo you used, took me a while to figure it out! :)

    Love x

  44. Happy, happy birthday! This list is a keeper.

  45. OMG, how much I love your blog! I discovered it two weeks ago, and I have been reading it every day since. And baking it, and cooking it! Many happy returns from a fan in Barcelona. xx

  46. Now these are some life lessons to live by. I'll have to add "and the mind" to number 27. Happy Birthday, Karina!

  47. Happy Birthday. And thanks. This list made me reflect, laugh, and murmur "mhmm". Oh, and I agree...this isn't the sixties.

  48. Karina, you always have such lovely posts. Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom and a piece of your life. Happy birthday.

  49. You are a wonderful part of my morning coffee ritual! I hope your birthday was joyful!

  50. Oh what a joy to hear that someone else in the blog world is in their 50's! I keep going to blogs and the bloggers are looking so young! I love young people and I feel young myself! Remember it is just a number anyway! I'll be 56 in 2011! I enjoyed reading your 56 things to remember.

  51. Happiest of Birthdays to you! :)

  52. fun! an enjoyable read. :)

  53. Anonymous08:41

    Just discovered your blog world. So glad. You are a wonderful writer and painter and chef. (But I don't know how someone with so much soul lives in LA!) Congratulations on molding a wonderful body of work.