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Gluten-Free Chocolate Recipes for Love

Gluten free chocolate recipes for valentines day
Romantic chocolate recipes- gluten-free.

How do I love thee, Dear Reader? Let me count the ways. And if you wouldn't mind indulging me (just a little) let me count them in chocolate- that buttery dark bitter sweetness that coaxes even the no good very bad surliest day to soften its grip.

Consider this my gluten-free chocolate valentine to you.

For starters, let me thank you with a wake-up call. How about velvety Chocolate Muffins in bed? Served with your favorite morning beverage, of course. And for your mid-morning pick-me-up, let me tickle your fancy with a plate of crunchy pecan studded chocolate biscotti (you can dunk or not, Darling, it's up to you).

Gluten free truffle cake
Gluten-free truffle cake.

For mid-afternoon, may I tempt you with a classic offering? These Chocolate Cupcakes are akin to Devil's food cake. And for the evening dessert, how about two cakes? My vegan Mexican Chocolate Cake features a hint of cinnamon. Without a huevo in sight.

Not vegan (and love truffles)? Have I got a cake for you. Slice it thin. It is not for the faint of heart. This dense, rich, holiday-worthy Truffle Cake is pure, butter and cream laden decadence. Closer to candy than cake (hence the name). But hey.

Who am I to judge?

In fact, in Jungian typology I'm a P not a J. Have you ever taken a Meyers-Briggs test? I'm a P. An INFP to be precise- which is hard for an INFP to be, I'm sorry to say. The precise part. P means perceiver. Which means I like to keep things loose. I go with the flow. I leave cupboard doors and plans open. I'm more interested in ideas than gossip. I prefer exploration over critique. I respond to creativity rather than competition. Wisdom rather than rules. I make my own mind up about what I value- based on my interior perceptions and consideration, not public consensus. My most asked question on any given day is, Why?

And I'm serious. I want to know.

Writing down recipes is a learned discipline for me. It didn't come easy. I wing it when I cook. Learning to measure ingredients (and actually write down recipes) has been a long and winding act of love.

An inclusion of a little J into my dominant P.

So that I might share. With you.
Want more? Let's join our P's and J's.

Gluten free chocolate recipes
Gluten-free chocolate recipe love...

There's always my classic Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe for those of you able to indulge in eggs and dairy. Top leftover slices with my New Mexican Hot Fudge Sauce and a scoop of ice cream. And just in case you may have missed these babies, I'd bake a pan of Chocolate-Pecan Brownies.

And for those avoiding eggs and dairy, I've stirred up even more chocolate trouble. My Chocolate Sorbet is swoon worthy (if I do say so). Serve with Mint Chocolate Cookies ... or my favorite Dark Chocolate Brownies made with coconut oil.

And if, like me, Dear Reader, you can never get enough sweet stuff and this offering of recipes has not satisfied your taste buds one bit, you've only to peruse these additional dessert recipes for inspiration.

But-- there's one thing I ask.

Stir with love.
Dance while you stir.
Tell the people you love, I love you.


Love keeps the world on its axis.

My Fave Chocolate Recipes:

Enjoy sugary treats in moderation. Gluten-Free Goddess 
advises consuming no more than 2 tablespoons of sugar a day.


  1. Now that's the kind of Valentine's spread I could live with! What a beautiful selection. I'm particularly intrigued by the quinoa muffins.

  2. The only bad part about this is that I can't just reach into the screen and have a bite of each =D.

  3. Aww so sweet. That flourless chocolate cake is still calling to me. When am I finally going to make it? I've been wanting to make it forever!

  4. Anonymous17:05


    I am not only gluten, egg & dairy free. But I am also allergic to pure cane sugar. Can I altar the recipes where sugar is called for with agave or another sweetener? And would it be equal parts using liquid agave? Or is there something else????

  5. Can you do beet sugar? It's derived from sugar beets and would be the closest match, texture and structure wise. Agave can be used with some tweaking; and different results. See my posts on substitutions and the post: Sugar Blues? for more details.


  6. Yum! I have to tell you after trying many a muffin recipe I made your Big Banana Muffins the other evening...they are amazing! I am sure to be making many more of your recipes. I fed them to my kiddos who eat "regular" muffins and they couldn't tell. Thank You Thank You for your awesome recipes!

  7. Just popping in to say Happy Valentine's Day!

    Suzann (The Olive Cottage)

  8. Jennifer23:16

    Your so funny! I'm a ESTJ! (Extraversion, Sensation, Thinking, Judging) Just in case you wanted to know! But wow, finally, I can share this info with someone LOL!! Oh, and the recipes are great, yet again LOL! Happy VDay!

  9. What a gorgeous collection of Valentine's Day Treats!

    I'm an INFJ. And nearly every serious boyfriend I ever had was ESTP, so easy to figure out why that didn't work out so well.

  10. Anonymous01:14

    Another INFP.... So THAT explains why I hate to measure when I cook! Thanks for the chocolate goodies....and Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. What a collection! Thank you Karina!

  12. Lauryn11:46

    Vegan, wheat free INFPs represent!

  13. I'm an ESFJ and still feel we're soulmates! So there is room for all types on this planet, as long as it comes with choclate and love. Thank you for ALL of your yummy goodness!

  14. Happy Valentine's Day my fellow INFP! ♥♥♥

  15. I am an INFP too! Love your website!!! Happy Valentine's day - you do a great service to the community by making such an inspiring blog/website. It brings good karma into my life every time I check in.

    Mara (aka ubermommy mara or sherpawoman)

  16. for the sugar avoider, i have made many of these recipies using xylitol and they have come out peachy. since it is sweeter than sugar i use about 2/3rd of the required amount of sugar. I buy xylitol in bulk from a health food shop.

  17. I am I guess I can fit here, right? Karina, now I am hungry! Thank you best valentine's day treats ever!

  18. I'm one of those J people, ENFJ to be precise and now that I've told you I can check it off my list. I am however raising a P which is very difficult. Good thing I found a book on kids and types or I would have gone crazy. But even being a very strong J, I don't like to measure and writing down a recipe is very hard for me too. I am learning more about baking and we are living on your Cinnamon Apple Muffins of late. But after reading this post I see I must get busy baking. Or figure out who is going to serve me those chocolate muffins in bed.
    I cannot eat rice so I've been substituting sorghum flour in your recipes 1 to 1. So far that is working. Are there other flours I can sub 1-1 for rice flour? Quinoa? Garbanzo bean? I have tons of different ones.

    Thank you for writing down your reicpes!

  19. Each posting I read I'm amazed at the wonderful recipes you come up with and the previously posted recipes. I have lived gluten free for over 8 years and fought the fight thinking I was alone or just destined to eat bad tasting treats. I did a little experimenting but couldn't come up with anything more edible. You have completely changed my outlook and I share your blog site with anyone who will listen. I believe it's a much healthier way to eat even if you're not having issues today. Thanks, Karina!!

  20. My, oh my, oh my! Scrumptious recipes!

    Loving you right back,

  21. everything looks so amazing!

  22. your recipes have changed my life :o)
    Thanks so much!

  23. Just ate the last of my peanut butter quinoa cookies with chocolate chips. Time to make more chocolate something!

  24. Thank you Karina, for the wonderful ideas! I just made your dark chocolate brownies from a while back for the first time, and they are beyond amazing. I did however, mess up big time by burning the chocolate while trying to melt it in the microwave. Is there a specific setting or low heat setting that makes this easier and more even? Thanks.


  25. I don't know where to start. I want all of them...

  26. Wow Karina, lots of chocolate love here! So many yummy things I've never seen before. These round-ups are such a great idea!

    I am an INFP too and it has taken such discipline to write my recipes down. I'd much rather be a wing-it gal if I could! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful V-day! :)

  27. Oooh- chocolate coma! I think I'm a perceiver too :-)

  28. Karina, you've made my family sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!! Thank you a thousand times and mwa!!

    Now ... if I could find a recipe for GF vegan donuts that I could fill with fruity goodness, my son would be ecstatic. We live in Metro Detroit, near one of the Polish capitals of the country (Hamtramck), and he was seriously bummed that he missed out on Paczki Day today. And the hunt is on ...


  29. Not only do I love these recipes, I also love that you found a way to incorporate Myers-Brigg into a blog [I'm an ENFP but vacillate between that and its counterparts]. So apophenic of you!

  30. I love you, and I think we were separated at birth. However, our births were very far apart I'd assume.

    Regardless, still separated.

  31. Thank you, thank you for your blog. I was told I had IBS 25 yrs ago. In the past year the symptoms of extreme fatigue, anemia, brain fog and worsening digestive problems and pain have been debilitating. I've become milk and egg sensitive. So I went the vegan route which helped with the pain in my joints but the digestive problems only settled a bit. Trapped at home due frequent flareups, and needing my washroom is no way to live. So I started poking around and found your blog. I'm going to try gluten free for awhile and see if there's an improvement. Doctors over the years have been certain I don't have celiac disease. Hoping this works becausde I want my life back.

  32. Ooh I just had to check out that sorbet recipe. Yumm... There's no such thing as too much(dark,lactose free) chocolate.

  33. Oh, I'm feeling that Valentine's love, dear--thank you, and back at you! ;-) You do realize that you've thrown everyone's lives in a tizzy, don't you? We're all thinking which--and how many--of these recipes we can make before Valentine's Day! Such a yummy chocolate conundrum. :-)


  34. from one recipe challenged INFP to another- thanks for the chocolate. the love is more than clear! i have never commented, but have been following you for a while- as a Santa Fe to Boston (North Shore) transplant (with a childhood in Irvine), you have resonated with me in so many ways along the journey. always enjoy you! blessings and peace-

  35. Karina, you are truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful recipes! The only problem I will have is deciding which one to try. My little ones and I had decided on making dairy free, soy free chocolate truffles, as well as out first attempt at chocolate gelato (my kids are itching to travel to Venice after reading and "Olivia goes to Venice" by Ian Falconer) but I think I might have to pull one of your recipes and add it to the chocolate list. What better way to say I love you than coking/baking together and eating mounds of chocolate?

  36. Anonymous13:07

    You are such a wonderful person Karina!! God Bless you for all the good recipes you put out in here and many thanks!!

  37. So many lovely ways to treat your Valentine to chocolate! I would want them all.

  38. What a fantastic list of chocolate treats, I love your recipes and everything I have tried so far is excellent.

  39. Wonderful post and great compilation of recipes for chocolate goodies.
    I am an INFJ and raised an INFP son on my own, that J and P stuff can be very hard, also a lot of fun.

  40. Yum! I don't even like chocolate (allegedly) (although I'm often teased for licking the plate when someone gives me a particularly delicious chocolate fudge sauce on top of something equally decadent), but with these recipes, I'll succumb. My spouse loves chocolate desserts, and I'd love to be able to share such a treat with him... So, time to get out the pots and pans and start dancing and singing and cooking!

  41. these look amazing, so chocolaty

  42. These look great! I have a gluten-free friend and will definitely be passing these along!

  43. Anonymous19:21

    When planning our wedding my (then) fiancée had so many food allergies that we had no idea what we would do for a cake. So for our wedding my mother made my (now) wife your flourless chocolate cake. It was a big hit. We served it with some fresh fruit and coconut milk ice cream.

    Thanks for a great site and great recipes.

  44. I'm very interested in the Chocolate-Pecan Brownies, but it seems that all the links lead to the Mexican hot fudge sauce. :(

  45. An ENFJ - like Diane at the WHOLE gang... and also someone who doesn't like to follow recipes (they are like science & math... which I can't relate to at all).

    Would be interested in how many of us blogging about gluten-free have similar profiles. Bet we are all pretty close! Love your blog Karina. The recipes always look divine, but it's the prose I come for :)

  46. Thank you all for the fab comments. xox

    The Chocolate Pecan Brownies link is fixed.


  47. Hi Karina - I'm another INFP - must be why I like your writing so much - and the food too of course! Cheers... Joanna

  48. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Karina. Wow, these recipes! What a gift! I feel bad, though. I didn't get you anything.

    Thank you for your beautiful food and your beautiful words throughout the year. They mean a lot to a lot of people.

  49. I LOVE chocolate!! I've made gluten-free garbanzo bean chocolate cake before and LOVED it! I will have to post the recipe I use on my blog soon. Thanks for your recipes. My husband is grateful too.

  50. Hi Karina,

    Do you have any recipes for a Chocolate Beet Cake? Thanks



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