Karina's Gluten-Free Quinoa Breakfast Bars

Gluten free quinoa breakfast brownie bars
Gluten-free quinoa breakfast bars, Baby.

We were treatless this week. Specifically, breakfast treatless. No Pear Polenta Muffins were hiding in the freezer. No Apple Cake with Cranberries. In fact, the only food items in the freezer were a solo bottle of organic vodka and a bag of frozen cranberries (does vodka count as food?). Which turned out to be a good thing. Because we had to bake. [Had to!] So we experimented (send smooches to Steve for initiating said experiment; if it were not for him, Dear Reader, you'd be looking at an archived recipe today).

As the breakfast treats were baking I started thinking (always dangerous). I started pondering (even more dangerous) why certain people believe they have things AFO. All Figured Out. And they'll tell you so, of course, spooning out advice in words that taste metallic. Like teeth fillings. They have all the neat little answers for you, judged and predigested, wrapped snug in tidy psychic ribbons.

If only life were that simple.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not yearning for simple
I'm not six years old.
I can handle complicated. I can chew for hours on ideas that are tough and wiggly and mysterious, and arrive at no final conclusion whatsoever. I can sleep on it and wake up with nothing but songs and dreams in my head that will color the day with glimpses of what might be possible. I don't need to hammer the challenging and mysterious into a mold I can easily grasp so I can feel more comfortable in the world, believing it is fixed. So I can stop asking questions. So I can say, I have the answer.

I am, in fact, okay hanging in the tension of opposites.

I don't need only good, only pretty, only nice, only light, only clean, only sweet, only happy. And isn't that a valuable thing? Because the last time I checked the world was a mash-up of good and bad, beautiful and ugly, gentle and cruel, luminous and dark and cool and filthy and calm and angry and laughable and profoundly, deeply sad. And often, really ironic.

So here's the thing.

The older I get, the more I learn, the less certain I am. Of anything. I don't have all the answers. I don't always know what is best or what is true. And what is right for me may not be right for you. And what may be right for me today may be wrong for me tomorrow.

But one thing I do know?

There are places on this earth where you feel you belong. And places you will always feel like a stranger. An outsider. A tourist. There are places and people and days that grind you down. And harden you. And there are places and people and days that soften you. Soften your heart. And you know what?

I want that.

Karina's gluten-free quinoa breakfast bars
Wrap and freeze these quinoa bars for easy grab 'n go treats.

Quinoa Breakfast Bars Recipe

Recipe posted September 2009.

Quinoa flakes give these breakfast treats a texture that is a cross between a blondie bar and a breakfast bar. We add mini dark chocolate chips to ours because we like the flavor combo of quinoa and chocolate. And if you like nuts, you could also add chopped pecans or walnuts.


In a mixing bowl, whisk together:

1 cup sorghum flour
1/2 cup organic quinoa Flour
1/2 cup potato starch or tapioca starch
1 cup Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 2/3 cups organic light brown sugar

In a large measuring cup blend:

2/3 cup light olive oil
3 tablespoons real maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon Authentic Foods Vanilla Powder (or vanilla extract)

Combine the wet and dry ingredients with a sturdy wooden spoon until you get a sticky batter.

Make your egg replacement:

1 tablespoon Ener-G Egg Replacer
4 tablespoons warm water

Whip the egg replacer ingredients till foamy and frothy. [If you are adding eggs instead, beat two large free-range organic eggs; and omit the egg replacement formula.]

Add the egg replacer to the batter and combine well. The dough should be thick and rather sticky.


2 to 4 tablespoons of warm water, as needed to achieve a dough that sticks together when you pinch it- much like cookie dough.

Now add in and stir to combine:

1/2 cup golden raisins or chopped dried fruit, if desired
2/3 cup dairy-free chocolate chips or chopped nuts


Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Line a 11x9-inch baking pan with lightly greased parchment.

Spread the batter into the prepared baking pan, and using wet hands, smooth the surface evenly. Place the pan into the center of a pre-heated oven and bake until golden and set - about 22 to 30 minutes until the top is golden brown and the center if firm. Insert s thin knife to check if you are unsure to make certain the center has baked thoroughly.

Cool on a wire rack, darling. Using a thin sharp knife, cut into squares; wrap them in foil; bag in a freezer storage bag. Freeze. Delicious slightly chilled.

Makes 15 to 18 bars, aka breakfast brownies.

Recipe Source: glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com

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Karina's Tips:

The dough for this should be sturdy- like a cookie dough.

If you prefer a more cakey treat, add a tablespoon or two of vanilla milk- or more- to make the dough lighter and sticky.

xox Karina


Ali said...

Yes yes yes. This is so true and exactly what I needed to read right now.

Shannon (pearcenalaska) said...

First let me say how much I LOVE your blog!!! If it were not for you, I would lead a very bland existance, food wise. I recently found that I am gluten and dairy intolerant and suspect my young son is as well. I love searching your site for delicious recipes and reading your entries. You are both profound and witty! Thanks for your hard work and for sharing it with others.

Johanna said...

those brownies look lovely but most I love your thoughts - I think we like simplicity because we can't handle the complexity of how to include the darkness in our lives - but you are so right that it is no use trying to fit it in a neat box because as soon as you know it all, it all changes!

Micco said...

Umm... this is kind of fabulously awesome. And by "kind of" I mean "really." I can't wait to try this. Quick question, though: is there any substitution for quinoa flakes?

Ali @ The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen said...

Oh wow, chocolate and quinoa, you can't beat that. These look awesome! The chocolate will give you a little heart palpitating wake up while the quinoa sustains you, brilliant! :)

VeggieGirl said...

I deal with uncertainty too; but I AM certain that those breakfast brownies look faaaabulous ;)

I Am Gluten Free said...

Wow! I bet the protein in the quinoa actually makes them a healthy gluten free brownie!


stonesouptoronto said...

Love the post - and the recipe. I was searching for treats for my son this week that don't contain gluten and are high protein. I am going to add chia seeds to mitigate the blood sugar reaction, since he doesn't tolerate sugar highs well. I am just starting with GF baking, so wish me luck!

Tasty Eats At Home said...

You had me at breakfast brownie. I mean, I could eat BROWNIE brownies for breakfast, but these at least LOOK more like they could be breakfast and not dessert-for-breakfast. Like maybe they're a touch healthier. But don't tell me that, cause they look delicious, and I would love to eat them!

Anonymous said...

this post really poked me where it hurts - just what i needed right now in my gooey, unanswerable, messy life right now. Thanks - it softened me a bit.

manny said...

i don't have a food blog, but i sure do love food.
out of all the gazillion food blogs out there, i keep coming back to yours...not only for the delicious-ness of your recipes, but for your words of wisdom and wonderful writing style.
thank you.

Diane-The WHOLE Gang said...

These sound great and I can't wait to make them when I get back home. Actually I have all of the ingredients there, I think I'll get my baker son to make me up a batch and have them waiting. What a great treat for me after BlogHer. Wish I had some right now. My east coast stomach is growling. Thank you for the permission to eat chocolate for breakfast. Love that!!!!

Carey said...


Karina Allrich said...

Thanks for the breakfast brownie enthusiasm. These are killer.

As for adding chia seeds- it probably will make them gummy, unfortunately. And these treats are so good. I hate to see them turn out gummy for you.

How about adding chopped nuts instead- for the blood sugar issue? And leave out the raisins if you must (because of the sugar impact).


Karina Allrich said...

Micco- You could try oatmeal in place of the quinoa flakes. Steel cut or rolled oats- just make sure they are certified gluten-free oats.


The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

Just a few days ago I signed up my gfcf and multiple food intolerance kids for an overnight field trip to "sleep with the sharks" and I have been wondering what to pack in their cooler for breakfast. Now I know! This is just perfect, Karina. I greatly thank you and *sigh* with relief.

Anonymous said...

Life is like a box of chocolates. Some bitter and some sweet. Intentions could be seen the same way. The thing about all chocolate though, it is universally loved and thought of as a comfort food that brings peace to it's indulger. Now that's the breafast of champions!
Pass the love bars please.

moonwatcher said...

HI Karina,

These do look deicious--and I'm totally with you on embracing opposites--what else is there?! And wishing you the opportunity for that "softer" place to land.

Thanks, too, for this new set up. It is now much easier for me to get a comment posted.



lme0045 said...

Loved this post...I just finished my comprehensives for my doctorate and the next few years seem to be full of uncertainty. I am trying to focus on the adventure rather than the noise.

Just a quick question that I have actually had for awhile...I cannot use egg replacer (or eggs). I use a flax seed/water mixture instead. How do I substitute this for the egg replacer in your recipes?

MulberryMary said...

Yummy. My mouth is totally watering right now. I had no idea this was something I wanted to eat until I checked my inbox. I will go buy the ingredients this weekend.

Thanks for your amazing recipes.


Cassidy Lee said...

Well said. Cheers to keeping life complicated and a bit confusing. The way life flows, how could any one answer ever solve all the mysteries.

j.cro said...

I can't wait to make these. I need to go out and get some Quinoa flakes. I wonder if you can add vanilla bean insides instead of the vanilla powder? And what if you subbed out a little bit of the flour with some cocoa powder. I guess they wouldn't be so breakfasty at that point huh? I'll give it a shot and report back.

Peace said...

Hey this is Peace and I would just like to plead temporary medical insanity. First and for most I am deeply sorry and have promised myself to never, ever get on the computer after
looming medical results. This celiac stuff is not a lot of fun and after crying my eyes out, finding another doctor today and realizing what I did to the innocent....I stand sincerely sorry. Maybe I need the desert or at least dessert.... did you say chocolate?!

Karina Allrich said...

Thank you all- again- for the lovely comments and encouragement.

For those who have not developed a taste for quinoa- I highly recommend it. And it pairs beautifully with dark chocolate. Which we know, cures all ills...

Instead of vanilla powder use any vanilla you love.

And to Peace- I'm so glad you returned and left a new comment. Thank you. And welcome to the world of gluten-free. I've been at this since 2001. It gets easier. Promise.

Start with my posts about going gluten-free. Breathe. Treat yourself gently.

And stop by again.



Karina Allrich said...

As for the egg replacer question...

This is a really good question. I have found that flax gel and seed gels make vegan gluten-free baking a bit gummy and dense in the center.

So- how to combat this?

A few thoughts. Maybe up your baking powder a half a teaspoon to one teaspoon?

And make sure your batter isn't too wet- add an extra tablespoon of gluten-free flour.

Then- and most important- bake it long enough. If it feels dense in the middle or damp- bake it another 5 to 7 minutes.

I also wonder-- if you bake with seed gels you need to bake items longer and at a slightly (say, 25 degrees?) lower temperature? I know this works for baking with agave (a humectant natural, liquid sugar replacement).

I do hope that helps- stop back and let's talk about it again.



Anonymous said...


A little more than a year ago, I was diagnosed with CD and the very idea of denying myself the treats I loved was enough for me to contemplate throwing myself off the balcony in the name of cake-loving women everywhere. Thank you for teaching me how to bake gluten free. Thank you for inspiring me to try new things. Who knew a girl could fall in love with quinoa? I live in the San Francisco Bay area and when I walk on the beach, I always send a little love your way.

Much Love,


Freckled Face Mama said...

What a wonderfully said post and a fantabulous recipe too. I find the older I get, and I only turn thirty on Monday, that life isn't meant to be neat and categorized. It's messy and complicated and when we enjoy that ride and realize that we, ourselves, are just as messy, then the journey is that much more enjoyable. Life isn't always great but when it is and in those moments and places it makes all else SO worth it. Life is learning and loving. Thanks for those wonderful thoughts. And the recipe? Well, off to cook it for my wee ones right now. Cheers!

Amber Hayes said...

Hi! I just have to tell you that I was very excited when I came across your blog today. My mother-in-law has to eat gluten free and it has always been a challenge for me to find new recipes and ideas for her both when she comes to our home and when we visit. I am way excited to try out some of these new, and tasty looking recipes you have. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Karina--YOU have that which feeds my soul---wise words and great GF food. Thank you!!

Allergy Free Mom.com said...

Just wanted you to know I tried this recipe and it turned out delicious! Looks like we have a bit in common...seeing that I alerady had everything in the pantry to make them. ;)
Maybe I can send you an allery-free recipe in return soon.
Thanks again...the whole family loved them! Glad to have found you.

Erin said...

Thank you for that. Sometimes a reminder is all we need to realize-in the immortal words of Llyod Dobler when asked what he wanted to do with his life in "Say Anything"-"I don't know. But I know that I don't know."
Sometimes the peace is in the realization of not knowing. And I know that I need to be reminded of that beautiful and irrefutable fact. That it is OK to not know.
And the brownies look fabulous as well ;)

Lauren said...

Yum! Those look so good to me right now! Definitely one to try =D.

Jennifer K said...

Karina, these brownies are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. They taste almost caramelly, and crisp and chewy and yummy. I thank you!!!

Wendy said...

What a wonderful site - thanks for all the recipes and words of wisdom! I have given you a blog award - please feel free to stop by my site and pass it on to others if you so desire!


blwilkey said...

Who can say no to chocolate for breakfast. Thank God my daughters didn't see this or I would be slaving away early in the morning. This is perfect to try out on a weekend and have ready for Monday morning when I am feeling crunched. Thank you for another amazing recipe.

Clay And Megan said...

I kind of want to sing and dance right now. Can't wait to try this!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and equally fabulous were the breakfast brownies! I made them with organic molasses instead of the maple syrup and dark raisins, well 'cause that's what I had on hand.

Over the top yum. I have them frozen in 4 packs for after school snacks for my 3 little ones and me! Brilliant. Thanks ever so much.

Big Hugs,
~Jenn in Forest Grove, Oregon

Carrie said...

thank you karina! i love your words. your recipes are always killer too... but i love to savor your words. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. They hold so much truth.

Linda said...

Those look too good to be breakfast. Thanks for another great recipe.

Anonymous said...

I made these breakfast brownies yesterday and they were so good, but I wondered if it was necessary to use 2/3 cups of oil? Do you need a lot of oil in GF baking? (The parchment paper was soaked full of oil.) Did you find this when you made them? Thanks for any advice!

Karina Allrich said...

Thanks again, everyone- these comments made my day.

As for the oil question- when I bake without eggs I find a recipe like this benefits from 2/3 cup light olive oil (eggs contain fat, after all), especially when I use a non-fat egg replacer such as Ener-G Egg Replacer. You could try using less, but I wouldn't use too much less or the brownies may end up dry and crumbly.

One quick thought- I wonder if you greased the parchment too much? That can cause an oily bottom.


Anna said...


Can you use low fat yogurt instead of the oil to cut down on the fat?

Amy Green @ Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free said...

I love quinoa flakes and quinoa flour but for some reason I forget to use it when I'm baking. I don't know why - they add such flavor and depth. I made a fabulous apple cake with quinoa flakes and - wow - what a difference.

Your recipe is like oatmeal with chocolate chips that you can carry around and nibble on. Just love it.

veggie wedgie said...

My goodness! They look delicious!

ABowlOfMush said...

These look really gorgeous, love the ingredients!

Margaret said...

Thank you for the post. The "live" is right on target with my own thinking on a number of topics, especially recently. Good to hear it so beautifully, thoughtfully written; it's helping me gel my own thoughts. And the recipe (as usual) looks wonderful. I've got to decide on two desserts for gluten eaters this weekend; maybe quinoa breakfast bars in the future?

karen said...

I made this the other night with my 3 yr old:-) Super yummy! I substituted the quinoa flakes for GF oat flakes and the brownies tasted like those cookie cakes!

Elaine said...

These are delicious! When I started putting them together last night, I realized I was out of brown sugar. I substituted 1 cup raw sugar and 2/3 cup honey, and they turned out just fine. I also put in a full cup of raisins. (Trying to boost my iron.) These will regularly be on hand in my house! Thanks so much!

Elaine said...

I also threw in a 1/4 cup of flax meal.

LA said...

hello! you cant tell but im wearing an "im new here" teeshirt :)
quick question: if i have quinoa, cant i somehow grind/process/stomp up and down on it to create flakes or flour?
i love using quinoa but i dont get to the health food store that carries the flour/flakes very often (3 hours away) thanks!!!
PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the site. and im not even gluten free :)

Anonymous said...

I made these delicious brownies and am so grateful for your recipe. My daughter is going to love them. Per the egg question above, I subbed silken tofu, just because I had some around I needed to use. Karina, do you think we could get away with less brown sugar? Do you know how to replace some of it with agave perhaps?

P.S. Your chocolate coffee cupcakes (w/o the coffee) made the perfect birthday cupcakes for my 3 year old's party. I'm constantly coming back to your site. Much luck with the move.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
New here too but just made these. The batter tastes to die for (yep, I'm a batter taster)! But when I was pulling the dry ingredients I notice no cocoa or other chocolate except the chips. They turned out more like a Blondie than chocolate brownie as I was expecting. Am I seeing this correctly?

Karina Allrich said...

Yes, these are "brownies" with no cocoa; they are more akin to blondies.


Karina Allrich said...

LA- Quinoa flakes are not exactly milled quinoa, unfortunately. The best sub for them (texture-wise) would be certified gluten-free oats.


Anonymous said...

I made these last night. I haven't used quinoa in baking before (and I only tried it once cooked as a grain) so I halved the recipe. It turned out great! Slightly nutty, just sweet enough and just plain good. I skipped the dried fruit and used chocolate chips and pecans. I will definitely be making the whole recipe next time!

Anonymous said...

I made these with buckwheat flour and mini gf chocolate chips. They came out great! Thanks!

Flo Makanai said...

Beautiful post, very meaningfull, and very interesting recipe too, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karina,
I love your site! With a child with multiple allergies (gluten, egg, dairy, soy etc...) and a few myself - I am sooooo thankful to have found this site.

Quinoa Breakfast are my go to food that I always keep on hand.... I am currently out of potato starch - can I substitute arrowroot starch?

Thanks K

Pamela said...

Thanks so much for all of your great recipes! We've just recently gone gluten-free because of the problems it gives my husband, and after only a week I thought we would both go broke from buying the expensive store breads and all, and then starve from not wanting to eat them! We already were off dairy and hardly eat meat, so its nice to find a variety of recipes that actually taste good! We had these brownies for breakfast this morning and they were great!

the kicked said...

Thanks for this great recipe! I agree -- the quinoa and dark chocolate is a good combo.

In response the question from Anonymous, I just made a batch of these and substituted tapioca starch for the potato starch and it worked fine. I assume that arrowroot would also work (and probably give you more nutritional value).

Marie said...

Hi Karina: I am 3 months gluten, lactose, sugar cane, egg and most nuts free. It was a challenge finding food to eat initially but I perserviered and I met people who have food sensitivities and read alot and googled alot. A friend at work gave me your blog website and I got your recipe for the Delicious Gluten Free Bread and several other recipes I am using regularly. I finally got the nerve to try to blog (I am not very computer savie) so I hope youget this message. I love your recipes and the hope you give those that are out there with similar if not more serious conditions. Thank-you for the work you do.

I have a question tho, can I subsitute honey for brown sugar in the Quinoa Breakfas Brownie Recipe? I'd like to try the recipe but don't want it to flop. Thx Marie

Karri Allrich said...

Thanks again, everyone- for your lovely comments. xox

Marie- Glad you found my blog! Welcome. As for subbing brown sugar for honey- check my FAQ page for links on substitution posts and my sugar-free post. Lots of info there.

That said, I think it's possible to use honey- but it will change the texture. Brown sugar provides structure and a lovely golden chewiness.

In general, you need less honey than the amount of sugar called for (the sugar free sub/posts talk about how much). I have no idea how will impact the end result in this particular recipe- but I bet it will. If you're used to baking with honey rather than sugar, it may seem fine to you.

Check comments too- maybe someone has subbed agave - behaves much like honey.

Good luck!


Simone said...

Excited to try the recipe and see if my kids will bite. :-) XOXO Thank you!

Christine Harling said...

I made these the other day and they are soooo good! I used chocolate chips and pecans (no raisins). I'll be making these again and again...thank you!

Sharon said...

Karina, thank you for this recipe. I made it today and featured it in a post called GF Magic: Chocolate For Breakfast! as part of a Practical Magic Blog Party. It is delicious, as are all your recipes.

Kathleen T said...

I made these tonight as a surprise breakfast for my toddlers tomorrow. Y-U-M! They will be lucky if there are any left for them! I made a few modifications for our family that turned out great. We are presently only working on gluten free, not dairy or egg free. I substituted buckwheat flour for sorghum, added 3 Tablespoons of non-alkaline cocoa and left out the chocolate chips (they look more like brownies and tasted chocolate-y enough), used melted butter in lieu of olive oil, used 1 Tablespoon Pure Vanilla extract (yes, 1 T)instead of powder, 2 large local farm eggs, no mix-ins, and reduced sugar (I use Organic Sucanat) to 1 1/3 cups. Next go around I'd like to try 1 cup of Sucanat and see if that's sweet enough. I like to keep my baking to 1 c of sugar or less, but was concerned that I had enough in to compensate for the bitterness of the cocoa. This was baked in 17 minutes for me and was thick and delicious in a 13x9 pan. This is a keeper and will go in our regular breakfast rotation. I've got a recipe for breakfast cookies and personal apple pies, how cool to add brownies to our non-conventional but healthy line-up!

Anonymous said...

OMG I just pulled these out of the oven and they are FABULOUS! (Made mine with Crasins and walnuts) So much better than the gluten free baked goods I can find at the grocery store. Thanks for this recipe - it will be a great template for many variations I am sure.

Catherine said...

Hi Karina,
I have a 7 year old son who avoids wheat/gluten,soy, dairy and corn. He has a friend in class who is allergic to nuts, egg and dairy. I made these bars for his school holiday party and they were a huge hit! It was great to be able to make a treat that ALL the kids could enjoy. Some of the parents came and asked me for the recipe so I have pointed them to your blog. I omitted the nuts and put raspberry jam in small dollops on top and baked. Thank you for posting this recipe. It's delicious!

Sharon said...

Hi Karina,

Just discovered your amazing blog as our family has just transitioned to GF living--thank you!! I would love to try out this recipe but wonder if I could just use regular eggs instead of the replacer? If so, how many would you suggest? Thanks!!

Karina Allrich said...

Thank you, All - again, for your stories and feedback. Much appreciated. xox

Sharon - Welcome! As for using eggs in this recipe- yes, you can use eggs (my husband has made these with two egg whites, beaten).

xox Karina

marla said...

Loving those itty bitty chocolate chips in these breakfast bars. Gotta try the quinoa flour.

Doe said...

Hi Karina, I've been a long time follower of your blog. Thank you for sharing your love of good food, extraordinary recipe designing talents, and inspirational stories with us! I'm not celiac, but your recipes are my favourite. I love how I can trust that each will turn out great and guaranteed delicious! Thank you so much and I look forward to many more adventures care of your blog!

Deb Reynolds said...

Wow... imagine finding a Marion Woodman reference as part of a brownie recipe. Cool.

Rabah said...

(1) For those who use eggs, I wonder what impact using two beaten eggs whites (rather than the whole eggs) would have? I used the whole eggs.
(2) I agree with Jennifer K that these have a wonderfully complex, "caramelly" flavor and were pleasantly crisp. However, I didn't find that they were chewy at all. I was disappointed to find the opposite, in fact; they were rather non-substantial and crumbly (as if I had forgotten the xantham gum, although I am positive I didn't). Any ideas? I'm so bummed, as I can recognize the potential this recipe has....

Rabah said...

I tried to brainstorm anything I might have done differently than Karina (apart from the obvious environmental factors). I only came up with the following:
(1) I let the batter sit for ~30 min, as I do with all gluten free baking. This tends to give it extra rise, but perhaps they'd be chewier if I hadn't done this (who cares about rise here?) Although I don't think extra sitting time would make the baked product less "substantial."
(2) How does everyone treat liquid/ dry ingredients, and how do you think it impacts a recipe? I always beat eggs with a mixer first. I also use sugar as a wet ingredient- usually beating it with the eggs- but it looks like sometimes Karina treats sugar as a dry ingredient.


Rabah said...

p.s. I am clearly addicted to the Gluten Free Goddess blog.... ;-)

Rabah said...

In case anyone follows this thread, Ultimate conclusion: 1 whole egg, 2 yolks, and butter in place of oil. I also reduced sugar (1.3 c dark brown sugar).
Unless, of course, you can get your hands on Karina's mystical & miraculous, glittery vegan wand. Vegan sorceress, indeed...

Melaina said...

I am still relatively new to the world of allergy-free eating but finding your site has helped me so much! I made these breakfast brownies today and I've already eaten TWO! They are absolutely delicious, thanks for the recipe!! I do have a quick question though... Would it be possible to finagle this into working as a muffin recipe?!?

Karina Allrich said...

Thanks again, Everyone for your quinoa brownie love. xox

As for muffins- these would make dense, brownie-like muffins. I do have a quinoa muffin recipe that is delicious. It has chocolate chips, and pecans. Check my Muffins + Brunch recipe index.


smileyfish said...

Hi Karina,

I finally got around to making these (with a few tweaks) last night, after having the recipe bookmarked for years. They are fantastic, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This looks incredible, as usual! The sugar can be substituted with coconut crystals but would love to figure out a way to omit the xanthan.
Thanks again for yet another great post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Karina, this is a scrumptious recipe, one of my absolute favourites! I found the first batch I made were far too sweet for me, so i now use 3/4 cup brown sugar (or sucanat if I've got it) and they are absolutely divine! I also use chia seeds I've soaked over night in place of the egg replacer and following your advice on this thread upped the baking powder to just under 3 tsps with excellent results. Thank you so much for sharing you're wonderful recipes! xx

Anonymous said...

I just made these. What a delicious and healthy bar to go with my morning smoothie!

Intuitive Jewellery Designs said...

I just made these today, subbing millet flour for the quinoa flour, and blackstrap molasses for the maple syrup (we didn't have the original ingredients on hand). I also added slivered almonds, thompson raisins AND chocolate chips, and this recipe turned out to be pure heaven!! You really do create fantastic food, Karina, and I have yet to make a recipe of yours that doesn't blow people away. Thank you!!!

Allergy Free, Mother of Three said...

Loved this recipe...just made a few substitutions. Subbed brown rice flour for sorghum, used half cup coconut palm sugar and 3/4 cup finely shredded coconut flakes to replace the sugar, used 1/2 cup applesauce instead of the egg replacer, used coconut oil instead of olive oil and instead of chocolate chips, I used bluberries (since this was intended for breakfast). My kids loved them. I, too, have a child with many food allergies and I really appreciate your site. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

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