Gluten-Free Millet Buckwheat Wraps

Gluten-free wraps- an easy recipe with millet and buckwheat flours.

Make a Gluten-Free Wrap

What's keeping us fortified during our transition from the wild desert of northern New Mexico to the cool big blue of the Pacific? In a word, wraps. We're munching Lime Quinoa Salads, leftover Veggie Garden Loaf, stir-fry veggies and quinoa, and sandwich fillings in these handy, tasty beauties. They sustained us as we whittled down our food supply, making both lunch and dinner easy as pie. I froze a dozen for the road, thinking that in a pinch, I could always buy a salad to stuff inside.

They're completely fabulous hot off the griddle. The best. I could scarf them down bare, without adornment. In fact, I started with a basic crepe recipe when I was developing this wrap recipe. Which is why they're pliable, tender and delicious. Unfortunately, they're also fragile after day one- a problem I am working on. But if you freeze them right away, snugging rounds of wax paper in between each wrap, they thaw easily and remain fresh enough- though slightly less flexible.

The next batch I make I'm going to add more xanthan gum, hoping that the extra gum will give the wraps a longer shelf life at room temperature. Those of you who bake with eggs will have better luck, I believe. If I was still using eggs in my gluten-free baking, I'd add an extra egg white- or maybe two. If you try this, please stop back and share your results.

A soft pliable gluten-free wrap akin to a flour tortilla

Gluten-Free Wrap Recipe- Millet Buckwheat Tortillas

Recipe posted June 2009.

We love these pliable wraps. I stuff them with sandwich fillings, quinoa salads, cooked rice and veggies. This recipe makes about 10 good sized wraps. These are truly best eaten the day they are cooked. Freeze leftovers with sheets of wax paper between each wrap.

Whisk together the dry ingredients:

1 cup certified GF millet flour
1/2 cup certified GF buckwheat flour
1/2 cup sorghum flour
1/2 cup arrowroot or tapioca starch
2 teaspoons xanthan gum
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon minced onion
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon thyme

Add in:

3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon honey or raw agave nectar
1/4 teaspoon light tasting vinegar
Ener-G Egg Replacer for 2 eggs whisked with 4 tablespoons hot water
1 1/2 cups hot water
1/2 cup non-dairy milk

Beat the wet ingredients into the dry mix until the batter is smooth. It should look and feel like a thick pancake batter (though it appears strange and goopy at first, keep beating).

To cook on a griddle or crepe pan:

Heat a lightly oiled griddle or crepe pan over medium high heat. When a drop of water sizzles and bounces off the surface, your griddle or pan is ready.

Use an ice cream scoop to measure and plop a spoonful of batter onto the hot pan; and working quickly, use the back of a large spoon to spread the batter out as thin as you can. Six inches is usually an average size.

Let the wrap cook for a minute until firm. Using a thin large spatula, slide underneath the wrap and flip it to cook the other side for a minute until done.

Place the cooked wrap on a flat surface to cool.

Repeat the process to make a total of 10 wraps.

These are best eaten fresh.

To cook on an electric tortilla press:

Preheat the electric tortilla press. I use a VillaWare Wrap and Tortilla Press.

Use an ice cream scoop to measure and plop a spoonful of batter onto the hot press. Lower the top of the press down gently and push down lightly to press the batter out flat. Do not press too hard too fast or the wrap will fall apart from the sudden release of steam. Cook for a minute or so. It doesn't take long. Follow instructions for cooling the cooked wraps, as above.

When the wraps are cooled, cut larger-than-the-wraps circles out of wax paper; place the wax paper between the wraps, bag in a large freezer storage bag. Freeze.

To use, remove a wrap with the wax paper. Thaw. Stuff with your favorite sandwich or burrito filling.


Gently place the wrap over to one side of the wax paper circle so that you have an extra 2-3 inches of wax paper on one end. This will be the bottom edge of your rolled wrap.

Add your filling down the center of the wrap. Roll up the wrap.

Quickly fold the extra wax paper up over the open bottom of the wrap (to keep the filling from falling out); then roll the wrap up tightly in the wax paper. The top will be open.

xox Karina


  1. This is awesome. I can't wait to try it!

  2. YUM - congrats on your journey! I have been waiting to find a promising homemade wrap recipe for so long! And this is one I can make in a pan, since I don't have a press. :) I wonder if I could sub superfine brown rice flour for the millet, as I don't have any right now. If not, I may try teff. We just made some teff-Pamela's crepes last night (using 50% each), and filled them with chocolate chips, fresh organic raspberries, and yummy; I like teff in general, but especially with chocolate/cocoa powder!

    Karina, can you have chia? I think that might help the pliability, as I've seen it used to replace eggs, gluten, and even oil in various recipes. The way I do it, for extra nutritious pancakes/crepes, is to soak at a ratio of 1-2 T chia/cup of water for 20-30 minutes (minimum), and then blend in the Vitamix to get a slurry. Then use in place of water or milk in the recipe. I don't find that it has a noticeable taste, though you may get full more quickly as it is chock full of fiber (so drink lots of water!). You can also freeze the slurry in ice cube trays for thick, creamy Vitamix smoothies.

  3. The wrap sounds great! I have a question about agave. We have a nutritionist friend who thinks there are some concerns about agave. Not sure exactly what since she is out of town. But from what I can find on the internet--some sites claim that when the agave is heated the chemical composition changes so it is basically the same as high fructose corn syrup.

    Have you heard any of this? We love our agave and don't want to switch but used it to get away from the corn syrup and have a natural sweetner.


  4. I can't wait to try these. We have been unable to find a wrap for my kids to eat. I do have one question about the tapioca starch. My daughter can not have tapioca, can I substitute potato starch in its' place? In all recipes?


  5. I was just searching for a rice-free tortilla recipe! Your timing is perfect! I'm lucky that we have a similar list of "collateral" allergies. Your recipes work well for me. They usually work fine for me without xanthan gum, if I add a smidge of unflavored gelatin.

    Your sorghum millet bread is now my daily standard. I use less water and add a T of potato flour. Toasts up nicely for breakfast.

    Now that you've given me a tortilla recipe, I need noodle recipe to round out my meals. I've been noodle-free since giving up rice flour months ago. I made some Passover noodles that are like crepes. They worked fine in soup, but I'd like to make my hamburger noodle bake (with ground lamb, btw.) Do you have a noodle recipe that uses sorghum and/or millet?

  6. Coolio! I'll have to play with this idea when I get back from Michigan! Glad you finally made it to the ocean! :)

  7. It's funny that I came across this post today because just last night I was talking about how much I miss wraps. I've tried buying some gluten-free wraps, but they're always crumbly and fall apart when I try to actually wrap them around something. These look really good! I'm completely inept when it comes to cooking, but I will definitely try these! Thanks!

  8. With just a few left, I'm thinking Fattouch Salad. I really miss this lebanese salad to which we usually add pita croutons.

    First, I'll spread garlic-and-herb (oregano and mint)-flavoured olive oil on each wrap, and then I'll break them in pieces which I'll put on a baking sheet, in the oven, for 10-15 minutes.

  9. These look really good!

  10. So cool! Millet is my favorite grain.

    Gena (Choosing Raw)

  11. Wow, you have so many great standard recipes that I need to try asap! I drooled over your english muffin recipe a few months ago, but haven't made it yet! I need to get on it..

  12. These sounds delicious!! I can't wait to try them. I'm tired of my frozen rice wraps :)

  13. This sounds great.I am surely gonna try it today itself.

  14. I'm glad your trip is going well! Thanks for keeping us fed while you travel. My family is taking a trip next week. I am baking muffins like a crazy lady and planning food to pack (thank heaven our vacation rental will have a full kitchen!). My question: you mention freezing these wraps, along with lots of other baked goods. What did you do on your travels? Did you pack the baked goods in an ice chest or just deal with the not-so-fresh on the road taste/texture? I just wondered if you had a traveling method that you could suggest.
    Also, could I use potato starch in this recipe instead of tapioca starch? Just curious.

    Thanks! These look delicious :o)

  15. So cool that you posted this! This is exactly what I have had on my mind, but didn't have the energy to figure it out. A great big thanks for the recipe.

  16. Wow, a wrap?! Awesome!!! I wish I had one right now!

    Cheers, Spunky

  17. Yes! I love the combination of millet and buckwheat, and often use them for wraps myself, but I have never made anything that looks so bendy and pliable. Awesome! These wraps look so white and not that dark buckwheat color - do you use white buckwheat flour, or the regular dark stuff? If so, does it perform differently?

    I will definitely be trying this out, but will be omitting the xanthan gum and Ener-g egg replacer (I don't tolerate either) and replacing them with something else. Thanks for sharing, as always!
    -Kim //

  18. yumm yumm delicious. i have wanted to try making my own wraps/tortillas/flatbread thingies. thanks for posting this!

  19. Mine turned out more like pancakes, any suggestions?

  20. Just what I needed. A recipe to keep me awake at almost midnight!!! Maybe I'll use my powers of will and wait until tomorrow. Can't wait! They look fab.

    I'm going to try using the standard flax replacement for the eggs. I'll keep you posted.


  21. Just what I needed. A recipe to keep me awake at almost midnight!!! Maybe I'll use my powers of will and wait until tomorrow. Can't wait! They look fab.

    I'm going to try using the standard flax replacement for the eggs. I'll keep you posted.


  22. Tweeted to say thanks for recipe - these are fantastic!

  23. Karina you are fabulous! I have been trying to convince myself for a week to come up w/ a wrap my daughter can eat, and you just did it for me! Thank you!

  24. Christina - I think using RAW agave nectar can take away any concerns you might have about the heating. My grocery store has it, otherwise I'm sure its available online....

  25. These look delicious. I can't wait to make them.
    I'm so happy to hear you made it to the coast, welcome to California!!!

  26. karina - do you think you could make the batter and keep it in the fridge? then make as you go? I am thinking to keep them fresh.....

  27. As you always say you have to adjust the recipe for various reasons, I used guar gum instead of xanthan gum and flax seeds whirled until powder and water added for the egg replacer because of a corn allergy. My first three that I tried to cook were way too thick and gooey, & I couldn't even spread them thin. Each time I added more water and finally after adding at least another 1/2 cup I had a consistancy that I could spread thin enough. They were yummy, filled them with a lentil salad...thanks for yet ANOTHER great recipe!

  28. Gluten free vegan wraps with no yeast, brilliant!

    We have been making quesadillas with store bought wraps but they're just not as good as home-made. Thanks for the recipe :)

  29. these were good, although i also had to add another 1/2 cup water to get them to spread thin enough. my batter had little lumps in it that would not come out, i think it had to do with the water being hot and that i used real eggs. does it need to be hot water? didn't seem to affect the taste, just wondering...thanks for the recipe

  30. I was really dissapointed in how mine turned out. First, Karina, did you use Bob's Red Mill buckwheat? Cause yours look almost white in the picture, and mine look yucky gray - unappetizing! Also, because of our corn allergy, I used a homemade egg replacer and tapioca starch as an egg replacer. They aren't very flexible, and kinda greasy tasting. I also had to add almost 3/4 cup extra water, and still it was very difficult to spread (I ended up risking burnt finger tips to spread them w/ wet fingers). I might try this again (halving the recipe, cause it makes alot) using some lighter textured/colored flours to try and get a more asthetic wrap. My allergyhead princess is only 2, and eating 'ugly' food is not her thing!

  31. I made these tonight and they are so great! I had a little trouble on the first one spreading it out, but quickly realized you need to literally have the spoon you're spreading with touching the bottom of the pan to get the mix to spread out. I thought about adding more water, but really liked the texture so didn't want to mess with it. I wrapped in mine: romain lettuce, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, sprounted lentils, italian parsley, and red wine vinegarette dressing - delish!

    I accidentally let one of them go a little too long and it got very dark and crisp, but this one will be great with hummus! Kind of like a pita chip!

    Anyway, thank you so much for your innovative recipies. You've made me love love LOVE trying new things!

  32. I made these tonight and they are so great! I had a little trouble on the first one spreading it out, but quickly realized you need to literally have the spoon you're spreading with touching the bottom of the pan to get the mix to spread out. I thought about adding more water, but really liked the texture so didn't want to mess with it. I wrapped in mine: romain lettuce, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, sprounted lentils, italian parsley, and red wine vinegarette dressing - delish!

    I accidentally let one of them go a little too long and it got very dark and crisp, but this one will be great with hummus! Kind of like a pita chip!

    Anyway, thank you so much for your innovative recipies. You've made me love love LOVE trying new things!

  33. I tried this today and it turned out great! No sugar or dairy for me, so I just substituted water for the honey and milk. I also added a little more millet since I don't have sorghum flour, and I used real eggs. Thanks, Karina, for this great recipe. They were a real treat!

  34. Thanks for all the feedback on these wraps. I've made them both ways- spooning them into a hot crepe pan and using a tortilla press. Both work- but the tortilla press makes thinner wraps.

    ~M- Great idea to add chia gel- I will experiment with that- thanks for the chia tips! xox

    Christina- I agree about agave- I use it sparingly. A little in a recipe, divided by several servings, shouldn't be an issue. I also recommend the raw organic agave. But using cups of it, and adding it to everything might be problematic. Agave is metabolized by the liver- it's basically fructose. So while it has a slower/lower impact on blood sugar levels, it's to be used with moderation.

    Jennifer- Tapioca starch can be subbed in recipes with most gluten-free starches. If you can do potato starch, arrowroot starch- those will work well. You can also try cornstarch or very fine sweet rice flour.

    GF Kay- I don't have a noodle recipe yet.

    James and Katie- If they turned out like pancakes I suspect they weren't thin enough. Try adding more liquid and spreading them very thin, using the back of a soup spoon.

    A note on thickness of batter- humidity and altitude and specific flours (and how you store them) affects the moisture in gluten-free recipes.

    Add more water if the batter is too thick. It's a thin batter.

    Angie- We travel with a cooler packed with ice packs on the bottom and ice on top.

    I freeze everything first in freezer bags, so it goes into the cooler frozen.

    Texture is fine the first day; second day it's not quite as good- but tastes great. We used the wraps for three days (the last day they fell apart, but still tasted good).

    Cookies hold up the longest. And muffins.

    Holly- I'm not sure about keeping the batter in the fridge- but it's worth a try- wondering about a "sourdough" type of wrap? If you use eggs, this might be a problem (I'd worry about spoilage with eggs). To be safe, maybe halve the recipe?

    Lindsey- I use Arrowhead Mills buckwheat flour. Mine weren't ugly. ;-) See note about liquids above.

    Thanks everyone! I'll continue to experiment and try new flour combos.


  35. These look fantastic - I was thinking I had to buy wraps and had found one I thought was excellent - teff based - but I will try these instead - and thanks for your response to all the comments - this trial and error etc., just helps the rest of us! Thanks

  36. I haven't been able to find any wraps up here in the Land of the Midnight Sun--and I was so craving them. All the recipes I could find contain the dreaded eggs and I couldn't bring myself to make yet another substitution. Things tend to go awry at that point. So these were a welcome sight, even if just to read the recipe.
    I cooked them on a griddle and they are cooling (at least the left-overs) at my elobow. Delish. Thanks, again, for creating and blessing the rest of us with your creations.

  37. I haven't tried these yet but wanted to comment on the idea of keeping the batter in the fridge. EnerG egg replacer does not work well if you don't cook the batter right away. It says so on the package, and I've tried refrigerating biscuit dough with poor results.

  38. Guest00:05

    You hit it out of the ball park with these. I love them!!! I have not any bready product so wonderful in a long time.

    Thanks a bunch,


  39. Anonymous09:00

    This fab receipe is not printing correctly. Thanks!

  40. It prints fine here. Check settings/preferences, perhaps? Or reload page?

  41. Karina, maybe try chia seeds instead of eggs for added pliability. Use either ground chia "flour" or liquid chia gel (1 part chia soaked in 9 parts water - store in fridge, many uses). This really might do the trick! Looks delish.

  42. Hello and thank you for the inspiration, I tried this evening and applied my touch... reduce buckwheat to 1/4cup and add 1/4cup of quinoa flour as the buckwheat is quite an acquired taste. As for the spreading, i have found this approach: I use 2 sheets of the non-stick aluminium foil (about 12" each), 4 popsicle sticks (as spacers), and a rigid fairly large cutting board... I place 1 sheet of aluminium foil (non-stick up), then the 4 spacers at the corners and a dollop (i used a 1/3cup measure) of the batter, then place the second aluminium sheet (non-stick facing the batter), then I placed the cutting board on top and press down until the board was touching the spacers. I then place the aluminium "sandwich" directly on the griddle for about 2min, then turn it over and while the second side is cooking, I peel the cooked side, then turn it over and peel the second side. It works. By varying the spacer thickness you can obtain different results. For my pizza crust, I use chop-sticks...
    Have you ever tried to use a yeast approach? That will be my next step. As the taste is fine but i like them thin but not doughy, and these were just a tad too doughy...
    Thank you,

  43. Karina,
    as usual, you are my hero. I needed tortillas for Cinco de Mayo Tex-Mex night, but I can't have corn, egg, soy, etc...
    These are FANTASTIC! My flours were cold, so I had to add a little extra hot water, but they were delicious, pliable, tasty, and better than bread.
    I've wrapped up all the extras for later. I made about 12-15!
    I may try them with Flax seed gel instead of egg replacer...have you tried that? Flax is so-o healthy.
    I used my favorite wild desert honey, as it was in front of the raw agave. Delish!

  44. These are amazing! I did not have a crepe pan (just bought one today for these), I used my cast iron pan - not good for swirling! lol I skipped the agave, used flax meal w/water for the egg, added a bit more water and hemp milk - should have added more. They are so good! I just love them! I have been looking for a wrap/crepe recipe - I think these would be amazing with some sauteed apples or blueberries! I had them with mexican chicken. Thanks so much for sharing! Theresa

  45. Wonderful! Texture reminded Mr of na'an bread but I think mote liquid will take of that.

  46. I am going to have to try this out for sure. I love millet and I think this will be a big hit with the family. Thank you for sharing Karina.

  47. Joanna12:54

    Thank you SO much for this recipe - I have missed "tortillas" so much. (We live in Albuquerque. 'Nuff said.)

    Two notes - I had to add A LOT more liquid than the recipe called for to get a crepe-like batter. (Perhaps 2-3 cups more water?) I also added 1 extra teaspoon of xanthan gum to get a chewier version.

    I didn't have a tortilla press OR a proper crepe pan, but I used a large fry pan with sloped sides. My technique was to slide the cooked side of the wrap off the pan onto a silpat mat, then flip the map back onto the pan with the uncooked side down. (I tried just flipping the wrap but it kept breaking because the spatula would get "stuck" under the weight of it.)

    Can't wait to eat our "Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos" in these wraps.

    Also, my mom and daughter (age 9) thought your wraps tasted way better than a plain old tortilla!

  48. The Trader Joe's wraps were not working! These might. Thanks for sharing Karina.

  49. Anonymous11:19

    These have become a main stay in our fridge. I did add the extra egg white and my DH says they are the best wraps he's had since going GF. If I only make a single batch I find they stay well in the fridge, no need to freeze. I used them to make enchilladas and everyone loved the dish!

  50. Anonymous22:19

    Hi karina, looked through your substitute suggestions, but can't find my answer... How would you substitute millet? I'm allergic... Nuts are also no good.


  51. Jessica, I would try subbing millet flour with brown rice flour, or certified oat flour, if you can handle oats. Karina

  52. Anonymous21:36

    Thanks! I'll try brown rice, since we have an oat allergy as well.