Roasted Yellow Tomato Salsa Recipe with Cilantro

Gluten free tomato salsa is vegan and gluten free and easy to make
Roasted yellow tomato salsa is vegan and gluten-free.

How am I occupying my fevered little brain as we wait (not so patiently) for more house showings? How do I keep my spirits up as we start this selling process all over again? I dream up recipes. I lay in bed at 3 AM with visions of salsa in my head. I conjure excuses for roasting yellow tomatoes.

I imagine frittatas with leftover pasta.

Vanilla cupcakes with mocha icing.

Pecan crackers.

This is my life. And it's ending one recipe at a time.
Sorry to get all Chuck Palahniuk on ya (and I admit up front this isn't a feel good post; though the recipe is party worthy I am in no particular mood to dance). One thing I know for sure is, that beyond a certain age, it becomes startlingly clear. Every season marks a passage, one more season closer to your last. We've spent eight seasons trying to sell this place. Two years out here in high desert isolation. Two summers, two winters trying to shed a mortgage so we can move on. Be near the sea again. Live close to book stores, cafes and Farmer's Markets. Chuck is right on ownership. What you own ends up owning you.

A woman I used to know would offer platitudes in times like this. There's a reason you were supposed to stay here, she would have said. I always said nothing when she offered that as solace. I don't believe it, you see. I don't believe that the universe cares about my mortgage. I don't believe in a divine purpose that requires our presence here and not there. Have I learned from this experience? (This would be her follow-up consolation.) Yes. I have.

I have learned that ownership may indeed be overrated. That I value freedom of movement more than a piece of paper that names me as Buyer. I have learned that putting down roots may no longer be in my nature. I have learned that my body was not designed for high altitude living. I have learned not to set a speaker on the floor.

And I have learned how hard it really is to escape the template of childhood. Those emotional neural patterns designed in earlier seasons that baffle with their dug-in insistence on repeating, repeating. No matter how many books you read, how many dreams you dissect. Your fate is anchored not by your understanding but by every single snip of authenticity you endured for the sake of one more day. And so I am not anxious to sacrifice much more. I am gripping awareness and holding tight. I am not sure I won't make the same mistakes again.

But I am going to try on a new season. And I am going to hope.

Yellow tomatoes make tasty salsa
Chip worthy tomato salsa.

Roasted Yellow Tomato Salsa Recipe with Cilantro

If you cannot find these tiny heirloom yellow tomatoes, any grape, pear or cherry tomatoes will do. The roasting coaxes fresh tomato salsa from bright and acidic into complex, subtle and sweet. If you don't care for cilantro, try using basil instead, and serve this salsa as a bruschetta on toasted gluten-free bread rubbed with a clove of fresh garlic.

Preheat the oven to 375ºF.


In a roasting pan combine:

2 pints of yellow cherry or heirloom tomatoes, halved
1 small red onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3/4 cup corn kernels
2 teaspoons dried cilantro
Sea salt

Drizzle with:

Olive oil
White balsamic vinegar


Toss to coat the veggies in olive oil. Roast in a preheated oven until the tomatoes are soft and sweet, about 25 to 30 minutes. I stirred the mix half way through roasting.

Cool before storing. Store covered in the fridge.

Before serving, allow the salsa to come to room temperature.


Fresh chopped cilantro.

Serve with gluten-free tortilla chips, corn chips, or triangles of toasted gluten-free garlic bread.

Serves 6 to 8.


  1. Looks fab - another one to add to the list :)

  2. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, and good thoughts in my mind, that this will be the year for you and your house to find a good solution!

  3. Gorgeous looking salsa! My favorite way to make it... roasting up the veggies first!

  4. you rock. i totally think about food in the middle of the night. this looks GOOD.

  5. We are trying to sell our house too and I keep baking with the windows open so maybe a passerby will be enticed to come in!!
    This salsa is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. You are such a brilliant writer. I wish I could just snap my fingers and the house would be sold. It will happen, but I know that's hard to imagine right now. Meanwhile, the salsa looks great!

  7. Looks amazing! My husband just said he was interested in more spicy food, so this will be perfect.

    Good luck selling your place :-)

  8. Oh my, what a dilemma. I, too, once found myself the captive of what I had thought was a dream come true - owning a 40 acre farm in Vermont. It was during the first few years, until I figured out it was suffocating me. Took several years to escape. But the lessons I learned served me well. While I do own my home, it is a small beach cottage in a lively little community north of Boston. A sweet place to be on the earth. But I have to admit that if it hadn't been for Vermont, I might never have figured out how little I wanted or needed. So chin up and start getting excited - something wonderful is coming your way!

  9. You definately rock. Smart girl. Incredibly productive. You are so hard on most bright people. Your recipes are amazing and I thank a Celiac who loves real food I love love your blog and love your writing as much as your food. Have faith and as my dear friend tells me, "do what you can and then surrender to the universe". There is a reason for all this. You will sell your house and then move on but in the meantime keep the faith as you are doing good sister just moved to Santa Fe but I don't want her to know what you think!!!!!! :_)

  10. Thanks, Karina, this looks great. And thanks for your authentic words, too.



  11. Wow!!! That salsa not only looks amazing, it sounds amazing too! Thanks for the fabulous recipe - I am definitely going to have to try this!

  12. Katie, LizKnits, RecipeGirl, Veggie Vixen, Tartelette, Kalyn, Elana...

    Thank you all! Right back atcha. xox

    Beach Poet- Thank you for sharing your own story with me. I can tell "you know". Much appreciated.

    Clayton- Thank you, as well. To be clear- I'm not in Santa Fe. I'm north- out in the dessert. Santa Fe is a 45 to 50 minute drive. My experience out here is quite different than in town- where there are several Starbucks, bookstores, cafes, galleries. Santa Fe is fun.

    My living situation is rather unique and I don't give too many details (for obvious reasons). But one important lesson this sojurn has taught me is that I miss the ocean, miss walking to where people are, miss proximity to movie theaters, bookstores, cafes. Spending two hours in the car just to grab a coffee and a newspaper or browse a bookstore... Well. It gets old after awhile.

    You are all the best. xox


  13. Moonwatcher- As always thank you for your support and kind words. xox

    Danica's Daily- Muchas gracias! Enjoy.


  14. Karina,

    We also have our Business and Home property for sale, so we know how you feel. You have a lovely blog!

    My husband and I contemplate the same spiritual wisdom that you spoke of. It seems to contradict itself is what we say. We have also talked about just renting after everything is sold or buying a RV (which we have had two before) and doing some traveling.

    Selling Blessing to you and your's and thank you for a wonderful blog,


  15. Oh. Mah. Gawd.
    Goddess this looks divine. It may be 8 in the morning, but I'm craving this salsa now. Thank you for this recipe!!

  16. I made this salsa and everyone in our family loved it (a rare occurance)! I did use red tomatoes but have now found a source for the yellow and will try it again.

    Thanks. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all your hard work.

  17. Not to be contrary to your brilliance or anything Karina because you are brilant and were my beacon of hope when my food world came crashing down but... um... no chilli's?!

  18. Thanks, Pam and Michelle- :-)

    Sally T- YAY. Glad you enjoyed it. The yellow tomatoes are lovely- less acidic.

    Lara- Don't hold back, seriously. ;-) I am allergic to several chiles now, I am sorry to tell you. Pasilla peppers seem to provoke the worst (and scariest) reaction (throat swelling, itchy mouth). Cayenne peppers aren't fun either. So. I am takin' it easy with the spicy peppers lately.

    That said- I have other hotter salsa recipes on the blog, and thought it might be fun to create a mild salsa you could use on anything from salmon to toasted bread a la bruschetta.

    You could always add chiles to your heart's content, you know. Keep your taste buds happy. ;-)



  19. WOW, I am the original cilantro nut, and this recipe is for me!

  20. Reading this really just put a new perspective on my life...I took a job after graduating from an Indiana school last year and moved to the mississippi gulf coast. I have been so mobile since graduating high school that I have come to hate it with a passion. Here I am about to move again in 2 weeks, but after reading this I realize that my ability to move is great, and I wouldn't be able to cease the opportunities I have been give if I had already set up roots somewhere. I am on the sea, and I long to get back to the midwest, just not today. I know when the time is right I will be able to do it at a moment's notice though. And have hope! My parents are in escrow on a house they have been trying to sell since their divorce 2 years ago (in Indiana, no less!). And thanks so much for your recipes and beautiful art, its a joy to look at and an inspiration when I feel too tired to cook something GF and would rather have celery or cucumbers for dinner!

  21. Wow, this looks great. I was searching of a salsa for all the yellow cherry tomatoes in my garden, and this will be perfect. Have you ever tried freezing or canning it? Or any other salsa? Thanks!

  22. This salsa recipe rocks, especially with the tomatoes all roasted and sweet. I will definitely recommend this at

  23. Anonymous14:47

    THis recipe looks incredible I have a ton of the little million tomatos and am looking for a recipe to can. Is this possible with this recipe?? I am kinda new to all of this.

  24. I've never canned in my life. But I imagine it is possible. You'll have to find canning expertise elsewhere, though. ;-) xox

  25. Yummo! I had this last night over some grilled salmon...twas deish! thanks for sharing Karina.