Gluten-Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Gluten free strawberry rhubarb crisp makes an easy dessert
Gluten-free strawberry rhubarb crisp with a tangy twist.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

When I was a little girl my favorite way to eat rhubarb was to snap off a stick in the back yard, run into the kitchen and dip the end into the sugar bowl, repeating the dipping process as needed to coat each tart and chewy bite with granular sweetness. In a post-Seinfeld world I risk being labeled a dreaded double dipper. And I admit up front, it's true.

I double dipped and triple dipped and lived to tell the tale.

Beyond childhood I never bothered much with rhubarb, except for tasting the occasional strawberry rhubarb crisp at someone else's family picnic. I was never much a fan of it cooked. Stewing and baking seemed to rob it of its charms, mocking my memory of those sugar coated crisp and sour stalks. The mush in the bottom of all those Pyrex baking pans was a sorry excuse for rhubarb, I thought. So recreating a rhubarb crisp recipe for living gluten-free was never glowing brightly on my cooking radar screen. It was never even the faintest of blips. I've been blogging for four rhubarb seasons now and haven't felt inspired to develop a recipe. Until now.

Why now, I've no idea. Perhaps it's because we're stuck out here in the desert, with nary a garden or bursting rhubarb patch in sight. Just rolling hills of crusty earth studded with brittle pinon and juniper trees, the oddball cholla, or tuft of tenacious sage. The words green and leafy don't exactly come to mind when you walk the dirt road to the arroyo.

So when I spotted a few lonely stalks of rhubarb in a basket at Whole Foods in Santa Fe- ruby red and sexy in their glistening rhubarb goodness- I thought, Why not attempt a strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe?

And because I'd asked myself out loud my husband said, You do realize you just asked three stalks of rhubarb if you should make them into a crisp?

Well, yeah, I shrugged back. I talk to my fruit.

Don't you?

Gluten free strawberry rhubarb crisp is an easy recipe to make
I love the tart tang of balsamic in this gluten-free crisp recipe.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Recipe with Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar cuts the sugary sweetness of the usual sugar and strawberry rhubarb combo and adds a depth of savory tart flavor. Start with one tablespoon and taste test; add a little more if you desire. The balsamic gives this fruit crisp depth and richness.

3-4 stalks of rhubarb, trimmed, chopped
1 quart fresh organic strawberries, hulled, cut up
1-2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, to taste (start with one)
3/4 cup organic light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
1/2 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tiny pinch ground cloves- tiny- I mean it!
1 tablespoon arrowroot starch

For the topping:

1/2 cup organic brown sugar
1/4 cup organic buckwheat flour
1/4 cup sorghum flour
1/4 cup arrowroot starch
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon
2-3 tablespoons coconut oil or Spectrum Organic Shortening

Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Lightly grease an 8x10-inch baking or gratin dish.

In a bowl, combine the rhubarb, strawberries, 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, sea salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves; stir to combine. Taste test and add 1 more tablespoon balsamic vinegar if you like it more tart. When the sauce hits the right notes of tart and sweet, stir in the arrowroot starch and set aside.

In a separate bowl combine the brown sugar, buckwheat, sorghum, arrowroot, xanthan gum, sea salt and cinnamon. Drop in dabs of the Spectrum Organic Shortening in pieces, and using your hands scoop and rub the mixture between your palms until it becomes a coarse sandy meal. Add more shortening if you need it.

Spoon the fruit mixture into the prepared baking dish. Add the crumb topping, leaving some space around the edges for the juice to simmer and pop.

Bake in the center of a preheated oven until the fruit is tender, and the crisp topping is golden brown; it should bubble around the edges. Mine took about 25 minutes. I try not to overcook my fruit crisps because I don't care for them if they're mushy.

Serve warm. A soft scoop of creamy coconut ice cream is entirely optional.

Serves 6.

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gabby140 said...

Always such beautiful food pictures Karina!

I'm normally not much of a rhubarb fan myself, but I plan to give this a go next month when my dad and his wife visit the week of Father's Day. She adores rhubarb and he is fond of crisps over pie plus with it all being GF/CF and egg free, I can eat it too.

Thank you again for the variety of food dishes you add to my repertoire!


Gluten free Kay said...

Ooooooo! The balsamic vinegar would add a new dimension to this crisp. I especially like balsamic with strawberries. My rhubarb is HUGE this year, thanks to last year's great compost. Can't wait to try your recipe!

Allana said...

Never had rhubarb before, but I do *love* balsamic strawberries....maybe this recipe is worth a shot. BTW, your recipes are such an inspiration and your stories are heart-warming. Thank you for sharing your dynamic creations!


Alisa said...

What a delicious use of the season's produce! The balsamic is definitely a nice touch, I can taste it now!

Rach said...

I love the way uncooked rhubarb looks too - when the color is just so deep and brilliant. I've never made rhubarb anything.

DJ Karma said...

Sounds like a delicious combination- and easier than making and rolling out pie crust.

Kalyn said...

I never did like rhubarb much, but this could possibly change my mind. It looks delicious. I especially like the idea of the balsamic vinegar adding a new dimension.

Monika said...

Made this tonight with fresh rhubarb from today's farmer's market. The balsamic inspired me to add some rosemary to the fruit, too. Delicious! Thanks for a fresh new twist on a springtime classic.

I Am Gluten Free said...

Oh Karina - this makes me swoon. And I'm not even a rhubarb fan. But I have a feeling that this recipe will convert me. Can't wait to try it!


eL4RvQIBm8VAO6caasx8B2laZjC6Lqr0GUeJKXo- said...

My first CSA pickup is this coming Saturday. I'm now really hoping for some rhubarb.

My mother always refused to buy rhubarb because the last time she did she gave birth. Of course, she was pregnant at the time. Sometimes, you just can't argue with momma.

RecipeGirl said...

You just totally eliminated my nightmarish vision of eating my Aunt's 'crunchy' rhubarb pie as a kid. This looks much better!! I simply must give it another shot :)

cristinarock said...

I like the way uncooked rhubarb looks too - when the color is just so deep and brilliant.

My Year Without said...

I'm going to try substituting agave or honey or date sugar for the brown sugar. It should still taste sweet...especially with the strawberries! I'm really glad to have found this recipe because I need to do something with all my rhubarb!

Stephanie D said...

I cooked this last night and it was a winner! I did tweak a little.

Once it was cooked I found the crumble top didn’t work out how I expected. I scraped off the topping and adjusted. I used the same recipe but crumbled the mix roughly up on a tray and baked seperately. I cooled it a little and crumbled over the fruit mix. It crisped up much better and had a more rustic look to it. I love tonnes of cookie type crumble topping, but that’s my personal preference!

I haven’t been able to get hold of sorghum flour so I substituted with gluten free all purpose flour. It had guar gum added however I added a little bit of xanthum gum but not as much as the recipe. I substituted arrowroot starch in the fruit mix with potato starch and it worked fine.

Warm n Wonderful said...

Lol, I used to take rhubarb from the garden and dip it in sugar, too! Thanks for that memory!

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