How to Make Your Own Potato Chips

How to make your own gluten free potato chips
Make your own potato chips.

Le Chip Roulette

Before I get to how to cook homemade potato chips and avoid the game we food allergic individuals refer to as Le Chip Roulette, I'd like to mention dreaming. Because I woke from some very strange dreams this morning. Dreams involving caveman chest hair and glistening inky fish and long distance songs on some radio left behind in an abandoned mining shack perfect for a David Lynch location shoot. Spandau Ballet, in fact- crooning, I know this much is tru-hoo.

It's day fifteen of the tenacious head cold I picked up in Los Angeles. And it's Friday the thirteenth. But I'm not so easily spooked. Old ghosts got nothing on this morning's weirdness. This is kindergarten stuff. Amateur hour. So I shook it off and brewed some tea.

I'm blaming high altitude and not enough fresh fruit.

And, Dear Reader, speaking of snack deprivation, I gotta ask you about something. How hard is it to make a simple snack without a top food allergen thrown in for no good reason? You've got, let's say, for example, potatoes-- which is one food I can munch without concern. And then you go and fry them in soybean oil (soy, of course, being one of the top eight allergens). Or worse- the possibility of soybean oil, with the new corporate catch-all escape clause, May contain soybean oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil. Or cottonseed oil. Just what am I supposed to do with that information, exactly- this nugget of wisdom that your potato chips may or may not make me sick, this choice that is clearly- and legally- now in my trembling, sweaty palms?

You decide, they're telling me. You take the risk. It's our game, and we spin the wheel of Le Chip Roulette. And, hey, if it's soy-free- you're golden. You win! With this particular bag of chips, anyway. The next batch you consume may make you sick. But. Do we care? We warned you. We clearly stated, "may contain". Our hands are clean. See ya! We fulfilled the letter of the law. We did our part.

This much is tru-hoo.

Frustrating. And seemingly, a small annoyance. But the sad, big picture truth is, those of us with food allergies often go hungry. Especially when we travel. Or have a crazy-busy day where we work or run errands straight through lunchtime and all we want to do is grab a simple snack to tide us over until we reach the safety of our own little kitchen. Because on the road, sometimes you run out of the homemade gluten-free cookies you cleverly tossed in your purse, or your ready-to-eat ripe banana turns black in the 100 degree heat of the closed up car in the parking lot. Sometimes a girl just needs a potato chip.

Is that too much to ask?

And double the frustration when it's one of your kids who's hungry and tired and you got stuck in traffic or delayed at Jiffy Lube. So with this snack roulette frustration in mind, I decided to experiment with making my own allergen-free potato chips.

How hard could it be? I figured.

Crunchy White and Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

I fried up a batch of sweet potato and baking potato chips the other day. My ingredient list? Potatoes, olive oil and sea salt. And how did they taste? As good as they look. I'd like to make these with blue potatoes next. Then maybe try other root vegetables. Rutabaga chips anyone?

As far as oil goes, I prefer olive oil in and with almost everything. It tastes good. It's good for me (monosaturated). And I'm not allergic to it. All big pluses. If you cannot tolerate olives, substitute your own favorite cooking oil. Peanut, safflower, and organic non-GMO canola oil will all work.

Here's what I did. I used:

2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled, sliced very thin
2 medium baking potatoes, scrubbed, sliced very thin


Heat a an inch of high heat friendly oil in a large deep skillet, or even a wok. When the temperature is very hot (I didn't use a thermometer but recipes call for 350 degrees F, usually) carefully place just enough chips- either all white or all sweet in each batch because their timing is different- to take up space in the oil without crowding them too much; and fry them till golden crisp. Remove with long handled tongs and drain on paper towels. Lightly salt them while they're hot.

Work in batches until you have cooked all the chips. Add a little more oil if you need to as you cook batches- but note that I used much less oil than most recipes call for, and my chips turned out lovely and crisp. Drain them on paper towels and sprinkle with sea salt.

It couldn't be easier (just be careful of the hot oil- and don't drop any watery food in it- water and moisture makes oil spatter- ouch!).

Store in an air-tight container- that is if they aren't devoured within ten minutes.

Serves 4.

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Keri said...

Stopping back after your bounce over to my place via flickr. A couple of things... Who knew the world of gluten free could be so wide and wondrous and delicious? Am 'exploring' this avenue as in, dipping my toes in the water because my allergist says gluten may be causing some of my migraines.

and Spandau Ballet? The hubs (that would be HBB - Half Brain Boy after his brain tumor removal) and I were just googling the youTubes of them a couple of weeks ago. I think I'll be having the earworm again for the entire night. Thanks for that. ;-)

Great writing style! Fun blog. Another find to add to the Reader.

Keri said...

Sorry... strike flickr. Make that Twitter. ;)

Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

Those look fabulous! What frustrations with the processed food industry these days!

Feel better soon!

Kalyn said...

Fifteen days! Yikes, that is brutal. Hope it is winding down! LOVE the bricks back ground on the blog, and the chips look fantastic too!

Jennifer said...

I love homemade chips!! No store bought ones can really compare! Thanks!

milhan said...

Spandau Ballet...brings back memories. I used to work with them back in my music industry days...

I'm slightly afraid of these chips. They look easy to make and delicious to eat...I am doomed...

Karina Allrich said...

Keri- Hey there- fun to connect. And thank you for your kind words. I used to get migraines, too, btw. Dare I tell you they didn't completely go away until I gave up gluten, dairy and smoked fish? (Smoked fish- who knew?). ;-)

Alisa- Mucho frustrating. And mucho mistrust.

Kalyn- Hi Babycakes. Ugh. This is the cold/flu that won't die. I blame some chicken in China.

Jennifer- There's no comparison, is there?

Milhan- You tease. That's all you're going to say? ;-)

The SCD girl said...

Oooh, I gotta try this with the neck of a butternut squash (I can't eat potatoes). I've currently got a week and a half to wait until my fridge pickles are ready, so maybe I can make something else crunchy in the meantime! :D

milhan said...

ROFL! Okay, sorry, I worked in the music industry for a dozen or more years doing PR. I worked with many different artists from KISS to Paul McCartney to Lenny Kravitz. Spandau Ballet was one of them. So was Billy Idol, Duran Duran, and Huey Lewis. I am showing my age now!

I quit 16 years ago when my daughter was born. Been home ever since.

Gluti Girl said...

I am finding that allergy statement is driving me crazy! I am allergic to sunflower seeds. I can't believe how many things contain the oil, or might contain the oil. This oil or that oil. Why can't they just decide on one so I know!

To make matters worse I am allergic to potatoes as well. Your chips look just beautiful to me! To satisfy my salty cravings I go for corn chips, when I find one with corn oil, and only corn oil not maybe corn oil or sunflower, or safflower or whatever :)

Maria said...

Homemade chips are the best!!

Ali (Whole Life Nutrition) said...

Karina - These look yummy. I have never actually made chips before - the real way.

If I ever crave that starchy, salty, slightly crunchy food, I make potatoes in the oven. Of course they are not as crispy as you have made here but still good. I thinly slice mine and toss them in olive oil and sea salt then place them in a thin layer on a baking sheet at 400 degrees. The bottoms get a little crispy and the tops are soft, but still good! -Ali :)

suz said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, but this is the first time I'm commenting. I too am totally frustrated by this labeling nightmare which forces us to either risk our health and lose, or leaves us making everything from scratch. Is there nothing convenient for an allergy-laden girl to do? And the only snacks I can grab are usually an apple and grapes. But once I run out, that's it!

Thanks for sharing such a fantastic recipe again with all us allergic people. I can't eat potatoes right now, but might try to make some parsnip chips :)

Feel better!!

kate said...


I made these Saturday evening with sweet potatoes, sliced very thing with my brand new mandolin slicer.
I added the merest dusting of garlic powder with the sea salt..nothing too garlicky, just an extra hint of flavor. OMG. Soooo goooood!
My son and I ate half the batch, and my husband came home later and ate the rest.

Thanks for another great recipe!

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Beautiful, and I am certain they are delicious. I have some small potatoes that are on their way out. I will use them for this recipe tomorrow using some light olive oil. I know they won't last long!


Karina Allrich said...

SCD Girl- Did you try it with butternut? Wondering if they'd be too soft?

Milhan- Well, how cool is that? :-) Thanx for sharing.

Gluti Girl- I have other chip recipes- my brown rice chips are really fun. I make my my own corn tortilla chips the same way, too.

Maria- I couldn't agree more.

Ali- Cool! I make Crispy Potato Sticks in the oven that way (recipe under snacks).

Suz- Labeling is a huge issue. It's exhausting some days, isn't it?

Kate- Yay- sweet potato chips are so tasty. :-)

Shirley- Small potatoes would be delish. Red potatoes- even blue potatoes are variations I want to try.


GFE--gluten free easily said...

I made these tonight. I only used three small potatoes and, thank goodness, because they made a ton of chips. And, my husband and I agreed they didn't even need salt. I guess the goodness of the potatoes and the olive oil did the trick. Yum. (I used the rest of my far gone potatoes for homemade hash browns. Delish, too.) I think these potato chips will become a standby treat from time to time. I will use less oil next time. These did take a fair amount of time to cook so I am glad I was doing other cooking as well. Anyway, a great treat that's naturally GF--thanks so much!


Best Olive Oil said...

Excellent idea, I too have turned to homemade chips instead of the nasty, salty, often tasteless store bought variety that many of us grew up with.

Vickie said...

Parsnip chips are my favourite :-)

*-- D. L. K i n g --* said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting this. It's been hard to find a good root vege chip recipe.

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