Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger

Karina's gluten free sweet potato soup is vegan and dairy-free.
A comforting sweet potato soup for the sun deprived  soul. With ginger.

Winter Solstice is approaching fast. The days now are so short I've been warning Steve to hide all sharp instruments. Your intrepid gluten-free goddess, you see, has that infamous seasonal wrestle with gloom this sun deprived time of year. In a perfect world I'd be spending the month of December in Hawaii like certain lucky individuals, soaking up vitamin D with the surfer girls and feeling all mahalo instead of Get me the bleep outa here before I scream.

So I've been on a sweet potato kick. I can't get enough of these ruby and golden hued tubers- perfect for winter comfort food. So tasty. And versatile. Astute readers may have noticed the trend already.

I've been stuffing enchiladas with cooked sweet potatoes (vegetarian with black beans, and a pineapple salsa topped enchilada with holiday turkey). I've been adding mashed sweet potato to Mexican Chocolate Cake (a vegan's dream for baking egg-free), roasting up Santa Fe seasoned Sweet Potato Fries, and kicking up my gluten-free cornbread to a whole new level. I am, officially, it seems, sweet potato crazy.

So I might as well confess right now you'll be seeing a few more sweet potato recipes before the year is out. Edit: Such as Sweet Potato Coffee Cake (an improv from a Gluten-Free Pantry cake mix), Sweet Potato Chips, and Sweet Potato Latkes, too (with cranberry apple sauce).

Today's offering, however is savory slow cooked goodness- healthy, vegan and guilt-free. And perfect for serving on the eve of Winter Solstice- or any other sun (and son), light and life affirming holiday you and your family celebrate. Because nothing soothes the light deprived soul more than the silky sweet bite of this nutritious and fiber rich root vegetable.

Stir up a bowl of sunshine. Light some candles. Kiss your favorite people.

Love wins over darkness. I know this.

Vegan sweet potato soup with ginger
Ginger adds a lovely kick to sweet potato soup.

Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Crank up your slow cooker and simmer this super easy soup all day long- while you busy yourself with holiday preparations, cookie baking or bundling up for a walk in the snow.


1 drizzle of fruity extra virgin olive oil
1 small sweet onion, diced fine
Fresh grated ginger root, to taste
2 lbs. sweet potatoes (I use a mix of small ruby yams and medium orange sweet potatoes), peeled and diced
Fresh water, enough to cover the potatoes (some folks prefer broth, but I like to keep the taste of the sweet potato clean and simple)
Sea salt, to taste
A pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg or cardamom, to taste


Ready your slow cooker and turn it on high. Drizzle a touch of olive oil in the bottom of the crock. When the oil is warm stir in the onion and ginger, cover and heat till fragrant (you can skip this small step if you like, it's just something I like to do to infuse the oil and jump start the flavors). Add the diced sweet potatoes. Cover with fresh water. Add a little salt, to taste. I sprinkle in a small amount of cinnamon and warm spices, too. Cover.

Slow cook on high or low according to your manufacturer's instructions for potato soup.

When the potatoes are very tender, use an immersion blender to puree the soup.

If the soup is too thick, add more liquid to thin.

Taste test and add more sea salt and pepper, to taste.

This simple soup is so creamy I didn't think it needed any richness added- but if you would prefer to make it a cream style soup stir in a cup or so of coconut milk (or non-dairy milk) and taste test. Cover and gently heat through.

This soup reheats well- we had leftovers the next day- delicious.

Serves 4 to 6.



Anonymous said...

Yah! for sweet potato recipes :) My non-celiac boyfriend is OBSESSED with sweet potatoes so any new recipe is greatly appreciated. I'm especially looking forward to the latkes recipe as we tried to recreate a frozen version but not with much success.

I feel you with the lack of sun. It's -4 where I am right now but oddly sunny so that's a plus. Hope you have a great week!

Burkulater said...

UMMMM! I'm going to try this one!

milhan said...

Oooh, ooh...sweet potato latkes for Hanukkah, Please!! Can't wait to try that recipe.

The soup looks great, and I just bought myself an immersion blender too, as a present to me :)

I feel you on the lack of sun as well...I hate it.

The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

wishing you lots of sunshine to brighten your spirits

Amy Sherman said...

I hope everyone can live vicariously through my posts about Hawaii. I'm here for you, really, I am!

Steph said...

Winter in the desert is so depressingly cold! But then, I grew up in Oregon, where we didn't see the sun at all for months. So I suppose I'll just bundle up and enjoy the days when the sun does peek it's head out. And definitely warm myself with some of this delicious soup! I have some of that sweet potato cornbread in my freezer. I may just have to pull that out and serve on the side. Sweet potato overload? Not possible!

Rach said...

I think I will make this tonight. My weird SAD things are kicking in - I feel like I am stuck in 'fight or flight' and just all out of sorts. Maybe some awesome soup will help! :)

zebe912 said...

We haven't seen the sun in weeks. It is SO grey here. I wish that I could like sweet potatoes and I know they, along with turkey, and some other foods are supposed to help counteract this blah. But I just can't get used to the taste. Thankfully the codliver oil that I've been taking seems to be helping my mood a whole LOT this year. It's been a lot easier than I remember the past few being. But we'll see in Jan & Feb, if I still feel the same way!

Anonymous said...

Karina, I've only read a few lines of your blog and already I'm such a fan. I wish I was in Hawaii too! and I'm inspired to develop my own blog, which I've been sitting on for months. and maybe I'll cook too. Love wins over darkness.

Beatrice said...

I LOVE the color of the soup.

I made sweet potato home fries this weekend, there's something about orange food that really helps me get through December.

Mickey said...

I really love seeing a recipe that is simple and looks delicious. Thank you.

VeggieGirl said...

LOOOOOVE sweet potatoes!!

Basil & Spice said...

I tried your African/Moroccan soup that also had sweet potato in it. Very nice!

Farmgirl Susan said...

This looks wonderful, Karina. And I have three more tabs open to other sweet potato recipes you mentioned, LOL. I have a whole bunch of sweet potatoes in the pantry and have been playing with new recipes - including chips. I know I really should do more than just steam chunks and eat them warm with lots of salt. But they're so good that way. ; )

Anonymous said...

Have you tried a lightbox? We have found it helpful in the winter with no sunshine. That with the sweet potatoes should perk you right up!

Anguschick1 said...

Can you suggest a fruity olive oil? This looks perfect for our Yule meal!

Maeve said...

Sweet potatoes are a godsend for coeliac sufferers, and I particularly love them roasted, then pureed with several clementines or satumas, a splash of vanilla and some maple syrup, served warm with a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Baby food for grown-ups!

happygirl said...

Hi Karina... I don't have a slow cooker, can I still make this in a pot on the stove top - on simmer? Thanks kindly!


j.cro said...

I cannot WAIT to see your recipe for sweet potatoe latkehs since Chanukah is just around the corner and I was wondering what I could sub in for standard Matzoh Meal.

I'll be checking back frequently!!!

Mike Fajen said...

Oh Karina! The cookstress of all great things, how I thank you!

Catherine said...

That looks really delicious. I love soups with just a few key ingredients. I think you really end up tasting all the flavors... I may try this tonight, but with carrots instead.

Shirley said...

I only read the title and I thought that Karina is one sweet potato-/squash-loving mama! LOL This one really sounds fantastic. The color is gorgeous. I loved how you infused the oil and kicked things off!

May all things orange (and the brown of chocolate, of course) improve your winter mood!

Karina Allrich said...

Anon- I can relate to his obsession. I'm sweet potato crazy these days!

Burkulater- Hope you enjoy this!

Milhan- My immersion blender might be my favorite power tool. Go you. ;)

GF Dish- Right back atcha!

Amy- Mahalo, Baby. Mahalo.

Steph- You know, it's been a gray December here. Damp, even. So far a very wet season...

Rach- Yes- me too! I'm in that state of hyper-vigilance. I've been reading about it in Temple Grandin's book.

Zebe912- You know a simple baked potato boosts serotonin levels. Try that. I love me my baked spuds. ;)

Anon- Yes. Love wins over fear and darkness. May you have lots of it.

Beatrice- Is there anything better than fried potatoes? Now I have a craving for sweet potato home fries.

Mickey- Thanks!

VeggieGirl- Me too, Babycakes.

Basil & Spice- I love that soup, too. Glad you did as well. Yay.

Farmgirl Susan- Thanks mucho. Wow on the sweet potato stash. Envious. How are those adorable burros?

Anon- I have, thanks. Unfortunately, celiac gave me cataracts and I had eye surgery at 46. I now have intraocular implants and for some reason the lightbox irritates my eyes beyond belief. Now I sit facing a window during the day, soaking in natural light. And I eat carbs. No dieting during SAD season. ;)

AngusChick1- I use Napa Valley Naturals organic olive oils- they produce several flavors from robust to rich. I find them at Whole Foods Market.

J.Cro- I l-o-v-e latkes, too. I have a potato latke posted, btw. But I thought I'd try sweet potatoes this year.

Mike- Cute! Thanks, Buddy. :)

Catherine- I love simple soups. Sometimes they are simply superior in taste, aren't they?

Shirley- Busted. ;) I am a sweet potato fiend. I have a long list of veggies and fruits that I'm allergic to, so I exhibit a lot of passion for the ones I *can* eat!

Thanks- and be well, everyone!


happygirl said...

Hi Karina... I don't have a slow cooker, can I still make this in a pot on the stove top - on simmer? Thanks kindly!


kerrdelune said...

Lack of the sun (sigh).... I'm far enough north that there is almost no sun at this time of the year at all. It is getting colder and colder, and the snow is piling up. I need to head south - toward a place where there are curries,pulaos, chipotles and fire breathing Habaneras, and all the drinks have umbrellas in them.

As an alternative, perhaps several pounds of the darkest organic chocolate in existence would do.

Karina Allrich said...

Happygirl- Absolutely- yes. All of my soups can be made in a soup pot on the stove. It cooks much faster that way. Keep it covered; check after 30 to 40 minutes. Puree. Warm through.

Cate- I don't envy you your snow. Just the modest amount I deal with here is enough to nudge me into California dreamin'.

Be well- and Happy Winter Solstice!



MaxJerz said...

Karina, my DBF made this soup at the end of last week, and it was delicious! I forwarded the recipe to my mom (also a lover of sweet potatoes). I think this recipe will make a regular appearance in our winter cooking!

Looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

Be well,

Karina Allrich said...

Rock on MJ. Glad you liked the soup. Happy, healthy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! This soup is amazing! So easy and delicious...it christened my new immersion blender :) I added some ground red pepper to spice it up a bit. I'm checking out your other soup recipes to try:)

Anonymous said...

Recently diagnosed celiac (6 months!) and found your recipes online all of which are amazing :) Do you sell a cookbook??

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