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Gluten-Free Mexican Recipes: The Flavors of Santa Fe

New Mexico Sky- My View
The Land of Enchantment

I lived in rural northern New Mexico for three years. During that time I loved cooking with fresh roasted green chiles. Harvest season in New Mexico smells like roasting green chiles. Everywhere. It's true. And it's seductive. Some might even say, magical.

But beyond the smoky sweetness that tugs at your suddenly empty and ravenous belly there is something else in the cool dry air, some intoxicating, invigorating whiff of the impossible, the extraordinary, the stuff of dreams. Barely there. Unless you pay attention to it. A shape shift at the corner of your eye. A rainbow over the mesa. A wing. The yelp of a coyote. The sudden purple of autumn asters in the rain carved arroyo.

New Mexico enchants her visitors.

It’s a feast of color and tastes spiked with the scents of juniper, chile and sage. To celebrate its flavors I have gathered my New Mexican inspired recipes for you- a reference to tempt you. Until you visit New Mexico. And find your own rainbow, waiting.

Fresh fire roasted green and red chiles.

My Santa Fe + Mexican Recipes

Bakery and Bread

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  1. YUM!! Makes me want to jump in the kitchen and start whipping up some of this delicious grub!

    Your blog is looking beautiful, as always. :)

    Slacker Mom

  2. Ah, indeed, chilis roasting, corn roasting, squash roasting, and it all comes back to autumn being the time we can start to ease on the sharp tastes of late summer, and start to go with those lovely, carmel-ly, comforting roasted tastes.

    I get all shiver-ry just thinking about it!


  3. Great way to do a round-up of recipes! I'll send this to my mom since she's in NM and can get all the ingredients! :)

  4. Oooooooh...what a tempting roundup of recipes! I'll be passing this on to some friends! And thanks for including my salad :-)

  5. Fantastic list of recipes! I'll be doing a lot of bookmarking. Thanks for including one of mine in this list.

  6. great list of recipes - my husband grew up in New Mexico and I forwarded the link on to him. When he gets the urge, he cooks from an old Huntley Dent, Feast of Santa Fe. His favorites are a green chile smothered pork and posole as a vegetable. I cannot wait for him to try soe of your favorites. Sometimes, when his parents visit, they will bring us ziploc bags full of green chiles. Life is good then :-)

  7. You've made so many yummy-looking New Mexico inspired dishes since you've been there. Great idea for a post!

  8. oh wow. oh wow. i loooove this style of food. thanks for posting!

  9. Michelle13:11

    Oh Man--we couldn't go on our trip to New Mexico a few weeks ago, and this makes me even more sorry.

    I'm cooking New Mexico tonight here in rainy California.

    Thanks for the fabulous list!

  10. So many great recipes and photos on this site. Love those enchiladas griegos.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Karina. I'm looking forward to trying out more of your recipes--particularly the New Mexican ones. I stopped by Santa Fe last February and fell completely in love with Green Chile. I can't wait to try your version!

  12. Some of the most memorable meals I have had were in NM. The recipes you have collected here sound amazing, Karina. And thanks for the link! That grilled corn is one of my faves.

  13. Muchas gracias, everyone! xox