Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Chip Sherbet

Ripe strawberries make delicious non-dairy sherbet

The Gems of June

Now is the perfect time for a sherbet recipe. Why? Because June is lush and abundant in strawberries. And how do I love these sweet ruby gems? Any way I can get 'em. Popped into my mouth straight from the colander. Rolled in brown sugar and nibbled. Baked into scones (have you tried my Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones recipe?) and Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins. Nestled into Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.

And this week- transformed into a bliss inducing non-dairy frozen confection.

Sherbet- berry pink and creamy and just sweet enough. Studded with vegan dark chocolate chips (darling you know I love strawberries and chocolate together, and I commingle the two every chance I get).

So I hope you dig it.

And dig in.

Dairy-free strawberry sherbet with dark chocolate chips
I love chocolate in my sherbet, but you can leave them out if you prefer

Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Chip Sherbet Recipe

Posted June 2008.

The exciting part of this recipe is- it's vegan. That means no dairy. For those of you lapping up your delicious moo-cow milk like there's no tomorrow, that's probably no big deal. You get to reach for Ben and Jerry's any time you have a craving. [Mazel to you!]

But for my fellow dairy allergic Sisters (and Bro's- I didn't forget you!), not to mention my fellow GF/CF pals from Planet Aspergia, and the dedicated GFCF Moms who hunt for tasty dairy-free ice cream alternatives for their beautiful Aspie and Autie Angels, it can be tough finding sherbet that are safe and delicious.

And if, Dear Reader, you happen to be a gluten-free vegan (by necessity or personal preference) and you happen to have additional food allergies, you'll be interested to note that this yummy strawberry goodness is also soy-free, egg-free, corn-free and nut-free.

What isn't free of? Big strawberry flavor.

Non-dairy options: I use creamy coconut milk, vanilla Hemp Dream, or organic soy milk in this sherbet. (Hemp is chock full of Omegas, and a richer alternative than many dairy-free milks, especially rice milk- but-- if you must use rice milk, I might add 2 teaspoons of light olive oil to boost the fat content.) You can also use your favorite nut milk, if it's good and creamy.

This is the Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker I use. Once it is churning, the ice cream is ready in about 30 minutes- at a soft-serve consistency. If you prefer a harder ice cream, scoop, freeze and store it in freezer containers.


Macerate your berries ahead of time:

1 pint fresh ripe organic strawberries, gently rinsed, stemmed, and sliced
2-3 tablespoons fresh lime juice- or use lemon if you prefer
3-4 tablespoons raw organic agave nectar

Combine the sliced strawberries with the lime juice and agave; toss to coat; cover and chill for two hours.

In a medium-large saucepan, combine ingredients:

1 cup coconut milk, or non-dairy milk
2 tablespoons tapioca starch
1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
1 cup organic cane sugar
1 teaspoon bourbon vanilla extract

Whisk well to combine. Stir over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved and the tapioca has thickened the mixture. Remove from heat.

Whisk in:

2 cups ice cold coconut milk, or non-dairy milk

Freezing instructions:

Pour the custard base into a mixing bowl and placed it in the fridge to chill. The colder the mixture is before you add it to the freezing cannister of the ice cream maker, the better.

When the strawberries have macerated for two hours, add them to the chilled base mixture and combine.

Pour the mixture into the ice cream cannister and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Near the end of churning add in:

1/2 rounded cup dairy-free vegan chocolate chips

Churn till stirred through.

Scoop the sherbet into freezer containers; cover and freeze. For best flavor, soften sherbet slightly before serving.

Makes about 6 cups.

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Frosty strawberry sherbet.

Karina's Notes:

I think this mixture would make fabulous sherbet pops. For pops, I might blend the strawberries into the mixture, however, to create a smoother custard.

For those of you with Popsicle forms- if you try this recipe as frozen pops, would you be so kind as to stop back and share?

If you would like to try making this sherbet with actual, real moo-cow milk- by all means, do. You can skip the tapioca and the xanthan gum part; and use a blend of organic cream and whole milk, to your milk fat level preference.

xox Karina


Cheryl said...

That just looks mouth wateringly incredible! My raspberries will be ripe in the next week or two and they'd be great in this recipe, I think.

Roseoftx said...

That just looks mouth wateringly incredible!

My tummie is going to enjoy this.

jacobithegreat said...

I am making this.
For sure.

Vittoria said...

This looks amazing! I thought I'd have to give up 'ice cream' (except for days when I'm Very Very Bad) but now I have to run out and buy an ice cream maker! Where ever am I going to put it?

Sharon said...

The strawberries alone are making me salivate! I've never been lucky enough to have strawberry chocolate chip sherbert, but now I'm on a mission. I'm definitely going to make this once it gets warmer.

~M said...

This looks excellent! I can't wait to "adopt" my mom's ice cream maker when I move to IL.

k said...

yum. yum...did i mention yum? plus I'm not sure how I missed the scone recipe the first time - looking forward to trying that one out.

Christopher And Tia said...

This pregnant mama has been craving ice cream like you wouldn't believe. I'm def going to give this recipe a try. I'm DYING for ice cream recipes. So please, as the summer goes on, don't hesitate to post your ice cream creations ;)

msglaze said...

If I could lick the strawberries off your post, I would. Talk about eye candy! Great recipe and fantastic photography!

J.J. said...

That looks amazing! Do you think that there is a way to make it without using a ice cream maker?

Gluten free Kay said...

This is just what I need to take to a birthday party tonight!

I've really missed showing off at pitch-ins since going gf. I don't crave sweets like I used to, so I haven't tried many dessert recipes.

This looks irresistible!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

You can never go wrong with strawberries. This sounds delicious, especially in that it will let the flavor of those berries shine through.

GFCF Mommy said...

I know the Prince will love this! I am looking for some good popsicle molds, and if I try this as a pop, you'll be the first to know! But first I'll try the sherbert. It looks fantastic!


Karina said...

Cheryl- Raspberries would be fab in this recipe, with chocolate chips!

Roseoftx- Hope you enjoy its deliciousness.

Jacobithegreat- Let me know how you like it!

Vittoria- I hear you! I resisted buying an ice cream maker, too! Becuz we have zero space.

But I'm glad I did- I love knowing *exactly* what goes in to my "ice cream". It's too hard to find any I can do (with all my allergies).

It's worth it. ;)

Sharon- Thank you. I've done my job. ;)

~M- Time to adopt it. Definitely. ;)

K- Yikes, you missed the scones? ;)

Tia- I definitely will. I love churning my own. Working on some new flavors as we speak. ;)

MsGlaze- Aw. Merci! ;)

JJ- Yes, I think so. First I'd blend the mixture to get it frothy. Then pour it into a safe conatiner. Take it out every, say, 45 minutes or so to stir it. You want to keep it from developing ice crytals. Stirring helps. So does adding a little rum. ;)

GF Kay- Great! Hope it all went well! ;)

Mike- I couldn't agree more! (Hence today's post on more berry goodness...)

Katherine- Ooh- please do stop back and let us know how this blend works as pops! I totally want to try it (just have to get the molds).



Beth said...

Karina, I LOVE your blog. Thank you so much. I'm gluten-intolerant and vegan for over 20 years. Amazing to find a blog that speaks my language. So I tried this recipe and want to share my results. First, time-challenged cooks take note - you can macerate the berries waaaay ahead of time. I think mine sat for 3 days before I got around to making the ice cream. My substitutions were cornstarch for tapioca starch, and maple syrup for agave, and sucanat for 1/2 the sugar (which made it dark, but who cares). The cornstarch clumped and I had to strain it, but the results were fine. As for the sugar, oy, I had misgivings when I was dumping in that cup. I never use that much sugar in a recipe, and I normally use sugar-free milks (usually almond). This hemp milk already had 18g per serving. Yikes! So the resulting ice cream is too sweet for my taste (and I didn't add the chocolate chips, because I could see where things were heading), but the flavor is absolutely lovely and the texture is, too. And I recognize that this is probably what normal people like : ) I will definitely make it again, probably with half the sugar (and with Fair Trade chocolate chips!) And I think this is my new ice cream base - the almond milk is way too thin on its own. Thanks so much for the inspiration! In fact, the results were so encouraging, I think I'm going to get an automatic ice cream maker. My little Donvier is cute, but I'm ready to graduate, space considerations be damned.

Karina said...

Beth- Thanks for the detailed blow by blow. Absolutely- use less sugar if you so desire. My recipes are guideposts- not written in stone.

One note on the tapioca- I personally think it's better than cornstarch. But here's the thing- I've been experimenting with NOT cooking the base till thickened- forgoing the starch altogether and adding INSTEAD 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum. No heating. Just blend the heck out of it and pour it into the ice cream maker.

Have you found fair trade chocolate chips that are dairy-free and soy-free? If so- please share the source. Thanks!



Beth said...

The chips I use (Sunspire Fair Trade) have soy lecithin in them, but check these out, from Sweet Earth. Just chocolate, sugar, and vanilla:

Spring said...

I am in love with this ice-cream! I at the ice-cream last night, and used the extra mix (minus chocolate chips) in forms for pops to eat today. I just ate one, and it worked beautifully! I did as you suggested, and blended in the strawberries, even for the ice-cream, as my kids have texture issues. :) I personally left out the sweetener in step one, and used a little less than the cup of sugar in the main base. Today I am going to try a chocolate version! (Borrowed my mom's ice-cream maker, so I have to experiment while it's here). :)
Oh, I also used guar gum instead of xanthum, as I dont' do corn. (I know it tests corn-free, but still affects me).

I posted a pic of the popsicle on my blog, if you'd like to see it.
There happen to a NUMBER of links to you recently, as I am using a lot of your recipes... cooking has become fun again! And eating is not depressing, when there are yummy things like this! (I am dairy, egg, corn, gluten-free, and try to eat vegan more than half the time- got off BP meds that way!)

kate said...

LUCKY YOU, I crave sweets more since giving up so much that is bready, carby, etc.

kate said...

So we could use half the sugar and not have a failed science experiment of watery stuff on our hands? Please advise :)

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