Strawberry Hemp Milk Smoothie

strawberry hemp milk smoothie
Drink pink! Organic strawberries make fabulous smoothies.

It's that time of year. Smoothie weather is upon us. Time to whip fresh fruit  into a frenzy of deliciousness. Then go for a walk. And burn off those winter blues. Lethargy is so yesterday.


Today is berrylicious.

A note on hemp milk-

You'll love this dairy-free smoothie recipe. It's not your average, boring rice milk smoothie. Nope. I'm talking hemp milk. Thick and creamy and full of nifty Omegas, Hemp Dream is my latest gluten-free dairy-free soy-free rice-free find.
I've been using the plain original version for my Cheesy Uncheese Sauce (it's silkier than rice milk, and thickens like a dream). And the vanilla is tasty enough to drink on its own. Seriously. 

Not all brands taste the same. So if you've tried a hemp milk that made you pucker and smack your lips, awash in farm fresh grassiness, do not fear. Not all hemp milks are created equal.

Taste around, Darling- be promiscuous in your hemp milk quest- and find one you truly like. It's out there.

Fresh organic strawberries

Strawberry Hemp Milk Smoothie Recipe

When Nicole at Pinch My Salt posted What's Simpler Than a Smoothie? Strawberry Milk- she set my private tiny girl heart all aflutter. I used to love making strawberry milk. Could I possibly recreate my childhood bliss without dairy?

The short answer is, Yes I can

What you'll need to make this smoothie: a good blender. Or better yet, a Vita-Mix. And if you need a protein boost, add protein powder- here's my fave gluten-free vegan vanilla protein powder.


1 cup ice cold Vanilla Hemp Dream
1 cup chilled ripe organic strawberries, sliced
1 teaspoon raw agave nectar, or honey, to taste


Pour the hemp milk into blender.

Add the strawberries and agave.


Whip on high.




Strawberry deliciousness.

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jennyrose said...

Yummmmm, can't wait to try it. I love to eat hemp seed on cut up berries, but this sounds better. Almost like ice cream....add a banana and pineapple, you have a banana split.

momma-meow said...

oh... my... god...

i am soooo happy to have found this site. I cant eat anything it seems and omg i miss strawberry milk so so so so sooo much!

Natalie said...

You make me laugh! I am off to make a protein shake for my husband, but I am wishing I had some strawberries. I have given up sugar for beauty so agave is the sweetener to be!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I've never heard of hemp milk -- where have I been???

funwithyourfood said...

I love hemp milk.. i generally get the chocolate one and it's my dessert and/or breakfast


Nicole said...

I've never tried hemp milk but I've been hearing more and more about it lately. I'll have to check it out! So the last few days I've moved from strawberry milk to banana milk. Try it with a frozen banana and I swear it's really close to a milkshake! One cup milk, one frozen banana, cut into chunks plus a little extra sweetener if you want. It's DELICIOUS!!

Lynn Barry said...

You are a smoothie...that's what I say. Glad you are finding all kinds of things to eat and drink and be merry about. HUGS

Catherine said...

ooh, I've never tried hemp, but have heard a few mentions recently. Thanks for the tip!


Ellen said...

Ooh, these all look delish. Must add them to my breakfast alternatives! Thanks for the acknowledgment!

GFCF Mommy said...

I've been wondering about hemp milk, but worried about the grassiness. Since you have had luck, I think I'll give it a try though. BTW, we've been using variations on your un-cheese sauce in so many things! The Prince and the Professor really dig the taste, me too!

Also, I've been meaning to say for a long time that your creativity constantly amazes me. Every aspect of your blogs show such sensitivity and beauty. It always brightens my day or gives me something thoughtful to consider. I really like you Aspie/ASD link list too.

I don't know how you do it, but I am glad you do!


Frank said...

Just came upon this recipe and definitely need to give it a try. I usually make my smoothies with almond milk.

Aleta said...

It's so easy to make your own hemp milk for smoothies! Start the smoothie by throwing some hemp seeds into the blender and just a little bit of water, only enough to get to the top of the hemp seeds. Blend. You'll have a thick greenish-white creamy substance. Then add water, a little vanilla if you like, and proceed with the smoothie recipe.

Carey said...

Can you provide the name of the hemp protein powder you like so much, the link does not seem to be working.

Karina Allrich said...

The link to the protein powder is working now- thanks for letting me know! ~ Karina

Stacey said...

Ooohh, sounds delicious. Thanks for the tip on Hemp Milk. Sounds like it'll be a nice break from almond milk now and then. I'm joyous now that smoothie season is upon us. I live on them when the weather becomes warm. As for looking good naked? God-Willing, someday.

Stephanie said...

I drank something like this am. Except with a little coconut milk and (coconut ice cream) oops. Hemp might be a little less indulgent. Thanks for sharing once again. Much love.

Erin said...

YAY for the Gluten Free Kettlebell Goddess!
So happy that you have found a strength training mode you enjoy. There truly is something fun for all of us-and that's the key to consistency, and then to success. Flavorful, healthy eats+lifting heavy stuff=GF goddess!
In fact, tomorrow, kettlebell swings are part of my metabolic training :)

Tree said...

OMG, you have an Aunt Ida, too?

Nancy said...

Slurp, slurp, slurp. Lovin' those smoothies! Just got a bunch of strawberries so guess I'm making this one tomorrow. And, yes, I've looked in the mirror lately and it ain't pretty. Still, not sure I'm up for the kettlebell. But, you go girl! (PS - thanks for mentioning TSP's Red Velvet Smoothie! Hugs!)

Tasty Eats At Home said...

I actually really enjoy hemp milk. I haven't bought it much lately, and you've inspired me to pick some up! And you have a GF trainer? I can't even find a GF doctor around here! SO jealous.

Lucy said...

YUUUUM!!! Thanks for posting this! I'm a newby. Your site is wonderful! I bought some Hemp milk shake coming up tomorrow- yay!


OMG...I LOVE working out with KETTLEBELLS. they are really amazing. I've been using them for almost 2 years. First time I've ever stuck with any form of exercise.

Alice said...

I'm joyous now that smoothie season is upon us. I live on them when the weather becomes warm

Sara said...

If you are using a VitaMix, leave the strawberries whole - tops and all. You won't taste the greens, and they are apparently chock-full of anti-oxidants! (Courtesy of the VM rep at Costco...)

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of purchasing a VitaMix than can handle all kinds of great home cooking, but am a bit lost! Can anyone recommend one that will do the job without breaking the bank?

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