Joey's Kicked Up Rockin' Guac with Lime + Tomatillos

Gluten free vegan guacamole with lime and tomatillos
Party worthy guacamole with lime and tomatillos

The Best Guac Evah. By Joey.

Treat yourself. Make this guacamole tonight. I beg you. You'll go loco over it. Trust me. It's the tomatillos and fresh lime juice that nudge this gluten-free vegan guac recipe into super favorite status-- which, by the way, is why I am excavating it from the dusty archives. In case you missed it.

Because there seems to be some partying goin' on this weekend. You already know how I feel about football. But who am I to deny that my Nachos Fabuloso, Quinoa Taco Salad, and Lime Chicken Tacos wouldn't be some seriously tasty game peeping food? Not to mention my vegan Hot Artichoke DipJalapeño Lime Hummus and Baked Grape Tomatoes with Basil Cornbread Crumbs

Need even more Super Bowl recipe inspiration? If you're weary of ho-hum chili, and Mexican bean dip, try these Turkey Sweet Potato Enchiladas, my Cranberry Buffalo Roast Stew, Roasted Hatch Chile Stew or this family favorite Roasted Corn Chowder with Chicken and Cilantro. Break out this make-ahead Red Potato Salad Spiked with Horseradish, or my Green Chile Tortilla Bake with layered corn tortillas and cream cheese.

Party on, gluten-free guys and gals.

Joey's Kicked Up Rockin' Guacamole Recipe

Originally posted 2006.

Remember my New Mexican neighbor Joey? We've been told his guac is famous. One bite and you'll know why. It's fresh and light and has that certain zing. Or is it je ne seis quoi?  (Thanks to our lovely Will, for styling the limes.)


6-8 ripe small to medium avocados
3 tomatillos, chopped
2-3 ripe red or yellow tomatoes, seeded, chopped
1 small red or purple onion, diced fine
5-6 cloves garlic, chopped
2 jalapeño peppers, seeded, diced fine
1 bunch fresh cilantro, stemmed and chopped
Sea salt, to taste
3-4 fresh juicy limes


Peel and pit the avocados; cut the fruit into chunks and toss into a large bowl. Add the chopped tomatillos, tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapeños, and cilantro. Toss lightly. Season with sea salt to taste. Squeeze fresh lime juice all over the guac mix and toss again again.

Taste test, Babycakes. Add more a touch more sea salt or lime, as needed.

Serve the guacamole with lime wedges and lots of gluten-free tortilla chips.

This guac is the perfect party dip.


If tomatillos are not available, use yellow grape or cherry tomatoes.

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xox Karina


Hillary said...

Mmmm thanks for sharing this awesome guac recipe before the super bowl!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Girl, you truly are the Goddess! I've already been to the store, but now I have to go back and brave the crowds for these ingredients. Nacho's Fabuloso must have this guac to go with it.
Thanks for another fine recipe ;)

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

YUM!! Thank goodness I have avocados in the house, although maybe not all the ingredients, have to check that list more closely. I will be making some guac today.

I haven't had breakfast yet and I am thinking about lunch already.. :)

Karina said...

Hillary- You betcha! :)

Chupieandj'smama- Sorry (not!). ;)

Hey SM- Guac = yum. Anytime.

Have a fun weekend, all.


Shelly said...

Thanks for posting! This looks delicous!

madeline said...

okay. so i can't cook. but i can MASH and MIX. so guac is totally on my -to do- for tomorrow's big event, and your rockin' version of it just looks so good. it shall be done! thanks a bunch for the tasty recipe!


Simply...Gluten-free said...

Oh, I am drooling! No superbowl party for me (great day for shoe shopping) but I'm making the guac anyway!

moon-gypsy said...

This is the most interesting guac recipe I've seen. A party for the taste buds--I can't wait to try it. I just found your site. I've spent much of the last few days looking for GF recipes online, specifically baked goods without bean flour. (My last chocolate cake tasted like falafel.) THANK YOU! Your recipes look like the type of food I like to cook, unlike the GF cookbook I received for Christmas. (Good grief--why would I want a GF recipe for tuna noodle casserole? Blecch.) ;)
My best to you. . .

Ellen said...

Geez, just when I thought I could kick off my shoes and get comfortable. Now I have to run back to the store for the tomatillos!!!! But it will be worth it - this looks fab! Go Pats:).

Karina said...

Thanks Shelly!

Madeline- Mashing + mixing = delicious guac. ;)

Hey Simply Gluten-Free! So tell us- did you find some fun shoes?

Hiya Moon Gypsy- My blog is a bean flour FREE zone. And soy free. Cannot stand bean or soy flours. And as for the cookbook you received- I bet I know which one. And I returned my copy. ;)

Dear Ellen- Football condolences. I heard it didn't go well.



Kim said...

Well....since I can't seem to find any organic tomatillos up here in the Great White North of BC this time of year, I will have to do without. Maybe extra tomatos will fill the gap?
Can't wait to make this this weekend!

jean.e.lane said...

Unlike others, I haven't yet done my weekly shopping. I am so happy to see this! I have been wanting to make some guacamole. I remember some good stuff, would you believe in the cafeteria of the building I used to work in? Through them I learned the secret of keeping guacamole from turning brown (put the pits back in the mix), but I've never made my own. Since I need to start eating more healthfully, this will be one on my list. I am a snacker! Thanks again!

Christina said...

I just found your blog Goddess Karina! :)Thank you so much for sharing so many gluten-free recipes. I am going to share them with many of my friends who have all become gluten free conscious.

I will make the guacamole asap! :) Yum ~ delicioso!


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Hey Karina!
I just noticed your blog on the "Otters" facebook page!! I'm a local gal too and I love knowing other bloggers that are local!! :)

Your blog is beautiful too, I can't wait to read more!

The InTolerant Chef said...

Sounds lovely and fresh, Katrina. Rock the guac!

Danielle said...

Wow, this looks GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with us! :) Add some diced mango to the recipe, and you've got some sweet and salty goodness! :))

HealBalanceLive said...

This is my all time favorite guac recipe! I make it as often as I can and my whole family loves it. Thanks for a great recipe!

Ellen said...

This looks fantastic! It's jumping off the page!

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said...

That looks fabulous! And it just so happens that I have an avocado and fresh cilantro. :)

Sarah (Flavoropolis) said...

What a nice take on what is clearly the best kind of dip. I am very curious to try fresh tomatillos, and I am trying to train myself to be able to eat cilantro without gagging, so this might be in my future soon! I'm always looking for new twists to put on guacamole.

Kerrie said...

I made this and took it a Super Bowl party -- it was a smash hit! Truth be told, it was so delicious, I only took half of what I made to the party. The rest, I enjoyed all by myself!

Jess said...

I love the addition of the tomatillos. Looks amazing. :)

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