Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Stew with Sausage

Gluten free stew recipe for the slow cooker - with vegan options
Hearty and tasty gluten-free slow cooker stew.

Here's a bright and delicious slow cooker stew recipe with sausages - and it's tasty using any sausage you choose, from free-range roaming buffalo to furry-friendly vegan. Scrumptious. Seriously. Make it for the Big Game. You know, the one with a pigskin ball and helmeted men in shiny tights. Throw all the ingredients in a Crock Pot and go root for your favorite tight end. Make a hot artichoke dip and grab some gluten-free chips. Game on.

Go Cubs!

Okay I confess. I'm not watching the game. Game fever is something utterly, totally beyond me. Apparently I lack a few mirror neurons. Sports? Yawn. I dare you to make me comprehend football. Go ahead. Try. Many have tread that tortuous path and failed, my friend. Great minds have worked tirelessly to convey the rules, to communicate the strategy. The triumph. The back field in motion and the blitz.

But what they don't realize? Deep down inside my private tiny girl heart- my neurons don't CARE. They really don't. And I know you think that if only I let you explain The Game to me I would finally, miraculously, ecstatically get it! And paint my face red and blue, but. It's never going to happen. 

It's a non-conforming neuron issue.

So, the Patriots? Are they the soccer team Mel Gibson coaches? Excuse me while I alphabetize my spice rack.

Slow Cooker Stew Recipe with Buffalo Sausage

This is a robust and rowdy recipe perfect for a crowd to slurp during half time or whatever time you happen to crave something hot, slightly spicy, and just plain winter day delicious. And there's not a bean in sight. Not one.  

Need it meat-free? That's easy, Babycakes. Just use gluten-free vegan sausage. Or beans. Boom. Team Vegan.


Virgin olive oil, as needed
6 cloves fresh garlic, chopped
1 large onion, sliced thin
4 medium carrots, chopped
4 cups thinly shredded green cabbage
4 medium Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled, diced
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

2 14-oz cans Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes- diced or crushed as you prefer
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon rubbed sage
1 teaspoon each of: dried basil and parsley
Hot red pepper flakes, shake to taste
5-6 cups organic broth, as needed
8 organic free-range buffalo sausages, sliced


Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil into the bottom of a Crock Pot or slow cooker and turn it on to High. When the oil is warm add the chopped garlic and onion; stir to coat. Add the carrots, cabbage and potatoes. Season with sea salt and pepper.

Add the canned tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, sage, basil, parsley, and hot red pepper flakes, to taste. Pour in enough broth to generously cover the veggies. (If you like more of a brothy stew add more broth; a thicker stew, add less.)
Cover and cook on high for 4 to 5 hours, until the potatoes and carrots are fork-tender and the cabbage is melty soft. 

Add the sliced sausages to warm through (they usually are cooked; if the sausages you use are not cooked, add them in at the beginning). If you need to add more liquid, add some extra broth. Cover and heat through for another twenty to thirty minutes till heated through.

Taste test for seasoning adjustments. Add a pinch of brown sugar to balance the heat or tartness, if you need to. Add more salt and ground pepper, if you need it.

Serves 8.

Fabulous with my Pueblo Soda Bread or Sweet Potato Cornbread.

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GFG's Notes:

This recipe is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free,  egg-free, nut-free and corn-free. So what's not to love?
And... this versatile recipe is wonderful as a vegan stew with black or white beans added.
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  1. Karina, where did you find Buffalo sausage? I might try it with another type of sausage, but I'll have to think of a substitute.

    It sounds delicious.~~Dee

  2. I totally ignore anything sports related, just shut it completely out of my consciousness, even though my husband has now infected our daughter with this nonsense, um, I mean sports fever and they try to talk to me about it. Borrr-ing!

    And by the way, that photo is gorgeous. You make soup look so pretty!

  3. Hi Dee!

    We found the buffalo sausages in the freezer section of Vitamin Cottage - Natural Grocer. They say "gluten-free" right on the label. And the best part- no soy or dairy, either.

    If you can do chicken or turkey, Applegate Farms makes some terrific GF/CF sausage.

    For vegan- I don't know of any without soy, so I never pursued it.

    The combo of flavors in this stew is quite yummy. (And a welcome change from chili.)


    warm regards,


  4. Thanks, Susan. You have my condolences. ;)



  5. I don't see any way to leave a comment on it, but my husband and I made the roasted vegetables on pasta tonight, and it is DELICIOUS. We added peppercorn pecorino (since I can do sheep cheese) and toasted pine nuts.

  6. Oh I see the problem. Someone tried to explain it to you and you tried to understand. No need to clutter your mind with the details of the game. To enjoy it, all you need to know is who's got the most points (if you are rooting for a winner) and what kind of food to fix for game day! It's really about the food and gluten free beer ya know!

  7. Sounds just delicious. As for football, well I believe my spice rack needs alphabetizing as well!

  8. Don't even try to understand the game. It's not worth it. It is definately about the friends and food. I, however, will probably be curled up in my favorite chair with a good book.

    The soup looks wonderful. I can't wait to try it.

  9. I have used your site to create wonderful meals from your recipes every week for the past two months and I'm getting rave reviews! This stew sounds great and I can't wait to try this out. PS I have been making a lot of your cookie bars and love the coconut in each recipe. However, it seems to really be bothering my insides. Anyone else have this trouble?

  10. Delicious looking! I haven't tried buffalo sausage, but I might be a bit more motivated now with that colorful picture.

    Superbowl? Yes, the reason that Jon is going to disappear for 4 hours instead of working or doing chores, I suppose. He is a major NY Giants fan, so he's like a kid in a candy store here.... meanwhile I only think of it as an opportunity to cook something, lol. The game means homemade pizzas? Uhh, throwing around a ball the "point" for them, but not for us it seems :)

  11. Hi Sally- Glad you enjoyed the roasted veggie recipe. It's one of my staples.

    GlutiGirl- Food and beer I can handle. ;)

    Kalyn, Wanna come over for Margaritas?

    Lea- A good book = my kinda fun. What are you reading? I just finished Look Me In The Eye (which I LOVED). I'm reading Possible Side Effects now.

    Hey Marla- Thanks for your kind words. As for the tummy trouble- are you sure it's coconut? Not another ingredient like almond meal or buttermilk in the flour mix (if you use Pamela's)?

    It might well be coconut- I'm now allergic to it. Some coconut also has locust bean or guar gum- and if you're sensitive to legumes, that can be a problem (I'm allergic to legumes so have to avoid guar gum).

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you uncover the culprit. 50% of celiacs are allergic to casein- have you been tested for food allergies?

    Hi Cindy- Since you love buffalo, I think you'd enjoy these sausages. Have fun Sunday. ;)


  12. Hmmmm, thanks for your response to my coconut issue. I use Pamelas and have made muffins and such with little or no problems. I am dairy free, so I use Lactaid milk as a substitute. Soy tears me up so I use no soy products. I didn't realize the other ingredients could be a problem. Very frustrating.....especially since I am so careful about I eat. I do enjoy those fabulous recipes of yours!

  13. Hi Marla,

    Pamela's Ultimate Baking Mix is definitely not dairy-free or lactose free.

    Lactaid milk is lactose free, but not dairy-free; it still contains the dairy proteins casein and whey. 50% of celiacs are allergic to casein.

    It might be worth a try to go dairy-free for two weeks to see if symptoms subside.

    Take care!


  14. Thanks for the tip. I'll switch to rice and/or almond milk and see what happens. I appreciate your wisdom!


    Mel Gibson!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA

    all i can say is thank you

  16. YUM!! I love buffalo. so good. And I never had buffalo sausage, that's something I want to look for.

    Thanks for the inspiration! (As always!)

  17. Buffalo meat is the best! So flavorful, and completely range fed. I bet this is an extraordinarily good stew.

  18. Torrey :)18:34

    Ok, I know you posted this recipe a while ago, but I just made it today in my red Crock Pot. I used sun-dried tomato chicken sausage and low-sodium organic chicken broth instead of the buffalo and beef stock. Let me tell you, it was absolutely FABULOUS! Seriously, even my cats wanted part of the action! :)
    THANK YOU!!!

  19. Marla, Shan, Elise, SM- Thanks and smiles.

    Torrey- Oh, I'm so glad you stopped by to tell me- even though I posted this awhile ago, I still love this recipe. And I love to use the Crock Pot in the summer- it keeps the kitchen cool.



  20. Anonymous08:28

    I thought Worcestershire had gluten in it? I'm pretty sure my favorite L&P brand does. :( Are you using a GF version? --Laura

  21. Hi Laura- Worcestershire sauce *can* have gluten/wheat in it. Always check the label. The last time I used Lea & Perrins brand- here in the United States- it was gluten-free. I believe there are several other brands that are also gluten-free.

    Check labels and call the companies to be sure. (I have links to gluten-free grocery/shopping lists on my links page.)


  22. Hi Karina,

    do you cook the sausages first or just throw them in sliced and uncooked?


  23. Juliette- I slice and toss 'em in to cook with the stew. The ones I use are cooked. If the ones you use are raw? You could brown them first.



  24. Michelle09:58

    Do you think this will be good with sweet potatoes instead of the yukon?

  25. Michelle, I think sweet potatoes would be delicious in this stew. Yes! xox Karina

  26. Well, now that the Patriots are out of it, there's not much football being watched in our household. But that's no reason not make this gorgeous stew. I'm trying to use my slow cookers more this winter. Not only is it easy, but it's energy efficient, too.

  27. Yum! Looks like I need to make this, so simple. I'd add a can of beans for this one to make it veggie for my husband.
    Thankfully, no sports over here for us either. I used to pay attention, mainly in college, but not anymore. And thankfully my husband doesn't care either. This would be a good post-ski/snowboard option for us instead!

  28. I try to have a highly evolved brain that retains only important, evolved facts and items neccesary to maintain this lifestyle. I have not found that "football" is compatable with this state of mind.
    Now, I'll go buy these ingredients, if I can just find my keys......

  29. This looks really good, really easy, and it's going on my menu plan for the week! I think I'll use Boulder Sausage, special reserve if I can find it. And I am SO with you on football. I will celebrate when it's all over. At work we have a tv and it's constant football and screaming and I'll be very happy when it no longer feels like a sports bar in the office! : )

  30. I'm eternally grateful that my husband is not into conventional sports, though I have seen him watch Ninja Warrior on occasion! I love confounding the male checkers when they try to slip sports into the conversation. "Giants? Is that a sports team?" Stops 'em cold. I'd rather garden, read a book, knit or catch up on my Netflix queue, or just about anything else than watch sports.

    Loving your recipes and this one looks like another good one. I've had 100% success with the brownies and I'm hoping my husband will make the sweet potato fries from earlier this week.

  31. Christina12:15

    Actually, if you cared it would be - Go Bears! until they lost yesterday. The Cubs play baseball...well, at least they are supposed to.
    And thanks for all the recipes!!

  32. Karina,
    I am a newbie blogger who is blogging about health for our whole selves at I would love to put my site on your blogroll.
    Our family is almost entirely gluten free and so far all of my recipes on my blog are. I just was confused about your terms about blogging to also sell your own products as obviously almost all bloggers are selling something (ebooks, their own books, etc.) so I want to make sure that I can join the list.
    And if so, I assume that I should take one of your buttons and post it on my site?

    I think your soup and so many other things look fabulous. I can't believe I haven't been to your site before!

    Thanks in advance,

  33. You. Have. Changed. My. Life. And that's an understatement. Your Irish Cottage Pie is in my oven as I type and I am salivating like Old Yeller at the thought of consuming that supreme yumminess. I feel as though I have a new lease on life. I am not gluten intolerant (as far as I know) although I have suspected that my son has problems in that area, but I love your recipes just because they are fabulous "things" that I can fix and love. I am so tired of fixing the same old stuff day in and day out. Frankly, I think if we all ate vegan & gluten free, we, ourselves and the world might be a better place, but that's just sheer speculation. So, I just tuned in to say you are my hero .....heroine....... heroin...just joking....and I am forever tuned in to the The Gluten Free Goddess. Thank you so much!

  34. This looks hearty, yummy, and perfect for the San Francisco weather which teased us with a week of 70º temperatures, but is back to foggy winter chills. I think a bowl of this would be just perfect. Lovely!

  35. I think it's been a while since I've seen a meaty recipe here on GFG! This sounds tasty, meaty or unmeaty!

  36. I made this today and really enjoyed it. I was wondering about the vinegar in the recipe. It was a little tart when I ate, which I liked, but I was wondering if I might have put too much in or??? We have another, "it's too cold for school day" tomorrow, so it will enjoyed for lunch again. Thanks for all your amazing recipes.

  37. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm! This is a flexible recipe and easy to customize.

    As for the vinegar- not all balsamic vinegars are created equal. Some are smoother than others. Also- if your vinegar has been open for awhile it can be quite strong.

    If the vinegar is too strong, use less or dilute. Taste test the soup. Adding a pinch of sugar or adding more liquid can help with the balance of flavors.

    Karina xox

  38. Made this tonight, and it's pretty good, but I must have a small crockpot. I only put in 2 c broth, and still had to remove a handful of cabbage to make room for the sausage (we used sweet turkey sausage). Lovely (except for the bubbling over everywhere). Thank you.