Acorn Squash with Green Chiles and Equal Love

Acorn squash recipe with mild green chiles is vegan and gluten free
My kinda squash. Kicked up with green chiles.

I deeply (if not profoundly) doubt the ever expanding food blog galaxy needs yet another squash recipe, but.

I can't help myself.

Right before the Charlie Brown style tile floor smack down (aka hip incident), I threw together a flavor combo I am crazy about. Nutty for. Head over heals smack your lips and toss aside your chaste maple syrup Pilgrim traditions for. That's right. I got radical.

I added chopped roasted New Mexican green chiles to my roasted acorn squash. And a sexy pinch of cumin. A golden drizzle of fruity olive oil. Impudent changes to the way we do things around here that would have sent a certain lanky, curly-haired ex-boyfriend of mine scurrying for his cream of mushroom soup casserole. In other words, Gentle Reader, home to Mommy.

Note to Goddesses-in-Training:

Darlings. If your boyfriend thinks your cooking is, let's say the word used is, Weird! Or even, Goddess forbid, Too spicy!

Find another boyfriend. Or girlfriend. That's right. I'm taking all shades of rainbow love. Whatever makes your heart race and your soul bloom.

Because love is too large for labels. Too fierce and sweet and fragile for small mindedness. And let's face it. True love is too heartbreakingly scarce in this world to twist your authentic self into a one-size-fits-all paper thin cut-out of who you should be, whom you should love, whom you should worship.

I'm here to tell you two things- from intimate, personal life experience- my recent brush with mortality has stoked my desire to speak freely.

Karina's Rules To Live By

1. Life is too damn short so lighten up.

2. Love is the best thing there is. And that means all love, Babycakes.

Not just one particular legal sanctioned religion supported super-hetero kind of love. I mean all the rainbow love shades in between from red to blue, from indigo to pink and even purple. So if you're feeling snagged in a cartoon cut-out of your life for your family's sake, or your church's sake, or your Aunt Vilma's sake, listen up, Doll.

Scrape off the Pilgrim tradition and the pressure to conform and the urge to please, fit in and be nice. Nice is overrated. And tradition is really overrated. As is the enduring myth that perfection is attainable. So shake things up. Be bold.

Love whom you love.

{As H.L. Mencken quipped, Puritanism was the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.}

And for those of you genetically blessed with enjoying your legally sanctioned mainstream love, open your tender hearts and vote. Vote for equal freedom and equal rights and equal marriage opportunity for all.

Be generous of spirit.

Stretch your spiritual muscle.

Expand your compassion.

Because, judging? Not attractive. Leave the wrath to someone else.

Hate is not sexy.

Smugness? Top turn-off.

Sugar, the bottom line is this. Let your neighbor live in peace (not to mention your cousin or brother or sister still stuck in some dusty closet with all your other family detritus that no one likes to talk about). Get over it. 

It's time.

And put spicy chiles in your holiday squash if you feel like it. No matter what Miss Goodier Than Thou thinks.

Let your soul fly.

Spiked acorn squash- green chiles add warmth and sweet spice.
Chiles add zip to old school acorn squash.

Acorn Squash with Green Chiles

Spice up tradition with New Mexican roasted green chiles. Use spicy hot or mildly sweet.

My super easy non-recipe:

Roast halved seeded acorn squashes- look here for instructions (and another roasted squash recipe). Plan on half a medium squash per person.

Scoop out the cooked squash and spoon it into a pot. Add chopped green chiles to taste, and combine.

Drizzle with fruity extra virgin olive oil; season to taste with sea salt, fresh pepper, cumin or curry. Add a dash of agave nectar, if you like. 

Cover and gently heat through.
Love your neighbor. And yourself.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!

    Brava, brave one. Keep on. Life is too short to not say our piece.

  2. Love the sentiment AND the recipe!

    One of my friends and I enacted a "no picky eaters" dating rule. It served us well.

    I often play matchmaker and recently had my first lesbian connection start working out. Honestly, I thought all sorts of close-minded things growing up . . . until I became friends with gay people and learned some of my friends from growing up had also been gay. Hey, guess what? They're just like you and me, only they have to deal with a lack of acceptance. I'm so happy for my new lovebird friends, but so sad that society can't, overall, just embrace them as the happy couple they are.

  3. tell it girlfriend.

    ~your faithful gluten free recipe follower (no matter how hard they are for me most of time ;)

  4. Now that's my kind of squash! I'm not sure its attitude tops your own though :) Thanks for the laugh, it is invigorating to hear (read?) people actually speak their minds in today's "I'll sue your ass if you're not politically correct" world.

    Gay rights and squash? Right on, send this post to Pat Buchanan, lol. I'll rag on Jon that he has to accept the spice (me), as is. I like having that evil unfair advantage of being able to cook to my liking (described as fiery and blazing) and watch his nose run when we fight, tee hee. I'm a bitch, I know.

    Glad to read you're spirits are up. And cute handicap pic next to the word verification. You don't miss a single detail!
    xoxo C

  5. I've been a lurker on your blog for a few weeks, but your life-and-love segue prompted me to comment. Having been trapped in a relationship where my partner expected me to be a cookie-cutter girlfriend and future wife (complete with foods that aren't "weird," like mac and cheese from scratch), I had to thank you for writing that, because it encouraged me, let me know that I did right by leaving something that was stable and safe to go cut life out on my own. Sometimes I forget that this way is better.

    So thank you. Love your blog, and that squash looks DELICIOUS.

  6. You are just too fabulous. Wonderful post and the recipe also looks fantastic.

  7. Beautiful post. Very inspiring. :)

    I have to admit, I have spicier taste buds than DH but he will try almost anything and loves my tofu recipes so I think I did pretty good.

    Life is too short to waste on the wrong person.

    And I think I like your politics as much as I like your recipes. (Lots and lots!)

  8. Funny how a brush with mortality can loosen your inner tongue... :)

    Well said. I agree with everything, except about the world not needing another autumnal squash recipe. The world ALWAYS needs another autumnal squash recipe.

    Take care!

    ~Li (and David)

  9. Woohoo, tell it! That's why I love this blog. Who else takes on homophobia and conformity all in the same post as spicy squash? You rock!

  10. Anonymous08:36

    Amen Sista!

  11. Katrina08:47

    you rock!

  12. I was wondering what kind of attitude the squash was going to have when I saw your post...


    Acceptance..great 'tude going there. :)

    And the chilis? Brilliant, I might have to veer from my sweet squash recipes to try this.


  13. Anonymous18:42

    LOVE the post and will definitely try the recipe.

    Niceness IS overrated and conformity is cruel.

    Thank you!

  14. I only just "discovered" winter squashes this year, although I have been eating the summer squashes all my life. This recipe of yours has inspired me to try new ways of cooking mine.

    And I do not understand the people who are so afraid of letting others live and love their lives the way they want to---a man loving another man or a woman loving another woman in no way diminishes the love I have for my husband. All people should be free to marry whomever they wish, no matter what their gender.

  15. Squash intolerance!

    Right on, Karina. You are truly an Aphrodite among Goddesses spreading a little more love all around.


  16. Hi Karina,
    I've been reading your posts for ages and I have to say that this post is just brilliant. You're so groovy and your recipes rock!

    By the way, I tried your Hatch Chile verde sauce with the enchiladas and they were outstanding. Thanks Goddess!

  17. You couldn't have said it better Karina. I admire your honesty and foresight. Sometimes I feel like an alien living in this small town with small minded people. I feel exactly as you do. How can love in any shape or form be wrong? That is my motto.

    Gonna have to try the squash recipe, I am tired of the same ole' squash and need to spice things up a little. Look out hubby, here it comes!


  18. More love, less MacDonalds!
    It's a diet for a healthy world.

    You're an inspiration, thank you Karina

    ps. are chilies in the nightshade family?

  19. You are tooooo cool Karina. Y Love your spicy spunk! Keep sharing your LOVE and I'll do the same!

  20. Anonymous21:53

    Chiles & squash together - so tasty! I made a batch yesterday and had some with lunch. Very different and delicious - thank you! Tomorrow: chocolate chip banana bread. You are so inspiring.

  21. I love the freshness, aliveness and creativity you exhibit through your blog. It will, I'm sure, further inspire those latent aspects in myself (for the betterment of those around me).

    I'm just new to your community enjoying my first immersion in this unique atmosphere. I look forward to further nourishment during upcoming visits.

    God (.. dess) speed in your recovery.


  22. Karina-

    Just stumbled onto this post when trying to figure out what to do with the Acorn Squash that's been staring me down from the kitchen counter. What a beautiful piece of writing! Makes me want to read a random post from your blog first thing in the morning, every morning! And oh yeah, the non-recipe sounds great, too!

  23. I love who YOU are! This is by far one of the best written most useful blogs I've found in years. Thank you

  24. I did a search specifically looking to pair these two, yummy flavors, and OF COURSE it brought me to your site! duh -- I should have known to look to you first! Thanks again!

  25. Thank you all for the comment love on an important topic.


    Karina xox