Good Karma Meatloaf Pie with Dill Mashed Potato Crust


I'll just say it. If you like comfort food you're gonna love this meatloaf pie recipe with a mashed gold potato crust. It's simple, hearty comfort food. Because I'm a home-style cook. I'm no chef. I know my way around a kitchen but eviscerating a chicken? I'll pass. And I've never been attracted to truffles. I could care less about honing my knife skills. I chop slow and steady. Without fanfare.

My soul is built for comfort not for speed.

So it's no surprise I'm a rustic stew and roasted veggie gal at heart. I'm not  entirely sorry to see the summer come to an end. The 100ºF days. The kitchen so hot you hesitate to ignite a single burner- never mind turn on the oven. Enough, already! Knowing the fall equinox is just around the corner is fine with me. I welcome the cooler evenings, the gentler sun. 

Fall is eye candy gorgeous here in northern New Mexico- the perfect balance of honeyed sunlight and clear-as-a-bell cobalt skies, the quaking aspens and golden cottonwoods. The aroma of roasting green chiles. It's intoxicating.

And it's enough to brighten any comfort-food-loving mama's spirits. We get to turn our ovens back on again- and roast and bake to our heart's content.

Ironically- you remember irony, don't you?- the best protein for me now (once a vegetarian goddess) is animal sourced. At first I was resistant to include meat in my diet, clinging stubbornly to my life-long belief that the vegetable kingdom- along with some happy dancing-in-the-barnyard hens and generous brown-eyed moo cows and goats- could sustain me well. I was tickled pink to live for years on end (three decades) as an ovo-lacto vegetarian sometimes vegan. 

But after my celiac diagnosis, and additional digestive revelations- not to mention, broken hip- it appears my karma has a wicked sense of humor.

Veganism? Dream on. 

It just ain't gonna work. For the sake of my health and bones, I must officially join the ranks of the flexitarians. At least I'm not alone. The peace loving Dalai Lama himself discovered he failed to thrive on a strict vegetarian diet as well. So he eats animal protein every other day. He likes to say- with his signature twinkle- he is vegetarian for half the year. I decided if he could live with that,  Bubela, who am I to argue?

And so I made a meatloaf (a Maple-Apricot Glazed Meatloaf, in fact). And with the leftovers, I made- you guessed it! Meatloaf pie. 

Vegans and vegetarians- don't be blue- try my totally veggie Shepherd's Pie recipe- it's just as good.

Dill smashed potatoes top this easy pie.

Good Karma Meatloaf Pie Recipe

What to do with leftover turkey meatloaf or hamburgers? Make a pie, Darling. Sometimes I put together a single pie in my favorite clay casserole dish. But last night I divided up the filling and made two individual pies with a mashed gold potato crust.


Leftover meatloaf- enough for two servings
1/2 cup roasted corn kernels- or baby peas
6-8 little grape tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup cooked carrot pieces
A splash of broth mixed with a touch of ketchup, to moisten
About two cups of cooked potatoes- or non-mayo potato salad (I used mashed gold potatoes with dill)

Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste
Dill or parsley for the top


Preheat the oven to 350ºF.

Use a fork to break apart the leftover meatloaf. Add the corn, tomatoes and carrots; mix to combine. Add enough broth and ketchup to moisten the mixture. Season to taste. Add a touch more ketchup or gluten-free Worcestershire sauce- especially if it is dry. Mix and spoon into a casserole dish or individual gratin dishes.

Top with cooked potatoes, mashed potatoes, or even vinegar potato salad. Sprinkle with dill, sea salt and pepper.

Bake until heated through and bubbling- about 30 to 35 minutes or so (depending upon how cold the leftovers were when you assembled your pie).

Serve with a crisp green salad.

Serves two.

Karina's Notes:

If you like a spicy meatloaf pie use your favorite salsa to moisten the filling and add some chopped jalapenos.


k said...

You truly amaze me - faced with all those allergies I think I would sit in the corner forlornly eating...well, nothing. But you seem to be finding a way through it slowly but surely, and deliciously, I might add!

~M said...

This looks tasty, Karina. I think I'm going to combine this recipe with my mom's recipe, which includes "surprises" of precooked baby carrots, new potatoes, and (peeled, hard boiled) eggs so that you get slivers of veges and egg among your meat. Yumm! Take care!

the fanny said...

It looks delicious! I've been seriously craving comfort food now that the weather is finally turning. This looks like just what I need! Can't wait to try it!


Alexander said...

This just got bumped to the top of my list... for once, I'm actually welcoming Fall!

Karina said...

Hi K! Aw. Thanks. Believe me- there were quite a few days I would have joined you in the corner. With a baked potato. ;)

Hey ~M!

Your mom sounds like a wonderful cook. What a fab idea- baking surprises in the meatloaf! ;)

Hi The Fanny! Thanks- and seriously, don't you just crave comfort food after a long hot summer?

Alexander! Thanks, buddy. I saw your gorgeous banana bread and blueberry muffins you posted! Whoa. You are becoming a seriously good gluten-free baker, my man.


Cindy said...

This looks luscious! I am jealous since it is still 100ish degrees here and that's a no oven command from the heavens....

We love grass fed beef also- do you get your local? We found local farmers and it is much cheaper through them, not to mention that we're supporting wonderful people. I once asked if I could quit grad school and work as a farm hand on Mac's (Baldwin farms) plot :) Hey, I've always loved cows and I love taking good care of animals... and I love red meat, so sue me.

Speaking of, don't feel bad Karina- I found that I waste away on a vegetarian diet. My body thrives on grass fed beef, bison, and some high fat fish (and hemp and flax). People find it hard to believe that I eat such high (good) fat and protein since I am so thin, but to each his own. Jon is my complete opposite- he grew up kosher vegetarian and is a carb type who is rarely hungry. Mealtime is like a chapter out of "Men are from Mars..." since we are on completely different body-types. Sorry to rant here, but I understand some meats helping you heal- I'm glad you're doing better!

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Hi Karina!!

I am finding that a bunch of my vegetarian friends (, and I include you among them ;) are adding a few meats back into their diets, finding that they need to. Crazy.

I never had meatloaf as a kid. Never. I guess that comes from having an Italian Mom, and that was too American. I have to start re-thinking meatloaf. With the right ingredients, I am sure it is fabulous.

Thanks for the re-think for me. You might see something coming up on my blog, inspired by you!

Thank you!

GrewUpRural said...

I wish I didn't have to work tonight because I would be making this for dinner. It's raw, cold, windy, and rainy up here in Rhode Island, which means perfect weather for this comfort food.

Karina said...

Hi Cindy!

It's grass fed- from Colorado, I believe. It's funny you mention the body type differences- I was just talking about this! At this time in my life I feel so much better- first, of course, without all the allergens and gluten. And second- with more protein less carbohydrate (less grain- even rice!). My blood pressure- which was high as a vegetarian, before I gave up dairy/eggs, nuts, and my additional allergens- is now 107/72! And I'm eating beef (and salmon). Go figure! ;)

Heya SM!

Ah- then you've got try an Italian version! Roasted red peppers, onion, garlic, basil and oregano, maybe even some sun-dried tomatoes... And serve it with a marinara sauce. Now I'm hungry. Wish you lived closer. ;)

Hi Grew Up Rural!

Rhode Island is already that cool? I remember the Cape getting some stormy fall days like that, too. And then you'll get a week of Indian summer- I always loved those days- so dreamy and warm.

Are you going apple picking? We used to do that in Acushnet.

Take care!


Ms. Glaze said...

Yummmmm – I love meatloaf! Living in Paris, I don't see a lot of it. You're making me miss good ole home cooking.

Karina said...

Ms. Glaze,

Not much meatloaf in Paris? Shocking.


Cindy said...


The more I hear about people like you and I who do better on a slightly higher protein (some grass fed red meat) diet, I wonder if people are just plain eating wrong for their body type. Have you done a metabolic type test or looked at the guidelines for your blood type? I found that my results fit almost right in line with what my body craves and digests well....

I have posts on both the metabolic type (a cool test) and blood type. Another gf blog, Love Me Gluten Free, made an interesting post on research about the connection to type O blood and celiac. Have you seen it? The link is:

Or it could just be your (and my) vitamin B and other deficiencies are driving our body to crave red meat...?

Regardless, I'm glad you're healing and I wish I'd do the same a little faster :) Oh, and I'm jealous you all have cooler weather... it was 100 here again yesterday with high wind- awful biking weather! Ergh

Karina said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks- hope you feel better, too.

I think I looked up my type- I'm blood type A; and if I remember correctly, that (supposedly) suggests a grain-based diet is best. But I could be wrong- it was years ago. I remember I thought it ironic at the time [Did it say I should eat barley? Can't remember.].

My B vitamins and ferritin were very low- yes. And I cannot tolerate iron supplements. So- I use a cast iron skillet now whenever possible (the food absorbs the iron, especially when you add a dash of acid). And of course, I am including organic beef, and wild salmon now.

Wild smoked salmon makes a delicious high protein snack. (I used to eat almonds every day- until I tested allergic).

Go figure! ;)


Anonymous said...

yum this recipe looks great! do you think the flavors would also work with ground turkey subbed for the ground beef?

Karina said...

Hey Anon- Sure, why not? It would be delicious. :)


Fab Grandma said...

This looks good. I don't use much beef in our diet, but when I do it is usually meatloaf. I try to use 1/3 beef, 1/3 gr pork, and 1/3 gr turkey, just to reduce the amount of beef. I also use oatmeal in my usual meatloaf recipe. I actually won 2nd place in a meatloaf cookoff once! Maybe I will post the recipe on my blog soon.

Karina said...

Hi Fab Grandma!

Thanks. I love it with rolled oats!

For those new to gluten-free, you can buy certified gluten-free oats on-line. Look for Lara's Oats- Cream Hill Farm.


Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said... own version of meatloaf is in the oven now, I am so curious as to how it will come out.

And I was thinking of you as I made it! :)

Freckled Face Mama said...

I made the meatloaf but of couse did a little tweaking. Not because yours seemed to be lacking but more working off of what was already in the pantry. I used buffalo as the meat,roasted rell bell peppers instead of the hot peppers (I can't take the heat), no catchup (ran out the day before) and no steak sauce, I used HolGrain brown rice breadcrumbs and herbs de provence. I also didn't add the topping.Voila! I served it with green beans (cooked in olive oil and Lawry's seasoning) and little red potatoes (baked in the oven with olive oil and Lawry's seasoning). My family was very pleased. A definite keeper. Thanks so much for staying positive through your situation and overcoming the negative with a dadgum good recipe! And by the way, what Worcestershire sauce do you use? All the ones I find have wheat in them and a lot of gluten-free recipes use it in their recipe, where can I find it but gf?

Karina said...

Hey Freckled Face Mama-

Roasted red bell peppers are fab in meatloaf. Sounds yummy.

The Worcestershire sauce I use is Lea & Perrins- made in the US (the formula made in England/Canada may contain wheat). Check Annie's, as well- they might make a vegetarian sauce that is gluten-free (but it has soy).

A1 Steak Sauce is gluten-free, too.

Glad you liked the meatloaf- in your case, buffalo loaf! ;)


Anonymous said...

Do you think it would work to sub quinoa flakes for the breadcrumbs or oats? This looks delicious!

Karina said...

Hi Anon- I honestly don't know. But if you like quinoa flakes, it's worth a try. I might use less than a cup, though, as I think quinoa has a stronger taste than oatmeal. If you do try it- please stop back and post your thoughts.


Carol said...

Hello Karina,

Thanks for printing the meatloaf recipe; I'd been looking for a good one and you must have read my mind. Or else the cooler weather has brought out the yearning to turn on the oven in both of us. I've never visited your part of the country, but fall is wonderful here in Michigan. The leaves haven't begun to turn yet, but we're in for some decidedly fall weather in the next week. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is shoveling our too-long driveway and the sidewalks of our corner lot!

And thank you for continuing with the blog!

I hope you're doing well; you certainly sound like it. Hopefully, you and the doctors have finally figured out what works and doesn't for you.

There's something I'd like to see in your online store: reusable shopping bags. (If I've missed them I apologize.)

Thank you again; keep well,

Karina said...

Hi Carol!

Thanks! I'm glad you like the recipe- I just made a new meatloaf combination that I'll post soon.

As for shoping bags- yes- I do have some. Check out this link:

Shopping Bags and Totes

Thanks again- and Happy Fall!


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