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Vegan Carrot Soup- Easy + Delicious

Lovely and simple vegan carrot soup
A simple and elegant vegan carrot soup.


Here's a fresh and easy vegan carrot soup recipe for spring. Why soup? Because it rains in spring. It snows in spring. It even does so simultaneously, accompanied by thunder, out here in the wilds of sunny New Mexico. We experienced the gamut of meteorological events over the weekend as we were loading boxes of books into the car. Four seasons in one day. Packing and unpacking. Once again weeding out what is no longer necessary, hunched in our cramped little storage unit, out of the stinging sleet, rummaging through boxes, weeding out for the next move. The migration West. 

To Southern California.

We are boxing and unboxing on faith. Sorting and donating. Our home inspection is on Wednesday and we expect no problems. The sale will progress. So I've been cleaning out drawers. And just where do all the crumbs come from anyway? In a junk drawer. I'm sure you have one. The drawer with twenty year old scissors and three screwdrivers that are never the correct size and rubber bands from asparagus bundles and dry brittle tape. Wine corks. This is a mystery. Do I nibble that many cookies wandering around the house looking for thumb tacks or glue?

I've also been rinsing out my collection of almost empty shampoo bottles (for recycling, yes, don't panic). I think there were five. An inch of shampoo collectively. I was saving this for goddess knows what. If I was more practical I'd simply add water near the end and use up every last drop in my shampoo ritual. But that fresh new bottle is always calling to me, with its powerful allure. Promises of pomegranate and green tea volume and luster. Offering the hope that this might be The One. The long lost key that will transform my flat and inept hair into something fabulous.

You would think, by my age, I would know better.

Fresh carrots at the Santa Monica Farmers Market
Fresh carrots at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Karina's Easy Carrot Soup Recipe- Dairy-free and Vegan

If you've been skulking around here for awhile you know I love fresh tasting soups. And if you love fresh, canned doesn't cut it. The good news is, soups are simple to make from scratch.And if you're still skulking and not commenting, Darling, do I have to beg? Show me some comment love, already. Don't be cold hearted.


2 lbs. organic carrots, trimmed, peeled, chopped
Cold fresh water
Sea salt, to taste
A pinch of gluten-free mild curry powder, to taste* 


1/2 cup organic apple cider for a tangy twist- or if you like it creamy, add a touch of coconut milk


Toss the chopped carrots into a soup pot and add just enough cold water to cover them. Season with sea salt and a dash or two of curry or cumin, to your liking.

Cover and bring to a boil; lower the heat and simmer until the carrots are very tender, about 20 minutes. Add a bit more spring water, if needed.

Puree the soup with an immersion blender (my favorite little invention and yes, I'm taking mine to California) until the carrots are blended and the soup is silky smooth. Add the apple juice or creamy beverage and stir well; gently heat it through.
Serve with grilled Pumpkin Corn Muffins.

Serves 4.

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Karina's Note: 

Omit the curry powder and use ground ginger, if you prefer.

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xox Karina


  1. Hi Karina

    my first comment... have been reading your great blog for over a year, love alll your recipies, especially the soups... your creative zen goddess style inspires my day and ignites my love for life and cooking,

    keep the brilliant freedom you have when you write wild and untamed,

    Cairns, Australia

  2. hi Karina, my first time here and I love your blog...the way you've organized stuff and presented it is very beautiful:)

    and I love the color of this carrot soup!! It's so healthy too:)


  3. Anonymous21:49

    Hi Karina, This carrot soup is so exciting: both beautiful and tasty...and so, so simple to prepare. Thank you. I have to confess that I don't have any food allergies (at least any that I know of) and I come back to your blog again and again and again not only because of the beautiful and deliciouso recipes but also in how you write them to us...please keep it coming!

  4. Looook-kin' good! You have been working hard, and not just in the kitchen!

    I have to explore more when I get a chance ( I really have to go to bed, early school here!..Bus for 1st grader comes at 7:10 am...yikes!)

    Ok, Navy Boy is home from work, got to go kiss! Ciao!

  5. i agree. let the soup making begin.

    a sure sign that fall is coming. i agree that its a pretty easy dish and the benefits far outweigh the small effort. (what could be better than a simmering dish on the stove.)

    after trying everything, i get the smoothest soup with a blender.

    also, it freezes so well. there is always a day when i am too tired to cook and can pull out a serving to reheat quickly and easily.

  6. Hi Karina - this looks lovely, and I've only just stepped in the door! My wife is a vegetarian who is gluten and dairy intolerant, so it's wonderful to locate a resource such as yours. Thanks, David.

  7. Okay, okay I'm sorry...I've been skulking, but not anymore!!
    This soup sounds delicious...and so easy!! I love you're's a great resource and the recipes always look amazing!

  8. What an excellent little soup! I love it! Thanks for such a sinple recipe which I'm sure will be seeing a lot of use in my kitchen. Onions and the addition of some cream sound tasty too!

  9. I am looking forward to the new recipes Karina - have now been officially snared as being allergic to gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, shellfish, soya, most nuts, eggs and a bunch of other stuff. What's left I wonder? I am feeling glum and bitchy about the situation..

  10. What a lovely soup! This is also my first comment here, though I've been reading your blog for several months. You have inspired me to try more gluten free recipes. Thanks for this.

  11. Karina, I know I haven't been leaving comments for quite a while, but you always know what I'm in the mood for - I have already been dreaming about soup season! This one looks like a yummy way to start, and the crayons sound like fun too!

  12. This sounds and looks SO GOOD...thanks buddy. HUGS.

  13. thanks! i'm doing one for me now, ;)

  14. Hi Karina,
    I've been lurking for a very long time, over a year now. My husband has a wheat intolerance and I'm vegetarian, so your blog is the best of both worlds for us. It comes in handy when family members say "We want you over for dinner, but we don't know what to feed you." I always send 'em here. :)

    Anyways. The carrot soup recipe looks darn tasty and I've been craving simple soups since the weather turned cooler here. Thanks for the recipe!

    St. Paul, MN

  15. Have you tried the So Delicious coconut milk (looks like a carton of refrigerated soy milk or OJ)? That would be great in this soup (soy, gluten, and dairy free). It's really yummy and not quite as *heavy/rich* as the canned coconut milk. We've been drinking it with flourless chocolate cake here :)

  16. Okay, here I am with comment #2! How brave I have become. We too are packing and trying to figure out why all of the paper clips, homeless breath mints and (in our child-filled home)doll body parts and broken crayons, crusty Play-Dough chunks and hair clips meet in one drawer. In the chaos of packing with babies underfoot and trying to cook quick and easy meals (that won't make me sick)while the kitchen is inside out and upside down, this will be a snap! Thanks! I think we've had a "Karina" meal every night this week. My girls think you're great! and my tummy thanks you...

  17. Anonymous18:19

    Karina, I have my fingers crossed that all goes well with the sale and the move. Hey, at least you will get a great (better?) deal on a place in SoCal! Can't wait to read your adventures there, culinary and otherwise.

    I made almost this same soup yesterday for the first course of Easter dinner. yum. I never tire of carrot soup.
    All the best,

  18. The Shampoo thing? I am guilty of this same transgression. How lovely to know that I am not the only one hoarding a cabinet full of useless, sticky bottles while I break into a shiny new oasis brimming with promises of elusive hair perfection. Le sigh.

  19. Really nice stuff. :)

    Thanks for this.

  20. LOVE your blog Karina! I can always find what I'm looking for here and I know the recipes will always turn out divine. Thank yoU!

  21. You and I must be in the same cosmic space this week. Yesterday and today we've had sun, rain, snow and wind - the 4 seasons in one day. And I just finished making curry-carrot soup. We are moving. There ARE odd things in my utility drawer. And you were right, it's been awhile since I've commented. So this is my comment - you have (probably many) but at least one goddess/sister out there who is sharing a very similar journey with you from afar. Sending you blessings to get you through the not-so-fun parts of moving! ;)

  22. Anonymous16:32

    I'm excited to try this soup. In fact, I'm trying it for dinner tonight. Thanks!

  23. KAnn03:00

    I am sorry that you didn't love New Mexcio, Karina! My soul just sings in Santa Fe and I so wish I were able to relocate. But Denver is just six hours away and it is lovely, too. I don't miss So. Cal. at all...we are all so different which is a good thing, I am sure. I will continue to follow the vegan and vegetarian recipes wherever!

  24. I found out about your site a few weeks ago. Your musings and recipes are so heart warming. I love reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration and recipes. i, too, am guilty of junk drawers.

  25. To Southern California?? I'm wishing it was me!

    I love moving; I love the weeding through useless crap you keep for no good reason and starting fresh.

  26. delish! I love this kind of rice!
    love everything you have on your kind of food! GLUTEN FREE GOODNESS!

  27. Betsy00:07

    Hi Karina:

    I love your blog -- I have so many of the same feelings that you do: wanderlust, yet loving the land. We haven't found a place that truly feels right yet. It was the East coast, Colorado mountains, Arizona desert. Kids live in Marina del Rey and are expecting a baby in July. Heck, we could end up there too! Keep the wonderful recipes coming. I amaze my friends with them!


  28. I should have made this soup yesterday, when it was winter. Today it's spring again! I'll get my chance. The tide will turn.

    I love your recipes! We seem to have the same "forbidden foods" list.

  29. Oh how funny, I posted a carrot curry soup recipe the other day too, we must be on the same wavelength Karina!

  30. I toasted and cubed a recently made loaf of GF Pantry's "Favorite Sandwich Bread" (the best mix I've found so far), and then fried them in olive oil with rosemary and oregano to make some herb croutons for the top--delicious!